BROOKLYN, NY (CBS 2) – Some Brooklyn homeowners in Sunset Park are demanding that a neighboring Yeshiva take action against a group of rowdy students.

Living next to a school is rarely a quiet affair, especially when class is in session.

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But Jorge Toro says there’s no excuse for this kind of behavior. He says students are scaling the fence to get into his back yard, reports CBS 2’s Jay Dow.

“They come out like little animals out of there,” said Toro. “And they jump on the roof, they jump over the fence, they run out into the street.”

Toro says the students at Yeshiva Hadas are also throwing rocks and other debris over their fence. “They broke my window four times,” he said.

So far, no one has been injured.

And when it isn’t raining rocks, residents say the Yeshiva students make a lot of noise.

When anything hits Toro’s metal fence, it makes a loud noise and he says that means sleeping any time between 7:30am and 7:30pm is simply out of the question.

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“I’ve never heard noise like that before,” said resident George Ross. “They really went at it.”

We spoke with a Rabbi Simon who did not deny his students have been causing trouble.

He chalks up the excessive noise from the school yard and the rock throwing as “boys being boys.”

But he says the school isn’t ignoring the problem and has installed security cameras to try to catch the troublemakers.

Rabbi Simon says the students responsible for the vandalism could face expulsion.

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