Alex Rodriguez is batting a robust .391 over his last 11 games and the Yankees are 8-3 over that span.  Coincidentally, A-Rod’s cousin Yuri Sucart has resurfaced.

You remember him, yes?

Sucart is the man A-Rod himself outed as his steroid “mule” back in 2009 when the All-Star third baseman’s PED use was brought to light.

Now there is no proof that Sucart’s presence means A-Rod is using any kind of PED’s, but the speculation is certainly not unfounded. Major League Baseball is currently conducting their own investigation into the matter because Sucart is not permitted anywhere around the team.

Craig can’t get enough of A-Rod, so he was all over this story referring to his “man-crush” as “hot and stupid,” a combination Craigie likes…

LISTEN: A-Rod Is “Hot & Stupid,” Spotted Around Former Steroid “Mule” (6/2)

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  1. Master Shake says:

    A-Rod was in a slump. Now he’s breaking out of it. What the hell do steroids have to do with that?

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