NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A Bronx family is seeking answers after their relative passed out and plunged onto the subway tracks Wednesday, where she was struck and killed by an oncoming train.

There were tissues and tears Thursday among the loved ones of the victim, Fatoumata Diallo. The 21-year-old attended the Borough of Manhattan Community College and hoped to become a doctor.

The family — originally from Guinea in west Africa — was devasted following Diallo’s death. Her mother died just four years ago.

“I spoke to her yesterday morning,” a tearful relative Marrie Diallo recounted.

The victim’s brother, Thierno Diallo, told CBS 2’s John Slattery that he had a tremendous love and respect for his sister.

“She was not just a sister, she was also my mother — like she replaced my mother. That’s how I see her. That’s the type of love I have for her,” he said.

Fatoumata Diallo (credit: CBS 2)

Diallo died Wednesday after fainting and falling onto the tracks before being struck by a 5 Train running on the 6 track at 77th Street Station.

Witnesses said she passed out and fell from the edge of the platform onto the tracks as a train was approaching. Those on the platform thought the fall might have been caused by the sweltering heat.

Relatives also said Diallo — the eldest of four children — had just visited a private medical clinic, but were unsure of the circumstances. They said she called a family member after leaving the clinic and before going to the subway.

“She spoke to a lady, saying that she went to a clinic and was a bit dizzy,” cousin Fatima Camara said.

It is a tragedy that remains difficult to resolve, and has the victim’s family now preparing for another funeral.

  1. Gary Labiche says:

    It’s not the street or the road system that is the problem the dot needs to study, it’s the crazy, greedy livery cab drivers that are the issue. They believe they own the road and are the police. He cut a left from the middle lane in front of the truck that eventually hit the lady in the wheel chair. Come on, now u wanna study the intersection. There is nothing wrong with the intersections anywhere in new york, it’s the attitude and ability if the drivers that are the cause of accidents. I’m a driver, I haven’t seen issues with roads but def seen issues with drivers.

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