MINEOLA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A Long Island pharmacist faces numerous charges after prosecutors said he filled dozens of prescriptions for addictive painkillers, knowing the prescriptions were forged on stolen prescription pads.

Lutful Chowdhury, of Westbury, was arrested Thursday morning. He is facing arraignment on 14 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument.

Nassau County prosecutors said they began investigating Chowdhury following a fatal car accident in Hempstead in April 2010 that left Dr. Rebecca Twine dead.

The driver — Kayla Gerdes — is accused of being under the influence of drugs. Prosecutors say investigators later found she obtained painkillers from Chowdhury’s Baldwin pharmacy. Her case is expected to go to trial in the fall.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice
spoke with 1010 WINS on Thursday and called Chowdhury “nothing more than a drug pusher in a lab coat.”

Rice said the pharmacist filled the prescriptions for “his own pure greed.” She also made a connection between the deadly 2010 accident and the arrest of Chowdhury.

“We now know the terrible consequences — Rebecca Twine lost her life because of woman by the name of Kayla Gerdes was driving after receiving prescription drugs from this defendant,” Rice said.

Prosecutors said Chowdhury filled prescriptions for painkillers, including oxycodone, he knew were forged for at least five customers besides Gerdes.

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  1. Diov says:

    He Should of known better. He is far from an idiot and knew he was dealing with addicts. Any good phamacist could pick up on phoney scripts. It was wrong. The whole of Long Island Youth is vulnerable to easy pill addiction because of A-holes like this. The doctors write RXs for addicts (they dont care) and the Pharmacies fill them. There are no morals involved, its all about money. People lost their lives because a drugged addled teen ran them over with a car….Nassau DA’s office should now go after the doctors, Nurse Practitioners, clinics and everyone else that are over writing these drugs. They are the ones supplying the drug addicts these days, the street pushers are loosing out to the MDs…….

    1. DSM_TR says:

      Here are three more unscrupulous doctors and NPs who the Nassau District attorneys should investigate: Known Oxy Script writers:and addict enablers.
      R (Roos) Deslouches NP….The worst of the bunch (Brentwood NY..Last Address)
      Dr. Ahmed M. Elkoulily., Lynbrook NY….Have a runny nose get a roxy script
      Ingrid Gordon-Patterson…Jamaican NP based out of Nassau and Suffolk…NP with no moral or ethical fiber. Addict enabler… Hope you are reading this Feds and district attorneys…..Please do something to stop it.

  2. Susie says:

    Does the liquor store owner get arrested for every drunk driver that kills someone? This is ridiculous….n he’s not indian so y don’t you stop jumping to conclusions…just like the damn media people!

  3. Dot Heads says:

    Indian people are real quiet and Sneaky. And it’s the real quiet ones that you have to be suspicious of. I don’t trust these people. Selling porn magazines is their claim to fame.

    1. WakeUP says:

      @ Dotheads
      First of all, there’s NO EVIDENCE. ZERO EVIDENCE. Should light up the old dusty light bulb in your head. Second of all, the pharmacist (even if he did know the prescriptions were false) did not tell her abuse the drugs for your own purpose, did not buy her her car, and did not tell her go get high and kill somebody. Third, check the other stories, they differ in their accusations of the pharmacist. One article says he filled the prescriptions, another says he taught her how to get prescriptions; the stories don’t coincide. LIGHT BULB TWITCH!
      Also, as Susie says, he’s probably not Indian; he’s probably about as Indian as you are Nazi. And because your circle of jerkoff friends buys an Indian’s porn magazines down the street, doesn’t mean that all that upper class immigrants got rich that way.

      1. Ken says:

        First of all dude he broke the law! If he knew or suspected somethng wasn’t right he should have taken action. Failure to take action caused a life on his hands. Even if someone else would have sold drugs to the chick, it wouldn’t have been him.
        Second they didn’t say he taught her how to forge. They said he taught some people, she could or could not have been included.
        I don’t think someone should not trust a group of people because you may not agree with one person from that culture. Whether he is indian or not makes no difference. From what I know personally about him is that he really was a nice guy, and him employees liked him. His wife which I know personally, only has good things to say about him. This is just a case of a nice guy doing a not so nice thing and getting tagged for it.
        We have all done some things in life we are not proud of. I don’t think he wanted anyone to get hurt, however, someone did and he is kind of connected to it. They did trace the drug to him.

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