WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — An 11-year-old girl died Friday after falling from a Ferris wheel on the Wildwood boardwalk in New Jersey.

Police said the ride on Mariner’s Landing at Morey’s Piers was turning when the girl fell more than 100 feet to her death. She landed near the entrance to the popular attraction around 12:30 p.m.   The girl was taken to a nearby hospital, where she later died.

“All of a sudden, I see people rushing towards the Ferris wheel and I was like ‘what’s going on?’ And I ran over and all of a sudden, I see like this towel and I was alarmed,” witness Travis Smith said.

Police said there was no sign of any horseplay on the ride or any indication that the fatal fall was intentional. For now, authorities are calling the tragedy a freak accident.

“They say that she was walking over to see over the ledge and that she fainted and fell over,” another witness, Tahshon Reece, said.

The park shut down the ride and blocked off the area with police tape. Police said the girl was with one of many school groups to attending the during the attraction’s Education Extravaganza.

“Might just be a freak accident. Until we get some more information, I really can’t tell you any more,” Wildwood Police Capt. Robert Regulato said.

Most of the park’s other rides stayed open. Investigators from the police department and the state’s Department of Community Affairs — which oversees amusement parks — examined the Ferris wheel.

“I’m surprised they didn’t shut the place down. There were a lot of people around so I was kind of surprised,” one park visitor said.

After the accident, schools loaded up their buses and left the pier. The accident remains under investigation.

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  1. shane says:

    I was there, im from mt. laurel, after it happened, we didnt leave, why would we….. if a car gets in a crash on the road while you are driving there, would you turn around and go home??? no.

  2. Becca says:

    That’s just sad…. I feel really bad for her n her family my preys are with her family may she rest in peace 🙂

  3. azlyn says:

    thats so sad giving the fact that she was only 11. hopes and prayers to her family.

  4. E says:

    Excuse me, lack of maturity.

    1. nicole says:

      dont sit there and say that i know her family and her daughter thank u and no it wasnt lake of maturity not if it was moving and maybe she wasnt all the seated when it happened

  5. E says:

    My school went on a class trip to cedar point the other day. All of us 13- and 14-year olds were safe the whole time and there were no accidents or any kind. This is not due to lack of supervision, it is due to lack of immaturity if what Stacy said about the accident is true. Still, awful that something like this happened. My prayers are with the family.

    1. nicole says:

      it wasnt her falt that there were nobody even there to watch her. because she had passed out when she got on there. and anyways where was the person that was doing the ferris wheel ride, trust me not the safest thing to be on i all most got killed on two diffrent ones the ferris wheel and the one that goes up and then goes down very fast. trust me none of this was her doings it was an accident and a accident it was……….

  6. Laura says:

    I am currently in wildwood and everything games and rides were shut down from the time of the accident on friday and will reopen at 12 noon on Saturday

  7. nycwolf says:

    Once again… un-supervised children. Where were the teachers? Where were the parents?

    1. T says:


  8. T says:


  9. stacy says:

    four girls in the cart….im sorry

  10. stacy says:

    my cousin edward fennimore was working this afternoon at wildwood during the four wheeler comp. and actually saw the whole thing. he says there were four cars in the cart, one was standing and the other three were rocking the cart back and forth. when the attendent was moving the carts down to yell at the girls to stop the 11 yr old fell to the pier and ultimately fell to her death. so sad!

    1. nicole says:

      dont sit there and say that i know her family and her daughter thank u and no it wasnt lake of maturity not if it was moving and maybe she wasnt all the seated when it happened

      and anyways that guhh wasnt stupid enough to do that what he should have done was wait till they were sitting in order to be able to move thee ride. i hate to tell u all that it wasnt her falt there should of been people to help her/ had a soft landin there to save her i mean come on only 11. mom and dad thoughts and prays go out to yall imma so srry to hear this shocking news of what happened i miss her so dearly

      1. Teacher says:

        What are you, six years old? Can’t you even form a simple, complete sentence? Say what you want about this sad event but, at least, try to make sense…

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