Valley Greens Drive In Valley Stream Turns Into Continuous Headache

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s a roller coaster ride without going to the amusement park.

Homeowners in one Long Island community say their street is in terrible shape, and no matter what they try there’s been no permanent fix, reports CBS 2’s John Slattery.

Valley Greens Drive in Valley Stream has more than just a bump in the road. Its pavement has significant ups and downs.

“This is the single worst street to drive it.  This street has knocked out tires constantly,” Mitchel Lubman said.

Lubman, who is 78, said he’s lived here for 21 years and that teenage drivers take it at high speeds.

“And they love to come over the bumps. It’s like having a roller coaster ride and come out giggling and laughing,” Lubman said.

But he said he’s afraid of an accident. Slattery then drove the bumps and dips in CBS 2’s Mobile 2. The problem is the road was built on a landfill when the area was developed in the 1960s, and it keeps on settling.

“It’s constant movement and it settles over periods of time,” Village clerk Robert Barra said.

Barra estimates that it would cost $5 million to pave five streets, which Mayor Ed Fare pointed out were all built upon the landfill and serve 102 homes. He said he’s willing to repave, but it would involve new sewer and water connections to the homes, along with lawns and stoops, costing each homeowner $5,000 to $10,000.

“I’ll go in and fix the road, but I need federal relief or something for my homeowners to be able to not bear that burden,” Mayor Fare said.

“It’s out of hand. We pay very high taxes,” Lubman said.

Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy has tried unsuccessfully to get federal funding in the past.  Her office told Slattery she will continue to do so.

Until it’s rebuilt, it remains the cheapest thrill ride in town, which neighbors say is unsafe.

Valley Stream officials said $3 million was spent on the streets in 2002, but with the ground having settled further, there’s need for a more permanent fix.

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    Someone ought to remove this headline from being right below a truly tragic one regarding a young girl’s death at an actual Amusement Park.

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