BROOKLYN, NY (1010 WINS) – Brooklyn residents say part of Prospect Park’s landscape has become a landfill.

A sign on the side of a trashcan reads, “Thank you for keeping Prospect Park clean” but the can lays on its side with garbage spilling out onto the ground.

Parkgoers say certain areas are becoming a pig-sty and it’s only getting worse.

In designated barbeques spots, people are leaving dirty, un-emptied grills while others are cooking in non-grill zones.

“Right here on the eastern side of the lake where it’s illegal to barbeque, there are at least five, freshly made patches of dumped, used barbeques coals,” said one man.

unemptied coal bin 11 Pig Sty In Prospect Park? Residents Say, Yes

Un-emptied coal bin in Prospect Park (credit: Anne-Katrin)

Park rules say barbequing is only permitted in 13 designated areas and that all hot coals have to be extinguished.

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports: Abandoned Grills And Trash Litter Prospect Park

But some residents say people are throwing used coals into the lake instead of depositing them into hot coal bins.

“The signs say to douse your coals so they think it’s safer to throw them in the lake,” said another man.

On Lookout Hill, parkgoers say they’ve found used condoms, condom wrappers and other trash like chicken bones and even crack bags.

Others say there are so few porta-potties in the park, that some people urinate and defecate right on the ground.

Emily Lloyd, president of the Prospect Park Alliance, say they’re working to fix the problem.

In a statement to 1010 WINS she says, “We are aware and concerned about keeping clean the remote areas of the park. Most of these areas have been cleaned by hand and we are adding more workers and volunteers to clean up the areas.”

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