NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Adoptapalooza is back! So if you’re thinking about welcoming a four-legged family member, Washington Square Park is the place to be on Saturday.

The event, which is presented by the Mayor’s Alliance for New York City’s Animals, will feature more than one hundred cats and dogs from nearly a dozen local animal rescue organizations.  Those organizations include Animal Care & Control of New York, Animal Haven, the ASPCA, Bide-A-Wee, Posh Pets, Sean Casey Animal Rescue, the Picasso Veterinary Fund of the Mayor’s Alliance and others.

The event will also feature dog agility demonstrations from gold medal trainer and behaviorist Kris Seiter as well as pet photography, free adoption kits for new adopters, experts to answer questions about behavior and grooming, raffle prizes and giveaways.

1010 WINS’ Susan Richard With Much More On The Event

Adoptapalooza runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday rain or shine. You can get more information at

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  1. felinedelight3 says:

    I’m a catlover,and i feed 7 strays cats in the courtyard of my building, and i also have 3 of my own cats. We all need to help and feed our furry friends that have NO HOME and NO NAME. GOD BLESS! to the People who takes time out to feed the strays DOGS and CATS .

  2. Vindicated says:

    Please adopt a kitty cat. Last week a cat died in the 85 degree heat. And, 5 kitties were poisoned by a property owner who was sick and tired of cleaning up cans of cat food people left for them. Last winter 4 stray cats died of the cold. And, last summer, 5 beautiful kittens died because the owner starved them to death just to spite a neighbor. Please do not take your frustrations and anger out on these helpless kittens. And always carry a little bag of dried cat food in case you come across a starving kitten/cat. They don’t eat much, just some protein every day. Thank you.

    1. nyc says:

      It is sooo sad when you hear of some sick person abusing or killing a cat or a dog. When these sick people are caught, they should up the penalties as they are very light now. Poor animals that can’t help themselves. Sick and violent society we now live in !

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