NEW YORK (WFAN) — Darren Meenan has a successful Mets-themed t-shirt company with a close-knit following. He also had Mets-Braves tickets Sunday night... until he got the boot from Citi Field brass.

On Monday morning, Meenan explained his ordeal to WFAN’s Boomer & Carton.

“What’s crazy is I was actually there on Friday night with the exact same sign,” said Meenan. “It was all over Twitter, it was all over Facebook. We had like four hundred, eight hundred people show up.

“Kevin Burkhardt came over, talked to us. They talked about it on SNY, about how, you know, there’s a bunch of fans. Gary Cohen actually said, ‘Oh, that’ll make the Don’t Trade Reyes people happy.'”

It was such a success that Meenan returned to display his sign — hopefully — on national television.

“So I decided, ‘Alright, I’m not doing anything,'” he said. “It’s obviously not hard to find a ticket (on Sunday night), let me go back.”

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So what was the issue? According to Meenan, it was the “.com” on his sign.

“(Reyes) came to bat, I actually had that sign up for twenty seconds tops,” he said. “They say, ‘Listen, you can’t have the sign up when the ball is being pitched.’ I say, ‘Alright, that’s understandable, makes sense, I don’t want to obstruct anyone’s view.’ I was completely cooperative. So I took it down.

“In between innings, I shook his hand. I said, ‘Is everything cool?’ He said, ‘Yeah, everything’s fine, just don’t do it during the pitch.’

“I put the sign up again in-between innings. A supervisor comes down and says, ‘I’m gonna have to ask you not to put the sign up anymore.’ I say, ‘Well, can I ask you why?’ He said, ‘It’s because it has a website on it and it’s considered advertisement.'”

Meenan said he decided to leave rather than create a scene. On his way to the exit, he doled out “ten business cards, tops.”

That’s when he got the official heave-ho.

“That (ticked) them off even more, they said, ‘Now I have to ask you to leave.'”

Boomer & Carton gave Meenan’s sign mixed reviews.

“Frankly, I think it’s genius,” said Carton.

Boomer zapped right back: “Frankly, it’s not allowed!”

Was Meenan treated unfairly by Citi Field officials? Sound off in the comments below…

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  1. dan says:

    People are amazing.

    1) – Yankee Stadium forces YANKEE fans to turn Boston Sucks t-shirts inside out. Happened to me on three occassions. Just the way it is. Had nothing to do with you being a Mets fan.

    2) – Stop comparing the two franchises. It will get you no where.

    3) – @Seaver – NYC hasn’t always been a Yankee town. the mid 80’s to early 90’s were solidly a Mets town. NYC follows winners. The Yankees have won more of late by spending money. Don’t boast what you don’t know about.

    4) – You cannot advertise within the stadium without getting approval first. It isn’t allowed. Period. The sign was wrong. The handing out of business cards was wrong. But, this guy has gotten a ton of exposure, more than he could have ever dreamed and I am sure his website metrics are showing the same.

    1. Seaver says:

      Dan, the Mets just had ’85-’88 & nothing after that. Don’t boost the Mets like they were a dynasty because to be that you have to win titles in a roll & many more after like the Yankees have in their rich history.

      In the early ’90’s the Mets were one of the worst teams in baseball.

      Many teams have spend money Dan, the Mets, Phillies, Dodgers, Cubs & the Red Sox. Every team in baseball have signed free agents Dan, some more then others, Mets, Dodgers, Red Sox, not just the Yankees

      The Yankess just happened to win more then the others, so if it was about spending why haven’t all those teams (Mets, Cubs) won titles?.

      Look it up Dan, if you do, you’re be a lot smarter then what you think you currently are right now.

      1. dan says:

        @Seaver – You do a great job of taking the points of others and tweaking them just enough so you can prove them wrong – kudos.

        Never said the Mets were a dynasty. Those are your words. I said that NY has been a Mets town before and could be again.

        And you don’t disagree that the Yankees spend the money. Spending over 200 million dollars is far different from the 130 the Mets spend. You have the admit that. And the Mets and Cubs had some good runs earlier in the 2000’s. I never said anything about winning championships, just winning.

        The Mets were equal or above the Yanks attendance wise from 84-92.

      2. Seaver says:

        Hey Dan, you were shot down so now you’re making up things, attendance does not equal to winning which you stated the Mets did in the mid ‘80’s into the early‘90’s. I corrected that with facts.

        You stated the Yankees have won because they spend, so do many other teams in baeball.

        For the record Dan, the Yankees teams that won in the late ‘90’s were not the highest payroll in baseball, the Mets were, as a matter of fact, the Mets were dubbed “the worst team money can buy” during that time, but you knew that right Dan, because after all, you’re so smart.

        Because of the Yankees teams winning WS titles & in order to keep the star players, the Yankees payroll went up.

        Also Dan, these are the Yankees, worth $1.5 billion, just the team alone, this is NYC, it would be sad to have a team generate tons of money, worth that much & have a payroll of under $100 mil.

        The Yankees just don’t have good players like the Mets do; the Yankees have superstar players.

        The Yankees have always been a team of superstars, dating back to the days of Ruth & Gehrig.

        Live with it Dan, it will not change.

        As for your Mets, well, need I say more, really. LOL, LOL

      3. dan says:

        You’ve done it again. You’ve take what I’ve said, twisted it just slightly enough to serve your purpose.

        All I said was the NY was solidly a Mets town in mid 80’s to early 90’s. HEre is what I said “3) – @Seaver – NYC hasn’t always been a Yankee town. the mid 80′s to early 90′s were solidly a Mets town. NYC follows winners. The Yankees have won more of late by spending money. Don’t boast what you don’t know about.”

        One stat we have to compare the two franchises at the time is attendance. Not your speculation or warped sense of history.

        Another “fact” that you are distorting is who I root for in baseball. I am a Yankees fan. Have been my whole life.

        As to the payroll quesiton… I never said the Yankees won the world series because of payroll. Again, here is my quote, try to use it as reference “The Yankees have won more of late by spending money. Don’t boast what you don’t know about.”

        Over the past ten years, the Yankees have had the highest payroll. This allows them to compete at a higher level. They win more games because they have better players. Those players cost more money. Not saying they are wrong for doing it, but the Yankees spend more money so they are able to win more games. It doesn’t translate to world series wins each year, but they do have a better chance of winning 90 games then a team that doesn’t have their payroll.

  2. Seaver says:

    I’m sorry, are you trying to say something intelligent? Because your ranting is making you look like a complete jealous, envious moron.

    Maybe you haven’t been paying attention the last 40 plus yrs or read about the Yankees rich history, but no one really cares about Mets here.

    New York City is, has been, always will be, Yankees town.

    The few Mets fans that were here left town years ago. Those Mets fans went the way of the trolley car, 8 track tapes, disco, the Brooklyn Dodgers & the NY Giants.

    Stories are now told starting with, “they was a short time back in ’69 there was a team called the Mets who won the World Series…. It starts that way & ends the same way; there was a short time, long, long ago.

    We’re lucky if we see one person wearing a Mets cap or a jersey among the millions of Yankees fans here in NYC, forget the world, we have that covered as well in billions.

  3. Glen says:

    I dont think thats as bad as when I went to YANKEE stadium to watch yanks vs mets with a YANKEES SUCK Tee SHIRT and they told me I couldnt come into the stadium with it on—I had to either turn it inside out or buy another shirt to wear–I turned it inside out and then when I got in and my mets were kickin their ass i put it back on right and wore it till the end

    1. Beck says:

      First, stop with the lies, don’t you think you’re a little too old for that. Second, you wearing a Yankees Suck t-shirt to Yankees Stadium, forget the stadium people, you would not have survived wearing that outside of the Stadium.

      You don’t have the guts nor BALLS to wear something like that in the Bronx, not even to a Yankees vs Mets at Chiti Field.

      You’re spending to much time reading action comic books

  4. stinky gordon says:

    it wont be an issue in a few years as the mets will be owned by chinese hedge funds, the players will be paid in chinese money and the advertisers will be local chinese restaurants

  5. John Spinella says:

    Like it or not, Darren was voicing his opinion which many met fans, and baseball fans agree with. Trading away your best players to avoid paying them what they deserve instead of building around them is counter productive and, will cost you more in revenue than if you just did the right thing and improved your team.
    Granted, having on the sign was not allowed, and, wasnt argued about by Darren, it was more publicity given to him by the mets organization than if he rented a board in the stadium. And, it was FREE.
    Good for you Darren!
    Your cousin, and Yankee fan,
    John Spinella

  6. Dan C. says:

    Just glad that Boomer keeps that clown in line on their show.

  7. steve says:

    It’s truly AMAZING how this sort of lobrow nosense never occurs with the other NY baseball franchise….now why is that I wonder?

    1. WhyMetsFansAreStupid says:

      Yeah & the 16 Mets players on the Mitchell Steroids report, On Piazza using steroids, Reyes & Beltran going to Canada to have their blood spin by a doctor who uses HGH on the procedure as well as numerous Mets minor league players suspended for using steroids & HGH. Those are the ones you’re also talking about right.

      So you’re right, people are hypocrites & you need to look a little deeper into yourself, you will be surprise on what you find within yourself.

  8. Robbie says:

    Anything that gets anyone talking about the Mets should be considered a win for the Mets organization. The 7 line is by the fans, for the fans and Darren does a great job keeping everyone into the Mets even when they aren’t good. He creates witty sports theme shirts that appeal to the fans ( He also does Jets and Knicks shirts too) If the Mets want the dot com off the sign them fine. People can google the7line and find it anyway. So Darren, obey the rules, but keep up the great work. You are a true fan and the Mets should embrace the fact that you make being a mets fan fun even when they aren’t good!

  9. Donna Bauer says:

    I am confused….you tell me I cant hand out my business card during a baseball game????? BULL CRUD……it is done all the time every day…This time the team and ESPN were not going to be gettign a cut so they shut it down,,,,,,FREE ENTERPRISE PEOPLE…Get a grip

    1. dan says:

      It would be like someone who owns a restaurant letting someone come into their building and hand out menus to their own place.

      It isn’t Free enterprise. There are strict solicitation rules in place. Rules are rules… that’s why they are there. he broke the rules and got tossed. Can’t believe people are defending him.

  10. chris williams says:

    the mets management should be happy the reyes night sold an extra 400-800 tickets for the game..for a brand new ball park,the mets attendance is a joke.

  11. chris williams says:

    i was watching the game on espn. he held the sign up when reyes stepped into yjr batters box,then he put the banner down…what’s the problem?

    1. dan says:

      HE was advertising his business without paying to do so. How do you think the sponsors who pay millions of dollars to hang billboards and air commercials would react?

      Some might think it is “small potatoes” but it was a solicitation for his business… no matter what way you slice it.

  12. Jose says:

    A shameful and pitiful attempt at free advertising.

    1. Pete says:

      its obviously so pitiful that is doing great. and was doing great before this controversy……. ignorance is bliss right?

  13. Sandy Williams says:

    These guys are classless, sexist pigs. Take a look at their shirts – they are so rude (nice designs) but foul. The fact that WFAN is helping them is beyond me. I will never listen to Boomer and Carton again. I have no issue with the self promotion, but the content is horrible.

    1. Hank says:

      The designs really aren’t nice. They suck.

    2. beard says:

      I love the desgins infact i am purchsing a few of them to wear at the mets v phillies game in july.

    3. Matthew Urso says:

      good think everyone doesn’t share your opinion. there’s plenty of people that love darrens line.

  14. Rugbyball says:

    Place a piece of black tape over the com and it should be ok.
    Everyone always assume .com when they see a website so you will still get hits.

    As far as rule for advertising, like Boomer implies, that’s correct. You can’t do that. But if you have a thing to say like “Don’t / Do trade (enter name here)” that is allowed. Again just tape over the com in your URL and tell them its not a complete URL.

    1. Baseball says:

      It’s still promoting his company, even without the URL. Shouldn’t be allowed either way.

  15. Dan says:

    He was getting FREE advertising. ESPN most likely asked the Mets to remove the sign. Then he went a step further and was soliciting customers in the Mets stadium.

    He knew what he was doing and is getting more legs out of this then he would have just going to the game. Great job of self promotion.

    1. chris williams says:

      i watched that game and ESPN showed a few close ups.

      1. dan says:

        Sure… it’s a story for the broadcasters and even for the production truck. But the guys who have the sell the game and the advertisers’ in the stadium couldn’t be happy.

        Then when asked to stop, he continues to hand out his business cards. Silly move. Not surprised he got booted.

        but again, he is getting what he wanted. Couldn’t pay for all the free pub he got from Boomer and Carton and the website of WFAN.

  16. Erich Wollner says:

    LGM! KEEP on doing your thing Darren. Jealousy is the best type of flattery.. T7L…

    1. Amanda Hugnkiss says:

      Who’s jealous? He was booted for a reason. Darren is no exception to the rule.

  17. J says:

    I was there when Darren was “booted” – Section 112. People were asking where to get the “Don’t Trade Reyes” shirts and instead of sitting there and talking about his website, he handed out a couple of cards and left.

    What he did was no different than what gets done a thousand times in the Delta or Champion clubs at Citi Field: It was fans networking. People being in the same place at the same time because of a common interest, then connecting with other people that may have similar interests and talking about them while watching the game.

    The reason why Mets management had an issue was because his shirts reflect the views of the fans (lamenting the loss of Shea, wishing to keep Reyes no matter the cost, disapproval of the Wilpons’ management) and because they’re not getting a cut of it…..

    1. Darren says:

      Well said!

    2. Jose says:

      He got booted because he was shamelessly promoting his website. Just try to imagine what a game would be like if it were allowed. Unacceptable.

    3. Donna Bauer says:

      AMEN……do you know how much BUSINESS in tranacted during a sporting event??? Thats why corporations bring their clients tot he game….NOT TO WATCH but to get their business…..You dont like the shirts dont buy them…but he has every right to advertise them!

      1. Jose says:

        No, Donna, actually he does not have any right to advertise.

  18. dabooch says:

    The Wilpon’s can’t afford to put a decent product on the field going forward. The Met fans have been spoiled by the regime since 2004, they have brought in big name players with big salaries but that was yesterday. It’s just business people, plain and simple, they can’t afford the platinum mile players anymore.

  19. Tim Sitomer says:

    he didnt get booted from the stadium b/c of the sign. he decided to leave and THEN break the rules and hand out cards which got him ejected from the citi field. dont try and make this something that it’s not.

  20. D. Wright says:

    Just watch the game. All the other stuff is classless.

  21. Marc Weiss says:

    As much as it kills me to do this I have to side with the Mets. If his sign did not have the .com on it that would have been perfectly fine. He compounded the issue by giving out the biz cards too. It made everything look like he was trying to get free advertisement at the Mets expense, not to mention the fact that he sells a product that puts down their product.

  22. Debbie H says:

    I think this whole thing is rediculas I have been following this guy for a long while now he started a huge trend has a ton of followers why shouldn’t he be able to show who did the work? There is nothing wrong with that at all! they have to be consitant first its only not ok durning at bats then its ok in between innings then its not ok cause of the(.com). They need to be fair. I think maybe darren should conpromise and put maybe facebook= the7line so people still get to his page and see what’s up but its not directly promoting his company.

  23. Kevin says:

    as much as I hate to say this, Mets management were correct.

  24. Les says:

    yeah he cant do that..he has successful business thats not allowed at citi wilpon will want to help him invest his money ..then he will be poor like the rest of us

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