TRENTON, NJ (WCBS 880) – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he just found out through a newspaper that he supports raising Hudson River tolls by $2.

“I read that story this morning. It’s completely wrong. There has been no plan presented to me to raise tolls on the Hudson River crossings,” Christie said on Tuesday. “I spoke this morning with the chairman of the Port Authority to see if there was something I was missing.”

He said the answer to that was no, saying no plan has been presented to the Port Authority board for toll increases.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney With Gov. Christie At The Statehouse

If it happens, Christie says he’d talk it over with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and give it due consideration.

As for the origin of this story, Christie said, “I don’t know where that story is coming from.”

The three Hudson River crossings controlled by the Port Authority are the George Washington Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel and Holland Tunnel. The George Washington Bridge is the busiest bridge in the world.

The toll would go from $8 to $10 if it went up by $2.

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  1. mal says:

    The Port Authority are raising tolls to pay for the projects of NY and NJ governors…so that F-P toad in NJ cant object to fare hikes.

  2. B A kravette says:

    Trucks bringing goods into nyc will pass the costs on to us.We have the highest tolls (tax} in the nation.At this rate it will cost us over 30 dollars to go to Queens or LI a total of less than 40 miles.This restraint of trade,the pa has to be SUED.If this does not work,hundreds of cars should go through the plazas without paying,up that to thousands,will they arrest all of us? this rip off of the average working class people HAS to STOP !!!!!

  3. iggy says:

    he’s surprised the hike was so low. that’s what he’s surprised at.

  4. rightnyer says:

    For proof, check out this budget report, pages 41 and 42:

    The tolls bring in $960 million a year, of which only $451 million is spent on the bridges and tunnels themselves. So even without the fact that the public sector unions are probably charging $451 million for $200 million worth of work, over half of it is being used to subsidize other things. It’s absurd. Drivers on the GWB should not be subsidizing the bus terminal or PATH system, and fat union slobs should not be paid $150,000 a year with overtime and retirement at 50 with a 90% pension for life.

    1. LG says:

      Who are you to say how much the work they do is worth? And furthermore who are you to say what the true conditions of their agreement should be or what they are? This is a judgment based on exactly what? What YOU don’t have? Does your job situation make you feel inadequate? Perhaps you should be fighting for your own job to be better instead of begrudging others.

      The following words are tell-tale that you have no business making these judgments: “probably” and “should.” They do not point to facts–only opinions. And opinions are like…well you know. Everyone has one. But that doesn’t make them sound opinions.

      I’m finishing up a Masters degree, yet my counterparts in the business world make double, and sometimes triple, what I make. I will not complain or begrudge them from making what they can. I stand by my union to protect me from being fired for wearing the wrong outfit. You would do well to understand that bosses who manage companies on whims and personal feelings only harm workers. Society is far more complicated than you make it out to be with comments about what people “should” be entitled to. Enough with the union bashing already.

  5. Ed Anderson says:

    I was just in Calif. I drove on superior interstate highways all the way from San Diego north to San Francisco. I elected to go into San Francisco over the Bay Bridge, so the toll was $1.

    Gov Christie should be advised this is akin to a tax hike, and thus embraced by his pledge. Whether it is raising the $8 to $10, or the $6 off hour EZ pass rate to $8, all of it is unacceptable.

    I would like to know how many toll collectors the Port Authority had before EZ pass, and how many there are now. And for other agencies too.

  6. LG says:

    Oh stop it with that nonsense. The tolls don’t go up because of public sector unions. The tolls go up because the cost of running the infrastructure goes up–just like everything else. It’s called COL and inflation. Enough with this non-union garbage–people are really getting sick of the unions getting blamed for every financial problem.

    1. rightnyer says:

      Uhh, a very small percentage of the tolls go bridge maintenance. The rest goes to pay Port Authority employees (like cops, for example) more than double what their counterparts at NYPD make.

      1. LG says:

        Yes, the cost of running the infrastructure includes wages. People deserve to make fair wages for the work they do, yet you would begrudge these people because you don’t like the fact that you contribute to this business. The cost of living goes up, therefore, salaries need to follow. People who blame unions for increases in the price of business do not seem to understand this logic. They just think that workers should always make the same wages while the price of gas, utilities, groceries, etc. goes up and big business continues to make huge profits on the backs of the working class. Unions exist to protect workers from unfair conditions, and to ensure that they can afford to live on what they make. Instead of always blaming unions for economic conditions, the people who enjoy ANY days off at work should be thanking the unions for fighting for these days off as a matter of standard business practice. rightnyer, who are you to dictate the salary for the jobs that people do anyway?

  7. Jamey says:

    Christie hasn’t seen his feet for more than 30 years, so why should anything he said yesterday surprise him?!

  8. rightnyer says:

    No what’s ridiculous is that tolls in the Northeast go up every several years, when there are virtually NO tolls at all anywhere else in the country. It’s time to reign in the public sector unions.

  9. Marcus says:

    Um, last time I checked, the Queensboro, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, Willis, Madison Ave, 3rd Avenue bridges were all free.

  10. dc says:

    Why is it cheaper to go to and from NJ to NYC than from NYC to NYC? The NYC bridges and tunnels cost much more already. It’s ridiculous that it’s cheaper to come from NJ into NYC .

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