NEW YORK (WFAN) — Jets vs. Giants, a preseason staple. A regular season rarity.

If the NFL is forced to shorten their season from 16 games to 8, as reported Monday by SportsBusiness Journal’s Daniel Kaplan, will New York’s battle for gridiron bragging rights be safe?

According to Kaplan, the 2011 NFL season could start in late November “as the league plans for the possibility of an abbreviated season because of the nearly three-month-long lockout.”

The Super Bowl would be played in Indianapolis on February 12.

“I think if you get under nine games, you’re gonna have people that want to put an asterisk (next to) Super Bowl XLVI,” Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio told WFAN’s Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts on Tuesday.

LISTEN: PFT’s Mike Florio talks lockout, shortened schedule

As it stands, Jets-Giants is on the right end of a shortened schedule, slated for Christmas Eve. That could change if the NFL schedule undergoes a total re-haul.

With one matchup against each division rival in the second half of the Giants’ and Jets’ schedules, there’s reason for hope.

Jets’ final eight games as scheduled: vs. New England, @ Denver, vs. Buffalo, @ Washington, vs. Kansas City, @ Philadelphia, vs. NY Giants, @ Miami.

Giants’ final eight games as scheduled: @ San Francisco, vs. Philadelphia, @ New Orleans, @ Green Bay, @ Dallas, vs. Washington, @ N.Y. Jets, vs. Dallas.

Of course, right now it’s all speculation.

But, in the case of an eight-game schedule, one thing’s for certain: the much-anticipated Giants-Redskins season opener — on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks — wouldn’t be played.

Can the NFL really let that happen?

Well, can they? Will they? Sound off in the comments below…