NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — The heat is on.

There were renewed calls Tuesday for the resignation of troubled Congressman Anthony Weiner from both political parties.

GALLERY: Notorious Political Sex Scandals

In Sheepshead Bay a very blunt sign was posted on the window of the congressman’s community office. The sign read: “resign, pervert Weiner.”

This on the day new racy messages from Weiner surfaced online, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Believe it or not, there is someone in New York City with something nice to say about Congressman Weiner: his dad.

“I’m very proud of him, everything he’s done,” Morton Weiner said.

PHOTOS: Weiner Admits Sending Lewd Pictures (Warning: Some Graphic)

Everything he’s done includes sexting six women, both before and after his marriage to Huma Abedin, and initially lying about it. That has House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi demanding an ethics probe and has Weiner’s political friends running for the hills.

WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane: Weiner Envy Following His Recent Re-Election

“I don’t see anything that I did that violated any rules of the House. I don’t see anything that I did that certainly violated my oath of office to uphold the Constitution,” Weiner said on Monday.

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports: Weiner Says He Won’t Resign

“I know Congressman Weiner. I wish there was some way I could defend him, but I can’t,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond reports: Weiner Welcomes Ethics Investigation

The ethics probe revelation could be tough on Weiner, especially since the women he texted are expected to be questioned. One, 40-year-old Las Vegas blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss, has reportedly claimed that she and the congressman had phone sex on a congressional phone line.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reports: Why Did Weiner Come Clean?

Weiner and Weiss also reportedly sent sexually explicit text messages. The following exchanges were released by Radar Online.

On Sept. 22, 2010:

Weiss: i think u r so totally hot and u r lucky i don’t have your number right now…

Weiner: how did i miss this chance to rock your world by phone? give me another chance! stalk me baby, very hot.

On Feb. 2, 2011:

Weiss: where are you you hot congressman? let’s have some fb sex?

Weiner: hey sexy baby. i miss you.

On March 16, 2011:

Weiss: I love that you are always (expletive) when I talk to you

Weiner: I’m horny a lot. sorry

Also expected to be questioned is Meaghan Broussard, a 26-year-old single mother from Texas, who also said she got steamy photos from Weiner.

“He was eager to hear about if I wanted him or thought he was attractive,” Broussard told ABC News.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb With Comment From Bloomberg and Quinn

A number of congressional leaders, including House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, have outright called for Weiner to resign, but New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand took a more charitable view.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports: Pressure Building For Weiner To Step Down

“Whether Anthony remains in office is a matter for himself, his constituents and the ethics committee,” Gillibrand said.

Meanwhile, tapes have surfaced of an appearance the congressman made on WFAN’s the “Boomer and Carton” show in March 2008 to talk about the downfall of former governor Eliot Spitzer, who resigned because he had sexual relations with hookers. From the sounds on the video, Weiner sounds an awful lot like someone who clearly thinks his own actions will remain secret:

“I learned that people up in Albany are having a lot of sex, down in Washington we are not doing nearly so well,” Weiner said.

“Between President Clinton and Spitzer the bar for impropriety is so high I can never reach it. My skeletons are relatively minor compared to his.”

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond: Did Weiner Pull A Page From The Bill Clinton Playbook?

Kramer attempted to ask the congressman about the ethics probe on Tuesday, but her phone call was not returned. But that didn’t stop the calls for his resignation, or the criticism. However, a poll released Tuesday found that about half of New York City voters think Weiner should hang onto his congressional seat. But most say they want him to stay out of the race to succeed Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2013.

The Marist Poll found 51 percent said Weiner should remain in Congress, while 30 percent said he should step down, and 18 percent said they weren’t sure. But 56 percent said Weiner should not run for mayor, while 25 percent said he should. Nineteen percent said they were unsure.

Weiner reportedly spent the day in his office calling supporters to ask them to continue to show support.

What do you think? Sound off below in our comments section…

Marcia Kramer

Comments (117)
  1. susan says:

    You have alot of nerve if tbis is really you.. And why are you aloud to use a computer in jail,ifes tough in there hub? You should talk and why has this turned into a jewish thing, i mean you stole and ruined millions of lives. This skinny whip who is in gov. And women probably never wanted, decides he needs to become an on line perv while he is a political figure. Sick? And you have the nerve to say “leave my fellow jew brother alone” it seems odd that more than not who do these perverted things are jewish,sad to say. And mind you i have jewizh friends so this is not against the jews but its weird. Leave my fellow christian brothers alone. You get it asswhole???

    1. RudolfValentino says:

      oh dear… Susan,, you poor clueless computer user. Do you REALLY think that was madoff, just because he (or she) listed their online name as such? Oy vey… (ask you Jewizh friends to translate..)

  2. ham07 says:

    His problem was he got caught. His personal life is between himself and his wife. Politicians are ego manicas to begin with. I bet more than half the federal government would have to resign if you only knew the truth.

  3. M.A.D says:


    1. Tom G says:

      Me – no Halo here. I’m also not an elected official. They should be held to a higher standard. The whole sexting thing ISN’T the issue. His lies , accusations and coverups ARE the issue. His true colors came shining through- he is a lying, manipulating fraud who happens to be a pervert. Is this who you want representing you and your country?

  4. Elliot Spitzer says:

    Please leave my jewish brother alone now.

    1. Sam says:

      Not until sundown…

  5. Scott says:

    I went to college with this guy. He was a good kid then and he is a good guy now. How do you people think you are that you are so perfect to never had made a mistake?. It is very easy to get caught up in BS on the internet. Everyone is guilty of that to some degree. His life shouldn’t be ruined over it. It should not be. He didn’t commit a crime and he didn’t hurt anybody. Look at the mistakes you have made in your own lives then ask yourself, how perfect am I? You will find none of us are so perfect. All you are doing in your downgrade of this man is making yourself feel better about your own mistakes and your own life. It’s true. And I am guilty of that in the past myself. Quite it though. He is just a man who made a mistake. We all make them and if you have not… will. Stop it now. The country is falling apart and we need him. Please !

    1. badman says:

      who you know as a person and who we elect as a congressman are not the same thing. He’s human and humans make mistakes. But he has to be held to a high standard of judgement to keep the trust of his constituency. He’s shown his judgement to be poor from several standpoints: he compromised his creditability as a US Representative, he made himself vulnerable to blackmail, and he lied to everyone to cover it up – and he even lied really badly.

      We do not need this man. We need people like him to stay away from positions of leadership where they will inevitably embarrass themselves and the country.

  6. HUGO says:

    Charlie Rangel, Elliot Spitzer and WEINER, have set the standards for the Democrat party. ENJOY!

    1. George Bush's brown nephew says:

      DemocratIC party hypocrit. Why aren’t conservatives smart enough to say the words “Democratic” and “Nuclear” – it’s NU-CLEAR, not NU-CULAR. Not that hard bro…

      1. BC says:

        It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is…

  7. cerpas says:

    Many friggin liberal idiots here isnt there…Look…let me break out the big chief crayon so you can understand. He is a congressman in the US house….He is held to a higher standard. Its not the his actions that cause the problems, its his lying about it….This is why hes in trouble, he used his office, his power, to manipulate others and then lied about it…

  8. chasm11 says:

    who realy gives a danm what he does. the media has nothing to report on so they announce breking news anthony weiner left his office. our men and women are dying in iraq. pakistam and other mid east countrys, the economy is a basket case, but the big new is is anthony weiner. no wonder this country is going down for the count.

    1. HUGO says:

      Obama’s wars and Obama’s economy. The media dare not criticize Obama so they concentrate on the Weiner dog.

      1. DCOnEdge says:

        BUSH’S wars. BUSH’S economy. Obama has done nothing but try to END the wars YOU’RE RETARTED president Bush blundered and try to improve the economy.. BUSH came into office with a $500 Billion Dollar budget surplus and left it in $1 Trillion Dollars in debt. THINK before you make a fool of yourself clown.

  9. ang says:

    I really don’t understand… What does his sex life have to do with his political views?? If he wants to talk sex by texting, emailing, talking by phone or doing it person to person, what is the matter?He is a man. We all have needs & wants. As long as he does “good” with his political venues, what does sex have to do with anything? Sounds like just a way to get him out of the political game. People r crazy!!

  10. iggy says:

    as idiotic as this was, imagine if he went toe-tapping, or used a male escort? oh tha’ts right, the family values people already did that

  11. gwen says:

    young men have desires. his wife is working & in a powerful position. he’s still a newlywed, & learning how to fill the emptiness. he chats online, he finds a few interesting soulmates(or so it appears) then BAM—he’s posterboy for sex,lies,scandal & infidelity! get real, what do these women think,on-line links can be ZEROS or HEROS. well they certainly must have been bait, waiting to entrap an innocent,unsuspecting victim like Anthony.he isn’t the one to attack, let’s begin to find out who Sets Up Powerful Men to get Snagged!!convert this energy to issues that matter in NYC! we only need a few more days then someone else is set up Mr Weiner is a gent, Huma, you married a Winner! stick with him girl! bring some children to Gracie Mansion. .

  12. OSCAR MEYER says:


    1. dominoes says:

      First of all, calm down and stop yelling. You must be a Republican. The use the phrase “worse ever” or “worse than” and never miss the chance to compare Dems to Hitler. Really? Rep. Weiner is REALLY worse than Hitler or Bin Laden. I’m sorry. I missed the news report that showed the thousands of people Rep. Weiner killed. You can say what he did is disgusting, creepy and sick. And dare I ask what does “Take him out” mean. Why do i get the feeling that you don’t mean resign? I guess because you didn’t say resign. How sad you sound

  13. sparviero says:

    Attorney Gneral Holder should prosecute Weiner for distribution of pornography across state lines, a federal offense. He should also file sexual harassment charges against Weiner based upon the number of women to whom he sent photos. If Holder does not have the guts to charge Weiner, then the Attorney’s General of each state in which a female received Weiner’s photos, should act on their behalf. Weiner will not resign becasue he wants his fat government pension which he will receive by serving out his tern of office. He not sorry.

  14. Bobby NYC says:


  15. Olga says:

    Leave the man alone. He admitted, he apologized, now let’s put it behind us and get back to work. There are lot of other politicians out there with dirtier laundry. and let the ones who haven’t done anything wrong cast the first stone.

    1. Ellen says:

      Olga, your right on target, and can I throw a few names out here on politicians who have done more harm and caused more kayos. Barney Frank, yes Fannie May, Ted Kennedy, Newt Gingrich, JFK, need I go on.

      1. JJ says:

        Please lets not even start on the twisted sexual exploits of those “family values” republicans.

      2. JEW OBLITERATED says:


    2. cerpas says:

      nah…I dont want a pervert to represent me…You dont see a pattern here? The guy is a phone fetish perv…no thanks. At least when the republicans are caught the resign…democrats just love that power!! Ron Paul for President…

  16. Bobby NYC says:

    He looks about 8″ cut ……I’d give him a taste …He should put himself on craigslist in the Men4Men section……I’m sure he swings both ways…WOW what a WIENER in those drawers

  17. MikeNYC says:

    Why are people so obsessed with everyone else’s sex life? Who cares what this guy does and who he hooks up with except his wife? Weiner is guy like a lot of other guys and I get bored to death constantly hearing about his personal sexual encounters. Give it rest. Has he been a good congressmen or not? That is the only question to be asked. Calling for his resignation for this nonsense is basically an issue with people’s personal sex lives, not his.

    1. Laurie from NY says:


      1. cerpas says:

        you two are complete tools…its not the act…its that fact that he has no moral fiber, no backbone, hes a liar…representing the people…Hes got to go…

      2. NATHAN says:


    2. BobbyGene says:

      I agree with MikeNYC and Olga, WHO CARES about this man’s sexting? I don’t, he does a good job as congressman, so what, he likes to show off his buff body on line. News media will milk every aspect to this story that they can as long as stupid people show they are interested in the story. who carES????? LEAVE WEINER’S WEINER ALONE ALREADY! DOESN’T A SINCERE APPOLOGY AMOUNT TO ANYTHING ANYMORE????

  18. Holly says:

    Weiner, Your “shame” is a SHAM. The only reason you fessed up was because your back was to the wall and you had no choice. You are a Skeeve. It’s truly revolting if you think the poeple of NY still want you to represent us.
    GO NOW.
    Save yourself a lot of embarrasement at the next election – you will not be voted back in, I promise. Waaaaaahhhhhhh you nerdy crybaby!

    1. Frank D says:

      DENY what you can’t admit. And ADMIT what you can’t deny. A true Perp through and through

  19. Ellen says:

    Should he resign or should he stay put. Well that will be up to the voters if this guy is going to stay or what, and the Republicans should stay out of it. It’s totally up to the voters, and it’s their voice that should be heard, not a bunch of politicians ready to make hay out of Weiner’s sorry predicament.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Nothing sorry about his predicament. He consciously chose to engage in the actions he did and deliberately attempted to deceive the public. When one admits to lying to the electorate who one is sworn to served, then one should step down. If he doesn’t resign, come next election, it is most certainly the Republicans’ responsibility to see to it that they put up a candidate with integrity who will serve the people of Brooklyn and Queens without engaging in illicit behavior and without lying to his constituents.
      “stay[ing] out of it” would be a dereliction of duty.

      1. Ellen says:

        I never said that Weiner’s actions should be ignored or forgiven for that matter. What I did say is that it should be up to the voters, and not a bunch of politicians ready and willing to take advantage of Weiner’s dumb, stupid and reckless decision not to come clean with this in the first place. Quite frankly I don’t like either party, and hope that the Republicans do have someone out there with more common sense then Weiner.

  20. IT DOESN'T MATTER says:


    1. Frank D says:

      Or that Jews went from slave traders to slum lords to maintain their common history of struggle. LOL

    2. AgingJewishHipster says:

      Or that all Jews’ allegience to America is eclipsed by their Zionist allegience to Israel. I mean should we be concerned that a group of people who make up merely 2% of the population control 90% of its wealth? They own the vast majority of commerical real estate in the city and control the political process and academia. Not to mention that they own all three major networks, the NY TImes, Wahington Post, Wall Street Journal, and the Daily News.

      Nah, that shouldn’t be any cause for concern and any similarities between one Jew’s and another’s behavior is purely the product of our own bigotry and not part of a larger more troubling pattern.

  21. DonJohnson says:

    Hey, does anyone remember R. Budd Dwyer from Pennsylvania? Reply if you do.

    1. Izzy says:

      Yes, the republican that shot himself during a televised press conference.

  22. DonJohnson says:

    Does anyone remember R. Budd Dwyer from Pennsylvania? Reply if you do.

  23. Sal says:

    I haven’t read where he defines “my team” when giving adice to the porn star on how to lie to the press. If he had someone from his congressional staff provide her with this information, I would say he is in violation.

    Nothing better than to see the king finger waiver getting his just desserts.

    1. trust says:

      Why do we let perverts stay in office?

  24. Richard Hertz says:

    Today I’ve learned that Wiener is not just a simple liar, but an oblivious, delusional liar as well. I think there’s a word for that – sociopath.

    I’ll bet he resigns by Friday. He will disappear for a few months and then re-emerge seemingly reformed as a talking head of some kind or another, claiming to be a spokesman for this newfound “illness” or “addiction” and transform into a “panel expert” ready for his close up on CNN. Let’s not forget that in the cultural swill known as the American media, deviancy, weakness and failure is not only tolerated, it is celebrated….that is if you happen to be a deviant from the left. If you are unlucky enough to be a deviant from the right, you are universally chastised and run out of town.

  25. RF says:

    The decent thing to do would be to resign. Oh wait, I almost used decent and Democrat in the same sentence. What the h@ll was I thinking?!??!

  26. nyc says:

    His problem is that he lied ! If he had come out with the truth immediatly before the press got hold of it ,I think his chances would be better .He could always do commercials for weight loss or a gym etc.

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      “His problem is that he lied !”

      Republicans didn’t have any problem when Bush lied about WMD’s to get us into two wars (costing the lives of thousands of American soldiers) for his own personal enrichment. Oh, wait – Bush is a Republican, so it’s okay.

      1. SickofNY says:

        OMG.. libs still blaming Bush.. shocker!

        Get your head out of the sand, my friend, What about Rep. Lee upstate that posted a topless shirt of himself and resigned that day. It only became news after he resigned. But for Weiner, its ok that he doesnt step down. Weiner is a democrat, so its okay.

      2. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Dale, what lie? The intelligence Bush based his decision on was widelly accepted by Congress and the international community? Do you mean to insinuate Congress would vote for something without checking the veracity of it?
        I mean they would never do something like voting for military action without understanding the basis for it or voting for laws that they have not read.

        Then again, it is hard to be an informed Congressman when you spend your time sending crotch shots to girls half your age.

  27. Ziggy says:

    What if an enemy of the U.S. purchased these photos and texts first and you could, then, have a sitting member of congress subject to blackmail.

  28. gwen says:

    I’m being informal as a human,a wife of 33 blessed years, a devout Catholic & a voter. Tony did nothing wrong. technology is what it is & as a modern man he went for pen pal/s prior to his marriage to Huma.he & she only need to work it out. a man watches porn, reads X-rated material, all of these things doesn’t make him an outcast. his cronies have done things, but whose asking? let he who has not sinned step forth! we don’t inquire a person’s bedroom aura to be publicized, from sex toys, to role play, to oddities unmentionable WHAT’S HAPPENING today is trying to create a PURITANICAL SOCIETY is UNGODLY! vengeance is mine sayeth the LORD, not the voters or constituents. . .Adults should Never have to feel GUILT over their actions. . . . an untruth to cover up his behavior all because he didn’t double check before pushing the SEND button. OMG- you’re a hero Tony to all of us who want a message to go to one person & not the next. we’ll thank you for reminding us of your faux pas. . . After all You are only Human! MUST FOR MAYOR OF NYC. .YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK BABY, YOU WERE BORN THIS WAY!

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Gwen, the substance is just as stupid as the form of your writing.

  29. Ant928 says:

    OK…you all know the song…sing it with me!!

    “I wish I had Anthony’s weiner,
    the reason for this comment you will see,
    ‘cuz if I had Anthony’s weiner,
    all the girls in New York state would vote for me!”

  30. Liz says:

    wonder is his nose is the same size as his…………

  31. Jim says:

    Aside from being a stupid comment, he isn’t Jewish.

    1. Frank D says:


    2. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Jim, the guy is as Jewish as a pastrami on Rye. While Anthony is not a Jewish name, Weiner most certainly is, and he is a self reporting Jew who claims to be proud of his “Judaism.” Perhaps, you’re basing this statement on the unknown origin of his mother, but that became irrelevant once he professed his faith. If that is not enough for you, just look at him. He is the epitome of what most have come to identify as looking like a Jew. If you had to pick a culture just by looking at him, what would you pick? Come on! My statement is no more bigoted than looking at “Paulie D” or “The Situation” from the Jersey Shore and concluding that they are Italian.

    3. dude says:

      okay JIM you are the stupid one,do your research before you comment,hes jewish and was raised jewish u dumb fucccc

    4. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Jim, the guy is as Jewish as a pastrami on Rye. While Anthony is not a Jewish name, Weiner most certainly is, and he is a self reporting Jew who claims to be proud of his “Judaism.” Perhaps, you’re basing this statement on the unknown origin of his mother, but that became irrelevant once he professed his faith. If that is not enough for you, just look at him. He is the epitome of what most have come to identify as looking like a J e w. If you had to pick a culture just by looking at him, what would you pick? Come on! My statement is no more bigoted than looking at “Paulie D” or “The Situation” from the Jersey Shore and concluding that they are Italian.

    5. AgingJewishHipster says:

      Jim, what more proof do you need–a diamond saw and a monocle?

  32. Rick says:

    That you didn’t violate any “house rules” may be true. But you stood up and lied to the American public repeatedly. It’s time for you to resign. And now there will be an ethics hearing? Just what we need to waste more time and money and accomplish not thing one for the country when so many other important issues need to be addessed.

  33. Lieutenantdan says:

    I have a comment about the women who had involvement with this person.
    Apparently they knew who he is and that he is married but yet they continued to exchange communications with him.
    Why are the media not taking about these women in a negative way?
    It is a shame because it appears as if the behavior of the women involved is accepted and approved of. Not setting a good example for my daughters.
    Shame on you as well.

    1. Frank D says:

      DUH! These women need agents first. Then you will see them on TV.

      Don’t you know thist?

      1. Frank D says:

        And the “Agents” are typically some sleaze ball lawyers looking for free advertising too.

        You’ll see – l

    2. Izzy says:

      I think its disgusting that would betray his wife’s trust. While his actions show propensity for piggish behavior, he is NOT the only one to blame. It is not as if the women involved in the matter did not know that he was married. These women were swept up in being “electronically courted” by a rich, powerful, MARRIED politician. These types of women gravitate to men of stature for love of the infamy they see as fame, and in the hopes for a huge payday. The WOMEN involved could have simply blocked him from their social media websites. Things that SHOULD make you go hmmm…

  34. Joe says:

    NY Republican Congressman Chris Lee fwas orced to resign over posting a shirtless photo on the web. NY Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner did MUCH worse than that, then lied over it. When will he resign? Where is his dignity? Why the double standard?

    1. josh says:

      You forgot about the part of trying to hookup on craigslist with that picture.

    2. Michael H. says:

      Aside from the lying, how was what Weiner did worse than what Lee did?

      Also, Lee resigned on his own accord, within hours of the pictures becoming public.

      I agree, Weiner should step down. He has betrayed the trust of his constituency. However, your attempt to paint Weiner as worse than Lee is seriously flawed and exposes only one thing, your bias.

      1. Tom G says:

        Aside from lying? I always find it so funny how some people can just push lying aside. Lie to a grand jury? Not a problem in some people’s eyes- as long as you’re name is Bill Clinton and there is a D by your name.
        Lie about your taxes? No problem- as long as that D is there.
        There is a HUGE difference between what Weiner did and what Lee did.
        Lee tried to hook up with a girl who was also looking for a hook up. When caught- he resigned- immediately. He didn’t try to cover it up. He didn’t lie. He didn’t mock the media with righteous indignation. He didn’t go on all the talk shows to try to continue the cover-up. He resigned with dignity.
        Weiner was OBVIOUSLY trolling for women. He then sent pictures of his junk. If one of those pictures was sent to a minor- he’d GO TO JAIL! ( my bad- he’d got that D next to his name- he’d get a wrist slap) . He even said he can’t be sure he didn’t send any pics to minors.
        If you can not see the difference between the two-I’ll go out on a real thick ledge and say there is most definitely a D next to your name. If the LYING doesn’t really make the two situations VASTLY different, I’m guessing that D shines brightly . And lastly- if the next time this happens and the purpotrator is a Republican and you come on here screaming bloody murder– You not only have that big D next to your name– you might actually be Nancy Pelosi.
        Good grief.

  35. Bobby says:

    the weiner is finally out the bun…..

  36. Micha says:

    The problem isn’t the photos, per se. The problem is that now we know this guy is capable of having skeletons in his closet. We don’t need pols like this, not because he lied to his wife or hes a dirtbag perv, but because how many other skeletons can he have? I could care less about this guys personal life, but do we really need to worry that this guy can be blackmailed to make things happen for certain people? At the end of the day, that is why he should step down. We have enough pols who do too many favors, we don’t need another…

  37. IgnoranteElephante says:

    Remember this clown wanted to put the kibosh on “The Statue of Triumph of Virtue” in Queens ? It was a statue of a bare-chested male stepping on two females who represented the twin sirens “Vice” and “Corruption.” How ironic that this old piece of artistic symbolism offended his sense of dignity towards women, but sending unsolicited crotch shots to women while commenting about a Jewish woman’s ability to engage in oral sex did not. Another self righteous hypocrite throwing stones from his glass house.

  38. DonJohnson says:

    Does anyone remember R. Budd Dwyer? Reply if you do.

  39. John says:

    The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

    A Wolf found great difficulty in getting at the sheep owing to the vigilance of the shepherd and his dogs. But one day it found the skin of a sheep that had been flayed and thrown aside, so it put it on over its own pelt and strolled down among the sheep. The Lamb that belonged to the sheep, whose skin the Wolf was wearing, began to follow the Wolf in the Sheep’s clothing; so, leading the Lamb a little apart, he soon made a meal off her, and for some time he succeeded in deceiving the sheep, and enjoying hearty meals.

    Appearances are deceptive.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      What is so deceptive about this guy’s appearance? He appears to be a slimy Bolshevikian left wing weasel and that is exactly what he is . Nothing deceptive at all. A clear case of accurately judging a book by its cover. I would like to see his minion mate, Chuck Schumer, held accountable for vouching for him. If his former intern could pull the wool over his eyes, there’s no telling what other snake oil he gets sold in the Senate.

      1. John says:

        Your right. I stand corrected. Thank you

  40. l says:

    “I don’t see anything that I did that violated any rules of the House. I don’t see anything that I did that certainly violated my oath of office to uphold the Constitution…NO UR JUST A PLAIN DIRT BAG…SO JUST LEAVE

  41. Warhawk says:

    While all politicians lie, this guy clearly has a problem that can only get bigger as his power increases – definitely the guy should be thrown out of congress. As a self admitted liar, he has lost all credibility, making any excuses only encourages this sort of deviant behavior. I mean – is he the role model for our youth? His political career should end, since he chose to end it in this hameful fashion.

  42. Sparviero says:

    If I were Attorney General Eric Holder, I would prosecute Congressman Weiner for multiple counts of distributing pornography over the internet. I would also presecute him on multiple counts of sexual harrasment and the intent to solicit sex. The House Ethics Commitee should now convene and charge him with unethical behvior and let the chips fall where they may. His consituents should demand his resignation. This country has enough problems to deal with. We do not need the likes of Weiner making decisions on our future.

    1. Frank D says:

      Him pornographic? In what Universe- Geek World. Come on!

  43. New York City Native says:

    The HYPOCRISY of the Democrats (Pelosi, Shumer, Hoyer, etc.) and all the left-wing websites is galling in contrast to the way they skewer Republicans who do just as bad as Weiner (or not even as bad).

    The CONTRAST of the leaders of the Democrats (with the Republicans) in how they have dealt with this matter is telling.

    The media DOUBLE-STANDARD is nothing short of repulsive (NBC’s Brian Williams saying he had no time to report on Weinergate, but nevertheless did have time on national news to report on Palin’s take on Paul Revere, mocking her ignorance of history, when it turns out that she was essentially correct).

    And for the record, I am neither a Republican nor a Palin fan. I am an Independent …

    and am disgusted by Soros and the media manipulation that goes on in this country today. It is a disgrace to the 4th estate and a sad embarrassment to the few remaining journalists wherever they may be. We now are spoon-fed propaganda our news by agenda-driven ideologues. Does that remind you of any other system of “government?”

    1. JJ says:

      The skew comes in the fact that the Republican/Conservative scandals always come from “family values” types who constantly vote against the rights of others and claim to be morally superior.

      If he owned day one, I would support him staying. However, little too late, Weiner.

  44. AngryMobVoter says:

    Anthony Weiner should resign immediately. If he does not resign, he should be thrown out of office. If he is not thrown out of office, the voters should hand him a humiliating defeat if he is stupid enough to run again. This guy repeatedly lied. How can he ever be trusted or believed?

    Obama’s CHANGE has taken away our HOPE!!!

    We must continue to VOTE THEM OUT!!!

  45. Dale Auburn says:

    Lying about photos on Twitter is the most heinous thing imaginable.

    If he “had” to lie about something, it should have been about WMD’s to get us into two wars for his own personal enrichment. At least THAT can be forgiven!

    1. HUGO says:

      Dale, Obama is fighting 3 wars now and torturing people in Guantanamo. Why don’t you chant “No blood for oil” while protesting the Weiner dog. It will make you feel better.

  46. Jimmy says:

    I’m not a fan of this guy but if Pres Clinton didn’t have to resign why should this guy?

    1. HUGO says:

      Good point, the bar has been set so low by the Arkansas fat boy that no one has to resign for any reason at all. Anything goes! WOO HOO!!!

  47. Tell me you see a trend says:

    What does Wiener have in common with Dominique Strauss Khan besides being perverted?

    Take a wild Guess

    1. dude says:

      ughhhh hes a supporter of Palestine

  48. PACK O PERVS says:

    What do you expect from a Zionist left wing Perv?

    Look at the pattern here, just recently, another Zionist Perv, Dominique Strauss Khan, LEADER of the World ‘s IMF witch controls Bernanke’s Federal Reserve Bank, had just been caught doing something similar.

    The Pigs, in George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM are lying to the other farm anamials about everything, and then taking over, was most probably ananalogy with Zionism.

    What does that tell you about Zionists?

    1. AgingJewishHipster says:

      The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are coming true!


        Cool, you know wisdom jewish person!!!

        UNDERSTAND the ZIONISTS will sacrifice the Jews for the porpose of World Global Domination .

        Amen Ra dude

  49. Rhyme time 2 says:

    I sing again:
    “Oh I wish my name were OSCAR MEYER Wei-ner, THAT instead of Weiner, An-tho-ny,
    ‘Cause if my name were OSCAR MEYER Wei-ner, I would’nt face an ETHICS CO-MIT-TEE!

    or even:

    My “baloney” has a first name, it A-N-T-H-O-N-Y, my “baloney” has a second name its M-E-Y-E-R,
    Oh I love to “TWEET” it every day, but if you ask that s why I’ll say…..
    That’s not my stuff, no not today, I did not TWEET it anyday….CAUSE I WASSSS HAAACCKKEDD!!!

  50. Michael H. says:

    As a constituent of Congressman Weiner, I will not be voting for him again. He’s lost my trust. Had he come clean right off the bat this might be something I could overlook. The fact is, he lied to his constituents, and that is unforgivable.

    1. susan miller says:

      This is discusting. I mean everyone is human but look at all those who have been caught doing this and most of the time at the tax payers expense. Why lie about it as they know sooner or later they will be caught. I have reached out for serious help at least to be heard to stop my suffering and needless death but these political people are to busy to care. They make big money, get the best medical, get raisers, and tons more. We cry the city is broke and the ecconomy bad well the money these people steal from the gov. does not help!! Im sick of hearing about this. We have much other pressing worries then to worry about instead of the sexual antics of these fools. He better step down. If for no other reason, he lied and people who lie can never be trusted for any thing. This is not a role model for the children either.Politics are corrupt enough as it is. Kindly step down and GET THERAPY!!!

      1. Frank D says:

        True dat!

        In the grans scheme of things it’s not like he tried to rape a maid and is President of the IMF, or got BJ’s from White House internss.

        These are laughable pictures of this skinny geek trying to look hot. Yes he lied because he got caught. A la Charlie Rangel not paying years of income taxes.

        And yes he lied. Like Hillary about running for Senate and then lied about running for President. And like Mike the midget mayor not wanting a 3rd term as Mayor and respecting the law. Or Obama signing a law to be “tough on Wall STreet” and the next day attending a $10k per plate fund raiser for himslef. Geez! Wake up.

        Weiner even barrowed a little bit of Rangel and got weepy yesterday. Then walk away and laughed at how stupid we are. Then we’ll have an “investigation” to see if he violated the House’s Twtitter rules.

        You must be in fantasy land thinking politicians are virtuous people. Or obvious know little of them. They are preachy hypocrites lying to suit their own needs.

        ADMIT what you can’t deny./ And DENY what you can’t admit.

    2. susan miller says:

      Thank you. And why are these girls off scot free?? they are just as bad and they knew he was married.. what were they looking for I wonder…

      1. Frank D says:

        Looking for Agents now. 🙂

      2. susan miller says:

        Well Frank thats what I was referring to. All that you mentioned and theres tons more but to long to list. Watch this guy will get his high profile lawyer..cry alot, the little whimp and get off because people will feel sorry for him because the wife is standing by. I cant stand any of THEM!

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