NEW YORK (CBS NY) — It seems bedbugs know no boundaries.

The creepy, crawly vermin turned up in the men’s executive locker room at the high-end Reebok Sports Club near Lincoln Center last Thursday.

The locker room is the same one where Chris Rock and Taye Diggs hang their street clothes when they come by.

The club, which caters to celebrities, told members the bedbugs were isolated to one locker.

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“Marie” saw the sign up from management about the problem, but found it hard to believe. She said the club was “in good shape — smelled good, was clean.”

“And I thought ‘ha bedbugs,'” she told 1010 WINS’ Al Jones.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Reports From The Reebok Sports Club

Breezing out of the club after her brisk workout, “Patty” wasn’t even sure what bedbugs were.

“I’m from California.  I don’t think we have them out there,” she said.

Management said the area was sterilized and the bedbug problem eradicated.

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  1. kendra says:

    they better do better then that and do a 3 day spraying or else they are going to lose so much business that it wont even be funny cause i believe bedbugs travel all over that is why they need to be called “traveling bedbugs”cause they get into everything i mean everything.

  2. The_Allergy_Guy says:

    Per request we are offering discounts to all New Yorkers on bed bug prevention products. Shout to all my bed bug free clients in Manhattan:

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