NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — As the investigation continues into what sparked a deadly shooting on Brighton Beach, relatives of the 16-year-old victim are speaking out.

Sixteen-year old Tysha Jones was enjoying a day on Brighton Beach and a break from the sweltering heat Thursday afternoon when gunshots and the chaos that followed broke out on the boardwalk.

Police say at least one suspect walked up from the beach to the boardwalk and opened fire shortly after 5pm.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: Tysha Jones’ Family Calling For Justice

“It turned into rapid fire and people were screaming, running in every direction,” said witness Michael Tracy. “No where to go.”

Tysha and four young men sitting on a bench were all hit.

The high school senior from Harlem was shot in the midsection and did not survive. 

“She was just an innocent bystander,” said Tysha’s mother Cynthia Jones. “She didn’t have anything to do with nothing.”

Tysha’s mother says she reluctantly let her daughter, the youngest of three children, go to the beach to beat the heat. It’s a decision she now regrets.

“You’re never expecting nothing to ever happen at no beach. Somebody pulling out guns with kids and everybody out there having fun, I never thought that,” said Cynthia.

A makeshift memorial has been placed in front of Tysha Jones' home in Harlem (credit: Steve Sandberg/1010 WINS)

“She is really strict with her kids and to see her last daughter go, it’s really hurting her,” said family friend Diane Tice.

Relatives say she wanted to go to medical and become a child nutritionist. A makeshift memorial has been placed in front of her home in Harlem.

As officers stood guard over the littered crime scene Friday morning, detectives tell CBS 2 it’s still unclear if anyone in Tysha’s’ group was the shooter’s intended target. 

Three of the men who were shot are in stable condition. The fourth, also shot in the midsection, is in critical.

As the crime scene investigation continues, so does the search for a suspect. The NYPD will not say if this shooting was gang related.

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  1. John Matthew says:


  2. Its sensless how our youth our young adults killing each other its sad u can’t go no where without shout-outs are they having a sale on guns how are they getting guns so easy sad day in America Rip babygirl another Angel gone.. Watch ya Children

  3. KEYA says:

    Its extremely devastating to know someone so young and filied with as much life as Tysha had was killed! when i got the news from my mom I was completely frozen. I kept thinking “my GOD to lose a child… to have to bury your own baby,.. life cut so short!” and its not fair. Tysha was like a little sister to me and tears flow from me with the same sorrow as if i had lost my own little sister. I will mourn her for the rest of my life, sleep in peace lil sis and i hope to see u again one day……

  4. Honestly Realistic says:

    Can we tear down the projects and deport blacks so a russian member of my community wont get shot for enjoying they’re day at the beach?

    1. Nelly J says:

      This is a racist comment & I would appeciate it if you curb your mouth. Just because an African American man did this doesn’t mean we all should be blamed or looked down upon. How would you feel if someone said send your behind back to Russia? It goes both ways – watch what you say.

  5. Marie says:

    Oh wow!!! I saw you a few times with mutal friends Tysha, didn’t know you that well but you were a sweetheart! And its sad because we were becoming friends and now I shed tears for you! Justice will be served for you as well as your fam. Somebody saw something! R.I.Paradise Tysha Baby…

  6. Barry Levine says:

    Where is that piece of garbage fat Al now…where is Jesse now??? These guys are the first ones to try to start some race baiting when a cop shoots a black guy who is pointing a gun at them, where the !@#k are those mofos now to tell all of the young black guys to pull up their pants drop their guns and act like civilized human beings. If dey dont be no money in da action den no action is goin be taken!!!

  7. Shaquan Griffin says:

    sad so sad what happen to this generation of teenagers when i was growing up we didnt pull out guns we used our hands and if you ose you lose at lease you seen another day

  8. Morris Wise says:

    This is relatively petty violence. Let us pray that the gangs from Mexico never cross the border and battle for turf on the boardwalk of Brighton Beach. Instead of one death there will be at least 75 dead and thousands wounded. Illegals are willing to die before sharing the drug sales with native born Americans.

  9. GREG says:


  10. Puggy says:

    Not surprising, really. Sweltering heat + Savages + Guns = Mass Shooting. Gutless, guilt-ridden white liberals will blame society, but we all know what sort of simian-like beasts that are responsible for such barbarism.

    1. Jay Bruteiri says:

      “Puggy” – hiding behind that screen name like those KKK cowards hide behind their sheet. Just another low life trying to feel big by cutting others down.

      Go bang your mother again, you loser.

      1. JB N says:

        Nothing racist about the facts. Let all these animals exterminate each other like the vermin that they are.

      2. Jay says:

        if you’re so convinced you’re right, why not state them as your own opinions? Anonymity = refuge for little puss cowards.

  11. Joey says:

    Dont worry….Bloomberg will enact that policy of increased stopping and frisking of those Swedes and Norweigians….how you fools in NYC re-elected this little twit boggles my mind….

  12. brooklyn4ever says:

    How sad for this poor young girl. May she rest in peace and her family find comfort. Why is it always the innocents that pay the price?

  13. jgny says:

    Awful, this poor girl..God rest her soul.
    The person who wrote this article must re-enroll in middle school and learn basic writing skills. Quickly please.

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