NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Police are still hunting for suspects after a wild and deadly shooting at the Brighton Beach boardwalk Thursday evening.

The incident began at around 5:20 p.m. Police say one person approached a group of five sitting on a bench and opened fire. The five victims were sitting in front of Tatiana’s, a popular restaurant.

Tysha Jones, 16, was killed. Four other victims, young men in their twenties, were also shot. One of them – a 23-year-old – was hit in the torso and is in critical condition.

Jones was described as “very outgoing” and “fun-loving” by family friend Audrey Johnson.

“You’re never expecting nothing to happen at no beach — somebody pulling out guns, nothing but kids and everybody out there having fun. I never thought that,” the victim’s mother, Cynthia, said.

“My baby’s not here no more because somebody put a gun in their hand and thought they was in the Wild Wild West,” Kevin Wilson,  Jones’ father, said.

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports: Day At Brighton Beach Turns Deadly

Pandemonium broke out during the shooting, say witnesses. The beach near Brighton 6th Street was packed at the time of the shooting due to scorching weather.

Witnesses watch as rescue workers prepare to transport a wounded person following a shooting on the Brighton Beach Boardwalk June 9, 2011. (credit:

“It turned into rapid fire, and people were screaming, running in every direction, with nowhere to go,” witness Michael Tracy said.

Apparently the incident started as an argument.

“There was a whole crowd, and they was arguing,” said witness Jose Reyes. “He just started shooting. It was about four or five shots.”

The aftermath of the incident was caught on camera and uploaded to YouTube.

Video: Aftermath of Brighton Beach shooting

So far, police have made no arrests. They say the investigation is ongoing.

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  1. hf says:

    Don’t bring your kids to the beach without a bullet proof bathing suit and a pack of cigarettes.

  2. Genjigem Blade says:

    wow she was fine!

  3. BLACK NY'ER says:


  4. Frank D says:


  5. Morris Wise says:

    Thousands of youths running and shouting will frighten even a pet dog, but as long as they respect private property and the civil rights of others they can be tolerated for a few days.

  6. bobby says:

    Yeah some fool will call me a racist .Some will actually defend these actions .When it all said and done it is what it is and Im calling it like I see it ..Yes Im a realist …..

  7. christine says:

    its sunny out but you can barely see anything

  8. Gregg says:

    Can you believe this and other areas like Brighton were once nice, safe neighborhoods ! Our society is in the toilet ! There are tens of thousands of Illegal guns on the streets of New York. I can’t believe that no one can get a handle and stop the flow of Illegal guns ! Is the NRA that powerful ? It seems that is is easier to buy an Illegal gun then find a job ! I wish we could get a politician with big balls to help ! This is not only in New York, but all over the country ! Make it easier for law abiding citizens to purchase a gun !

    1. The Facts says:

      Stop bashing the NRA. You obviously did not read my reply to your last post or chose not to respond to it. The NRA did not shoot these people. A criminal savage with an illegal gun did the deed.

    2. Kevin says:

      Gregg when u have gutless politicians that deflect blame from the criminal and try and blame an organization who has no political clout whatsoever in this area..thats why u have the crime rate you have…you voted fro this clown bloomberg,.,…deal with it…when the cops do catch these animals…you and your liberal ilk will be blaming the police saying they were too brutal, they violated the suspects rights…this is what u vote for..this is the quality of life u with it…

  9. BF says:

    The Boardwalk at Brighton was closed this morning. All the garbage in the containers was placed all over the boardwalk. No leads as of yet. Coney is still the wild west and brighton is even worse.

  10. BillYBoy says:

    Careful, these aren’t men with guns they are cowards. How many brains does it take to aim and fire, idiots.

  11. MIKE says:

    What happened to those days when we fought with our hands…society has changed, when i was growing up, having access to a gun was such a big to do. It was hard to get one. Today is a different story. Kids are able to get their hands on it with no problem and use it withn no mercy. With the use of the intenet, violent video games, no jobs, no afterschool programs…Judicial system in a rut… whats left??.. I feel sorry for this generation of kids growing up right now, with all the odds against them….god help them.

  12. T.F. says:

    what happen to the days when we grew up we fought with our hands now punks wanna use a bullet to snuff some ones brother , son, uncle out over some dumb ass let’s see either over some drugs or a woman or the most stupidest one you were looking at me shows you once again out of all the shootings that go with people are the young man child 12- 30 yrs old average. no there not men nor are they grown i remember when i was 21 me and my friends would talk about how young men are today and here i am now 55 yrs old and i still pack a left hook i dont own a gun and never will cause im not gonna be the jerk sitting in jail and when time of about 20 -30yrs go by and i am sitting in jail regreting later saying to my self im in jail over this bull @#!* so my word to you young ones out there if your really tuff grow up and walk away or duke it out so later you can become friends and talk about the good old days

  13. teegee says:

    years ago, when the crime rate dropped dramatically, mayor giuliani and the police all took credit. while they were taking bows they couldn’t tell us what they were doing different (comstat came after the drop had already begun). and they avoided addressing why this drop was happening all over the U.S. I found it hysterically funny that giuliani could take credit when it was happening everywhere. well, now as crime begins to rise dramatically who will the current mayor and nypd blame? obviously it isn’t their fault. they want credit for things going good, and don’t want the responsiblity for things going bad.

    1. Frank D says:

      Lord Wrap around would take credit for a sunny day while mayor. That ego maniacal..

      As Sharpton said about 9/11- Ronald McDonald could have been Mayor and nothing would heave been different. Sadly he’is right on this one.

      Now he’s a loud mouth no bidy!

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