Cops: Teen 'Disclosed No Information Regarding Any Criminal Activity'By Dave Carlin

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Rep. Anthony Weiner, who has been under fire after admitting to sending graphic photos to women online, has acknowledged he had online contact with a 17-year-old girl in Delaware but said the communications were “neither explicit nor indecent.”

New Castle County police officers went to a high school junior’s home Friday afternoon, where she was questioned by officers about online communications with congressman Weiner.

A Weiner spokeswoman issued a statement Friday night that said, “According to Congressman Weiner, his communications with this person were neither explicit nor indecent.”

Friday night, a police spokeswoman confirmed that two officers had spoken with the teenager and her mother around 4:30 p.m.

“They were made aware of an alleged contact between Congressman Anthony Weiner and an area teen,” said Officer Tracey Duffy, a New Castle County police spokeswoman. “The teen has been interviewed and disclosed no information regarding any criminal activity.”

The teen reportedly followed Weiner on Twitter after she saw him speak during a class trip to Washington, D.C. in April.

Weiner later messaged the teen.  Neighbors hope that is the extent of it.

“If it involves a minor, the investigation should be furthered,” one neighbor said. “He shouldn’t be having conversations with anybody younger than him.”

The Internet exchanges between Weiner and the teen have been described as very different from the congressman’s admittedly scandalous tweets and emails with adult women, CBS 2’s Dave Carlin reported.

Earlier Friday, Rep. Charles Rangel came to Weiner’s defense, saying no way should he throw in the towel.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb With Rep. Charles Rangel

“So, the whole idea of resignation is something that’s hyped up by the press,” said Rangel.

The 80-year-old Rangel, though, says he doesn’t understand Twitter and Facebook.

“I don’t know what he did, who he offended. I know one thing, he wasn’t going with prostitutes. He wasn’t going out with little boys. He wasn’t going into the men’s room with broad stances,” said Rangel.

Rangel added that Weiner can be an effective Congressman, as he put it, only if the “press gets off his back.” Rangel and Rep. Carolyn Maloney both told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer they had been called by the embattled congressman.

“He’s called, but our conversation is very private,” Rangel told Kramer. “I feel bad for him and his family, and I hope his marriage continues to be strong.”

Meanwhile, despite a growing number of calls for his resignation from fellow lawmakers,  it seems Weiner’s constituents think he should keep his job.

A new NY1-Marist Poll showed 56 percent of registered voters in Weiner’s 9th congressional district support the congressman.

“You cannot judge anyone,” said Anna Wisniewska. “He did what he did and he apologized. It’s only between him and his wife.”

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports: 56 Percent Of Registered Voters Supporting Rep. Weiner

“I think there is no problem, I think he needs to work it through,” said one man.

While 56 percent say they want Weiner to stay on, 33 percent think he should go and 12 percent are unsure.

The survey was done on June 8 and questioned 512 adults, which included 411 registered voters.

Weiner has been hitting the streets talking to constituents since he admitted Monday to sending sexually explicit photos and messages to women over the internet.

Douglas Sherman, 50, who lives in the Kew Gardens, was saddened by the lawmaker’s misfortunes.

“I voted for him, I think he was a good representative. He fights for liberal causes. I think he’s a strong voice for those issues,” he said, adding that he had mixed feelings about whether Weiner had to go.

Brighton Beach resident George Nogueras said Weiner “has got to go.”

“He should resign if there are nude pictures of him floating around,” said Nogueras, 52.

Nogueras said he is a registered Democrat and voted for Weiner in the last election, but at this point he said there is nothing the congressman could do to win his vote back.

But Frank Alberti said he liked the congressman. He said the scandal surrounding Weiner would not necessarily influence his vote.

“It’s an embarrassment, but I vote for someone on his record,” he said.

One constituent named Ann told WCBS 880 reporter Marla Diamond that Weiner helped her in a landlord-tenant dispute.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond With Weiner’s Constituents In Kew Gardens

“I think that he’s doing the right thing and a lot of the Congress people or political people that say things against him probably, if you looked into their past, they’ve done the very same thing, If not worse,” said Ann.

However, voter Mary Ann Falan says Weiner should go.

“I’m very upset. And I’m very upset with anybody that has the general conception that this is okay. This behavior isn’t okay,” she said.

Would the scandal influence your vote? Sound off below in our comments section…

Dave Carlin

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  1. John Taylor says:

    Who said “I did not have sex with that woman” and managed to save his political career in spite of a $50 million dollar investigation. Isn’t it ironic that sanctimonious politicians are taking the moral high ground in demanding his resignation. It reminds me of pro-abortion congress woman Pelosi claiming she is doing Jesus’s work. Really!

  2. HRC says:

    Talking to a pre-teen girl is not indecent….but it sure is creepy! LMAO!

  3. liz says:

    I will leave you all with this thought. If Weiner was your child’s teacher do you really think that they would let him stay on and continue to be in the classroom? Really now, where do we draw the line? I would not let me child be within 10ft of this Pervert!! It is sooooooo upsetting to think that some people think that his actions are not worthy of resignation! You have to be kidding me! He is a SICK PUPPY who needs alot of THERAPY He needs to resign He does not know the difference between fact and fiction and I would not believe one word that comes out of his BIG disgusting mouth

  4. weiner says:

    This little weiner is a sicko. Resign already! Be a man for once and spare your wife the pain of reading this every day in the news.

  5. doc says:

    This little weiner is a sicko. Resign already! Be a man for once and spare your wife the pain of reading this every day in the news.

  6. Jan M. says:

    I’m now convinced Weiner is a Sociopath. His constant lying, and his impression that he’s above being judged or punished or removed from office because of this leads me to think this. He needs help. But fiurst, he needs to resign. Beides the 17-year old girl, I think more and more is going to emerge about his disgusting behavior.

  7. doc in NJ says:

    can’t wait to see him caught in a sting TV with Chris Hansen. “What type of congressional business were you going to conduct with this underage teen and Mike’s Hard lemonade?”

  8. Dan M. says:

    I’m sick of Weiner getting a bad rap about this whole situation. Do you think the media is really so concerned about morals and doing what’s right??? They’re just looking for their next big headline to sell paper and grab viewers! I think he should just DIVORCE his UNSUPPORTIVE, UNGRATEFUL wife so he could be free to tweet naked pictures to whoever he d**m well pleases!!!

  9. nathan says:

    Holier than thous are so tedious. Half of you are cheating as we speak. Get over your pious selves.

    1. nathan says:

      let me add tho that if he was scoping out this 17 yr old for a relationship, underage is a diff deal and he’s gotta go asap.

    2. nathan says:

      the preteen comment was not made by me. it was made by a coward who pretends every day to be me.

    3. Huh says:

      Nathans just as crazy as Weiner….

  10. Andrea says:

    All politicians are liars & sex feins, so it seems. He is just another that got caught!
    I hope Obama keeps his personal life personal. It’s crazy & scary that political media always have sex on their minds.

  11. James Silverstone says:

    Men are freaky, implusive and act on their impluse despite what the outcomes may be. Weiner keep your prick to yourself and wife.



  13. Pete says:

    Yeah Charles rangel saying that Weiner should stay in office…thats right …democrta shave no accountability so whats the point in resigning…

  14. fureal says:

    liar liar pants on fire …Resign!

  15. Big Ed says:

    I think the real issue is one “judgement”. Does anyone want someone like this representing their interests at the congressional level? if he shows such pitiful judgement in his personal life , how can he be trusted to make intelligent judgement calls in washington? He has to resign!

  16. 21st Century Amerika says:

    Most men have the thoughts that also inhabit Wiener’s brain. The difference is that most men chose not to act on those thoughts because they fear and are aware of the repercussions of their actions. Aside from showing that he is arrogant and utterly self-absorbed, Wiener has demonstrated that he is dishonest, impulsive, undisciplined and most important, extremely reckless. he just didn’t care, (until he got caught). I want him out of office on that basis alone.

    All of you supporting him, ask yourselves, why? Are you not offended? You are paying his salary. You put your trust in him. Be honest. Are you just towing a party line, or do you honestly believe that his actions do not merit his dismissal? if you really believe what he has done is so insignificant as to be within an acceptable standard of behavior for an elected official, I pity your blindness, but I pity the state of this once great country even more.

    I am afraid this is one more example of why the USA is finished. It is rotting from within. In another age Wiener would have been exiled or executed for his actions, in our age he will probably be offered a talk show if he doesn’t chose to stay in office. Pathetic.

  17. liz says:

    Why would anyone in their right mind think this is okay? I just don’t get it! Are there no boundaries anymore, are there no rules of conduct? What the hell is going on! Would you want Anthony Weiner to speak at your child’s graduation?? Come on people – HE REALLY NEEDS TO RESIGN

  18. Dale Auburn says:

    “Indecent” or not is IRRELEVANT. Whether he knew her true age or not is IRRELEVANT. The mere fact that she’s underage makes him fully liable regardless of what he knew or what she may or may not have told him.

  19. liz says:

    I think that he should resign. I’ll tell you why. What kind of example is he setting for the children? Is there a double standard? How could anyone, young and old show respect for someone like that! It is just deplorable. He has a responsibility as an ELECTED public official to act in a certain manner – and frankly that is the NOT the manner!! He truly acted in a PERVERSE and LEWD way and SHOULD RESIGN!

  20. Garth says:

    It is enough with this fool already. The media has given this piece of garbage more attention than he deserves. Let the House Ethics committee do its job and get rid of him. We have much more pressing things to deal with like the economy, unemployment, and education, and not waste all this time on some has been who never was………………..

  21. Bob Fowler says:

    I’m amused that the quoted voice of support is from Charlie Rangel. I like Charlie a lot as a person, but as a representative of the people…? Maybe Charlie should retire as he isn’t quite as pure as the driven snow. At the very least, Charlie should sit quietly in the background, rather than bring attention to himself.

    Do I think Weiner should resign because of the pictures? NO. He should be asked to resign because he displays such poor judgement. Do we really want people making decisions about our children, finances and future, who don’t have the sense that God gave dirt? Anyone in today’s world who thinks that ANY picture sent to anyone will remain private lacks good judgement. Thanks to the Bush regime’s removal of personal privacy, any and everything that is recorded in any medium is subject to immediate disclosure.

    It is sad that we can no longer make mistakes without the world knowing about them, but, that is the world that we now live in. We need leaders smart enough to know this, and act accordingly.

  22. cbar says:

    If Weiner sent these intimate images of himself to women without their requesting it, isn’t that indecent exposure? And isn’t that illegal?

  23. Robert A B Sawyer says:

    Are people missing the point? What’s hilarious here is that Rep. Weiner is taking this opportunity to talk about sex in public, to talk about his sex play, to talk about his sexting. He’s ensuring the story lives and that his photographs continue to circulate. It is a repulsive display by an thoroughly repellent, and clinical narcissistic man.

    The poll proves nothing except that his surprising ignorant supporters seem to confuse the man’s virtual sex life, with his subsequent unethical behavior. Weiner should be compelled to resign because once his sex play came to light, he called a press conference with the intent to deceive his constituents and the American people.

    I am completely indifferent to what Weiner does in the privacy of his closet, so long as it is with consenting adults. The reason I want to see him thrown into the gutter is because like his mentors Messrs. Clinton & Rangels he has nothing but contempt for the electorate. He looked into our faces and lied, and. then when caught in his lie, a few false tears and a practiced show of regret. He insults our intelligence and should pay a heavy price for it.

    1. Robert A B Sawyer says:

      I suspect that this event is for Mr. Weiner this is a dream come true. Now, everyone can admire his magnificent chest and impressive privates. Online and forever.

    2. funandlols says:

      Lol…funny comment. Heres one from an ignorant supporter, he gets things done for the district and actually helps his constituents. Most of you asking for his resignation have probably done far worse stuff in your lives than sexting. And lied about it too whether you were caught or not. Only you know who you are and what you’ve done to cosider yourselves so high and mighty in the morality department.

      1. Robert A B Sawyer says:

        I suspect what comes to your district comes through the largess of Senator Schumer, who has real power, and is liked by his party. I can’t speak with authority, but I suspect Weiner’s actually cost your district more than he’s brought home. In any event, this man with few friends to begin with, has far fewer today, and perhaps had none tomorrow. So, how helpful will he be to you in the future.

        As for lies. They have consequences. But to allow a man/woman with power to lie and lie and lie again, well, that’s invites disaster. In any event, your district will likely disappear in the next redistricting.

      2. 21st Century Amerika says:

        Is he helping his constituents now? You make some very broad assumptions. You can only defend Wiener by accusing those demanding his resignation of the same (or worse) transgressions. Is that the best you can do? Probably, because his actions are indefensible. You claim he is your representative. Would you like him to visit your child’s school? Would you like your picture taken with him? Do you think he will lie to you (again)?

    3. 21st Century Amerika says:

      Bravo. Well said!

  24. Dale Auburn says:

    In the 1990’s, Bill Clinton LIED about having an affair. Democrats still supported him.

    In the 2000’s, George Bush LIED about weapons of mass destruction and started two wars for his own financial gain (leading to the deaths of thousands of American soldiers). Republicans still supported and re-elected him.

    In 2011, Anthony Weiner LIED about a few photos. Instead of supporting him, Democrats are joining Republicans in demanding his immediate resignation.

    What changed? What happened to absolute loyalty to one’s party at ALL times and at ALL costs?

  25. Dennis w says:

    If he is elected official he should be given some freedom that other do not have. I tink his wife should put up with it and be thankful thet he still allow her to be with him. He is in charge so he should be allowed to be with who hever he wants to be with.

    1. Jackpj says:

      Are you REALLY, like naturally that stupid or does that come from years of practice? Do everyone a favor and shut up…..I BEGYOU

      1. Dennis W says:

        I’m very hurt buy what you said jackpj. i thought this was free counrty, why I’m not allowed to voice my opinion without being yelled at. i left my counrty to come to America because it free In my counrty we would not be allowde to have these comment pages without fear of reprisal. America is the greatest counrty why cant i be free too?

    2. dennis w says:

      oh my goodness! i so sad to hear these thngs. i thought i was be free. i still think weiner shoud be aloowed to text his privtes to women. he is the man afterall.

  26. Jay M. says:

    If those pictures had fallen into the wrong hands he could have been blackmailed. He put himself in a compressing position. That cannot be tolerated for a congressman or any public figure. Zero tolerance. He needs to go.

  27. ralph says:

    Although I believe that the guy is a dirtbag for doing what he did and being a married man, I do not believe that is reason for him to lose his job. Getting up in front of the press lying about it and trying to BS his way out of it to me is reason for him not being qualified to hold public office. How does one determine when it’s OK to lie…your either an honest person or your not..and he is not. End of story. If his wife decides to stay with him is none of my business.

    1. Ellen says:

      ralph, haven’t met a politician yet that isn’t a BS artist. From Bill Clinton to George W Bush they all lie from time to time. Weiner is no different only he lied about sending out nude photos, while Clinton lied about his adultery; and Bush telling the people Mission Accomplished ‘ on what a war now almost 10 years old. We have anyone from President to Senator that have done a lot worse,

  28. Carlito S. says:

    He should be allowed to do what he want! This is a free country!



  29. Tommy Betelgeuse says:

    Cheating is cheating!

  30. Gregg says:

    If he would do something about the million or more Illegal immigrants being hired and payed off the books in New York or do something about the tens of thousands of Illegal guns on the streets of New York, I would not care what body parts he shows on the web !

  31. Lillie says:

    The way I look at it is if he can’t be “faithful” to his wife then how can he be faithful to the people who look to him and respect him. He is a pervert, simple as that. He just can’t get more personal than that by sending a picture of himself bare through the internet.
    He’s disgusting, I don’t care any longer how well the people like him, he betrayed our trust and he can’t be trusted. yeah okay every other John Doe perhaps does what he has done, but they’re not a Political figure as he is.
    He should have known better, he hasn’t hit his 1st year of marriage yet and this is how he thanks his wife ? He’s an internet pedophile !!

  32. Scott says:

    Definitely good job hanging in Mr. Weiner. Just keep doing your job. And do in with a vengeance. And take care of your family. That’s all that matters. I am just a little mad at you. But I will get over it. And so will everyone else. Your wife is the only one with the upper hand now. Been their, done that. Do whatever it takes to build back her trust no matter how hard and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. That includes your career. Good luck. Rooting for you.

    1. SickofNY says:

      but if he was a republican you would be screaming for his resignation.

  33. davelucas says:

    Funny how in all of the various online polls (including yours) the overwhelming number of respondents favor resignation.

  34. Peter says:

    He is a piece of $hit. Most men do this when there wife is pregnant I don’t think so.

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