NEW YORK (CBS 2)Congressman Anthony Weiner had been getting support during his Twitter scandal was his home district in Brooklyn and Queens, but his decision to take a leave of absence from office and enter rehab drew criticism from some of his constituents, Dave Carlin reports.

“I hope he does go into rehab and I hope it does help him. He obviously needs some kid of help. This is crazy. This is insane,” said Jouce Kraskin of Forest Hills.

“That’s ridiculous to me, but I guess he’s trying to build his image back, right?” said Nick Villeta of Forest Hills.

“I think he’s just trying to save face and change the public so they feel bad for him instead of his wife and like him. Going to rehab for sex isn’t going to do anything. I don’t believe he has sex addiction,” said resident Kats Tamanaha.

Some constituents tell Weiner to stay in Congress and run for mayor.

“I think people care too much its not our business what he’s doing. Even though he’s an elected official and represents the people, it’s still his personal life,” said resident John Mantell.

Others, however, say enough is enough.

“He should acknowledge what he did was wrong and acknowledging what you did was wrong doesn’t mean asking for forgiveness solely, it means saying what I did was so wrong I’m just going to step down and stop embarrassing Queens,” said Jessica Glass of Kew Gardens.

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  1. Dale Auburn says:

    In the 1990’s, Bill Clinton LIED about having an affair. Still, Democrats loved and supported him.

    In the 2000’s, George Bush LIED about weapons of mass destruction, and used that lie to start two disastrous wars for his own personal financial gain. Still, Republicans loved and supported and re-elected him for it.

    In 2011, Anthony Weiner LIED about some photos on Twitter. This time, however, both Democrats and Republicans (who, as noted above, love and support lies by politicians) are calling on him to resign.

    What changed in the last few years? What happened to absolute loyalty to one’s party at all times and at all costs? That’s supposed to be the very purpose of politics, yet it’s quite absent here.

  2. mg says:

    Short leave? Rehab takes more than a short leave. We have seen what happened to others who took a short leave.

  3. T.F. says:

    what people fail to realize is that he was trying to cover up his personal life that he was hiding from every one. its a natural instinct to lie when something has been exposed. he was not the first to be exposed and he will not be the last. i dont condone what he has because im married and have been with my wife happily married. but i suggest he seek help and stay out of politics for good. his politcal career is over. .. wait ok we have heard of his mishap now it is time to move on and leave his wife to situation to handle remember people his wife is involved in this if we have a really good passion for people let his wife do her job. and remember this who ever has not sinned cast the fisrt stone. now i know some of you might say well i did not do what he did. well notice this lets sabeen wrong y your sin is a half glass filled with posion meaning your sin is less than wieners but mr. wieners glass of posion is full would you both die or would the one with the half empty glass of posion you have. will keep you alive. you get my point its easy for us to go point the finger. so people wake up because this will all go away from us very soon just like the others just pray for his wife and him. even tho that might seem hard to do because we are use to pointing fingers at oneanother we cant point at our selves again i say i do not condone what he did but im not going to bash him. HE ,has been wrong. WE have been wrong at times and remember YOU ,

  4. Boris says:

    Weiner better bow out before he takes all the Democrats down with him

  5. Luna says:

    What sort of constituent continues to support a Weiner after he has exposed his own on the internet? Ever heard of character in an individual? Spare your wife. Resign now!

  6. ed wood says:

    He can’t stick it out any longer. The perv should go crawl under a rock. We need a new congressperson.

  7. annaB says:

    Hell no his career is not ending! Support Anthony Weiner:

    1. Philip Scharfy says:

      When you lie to people, you are treating them like fools. What does Weiner know about you that the rest of us just suspect.?

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