By Sean Adams

MILFORD, Conn. (WCBS 880) —  Wildlife officials say a mountain lion was hit and killed by a SUV in Milford and now officials are trying to determine if it’s the same big cat that has been seen roaming around Greenwich.

Mountain lions haven’t been in Connecticut in more than a century. An SUV hit and killed a 140 pound male mountain lion on the northbound side of Route 15 in Milford around 1am Saturday. The driver was not hurt. 

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports: Mountain Lions In Connecticut A Mystery

“We are saying that it may be the one that was sighted in Greenwich. We are investigating that,” said Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection spokeswoman Cindy Chanaca. “We’re looking at evidence from the sighting in Greenwich along with the situation in Milford to try to determine if in fact this is the same mountain lion.”

Mountain lion

Conservation experts say the animal seen in this image shot in Greenwich, Conn., is a mountain that weighs approximately 160 pounds. (Photo: CBS 2)

Where the mountain lion came from remains a mystery, although one theory is it was someone’s exotic pet and it either escaped or was set free.

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  1. Kenny says:

    It is a big story because the eastern united states have been built up for quite some time and it has been understood that the big predators have been pushed out for over 100 years. Sightings are often laughed at…kind of like UFOs, not taken seriously. My guess is that despite the build up of civilization, there are actually more forested areas again…even suburban areas have more mature trees and all, more deer that can’t be hunted because the human population is too dense, so in comes the alpha predator…

  2. chris says:

    No one seems to notice, in the media at least, but it is spooky that this mountain lion was killed yards away from my son’s daycare (Kindercare facility is off of the connector in Milford, ct)

  3. Joe says:

    i once pet a montain lion at the turtle back zoo in NJ. It’s cage was accessible and you could easily stick ur hands b/t the bars. the cat was rolling over on it”s tummy, acting exactly how my house cat acts when he wants a tummy rub so i obliged him. he let me scratch him all over and just purred like a house cat. very cool & memorable experience although i realize i shld have my head examined for trying it.

  4. shutusup says:

    Which is why I carry my Glock 45 cal when I’m hiking.

  5. Ben says:

    In western new york the rumor about our mountain lions is that the dept of conservation released them to cut down on the coyote population. If you ask them they tell you that they arent around here. Could be the same in ct.

  6. tizme says:

    it is sad … period

  7. Bartleby says:

    Mountain lions have been seen in Southbury near the Shapaug dam and in Goshen…..There are now black bears and moose in CT so why would mountaun lions surprise anyone.

  8. Mark says:

    the mountain lion came from a……wait for it….A MOUNTAIN!!!!!!!!

  9. Paul Kohloff says:

    How come its always a suv ,who cares what they were driving

    1. Bob Fowler says:

      the cat cared, I’m sure

  10. rob says:

    The mountain lion escaped from it’s irresposible owner not far from greenwich,ct. It’s to bad the cat had to die because of it’s owners stupidity.

  11. iggy says:

    guess they found what they were looking for

  12. mike steede says:

    Okay, I’m hearing people comment that man has run the lion off its land, Wow..
    when it was all indian land, Indians were murdered fo it.
    And then if the big cat had come in someones yard, scared a lil’ girl or eaten the family yorkie, many would have wanted to kill any cat bigger than 15lbs.

    1. badman says:

      what are you trying to say? English is your second language, isn’t it?

      1. mike steede says:

        I’m an american veteran so yes English is my 1st and only language
        American Indians did’nt speak english and neither do lions..
        what are you trying to say??

  13. amanda says:

    Mike that’s all well and good but the story has not once focused on that! And the original report stated there were many complaints and calls about it

  14. Mike says:

    There’s a big deal being made out of it since the eastern mountain lion has been gone from this region for about 100 years. When one suddenly appears, it’s a story.

    1. Just sayin says:

      They say they have been gone but there have been many sightings. What about the case in Jersy that was all over the news

  15. amanda says:

    It is sad but let’s face facts it woulda been killed by selfish humans if not by a car

  16. Gregory says:

    Why was this big cat struck by a SUV. The driver couldn’t see the 140lb cat? In that case, would he have hit a pedestrian or a motorcycle? Was he talking on the cell phone? Perhaps 10 mph slower might have made a difference. It’s a sad event to lose such a rare and endangered animal.

    1. John says:

      Listen…what about a deer…140-180 lb deer but people hit them all the time. Why? Because the deer jumps out of nowhere. Or the occasional bear? Moose? For goodness sake, use some common sense.

  17. nathan says:

    Cougars in Ct? Tell me something Idk.

  18. amanda says:

    I’m not saying it isn’t I just get ill when people wanna make a big deal about seeing them and all yet we are taking over their territory!

  19. Quinn says:

    True story Amanda

  20. amanda says:

    Again why is there such a big deal being made either quit building on their land or hush it when you come in contact!

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