Nancy Pelosi Says Weiner "Needs Help''By Marcia Kramer

EW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) —  Rep. Anthony Weiner says he wants to take a temporary leave of absence from Congress to seek professional help after three top Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, called for his resignation on Saturday.

Spokeswoman Risa Heller said Weiner has left for professional treatment and will focus on “becoming a better husband and healthier person.”

“Congressman Weiner takes the views of his colleagues very seriously and has determined that he needs this time to get healthy and make the best decision possible for himself, his family and his constituents,” she said.

As early as Saturday morning, Weiner thought he could tough it out. He was going to the dry cleaners and apparently making plans to return to Washington for Monday’s session of the House.

After an outright demand that he quit from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democratic National Chairwoman Debbi Wasserman Schultz and Steve Israel, the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, he had a change of heart.

Schultz said Weiner’s behavior is “indefensible,” his role in Congress is “untenable,” and that “this sordid affair has become an unacceptable distraction” for everyone.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel of New York also called for Weiner to step down, saying his behavior was “inappropriate.”

Pelosi said he “needs help” and he should get some “without the pressures of being a member of Congress.” She called for an ethics committee investigation to see whether his actions violated any House rules.

The calls for Weiner’s resignation came a day after he admitted he had online contact with a Delaware teenager.

What seemed to push Democrats over the edge was when police questioned a 17-year-old girl from Delaware Friday about her internet exchanges with the kinky Congressman.

Weiner said in his exchanges with the girl, there was “nothing explicit, nothing indecent, absolutely nothing inappropriate.”

The only democrat who rushed to Weiner’s defense was Congressman Charles Rangel, who was censured by the House last year.

“I don’t know what he did, who he offended. I know one thing: he wasn’t going with prostitutes. He wasn’t going out with little boys,” Rangel said. “The whole idea of resignation is something that is hyped up by the press.”

The teen reportedly followed Weiner on Twitter after she saw him speak during a class trip to Washington, D.C. in April.

The number of lawmakers calling for his resignation has grown since Weiner admitted to sending lewd photos of himself to women online.

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Marcia Kramer

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  1. Dale Auburn says:

    In the 1990’s, Bill Clinton LIED about having an affair. Still, Democrats loved and supported him.

    In the 2000’s, George Bush LIED about weapons of mass destruction, and used that lie to start two disastrous wars for his own personal financial gain. Still, Republicans loved and supported and re-elected him for it.

    In 2011, Anthony Weiner LIED about some photos on Twitter. This time, however, both Democrats and Republicans (who, as noted above, love and support lies by politicians) are calling on him to resign.

    What changed in the last few years? What happened to absolute loyalty to one’s party at all times and at all costs? That’s supposed to be the very purpose of politics, yet it’s quite absent here.

    1. Ellen says:

      Dale Auburn, my sentiments also. Great post.

      1. Dale Auburn says:


  2. Garry S. says:

    WHY isn’t anyone addressing Weiner’s UNSUPPORTIVE and UNGRATEFUL WIFE?!? She should be begging him for forgiveness for not standing by his side during his difficult press conference! Weiner was just telling the truth about what he did and she has the gall not to support him. Because he is an eleceted official he should be allowed certain perks such as speaking with women online or tweeting whatever he wants and his wife should concentrate on her obligations to HIM, not flying around the globe avoiding her responsibilities!!!

  3. rweg says:

    Obviously he didn’t know it was a minor. That could endanger his career.

  4. pat martin says:

    Repulsive. He sent porno on the internet. Dont they punish creeps like that? I am a New Yorker, I would spit on him. And those that support him have no morales or character. Rangle-what a joke.

  5. Sparviero says:

    The federal government has a number of excellent rehab facilities. They are called prisons. Weiner-Snitzel can have his pick of any one that he wants. And, the sooner the better.

  6. Carol Morris says:

    I totally am disgusted with what he did. He is a piece of dirt. That being said, why should he resign? Bill Clinton did worse and he didn’t have to resign. Everybody loves him!

  7. liz says:

    He’s a PERVERT, his actions were deplorable, I would not want him near any children (could you only imagine) someone like him as a teacher in a classroom, horrifying to say the least, he needs to STOP the BULL and for once in his SLIMY life, fess up- LIKE A MAN and STEP DOWN and RESIGN! He is so DONE He is completely washed up and finished! I have No respect for him, I don’t trust or believe anything that comes out of his BIG FILTHY MOUTH!

    1. Garry S. says:

      Sure, but why wasn’t his wife being supportive of him during his time of need? Maybe we should be looking at what she’s doing…..flying around the world while her husband was going through this difficult time. What does that say about her character?

  8. Richard Mansfield says:

    Weiner should be impeached before he resigns so he can not receive benefits for the rest of his life. The public should in no way be obligated to pay him a pension.

  9. John Ramirez says:

    Why does he need a doctor? to be able to tell the difference between a teenager and a consenting adult? How about he just stop sending explicit pictures of himself to all, and resign congress- I’ll accept that. But no, this shmuck wants to pro-long this misery by checking into “treatment” and holding on to his political job. But then again, maybe all politicians need treatment. I think they call it prison.

  10. Laura Hayes says:

    According to the Daily Rash, Wiener is now telling people that Charlie Sheen’s hairpiece is to blame for all the Twitter pictures!

  11. H.R.C says:

    He needs help because he’s an idiot not for sexting addiction…I’ll always love that chest pic he took with the family photos in the background…LMAO

  12. Howie Sprague says:

    “Rep. Anthony Weiner says he wants to take a temporary leave of absence from Congress to seek professional help after three top Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, called for his resignation on Saturday.”
    Hello, Anthony? They said you need to RESIGN. There is nothing TEMPORARY about it. You need to be gone. You are addicted to childish sexual behavior, there is no room for you or any of the other perverts who currently hold elected office. Get lost, we don’t ever want to hear from you again, you had your chance … you are a loser.

  13. Bye Bye perv! says:

    He’s always been a whiner!

  14. I understand this is national news, but do any New Yorkers in the good congressman’s district care? This is not something that seems to matter

    1. Ellen says:

      I think that Weiner is the political scape goat of both parties. Did he do something wrong, yes, did he do something stupid, yes, and who in Washington hasn’t done something wrong and stupid. Hey, we wouldn’t be in the predicament we are in if they did have any brains in Washington.

  15. He must be dealt with says:

    Maybe he should go to a place where they can concintrate on the necessary special treatment. maybe a camp?

    1. DIVERSITY = DEATH says:

      Yes, I agree, He should be sent to a camp so they can concentrate on
      necessary special treatment !!!!!
      Impeaching is a good Idea as was posted. This rat eating
      shlock should not receive pension funds from taxpayers. (western voices world news)

  16. Excalibre says:


  17. Anonymous1 says:


  18. Tony says:

    Castrate him no excuses now involved with minors what a moron and his wife should divorce him

  19. Lee says:

    Integrity? What integrity? We dont need no stinkin’ integrity!

  20. Virg says:

    Wieners actions were the most despicable of any elected official and have made our enemies around the world laugh at America and our Leaders. For the record, Pelosi should be the one resigning as she was the Intentional destroyer of our way of life, and the cause of Americas Financial Catastrophe. Stupidty and Arrogance like Obama, do not make leaders, and this woman will forever be the Poster Child of all things Unamerican.

    1. nathan says:

      more despicable then married GOP Sen Larry Craig picking up men in a bathroom at an airport? Really?

      1. HUGO says:

        Yes Nathan, even more despicable than that. Don’t try to change the subject, this is about WEINER, not Larry Craig. Besides, the democrat from NJ, McGreevy was in men’s bathrooms all the time if you get my drift.

      2. nathan says:

        Virg said: “Weiners actions were the MOST despicable of ANY elected official.” am I changing the subject? And McGreevey had a guy on the side – he wasn’t hanging out in mens rms. Typical Republican lying as usual.

      3. Garry S. says:

        What’s all the fuss? Which one of us hasn’t checked out someone good loooking walking by or squeezed a coworkers behind in the break room? Come on people! LEt’s get off our high horses and be real.

  21. Anthony says:

    It looks like Anthony Weiner committed political suicide as a result of his online contact with a minor.

  22. oye...... says:

    I’m afraid what they will find out next with this man…. a 17 year old, that’s a real problem that Mr. Weiner has… sounds like he needs a doctor!!!

  23. Wiliam S. says:

    Stepping down is the only acceptable decision. Take it like a man Weiner, you play, you pay…. Just like anybody else…. deal with it!!

  24. nathan says:

    He’ll be gone by tomrw nite.

    1. nathan says:

      actually no, make that within the hr lol.

  25. JOHN A. says:

    Congressman Weiner needs to resign now.Why did he have contact with a seventeen year old girl? This scandal is growing with each passing day,along with an increasing number of Democrats who say that he must go. For the good of the democratic party and himself,Anthony Weiner must resign.He has a wife to think about here also.This has really devastated her. He needs to get professional help also.

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