By Sophia Hall

EAST MEADOW, NY (WCBS 880) — Police say 11 people were arrested after a fight broke out inside a Long Island hospital.

The loud and disorderly crowd, said to be a group of men and women in their 20s, walked into Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow around midnight and tried to get into the emergency room, while threatening the hospital staff.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports: Cops Called After 11 People Try To Get Into Long Island Hospital Emergency Room

When they tried to get into the emergency room, the cops were called.  As the 11 people were yelling, one of the suspects, Kadeen McDonald, refused to be handcuffed and began fighting with an officer. The officer’s hand was fractured.

The suspects face a number of charges. No hospital staff was injured.

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  1. Ronnle-lookie here says:

    Ronnie-try Wolf Blitzer, Larry King, Jon Stewart, Spielberg, Howard Stern, Ted Koppel, Jerry Springer, Marv Albert, Morley Safer, Chris Wallace, Rachel Maddow, Bill Mahr, Eliot Spitzer(i can go on)

  2. AFSGTSAM says:

    There are plenty of conservative Jews out there myself included. If you look at the contributions to westen culture in the areas of science, engineering, law…etc you will find that us Jews have had a huge positive effect in the advancement of mankind, more so than any group in history. Take a look at the CEOs of the media today before you make your anti semetic rants.

    1. Stephen Holland says:

      I guess he took one look at the baby and know the baby was in the oven too long then lost his mind

      When the black guy show up

  3. Crosscut says:

    A full time cop should be stationed in ERs so as to immediately check photo IDs of all trashy looking entrants for outstanding warrants and citizenship status, etc. This would cut down greatly on ER visits for bogus or nefarious reasons.

    1. Electricc says:

      GREAT IDEA!!!

    2. PowerPC says:

      Are you kidding? That would be denying some people of their only means of health care. Where would these people go for their get of work note for Monday mornings? These “trashy looking” people depend on legitimate paying ER customers to pay for their health care. In our emergency room there is a sign that states that you cannot be refused medical treatment for any reason. You are guaranteed medical care to get you in a stable condition and you also have the right to be transferred to a hospital that is capable of treating your condition if required. This is regardless of your ability to pay. If a cop was screening people and refusing ER entry a mistake would be made somewhere along the line and a legitimate patient would be denied treatment and then it would be lawsuit after lawsuit.

  4. No1uKnow says:

    …and who said racists were exclusively a “Southern” phenomenon?

    1. AFSGTSAM says:

      Let a white person walk through any black neighborhood in this country and see who the real racists are….better yet tune into MSNBC and see them in action.

    2. Schadenfreude says:

      Nobody said that. They’re probably the least racist because they have to live with so many of the animals.

    3. frankiech says:

      …and who said idiots were exclusively a “Southern” phenomenon?

    4. carl says:

      “…and who said racists were exclusively a “Southern” phenomenon?”

      No one, the north east is as much if not more racist than the south.

      1. FransSusan says:

        There’s nothing wrong with being racist and racial profiling in such cases as this. Stereotypes are based in facts.

      2. RufusVonDufus says:

        I just wonder what makes racists!

    5. SouthernD00d says:

      I’m a Southerner, I moved up North last summer. Folks up here are, by far, more racist than your typical Southerner. Northerners falls just below Neo-Nazi and the KKK in regards to their level of racism. This is generally speaking, of course. 😉

      1. Hrundi Bakshi says:



      2. Kent says:

        Northern Blacks are much more hostile to whites than Southern Blacks, thanks to their liberal masters teach them white hate as standard fare in schools, churches, etc. Hate breeds hate. I have lived in both parts of the country and would much rather be stranded in a Southern ghetto than a Northern ghetto. Southern blacks would be likely to help you out, Northern blacks would be likely to kill you.

      3. mjazz says:

        Kent is right. There are sections in my state where they will kill you for being white.

      4. mjazz says:

        Hey, no one wants to say it, but with a name like Kadeen McDonald, you can be sure those Scots are up to no good again.

  5. AFSGTSAM says:

    Just wait a few more years when we run out of welfare money to keep feeding these animals….this is the tip of the iceburg!

    1. DD says:


      1. AFSGTSAM says:

        Very true DD the free ride will be over soon one way or another and we will have civili unrest in this country as we cut off their free money drug…it is happening in Europe now and the minorites here are 10 times more violent than they are over there. Just wait.

      2. hackergo says:

        they will just borrow more then hoist the debt on working idiots! 60% of Af Ams are on public assistance, now the hispanics are, having massive amounts of kids and getting white and black working people to pay for their spawn…the DEm congress will fight stopping it because as dumb as these parasites are…they are smart enough to VOTE!

      3. Jasper Flynt says:

        Yeah, you might be on to something. Better go ahead and get the scope for my AR-15. Might need it sooner than I thought.

    2. only solution says:

      When they come rampaging down your street, shoot to kill.

  6. AL says:


  7. Cromag22 says:

    Why is Bloomberg so silent about this today? Most of the time he’s shooting his mouth off about something. but not this violent mob crime….NAh !!!!!!

    1. Heywood Jablowme says:

      Well, New York gets what it votes for. You BRAIN DEAD MORONS keep re-electing Bloomberg to one term after another. He, and the restrictive laws in New York keep you,and other law abiding citizens un-armed, and at the mercy of these animals, and thugs!!! Thank God i live in Indiana where we have CCW privliges, and Castle Doctrine laws, where we can defend ourselves from the LOW LIFES that prowl the streets.
      The best course of action is to give each, and every one of these A&&holes a .45 CAL ENEMA, problem solved!!!

      1. granolos says:

        Indiana? where you cant stop the cops from illegally entering your home?

      2. the friendly grizzly says:

        Granolos: that is not the point. In Indania, they can get permits to carry firearms. Although the 2nd Amendment should make those permits a moot point, the folks in Indiana, ALL law abiding folks, can own the tools for self-defense. This is not true of NYC, where the only people who have guns are cops, crooks, and the well-connected.

  8. Ronnie says:

    Please back up your “factual statement” that “Jews contrll the media”. You obviously know who these peop;e are and how they control the media, please share it with us.
    (Actual facts, not liberal garbage, just facts)

  9. hogtrash says:

    85???? I think you give them waaay too much credit..

  10. Francesca says:

    It’s cat OF nine tails.

  11. hogtrash says:

    the hospitals in my city have police districts within them… about 10 cops there.. and the waiting room is filled with blacks trying to get drugs… the newpapers and tv news could never tell all the stories of the crimes taking place.. there’s not enough paper or air time…. really sickening..

  12. beafrank says:

    Another example supporting Ann Coulter’s thesis in her new book ‘Demonic’ about liberal mobs. Touche.

    1. Cromag22 says:

      Ann Coulter is the best! She infuriates these dumb liberals to no end, I love it!

  13. Normal dude says:

    Who are you people? Do people really think this way?

    Yeah, statistically they’re probably not white. I agree with you on that – it is what it is and I’m not afraid to say it… But then you have to ask, “so?” It may be statistically plausible, but it doesn’t mean you just start hating people. Okay, I guess you _can_ but it doesn’t mean you’re right.

    I don’t get it it. What is it that causes all of you freaks jump out of the woodwork and start drawing crazier and crazier conclusions? Yes, of course! …and then aliens from Krypton are controlling the Jews, and the Kryptonians really just hate all of us, especially you.

    I’ve got news for you (no pun intended), the media definitely are heavily influenced and biased, but it ain’t by the Jews, bud. Whatever you’re smoking, put it down because the media certainly show no particular affinity toward Jewish folk. What papers have you been reading? Welcome to the real world; please stay a while.

    … and calm down. There are enough problems without imagining new ones. People don’t need any new excuses to start hating each other.

  14. Anti-troll says:

    Liberal troll

  15. leo says:

    I hear ya CanIGet!! I don’t know why the state controlled media won’t mention their color either..

  16. Jen says:

    Let me guess, a democrat are ya?

  17. Bubba says:

    Expect to hear a lot more of this tone as more and more of this thug behavior occurs and people are left with no option but to reactively defend themselves. It’s not going to be pretty, but keep using that ‘racist’ term because you are so above it all.

  18. Journalism 101 says:

    This is reporting? Who were they? What was their intent? Why did they want in the emergency room? Who, what, where, when, why. Learn some basic journalism!

    1. Cromag22 says:

      Real “journalism” does not exist anymore, just propaganda thank you!

    2. Schadenfreude says:

      Because who and why would generally go against the liberal narrative that blacks are equals.

      We can just assume that these people are black and they did it because they’re animals.

    3. nowurthinkn says:

      Your question is more insightful than you may realize. It could be the story line is intended to read as “mob” or “flash mob” since this there have recently been a run on these incidents and reported in this manner, which, by the way is not the typical way reported before this past month or past two weeks. Someone is “inspiring” or “empowering” these people; too many too fast to be coincidence.

      I surmise perhaps it to to create an awareness, mixed with fear, for a need for a “civilian army”, as so eloquently promised by Obama during his campaign. Basic journalism in this time is to follow the “plan” in reporting. News sources report who, what, where, when, and why as they are directed.

  19. Tony says:

    “Kadeen” ? Really? OK, let’s all act …… surprised.

  20. Jen says:

    This is intentional and it will increase. Remember Cloward-Piven and Van Jones strategy the media will cover for:
    Top down, bottom up and inside out.

    This strategy was designed by the same folks that Community Organized the “arab spring”.

    1. digitus says:

      You are so right on here.

    2. Cromag22 says:

      “Arab Spring” is that a new brand of soap like “Irish Spring”? Only it’s made of camel dung.

      1. Bubba says:

        You are correct. The “Arab Spring soap” ad campaign has bombed, too. There’s something about “Fresh and clean as a sphincter” that really turns off consumers.

  21. Cromag22 says:

    Obongo’s followers have no jobs, if this is going to be a hot summer God Help Us!!!

    1. b384 says:

      They had jobs before now?

  22. mrunpc says:

    Looks like the movie “Escape From New York” is finally becoming reality. The scary part is wondering where they’re all going to escape TO.*
    ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

  23. rc says:

    To leftists, “racism” is a synonym for telling the truth.

    1. Cynical says:

      That’s good! I agree!

  24. Rick Simon Sr says:

    People better wake up! These small riots have been breaking our all over the country. The mid west, CA, NY, Chicago.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to see whats going on.

    This is intentional and a prelude to what Obama activists want.

    1. Alx1775 says:

      This is a silly comment.

      How could this possibly be “what Obama activists want” in any except the most convoluted conspiracy theories?

      Is this happening? Yep. Is it happening a lot? More and more, thank God for alternative media, because it only shows up in the mainstream media when it (1) can no longer be ignored, or (2) supports part of their agenda (like the beating in Baltimore of a transgender man.)

      It’s getting harder to find out the ethnic background of perpetrators in stories. For more than a decade, the media have been doing their best to obscure it. Fortunately, American subcultures have adopted their own sets of names, meaning we can often guess the ethnicity of young perps without having to search (and search, and search) for a photograph.

      Obama activists cannot want this. Any time these events are made public it is an embarrassment to the liberal elite, as it reminds us of the lies backing up the social structure of our nation. People are taking notice.

      1. nowurthnkn says:

        Agree, and I add, nicely written, Alx1175

  25. chadwick says:


    1. Dummy says:

      Open dictionary, see sarcasm. Education much dummy?

    2. Cynical says:

      That’s just B.S! Singleness of purpose, shared values, is our strength.

    3. Mike says:

      I have a patent on your statement. I will allow you to use it. I’m glad there are people out there with thoughts similar to mine.

    4. Mike says:

      Chuck, chill out. Think alittle when you see statements like that. A person at the ER in this article doesn’t know what diversity is. We’re with you.

    5. hkinsey3 says:

      Hogwash…ever heard of the Tower of Babel?

    6. FransSusan says:

      Diversity and political correctness has ruined the country!

      1. FransSusan says:

        I meant to write diversity and political correctness HAVE ruined the country!

    7. Brent says:

      I think he was being sarcastic.

    8. MIKE says:

      This is end game for this country, 30 million aliens, 57 million on food stamps, an unemployment rate of 20percent, Boma economics, gdp1.8%, 30million unemployed, my advice buy a Glock and plenty of ammunition.

  26. Curmudgeon10 says:

    If there have been ANY white criminal “flash mobs” reported on in the last two months, can someone provide a link?

    1. Steven NYC says:

      The white flash mobs are the ones that go around singing Christmas carols by surprise. The black flash mobs are the ones who are violent, cause trouble, fight with police, destroy stores, attack women, shoot people…you get the idea. Savages.

    2. RufusVonDufus says:

      If there had been they would have been reported 22 times already by the MSM who attempts to keep the blacks out of the news.

  27. ImaHippyBurning says:

    To All Good New Yorkers, Get The Hell OUT while you still can. The savages have been released from any and all responsible human behavior and it is time to call in pest control to fumigate them…

  28. Ray Sestman says:

    of course not… I’m sure they arrested all the white people that were involved in the unruly crowd as well. In fact, I bet they arrested 100% of the white people who were involved but missed a few of the africans.

  29. Doug Rose says:

    Just some of Obama’ and Eric Holders “Peoples” !

    Get use to it !!

  30. seanpatriot says:

    The very first thing I thought when I clicked this article was BLACK. I wonder why?

  31. Grape Ape says:

    TN B, pure and simple.

  32. Ray Sestman says:

    What was the racial composition of this “loud and disorderly crowd, said to be a group of men and women in their 20s”??? It seems to me you are doing the public a great disservice by withholding information that may help them make informed decisions so that they can avoid becoming VICTIMS to similar crowds…

    1. Cromag22 says:

      If this crowd was white Bloomberg woulld be shouting from the rooftops about it!

    2. nowurthnkn says:

      I am wondering if they are trying to “Breitbart” whites. We make all these comments about having to be black and then, BOOM, they release the pics of them to show they are white.

      If this happens, real journos would find out if the mobsters were paid. You see, a white “incident” is needed to try and take away from it being a “black” only thing.

    3. RufusVonDufus says:

      The media does not want to be seen as racist so they will never really report the truth.

  33. Cromag22 says:

    When Advil Jones committs a crime, the liberal media is sad to report that fact!

  34. Gena Rolling says:

    They say history repeats its self 😉

  35. John H. says:

    No they are not! Cottonfields for the most part have been converted to fish farms, much less labor of this sort needed thankfully.

  36. Cromag22 says:

    I see packs of illegal aliens hanging out on corners all over Long Island to find work and the police do nothing about it. Instead they go after American citizens if they are smoking a cigarrette or driving without a seatbelt. Ya see the Marxist operatives in our country have targeted us and not the real enemies, They won’t go after terrorists or illegal aliens anymore!

  37. ahab the arab says:

    what else is new

  38. Tom Walter says:

    With a name like ‘Kadeen’, I would bet they were Black.

  39. Hank Warren says:

    Diversity and Obama/ROmneycare, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. ZMEEKER says:

      Ha Ha! Hank Warren is dumb.

      1. BigMCheese says:

        How and why? Anyone that believes in the US constitution and knows a shred about politics knows Ron Paul is the ONLY politician who holds true to our founding father’s values. State power over federal power, let the people decide for themselves. I will not attack you Z as for all I know you are a fellow American and we do not attack each other, we are not fools. I implore you, forget party lines and look to reason and logic. History can define the future, Ron Paul is literally the last chance we have to make America what it once was. Look at his track record, actions are more powerful than words…

  40. Uzi says:

    Since there is no description of the rioters they must have been blacks.

    1. Cromag22 says:

      This is the future of Obamocare….. Get used to it!

  41. T. Bennett says:

    Notice the didn’t mention the ethnicity of this mob of animals? They were either black or illegal aliens from Mexico…. When they’re not white the state run media won’t mention what color they are!

  42. starykozel says:

    What a poor job of “investigative reporting” this woman had done! She would have better chance for success in some strip joint.

  43. isnrblog says:

    This is happening a lot all over the country. Some one is planning these mob events for some reason, likely political

  44. T says:

    Long Island the most stupid place on earth.

    I hate long island with a passion.

    Stupid long island people do stupid things that make new york look bad.

    1. catherine says:

      honey, they are coming to somewhere you love and congregate………….this is the destruction of America, hey when our elected officials play golf and party while 2 million a month go to the unemployment camps, ahem, where did you think these people would go – sitting peaceful and hungry in an unemployment camp? the food stamp line is 39% LONGER AFTER 2.4 YEARS OF BARRYHOOVER, where do you think those people are going to go? to mess with you…………….

      oflmfao – believe me they will come to where your family goes and you will whine like a stuck pig as you make fun now………….

      1. Steve S says:

        Food stamps are the soup lines of the Great Depression II. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! We are told our economy is recovering, and each new piece of bad news is “unexpected”. They think we are stupid. Send Zero back to Chicago next year, take this country back!

  45. sandbagging says:

    Long Island . . . LOL.

  46. James says:


  47. FullMedicalAlertRules says:

    I bet that they heard that all the illegals (waiting for free medical care) were throwing a party. How else can you explain such actions.

  48. The Facts says:

    Criminal savages have no self-respect and no respect for other people or society’s institutions. They must be removed from the general population one way or the other.

  49. Gregory says:

    The State of Deleware used to have a whipping post for nasty criminals like these. A “cat and nine tails” with leaded tips was used for the whippings. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court some time around the Civil War decided that such was cruel and unusual punnishment. Pity. Now we have to live with the liberal, cry baby, feel sorry for the criminal attutudes. How come in Singapore the same technique, but with bamboo canes, dampens such criminal activity?

    1. Jen says:

      I want to rid the world of i s l a m, not adopt their methods.

  50. richard Allen says:

    Come Cuomo….empty the jails of non violent pot smokers so we can have plenty of room for these animals for a long time

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