Congratulations to John Jastremski, this year’s WFAN Fantasy Phenom winner.

John will host a show on WFAN for up to one year.

WFAN would like to thank the hundreds of constants that participated in Fantasy Phenom – Year II. Five finalists showed their skills at Mike Francesa’s Summer Beach Party at Bar A in Lake Como, New Jersey on Friday. Listen to each finalists’ monologue below.

Patrick Totaro from Brick, New Jersey

Patrick Creighton from Bethpage, New York

Mike McMaster from Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Neeraj Joshi from New York, New York

John Jastremski from Staten Island, New York

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  1. Dave Mitchell says:

    John nailed it!!!…no doubt this years winner…he was dead on about AJ and showed great passion, energy and personality!

    1. shelly says:

      what up with greg sussman..will he have a gig this year or is it ba and done

    2. Alex Navarro says:

      Good thing the judges only cared about his enthusiasm and not his content or he would have dumped on the spot. Bet Dave Robertson would have had a very different interview with JJ if he heard his inappropriate comments about his teammate ahead of time.

      Sounded like a fan and not a pro. WFAN isnt college radio. Its the biggest sports station in the country! Bad job.

      Then again, maybe WFAN wants to see how many teams he can alienate in a year?

      Absoulely cannot believe Kim Jones, of all people, let him slide on that. She would have lost her job on the spot for a comment like that on the air. Terrible job.

    3. Nick says:

      Pat was robbed! The man represents the voice of New York and New Jersey Sports. His point of view comes from experience as a player and fan. Great Job Pat! You never know where this will take you.

  2. Tubz says:

    Jastremski in a landslide. Very professional in interview and his passion and personality were evident in monologue. Smooth and clearly spoken.

    1. John Robinson says:

      Jastremski stated the obvious. everybody knows burnett is bad, He didn’t say that with any class, and after saying soomthing like that, he could never go into the clubhouse the next day.

    2. Dean Rommel says:

      Jastremski was the most unprofessional of all the candidates. There’s no way a professional host makes the comment he made about AJ Burnett. That was a disgrace.

      I bet if he had to do his monologue before he interviewed David Robertson and made those comments, that interview would have been a lot different!

      Good luck getting players to want to do interviews with you, when you make unprofessional comments like that about their teammates.

      1. Danny Jackson says:

        There was nothing unprofessional about anything he said. Did he point out the obvious? Yes. Is the million dollar arm, 5 cent head cliche? Yes. But there was nothing he said that was objectionable.

    3. rick says:

      THis is a stupid competition. It is a real insult to the other hosts on the FAN. These guys just say obvious things that francesa always says in order to get in good with him.

    4. shelly gordo says:

      i dont want a host that reminds me of bosox..his name reminds me of big papi,pedrois.youkalis,papelbon..castanza..cantstandya

      1. Jay Owen says:

        That’s stupid

  3. The PGTrain says:

    Jastremski just blew everyone out of the water. He’s got my vote.

    Btw, don’t understand the love for Pat Creighton. Kids a stuttering stanley, can’t even pronounce “playoff”, and bored me to death with all those statistics. Ta-Ta-Ta Today Juniorrrrr.

    1. Mr. Fez says:

      I agree. John is definitely the clear choice for anyone with half a brain or any appreciation of sports… As for Patrick, the kid can’t even follow directions… My vote is for John J!!

      1. shelly says:

        are you related to john

    2. Brian says:

      Seriously. Who is going to listen to a radio show when the host has a bunch of pauses mid sentence? Plus the guy actually suggested Colon as the #2 pitcher behind C.C. instead of Nova, in the playoffs. I’d feel perfectly fine going with C.C., Nova, Hughes and then if necessary Garcia or Colon. We don’t need Burnett to pitch the playoffs. Our offense can handle anything the other starters give up.

      1. Dave F says:

        Actually he suggested the Yankees use Hughes as #2, and not Colon. Maybe you should actually try listening, so you dont make dumb, inaccurate posts?

  4. Josh Tischler says:

    Jastremski is cool, confident, and swift. He’s gonna be great when he wins this contest. Make his show primetime because it’ll definitely be one of the best on WFAN.

    1. Sonny Jenkins says:

      loud and obnoxious + no content = bad radio. Jastremski is going to need a new formula if he wants to have some long term success.

      Notice none of the current main WFAN hosts are loud and obnoxious. Nor do they make ridiculous inappropriate comments about current players.

      doesnt take a lot to make that connection….

      1. Vinny says:

        True. If John started his show with that rant, no one would call in. There is absolutely nothing to add, nothing to debate, nothing needed to say. Burnett sucks, everyone gets that. If he thinks people are just going to call and complain about their team, it’s going to be a straight disaster. Letting the caller dictate the show’s topic is just bad radio. You have to give them something to respond to. Something to discuss. John dropped the ball.

  5. DK says:

    John was by far the best of the five. Not even close. Patrick Creighton used way too many stats. The common fan doesn’t know what WHIP even is & he used it several times. Fans don’t want to hear stats all day long, they want to hear passion & opinions. John was smooth in his interview with David Robertson & he was very opinionated about AJ Burnett. And he is 100% about Burnett, he stinks & the Yanks are paying him $80+ Million to be a .500 pitcher. The FAN will be well off if the fans choose John to win this year.

    1. Joe Esparza says:

      Not saying John didn’t do a good job, but how can you say most baseball fans don’t know what WHIP is? Its talked about on sports talk shows all the time, during just about every baseball TV broadcast, and it’s a part of every stat graphic for every pitcher who starts a game and then comes in the game from the bullpen during every TV broadcast.

      If you want to say a guy used too many stats, that’s one thing, but saying most fans don’t know what WHIP is, that’s a comment that makes you look like you have no idea what you are talking about.

      1. Rick Solomon says:

        I had to Google WHIP- Knew I heard the term before but had no idea what it meant. One of the keys to being a good radio host is talking at the peoples’ level, not on your own, and I think throwing out acronyms and stats just confuses the listener.

      2. Joe Esparza says:

        If you don’t know what WHIP is, you don’t watch very much baseball.

      3. Joe Esparza says:

        Hey Rick,

        Just to prove a point, ESPN Sportscenter has been talking about WHIP and putting up graphics of it all morning. Your comment about the average baseball fan not knowing what WHIP is is sufficiently debunked.

  6. LL says:

    John Jastremski was by far the best. Lots of personality, good interview.

  7. Zack says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Bernadette, Alex, and A. Randall. John Jastremski should win this contest based on merit. He has the loudest, biggest personality of the five contestants and that’s primarily what sports talk radio is all about. Unfortunately, I don’t know if he has the “50,000” friends and family members he’ll need to win what ultimately becomes a glorified popularity contest. I do respect the hell out of all these finalists, this isn’t easy, best of luck to all. #backafterthis

  8. Rich says:

    Does this mean I don’t have to hear Greg Sussman anymore? That child’s voice instantly makes me switch the dial to 1050.

  9. Bernadette says:

    John Jastremski is clearly the best… BY FAR

  10. Alex Perlman says:

    John Jastremski was far and away the best contestant. It wasn’t even close.

    He sounded so comfortable in his interview with Robertson and the guy knows all sports. He really sounds like he has a passion for radio and WFAN.

    He’s got my vote and I find it impossible to argue that he doesn’t have yours.

    1. Yaak says:

      No doubt! JJ got this thing won by a mile

      1. kevinnbrown says:

        Jastremski was excellent. Well prepared and “brought it” for sure. Maybe you can’t pronounce his name now, but you’ll be able to soon – the guy’s going places. Vote him for sure.

    2. Dave Downes says:

      How did he show he knows all sports? The only thing he talked about was the Yankees?

      He had a mediocre interview with Dave Robertson. He bashed AJ Burnett. Wow. Thats earth-shattering stuff right there…

      I can go to any local bar and find 10 guys half in the bag who could do that. Lets give them all shows!

  11. Rick Solomon says:

    I’m loving John Jastremski. He knows what he’s talking about and he’s really fun to listen to- Sounds the most prepared for a radio show. Good luck to all- But sounds to me like Jastremski’s got you beat.

  12. Jay Owen says:

    How can a Long Island guy who claims to be a hockey guy have Howie on, and not even ask about the Islander mess? He ran out of time? What a terrible job. Most years, not to mention the Isles in August would be OK. This year it is INEXCUSABLE. If Creighton wins, we know this is fixed.

  13. Vic P says:

    Tough getting up there…. considering the pressure, they are all amazing… but I like Pat Totaro…. kind of the Craig Carton… the voice of the people…

  14. A. Randall says:

    John Jastremski is the truth. Give this man a show.

  15. Roger Sharp says:

    John is the most entertaining. He’s made for sports radio. He’s going to win.

  16. Ira Mandelberg says:

    Patrick Creighton is a real sports phenom ready to make it to a larger venue. When you hear him speak you know this guy lives and breathes sports. That’s the guy I want to hear when I turn on WFAN GO PAT GO!!!!!!!

  17. Rich Fittante says:

    Patrick Creighton would make a great color comentator on live brodcasts.

  18. Boba says:

    I have loved the GREGG SUSSMAN shows. It was well worth the challendge of finding the rotating timew slots.

    I hope he continues, and maybe gets a stesdy time slot

  19. AJ says:

    Not a fan of Creighton’s video like others are. I like either John or Neeraj to win. It’s going to be a good event though at BAR A. Sussman should get a renewed contract for the same time frame.

  20. Ed Tamargo says:

    Patrick Creighton was definitely the best of the group. He is clearly knowledgeable, knows his numbers, knows how to present his ideas. This is a guy I would want to listen to on WFAN.

  21. Jay Ferrara says:

    Patrick Creighton did a great job. Presented his argument well, used statistics to back it up, referenced recent past history to support his argument. Watching the Mets flop and the bullpen implode shows he knows what he’s talking about.

    This is the guy for WFAN.

  22. ace11 says:

    1 and done for Sussman

  23. David Weber says:

    Another couple clutch hits and RBI’s from Jeter last night. Pat from Brick is a freaking genius. Jeter shouldn’t wait until the end of the season, he should retire right now today, and give back his pay from this year. Absolute embarrassment for the station to have this guy in the finals. What a joke!

  24. Chris Milazzo says:

    Heard Mike Francesa say on his show yesterday that Patrick Creighton is the favorite to win the contest. Even Francesa thinks he’s the best of the group!

    Watch the videos, and you will agree.

    Patrick Creighton is the most qualified to host a show on WFAN.

  25. Jim Nasium says:

    I agree Creighton seems to be the best of the finalists, but was he the best of the semi finalists. There were guys that were clearly better

  26. Mary Corr says:

    Patrick Creighton shows a lot of knowledge. He is not limited to 1 or 2 sports and would be able to discuss all in depth. He shows a great presence and his speaking voice has the right quality and tone for radio. He has experience calling live games as he has been calling games for CW Post and I see him as the winner of this years show.

  27. Dan Ellner says:

    Patrick Creighton is the only one of the 5 finalists who sounds like he knows how to host a sports talk show.

    If you followed this contest last year, you can see how he has improved from last year, when he was a finalist. He also did a nice job last year when he hosted a show on WFAN.

    He has also been doing a regular talk show and calling college sports games for CW Post.

    It seems that he has been putting in the work to make himself better, and it shows in his work. He will do a great job hosting a show on WFAN.

  28. Dan Strafford says:

    I think John and Patrick have to be your early favorites out of this group of five. Out of those two I would lean towards Patrick being more what I would want to listen to.

    Thought I should have won the whole thing, but we see how that turned out! Good luck to all five of them. I am sure Friday will be a great experience.

  29. WFANFAN says:

    I don’t like Creighton’s style… He shouldn’t win.

  30. NYCborn says:

    I think Ralph should’ve been in the finalis!!!

  31. Jim Hamilton says:

    After watching the videos of the finalists, Patrick Creighton has to be considered the favorite. He was able to easily convey his ideas, his points made sense, knew his stats and info, good voice and presence, plus he has the experience of having been to the finals last year.

    1. Kevin Connolly says:

      I thought Patrick Creighton was far and away the best of all the finalists. He sounds like a sports talk show host, as opposed to a fan with a gripe about one of the local teams. I think he would make a good host on WFAN.

      1. Bud Wiser says:

        It seems like they are trying to give Creighton the E-Z Pass to the gig by putting him up against a weak field, like they did with Sussman last year. I mean, the guy who wants Jeter to walk away from $34 million (because I’m sure that’s what he would do, is laughable. And the kid who wants to beat on Eli about 30 turnovers, did he watch any of the games, when Eli’s receivers dropped ball after ball, resulting in at least a third of those? You have to get off the fantasy sites and actually watch the games. Pat was good, but his point that you have to build the farm system is hardly original, and is the same point that that other kid made (the one who thinks Burnett is a solid pitcher!!??!!). I hate to say it, this contest is a sham.

      2. Don Sharkey says:

        Patrick Creighton is going to make Long Island proud, and take home the title! He’s definitely the best of the finalists!

  32. Davy Crock says:

    So wait, let me make sure I have this right. The Giant fan who wanted Rex to shut up about the Giants gets bounced. But the Met fan who wants Jeter to retire with 2 years on his contract because he’s embarrassing himself gets into the finals. After all, Jeter is only hitting 280 and the kid that replaced him for 15 games made 12 errors. And oh yeah, that’s right, if he retires he can’t kick the Mets’ rear end 6 times a year any more.
    Any bias there at WMET, I mean WFAN? Nah

  33. James Dean says:

    Quick question: If Mike’s rant is the only one people are still talking about, why isn’t Mike in the finals? Seems to me that a couple of guys who did make it had very tame, vanilla rants. Is that what WFAN is looking for? ,

  34. Frank R says:

    Brian, let’s leave the name calling out of here. (Moron?) They won’t print what I think of you and your inaccurate analysis. First of all, football is a team sport. The Jets were shut out by the Packers at home. Super Bowl teams NEVER get shut out at home. The win column? You had just 1 more win than the Giants last year and your team played 4 games against the Bills and Dolphins. Heck, you couldn’t beat the Dolphins at home. The Giants didn’t play the Falcons last year, but beat them the year before. You can’t expect me to believe your beloved Jets are better than last year’s team. and even the Giants. And if you’re going back the past three years, letr’s go back further. How many Super Bowls have the Jets (Meadowlands tenants) won in the past 43 years? You see, Brian, it’s not about playoff wins. It’s about the ring and your team hasn’t even sniffed one since we landed on the moon.

    1. Brian says:

      Keep proving your a moron. I brought up the Packers to compare defenses. But since you can’t follow a simple train of though, or read a sentence, like the part about YOU needing proving the Giants are better, I’m not gonna wasting my time arguing with another delusional Giants homer. I make more money a year, betting Giants fans they won’t make the super bowl each year, than anything. Because you’re all a bunch of blow hards, who know nothing about football.

      Your superbowl wins don’t mean shyt. The last two were flukes. You needed a kicker to miss his FG, Thurman Thomas to lose his helmet, Tom Brady to need a boot cast, AND talking about the past doesn’t equate who’s the best now. That’s like saying the Cowboys and Steelers are the best team this year because they have 5 rings. Your a moron, and you deserve to be called so! You have to bring up SBs because you know the Jets run this town now, and all your precious SB flukes are forgotten. NO ONE CARES! The Giants are a borderline laughing stock team. No one outside of Giants fans respects or fears that team. Now excuse me while I laugh at another failed attempt to come back at me.

      1. Dan Strafford says:


        Can’t even believe you are bashing the Giants. There is no need too. Let the Jets build what they have off of what they are doing. No need to tear down the G-Men. They are a great and storied franchise. There is enough room in this town (and New Jersey) for both teams to be good.

        The Jets don’t run the town, but they have the better team. Can’t believe the arrogance on both sides of this debate. Maybe I’m just too middle of the road!


      2. Frank R says:

        OK Brian. It’s time for you to grow up. You are in a dreamland and this is the last time I will waste my time with an incompetent human such as yourself. There are so many other REAL fans who have made more money than you betting against the Jets (tenants) making the Super Bowl than you betting against the Giants. After all, it’s only been 3 years since our last Championship and what, 43 years for you? Now get your facts straight. The kicker missed his kick. Oh well that’s what happens in football. Thomas losing his helmet? Hey, that happened when they played the Cowgirls in the Super Bowl, not Giants. How about holding onto the ball for over 40 minutes? How about beating an undefeated team in the biggest game of their life? Brady’s boot didn’t seem to bother him, but when you get hit 26 times in one game, it takes it’s toll. So go on and have a nice laugh while your conditioning coach trips a player, or laugh while your QB beds another high school teenager. Or laugh when your moronic coach makes a video of his wife’s feet. You obviously have nothing better to do than write dumb things here. But then again, anyone who reads your garbage would already know what kind of fool you really are.Go Giants.

      3. Rob says:

        Mcmaster was impressive, smartest of the bunch. A bit nervous at first but pretty damn good considering his age.

  35. Frank R says:

    Hey Dan, how do you figure the Jets are better than the Giants this year? it’s August and last I checked, both teams have identical records. What gives me a chuckle is that every year Jets fans are talking Super Bowl in August. I guess you count pre-season games as wins in August, since it’s been your best month of football for years. Anyway, I agree with what you said about Notre Dame. One more thing, how many Super Bowl rings does your QB have?

    1. Brian says:

      Derp, Jets are contenders and Giants are pretenders. If you don’t realize this, you’re just another typical delusional Giants homer. If you need a record to figure that out, well, you’re just admitting your slow. The only thing holding the Jets back is their play calling and the only thing holding the Giants back is the other team is just better. But yeah, get happy about beating the many non-playoff teams in the league. When they play real teams and crumble, you’ll be scratching your head asking why.

      1. Frank R says:

        Brian, I ask you the same question…Where are the Jets better than the Giants? It seems you are the homer saying the Jets are better than the Giants, and you’re really sounding like your foolish coach saying every team is better than the Giants. Maybe it’s time for Ryan to write another book, this one on how to not show up in Championship Games 2 years in a row.

      2. Brian says:

        Where are they better? The Win column, offensive line, holding on to the football and defensively. And if you think not, just look at a common opponent. Aaron Rodgers looked hopeless against the Jets, meanwhile he balled all over the G-Women. And if that’s not enough, the Jets made Brady, Manning and Roethlisberger look pedestrian in the playoffs. All teams the Giants have no SHOT IN THE WORLD of beating. Hell, they can’t be the Eagles, Packers, Falcons or other contenders in the NFC. Jets have stood toe to toe with the AFC and NFCs best.

        But yeah, keep pounding your chest over beating the Panthers, Redskins and Texans of league. That’s definitely a measure of being the best. Can’t wait for your wake up call, when they Giants have to play a non-Wade Phillips led Cowboy team and get stomped.

        Meanwhile, while the Giants are fighting for last place with the Redskins, the Jets will be looking to get over the playoff hump and be Superbowl contenders, for the third year in a row. I can’t believe I even have to explain why the Jets are better. YOU SHOULD BE EXPLAINING HOW A TEAM WITH NO PLAYOFF WINS SINCE 2007 IS BETTER THAN A TEAM THE JETS! You can’t without sounding like a complete homer and moron.

    2. Dan Strafford says:


      I am not one to talk about the Super Bowl in August. Never mentioned that at all. I simply stated that the Jets are a better team (most recent history and this year) than the Giants. Eli Manning helped get the Giants to a Super Bowl with a great game in Green Bay. He led them on a drive for the ages but let’s not forget that it took a miracle catch by Tyree. Manning is a very good QB. He isn’t great.

      Sanchez does not have a SB ring. We all know that. If the football gods are willing, hopefully he will pick up a couple before he is done playing for the Jets.

      To answer where the Jets are better… I think Brian did a good job, if not being slightly over the top.

      I would take the Jets defenseive backfield and linebackers over the Giants. I would take the Jets offensive line over the Giants. I think the Jets have the best receiver, but the G-Men do have more depth. Can we call that even?

      Running backs? I will lean towards Tomlinson, Greene, and McKinght or Jacobs and Bradshaw. Jacobs has proven he is not a legit every done back. But I could be swayed to call this even.

      Then QB… Manning had what, 30 turnovers last year? I don’t know that Sanchez is better than Eli right now, but to me he is just as good.

      I think the one spot the Giants have an edge is on the defensive line, that’s a given. Don’t know enough about either team’s specials right now so can’t speak to that.

      My overall point is that so many fans get caught up talking about the “team”… when they are in fact talking about the franchise. The Giants franchise is clearly leaps and bounds ahead of the Jets. They have the history, the established fan base, and championships. The Jets are a better TEAM this year. Don’t think you can debate that.

      1. Frank R says:


        Good analysis. I never said the Giants were better than the Jets, just asking what you were basing it on. I disagree on some of your points, agree with others. Anyone can make predictions in August, so let’s get the season under way and see what happens. That’s my debate with you. I’m not sure the Jets are better than the Giants this year because both teams haven’t played a single down. Manning did have the turnovers last year and needs that corrected. Let’s see how Sanchez plays with Burress and Mason, 2 new recveivers that he needs to work with. We won’t know until they take the field. That’s what I am saying, Brian. Best of luck this year, and I’m sure we’ll all have alot of fun in the week leading up to that Christmas Eve game.

  36. Colin Bradley says:

    Oh my god, how did Mohammed Qureshi not become a finalist? His rant gave me goosebumps! It is Allah’s will for this man to save sports radio. I do not fear, because Mohammed will rise from the ashes like the Carlos Beltran, and the Mets is a very bad man for trading the Carlos Beltran. What happened? There will be a jihad if I find out the fix is in.

  37. Philly and Jack says:

    Barnegat, NJ is rooting for Johnnie J!!!

  38. Tricia says:

    way to go si johnnie…see you at bar a…your biggest FAN!!!!!

  39. Anthony says:

    I love this guy Vinny. Definitely should go to the finals. When they asked a question there was no hesitation. This guy knows his sports. Great job Vin, hope to here you on the Fan soon.

    1. Ali Fatwah says:

      Anthony, I respect your opinion but I really think Mohammed nailed it. There are two types of people who listen to sports radio, losers, and pakistani cab drivers and he can be the voice for BOTH! For far too long, the those demographics have been denied!!! And I for one, am not willing to risk another 9/11 just to deny this man his chance to become one of the GREATS! I think Niks, Niks, Niks can be a catchphrase that will sweep the nation. Besides, who else is gonna be up when the winner on the air?!

      Poor Vinny, he ran into a buzzsaw. What an unlucky draw to face this WINNER!

  40. Frank R says:

    Excellent work by Mike Trezza. I watched them all and most were good, but not as good as Mike Trezza. He was fluent with his words and had his facts straight. He even pronounced names correctly, unlike Shea who mispronounced Umenyiora and called Holmes SanAntonio Holmes. That’s a bad job, considering Shea is a Jets fan. Mike Trezza deserves to move on based on his overall knowledge of sports and his abillity to communicate over the microphone. Go Mike!

    1. Just saying says:

      Like his tone and pace, but I think his point is off. It sounds like he lives in the past with the Giants glory. The Jets are the hot story right now and are more relevant than the Giants over the past three years.

      1. Frank R says:

        He just stated the facts and is not living in the past. The Jets may be the hot story now, but that’s all they are…stories. Rex Ryan just talks and talks and talks .Relevant over the past 3 years? All you Jets fans are so jealous of the Giants, it’s pathetic.

      2. Dan Strafford says:

        Jealous of what Frank? your past? It’s a great franchise for it’s history. But are the Giants are a better TEAM than the Jets this year?


        They aren’t. The Jets have more talent and better outlook for 2011. What’s pathetic is pointing at old accomplishments to discuss a current team. Same thing Notre Dame fans do. Makes me chuckle. Try taking an objective look at this year and tell me the Giants are a better team.

  41. Holy Cativus says:

    Great sound guys…..what did you record it with? a fisher price karaoke machine?

  42. Rob McCabe says:

    go Artie P!

  43. Sipping Sally Swanson says:

    WFAN Fantasy Phenom….where friends of the contestant praise their friends on the comments section as if they are regular people who have nothing better to do than sit their and watch rants.

  44. dan says:

    Anyone know if they are posting the videos like they did last year?

  45. Julio Rivera says:

    I’m ready to talk Mets, Yanks, Knicks, Jets who loves WWE??? Julio from Paterson aka the retired all pro, and Mr. Line Drive at the batting cages The real Julio from Paterson…. Playing to win….

  46. JH says:

    if u win is it like an internship or a paid gig?

    1. Dan says:

      You get standard AFTRA rate for NY time slot and experience

  47. mike says:

    watch the guy joe, click on link and watch how good he was, hes the first video

  48. Ricky Keeler says:

    This contest is the best and I thank WFAN for giving people the chance to have a sports radio host job. Best of luck to all who are competing!

  49. Marty Ober says:

    Gregg Sussman is very knowlegible and enthusiastic. I have called Gregg on numerous occasions during the 1-3am time slot on Saturday mornings and I enjoy my conversations with him. He has a great future in broadcasting.

  50. Dominick Mezzapesa says:

    Gregg Sussman should get a contract with WFAN. The man is great and deserves a contract after his one year run ends

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