N.J. Gov Takes Exception To Question On Why His Kids Go To Private SchoolBy Marcia Kramer

TEANECK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — “It’s none of your business.”

Those five words from Gov. Chris Christie over his children’s education have New Jersey voters in a tizzy, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

He seems to revel in being the Billy Goat Gruff of New Jersey, but a particularly bombastic response by Gov. Christie on Thursday night to a parent on a public television show isn’t sitting well with local residents.

A mom named “Gail” started the ball rolling.

“You don’t send your children to public schools. You send them to private schools, so I was wondering why you think it’s fair to be cutting funding to public schools?” the woman asked.

It was a question Christie has gotten before, but this time it seemed to have gotten under his skin.

“Hey Gail, you know what, first of all it’s none of your business. I don’t ask you where you send your kids to school. Don’t bother me where I send mine,” the governor responded.

Kramer took the video clip of the exchange to Teaneck where voters watched, listened and were appalled at the language coming out of the governor’s mouth.

“I’d put him into time-out for language,” Forrestine Sims said.

Christie certainly has his reasons for sending his kids to private school.

“We’ve decided as parents that we believe a religious education should be part of our kids’ everyday education,” Christie said.

But voters just didn’t like his tone and his explanation.

Christie spokesman Mike Drewniak said the governor was “was just being honest with the caller in what he believes is a personal and private decision on where his children attend school.”

Christie has been unrepentant about his style. He once told a room full of people he wasn’t elected to run a charm school.

The New Jersey Education Association said it has no problem with the governor sending his kids to private schools. It just would have liked for him to answer the question.

Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

Marcia Kramer

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  1. rinnie says:

    Christie is a punk! Image living with that man!

  2. Trishe says:

    He’s arrogant and discusting…but I do not think that its anyone’s business were he sends his kids to school.

  3. anothergovtgoof says:

    Lisa, and people lilke her, condemn Christie for his undeniable abrupt, in-your-face demeanor, yet behave like, well, let’s read Lisa’s descriptions of our gov: “a fat, rude thug,” “hulking pig,” and a “gross pile of spewing flesh.” Nice.
    Lisa’s comments speak volumes about the type of people who are opposed to straightening out the mess that politicians, over the past 30-40 years, have caused. Fact is they made promises to gain supporters and win elections, all at a cost to overburdened taxpayers.
    It’s understandable that public sector and union workers are upset about not getting what’s been promised by irresponsible pols, but fact is, if someone doesn’t do something and fast, there will be NO pension plans, NO benefits, and NO Social Security/Medicare.
    BTW Lisa, I am not an idiot for wanting my politicians to be fiscally responsible.
    As for “not sharing the pain equably (not a word!), the state does not fund private schools.
    I’d love to see someone compare the cost of running a 500-student public school against that of an equal-sized private school, then the testing score results of both. Ought to be interesting. Private schools don’t have to tolerate poorly disciplined students or judges who legislate from the bench.

    1. LG says:

      Wrong again! Private schools ARE partially funded by the state. Who do you think provides bussing and other resources? Read your laws about religious schools–they claim religious tolerance as a basis for collecting monies from your tax dollars for their rights to religious education. You don’t think Yeshivas and Catholic schools are completely on their own, do you? You would be naive to think so without doing research.

      Public sector employees are not promised anything–they bargain for everything they have. You obviously do not know how the process works. But why should you? It’s much easier to comment on rhetoric that’s handed to you by your politicians than to do any research of your own. Fiscal responsibility has nothing to do with stripping bargaining rights from employees or taking away portions of their compensation for low wages because of mismanagement of the economy by the private sector and its political cronies. You are fighting the wrong people.

      BTW, I do not condone personal attacks on the governor. I am wholly against bullying, name-calling or any other low blow. If you are ignorant, I will tell you so, but I will never condone judging a person by his or her weight. This is not fair. You, however, are ignorant to some of the facts about state funding and union contracts. Perhaps you should find out more–you seem interested in knowing.

      1. carol says:

        I have a little sight problem and so please overlook typing erors/ I have 2 college degrees and and worked very hard to earn my own independence and not like name caller/

    2. carol says:

      I LOVE YOU wHAT IS IT ABOUT liLIVERALS THAT HAVE NO POINT EXCEPT TO CALL NAMES. I swear, the more I hear and see, I think democrates are not well educated and are needy and have a mind set ” “I don’t want to work hard, but, I want your stuff.” It is a world wide problem, but they think it is just we live and brieth for there r confort. Watch how young adults hold a pencil, it is like a four year old. and, my favority ” I aint got no and me and Jack are”. I cannot respect them at all. Pay more, get good teachers in .that I hear. NO TENSURE
      aND, AT COLLEGE, p professors are to teach not brainwash their political views.

  4. Bill NY says:

    there are just 2 kinds of people in the US, people who want to rely on the government for many things, these people hate Christie, if you want to be as self sufficient as possible, then you like him. The government is so useless we just need less of them overall, and that is what Christie stands for. I don’t care about his personality. All the broads and whiny men on this message board need to take the emotion out of it.

    1. Mitch Dubo says:

      You do know we pay thousands of dollars a year in school taxes… you do know that right?

    2. carol says:

      yes……there are thinkers and people who question and not be fooled.

      and the second grup that talk like they have no life, education and write on the walls of bathrooms. For a good time …I say…don’t call them

      1. Liz says:

        Carol. Are your degrees from clown college or burger school? Have you bothered to read anything you’ve typed before sending it out? Eyesight issues or not, there’s no excuse for your illiteracy. Furthermore, take a look at yourself in the mirror. In your opening sentence you simultaneously denounce people for name calling while dispatching your own misguided and feeble-minded insult about “liLIVERALS.” Your hypocrisy is uncanny. The funniest part is when you say you think “democrates [sic] are not well educated.” Are you really this incompetent or is this just a joke?

    3. Canis says:

      If Christie stands for less government interference why did he make the medical cannabis law so restrictive (more govt interference). Does he know better than a doctor what will work best for his patients? he believe in less govt interference as long as it sits with his vision of the way things should be. he is an arrogant bully keeping the truely needy suffering.

      1. LG says:

        And why is he meddling in the rights of public workers to negotiate with their LOCAL employers? In education, school districts negotiate with their employees based on what’s fair and equitable for each district. There isn’t some blanket agreement across all state districts. He has led the public to believe that all people employed by NJ schools have the exact same everything. The only system they all share is a pension system. Everything else is up to the local districts to decide. Yet, he meddles. What kind of Republican wants government to disrupt people’s lives like this? He should never run for president. He’ll be dictating everything.

      2. carol says:

        This is to Liz…sorry about my lack of vision…..but I can see you are rather cruel. I have degrees from Purdue, but you must have a degree in the School of Hard Knocks. My point was to say, we need to discuss ideas and how to get togerher and get out of this mess. We will never move on when we just name call….what does that do? I have spoken to people from Russia and surrounding areas and they have seen this before and it disturbs them. History teaches us and it should teach us what not to go.
        I do not know who to believe in the goverment……probably none of them..and I can get pretty nasty when I hear of some of the stupid things they do. But, I don’t want to attack each other…….. It is scary ….it is more about power for them and self interest….
        So, Liz, stay healthy, express yourself with support and ideas…don’t insult me as I am not your enemy. When we re devided, goverment thinks we are easy to handle. They promise things we cannot carry now. I pay one third of my income on medical….and I will be paying more….I see very hard times for me money wwise so…..I worry for all of us…even you as it effects you greatly to talk so mean. So, good luck to you Liz……… be nice carol

        I am taling to the wrong people who don[t care if I can see or not, or question behavior thaat leads to name calling and stone throwing. I should have not gotten into a match with people I do not believe will help.

  5. p says:

    Don’t forget people on fixed income.


    way to go joisey boy. stay in the small pond, they’ll kill ya with this talk in iowa.

  7. Barbara Hartman says:

    Governor Christie’s answer to that voter was wrong, and very arrogant. I am a mother and grandmother, and my children attended parochial school. I was often asked the same question as the governor. I never chose to answer it in such a rude manner – I explained our decision as simply as I could. It’s a valid question that deserves both an honest, and polite answer.

    This particular incident is not about politics, I believe. It’s about having manners and how one treats people. I did not vote for Christie the first time, and would never do so again. I feel at this point that he is one of the worst governors NJ has ever had. And it’s a shame.

    1. Dan says:

      Actually, there was nothing wrong with his tone. Where children are educated is the decision of the parents. He answered first, as a father, and then as governor (about cuts to education). People in this country feel overly entitled and we’ve gotten to a point where insane growth is the expectation. We cannot have EVERYTING in this country as long as government continues to be wasteful (the fault of many). The question was asked in a tone that suggested that the asker of the question was outraged, despite all the waste and poor results coming out of the NJ education system. I didn’t like the tone of the person who asked the question! Appaling that someone who send their children to a school that reinforces Christian values and you are allowed to celebrate Christmas! Such a personal decision should only be left to the liberals! Government programs for everybody! Mandatory!

      If you prefer a politician who will tell you only what you want to hear, vote for someone else. If you want a leader, a true public servant, someone who is bold enough to answer the difficult questions HONESTLY, and make the hard decisions, the Chris Christie is the right choice. We’re at a vital crossroads in this country. Difficult decisions have to be made, and people like him will help.

      By the way, saying he is one of the worst governors NJ has ever had is a terrible comparison and really only tells people that you don’t like him.

  8. S-bowles says:

    I think Mr. Christie is masterful at clouding the issue with these rude responses. We as citizens of NJ are focusing on the way in which Mr. Christie answered the question instead of the fact that he did not. Workers across the country from all fields, crafts and professions are under attack by those in this country that are systematically reversing the gains by the labor movement over the last century. What Mr. Christie cleverly avoids when confronted with question like the one Gail asked is the reality we as workers face in NJ if Mr. Christie has his way-the same fate as Wisconsin. Teachers, all state employees, laborers, the working poor and the poor are being demonized by the GOP leadership that is intent on diverting the issue from the real culprits of the financial mess that we find our nation in today; and it is these same people that created the hardship in the financial sector that are not being asked to share the burden equally to help render a solution for us all. We as working Americans do not want a hand out, we do not want to redistribute the wealth of the wealthy. What would be an equitable solution is those that profit the most from society, that have profited greatly within the last decade was asked by Congress, no, taxed at a rate that was commensurate to their ability to pay. Would this solve all of the financial problem in our great state, of course not. What it would do is make those of us that are being ostracized, by the likes of Mr.Christie, more able to feed our families…

    1. DeMarco Wynne says:

      The fact of the matter is that it isn’t anyone’s business where he sends his kids to school, especially since he’s paying $38,000 in property taxes. Most likely, “Gail” was yet another teachers union “plant”. And by the way, 33 percent of NJ teachers send their kids to private school.

      1. d murray says:

        She didn’t ask where his kids went to school or why he chose to send them to separate school. She asked why he thought it was “fair” to cut funding to public schools. If anything she was implying that he is not concerned about it because his kids don’t attend public school. Bottom line, he didn’t answer the question.

  9. Christie must go says:

    Christie is a shameless governor. I wonder how he got elected, espeicially given his record. He hijakes state helicoptor for his personal use. When caught he says I will pay for it. Just imagine him stealing bread from a store and walking away. When caught he says ‘I will pay”. Absurb philosophy only he can understand.

    What he is doing with school funding is unbelievable. Would a true republican ever do this? Only a brainless thug like him can cut the school funding the way he is doing. The effects of educational cuts are going to be long term. How can America compete with Chinese, with governors like this! (hmm may be hes on their payroll??!)

    Christie has done nothing good for the state of New Jesey. His record repeatedly shows hes nothing but a small town crook. Christie as well as all other useless politicians at state and federal level must be voted out.

  10. Good answer says:

    He did better than I would have done. Anyone with the name Gail I would have ignored completely. People names Gail are generally “trouble makers”. The ugly name goes along with an ugly face in most cases. It’s just a mystery and I am sure this is no exception. But his answer was spot on. I respect him for that, especially when he still pays school taxes even though his kids go to private school. I liked his reply (total reply) and heard nothing wrong with it whatsoever. Grow up lady.

    1. LG says:

      He pays school taxes because he is a citizen. Our forefathers laid out a plan that gives all citizens the right to an education, not just the privileged. Christie can do what he wants, but don’t act as if he’s doing the system any favors by paying taxes. I am appalled at how many people do not understand democracy and education. It’s astounding how ignorant they are. Probably educated in private schools… 😛

      1. Warren Mass says:

        Our “forefathers” gave us nothing in the realm of education. Education in early American times was paid for by the parents of the children attending school. Read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving to see how this was done. (Ichabod Crane was a schoolteacher.) Public education was a Prussian socialist creation in order to mold children into subservient servants of the state and imported into America in the 1800s by Horace Mann, school commissioner of Massachusetts (which is still the most socialist state in America.) Furthermore, the United States never was and was never intended to be a “democracy.” The United States is a republic. It is you, “LG,” who are ignorant.

      2. LG says:

        Warren Mass—I’m so glad that you read books. So do I.

        Your free civics lesson for today:

        Part I—“I must study politics and war, that my sons may have the ability to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture. statuary, tapestry and porcelain.”–John Adams in a letter to Abigail Adams during the Revolutionary War.

        The founding fathers believed in “Humanism” where knowledge is central to the improvement of individuals in society, education is important, and truth comes from study, not religion. Perhaps “founding fathers” is too narrow of a term. Maybe “the historically influential” is a better term.

    2. nathan says:

      Hows your Mom Gail doing?

    3. Kevin Anderson says:

      Please let us know where we can find the “Pay school taxes or not” option check-off box… because we all missed that one.

  11. Lisa says:

    Chris Christie is a fat, rude thug, and all of you people defending him are idiots. This woman asked a perfectly valid question – she did not condemn him for sending his kids to private school, she wanted to know why he was not sharing the pain equably between public and private institutions, choosing to favor one over the other. And for this she was verbally slapped in the face by that hulking pig. I shudder to think such a gross pile of spewing flesh might actually run for President someday.

    1. carol says:

      Let us know how yoou really feel. Why is it people need to call people names and use such foul workds to descript their feelings. Hostile questions will get hostile hansers. I would never ask you anything ….at all. Your talk like you had poor teachers, no parents…live hard. Do you have friends, a good job, or anything?

      Thinking like this will not produce change or compromise. However, it will cause a heavy hand to do what we HAVE to do. Then, you will be more unhappy and use words only truckers use to describe your feelings.

  12. RIchard B. says:

    I’m not from New Jersey. I’m from across the river in New York. But this sort of behavior defies borders. I am saddened that the good citizens of the State of New Jersey are saddled with this insufferable gas bag.

    1. Nick says:

      Christie for President!

      1. Flynn says:

        Nick for baa baa sheep of the year.

    2. carol says:

      another liberal……………noideas, just very descriptive words t

  13. anothergovtgoof says:

    1. The woman was rude, and so is CBS. Anyone ask Obama where he sends his girls? Anyone complaining about Michelle O taking her daughters to Paris for a birthday present? Now, she’s taking the entire family (including grandma) to Africa to “connect” with the young people there. What about the US youth who don’t have jobs? Try connecting with them.
    Hey, CBS, didn’t see a story about the Obamas traveling on the taxpayers’ dime. Make that dollars.
    2. Agree w/comment that the Christies pay huge taxes, yet opt to send their kids to private school at significant cost.
    3. Christie is doing a great job. The reason for this type of “news coverage” is to diminish someone who is effective in rebutting the people who are ruining this state and country.

    1. JayJay says:

      @Anothergovtgoof What in the world does what Chris Christie said to a woman asking about why he is cutting aid to public schools have to do with Obama???

      1) First off get your facts straight, the GOP, the media and Conservatives did tear into Michelle Obama for bringing her kids to Paris…

      2nd) The point is I think the woman was trying to ask if the Governor was in a position to talk about what needs to be cut when he doesn’t even send his kids to public school .

      3) I agree Christie is doing a great job, but his abrasiveness with voters is not attractive his attitude sucks and it is why he will not get reelected Governor. The people of New Jersey doesn’t want a governor who won’t connect with his own people.

      4) Obama was in fact criticized by both the right and the left when he decided to send his kids to Sidwell Friends.

      A word for all you anti-Obama crowd next time you wanna post a comment on a stupid thing a GOPer or Tea Partier is doing and compare it to Obama make sure its comparable. Get your facts straight and stop trying to always put the guy down… How was this woman rude? She made a perfectly good point and how was CBS rude? Its called Journalism my friend they are supposed to report the news even if it portrays your governor in a negative light.

      1. nick says:

        Obama sucks. Christie for President!

      2. nathan says:

        ” Get your facts straight and stop trying to always put the guy down” If you are waiting for a rightie to do that JJ you’re going to be waiting till you know what freezes over.

    2. Maggy says:

      The Presdeint has been asked and he has answered. Security. He would NEVER be rude like this guy. He is a gentleman. I live in PA and we have a new GOP governor too. He is doing the same stuff that Christie is with school funding. He isn’t making the news by being rude though. He never goes in front of the public. He just does what he wants, even though it wasn’t what he ran on. These people are not seeking equitable solutions to budget problems. They are just pushing the idelogical agenda. Just like the GOP House of Representatives in DC.

  14. BobsOpinion says:

    I was listening to the show and was very impressed with Christie. He handled all questions well. He was right in his assertion that putting his children in private school is his business AND he went on to explain to this (NJEA) caller why he chose private schools over public schools, it was for religious reasons. The only people opposed to him are these Union protestors.

    1. mark says:

      Seems like you are too easily impressed.

    2. LG says:

      And people who make generalizations are idiots. Oh wait…

  15. Joe says:

    The governor is right and I luv it when he tells these people it is none of their business they should get a life and worry about their own problems keep up the good work gov u r the best

    1. JRP says:

      The Best Fat ass that is!

  16. GHB says:

    Gov. Christie’s holier than thou attitude is rather abrupt. Perhaps he should obtain some additional religious education also not just his kids

    1. Gary G says:

      Once again, it’s become apparent that Christie has forgotten that he was chosen by the people and there he is accountable to the people. He likes to run the State as if he’s the owner of a small business who can order and bully people around and be accountable to no one. Let’s hope that the PEOPLE WILL let Christie know what THEY think is THEIR business come election day.

    2. LG says:

      Isn’t “hubris” one of the Seven Deadly Sins?

  17. noodles says:

    Christie is an arrogant sob who should crawl up his own ahole and disappear

  18. joey g says:

    another ass hole thats got to go ! Can’t wait for november. Voteing will be so much fun , try it , you’ll love it.

    1. Jazz says:

      There’s no gubernatorial election for New Jersey in 2011, you half wit.

  19. Joe says:

    The caller didnot ask how much the tutition is, she asked about the cuts in funding in public schools. Which is a fair and proper question. Mr. Christie has verbally abused the teachers union, munincipal unions since he took office. He does not have temper required to be a Governor, those who suggest that he should run for President ought to think again.

  20. brian blanchette says:

    Hey CBS you guys were harder on Christiet then you were on Weiner. Exactly who’s feathers did he ruffle ? The NJEA Union ? OMG !!! I find his comments refreshing. I’m switching over to FOX now where I can get the rest of the story.

  21. DCS says:

    I think the way Gov. Christie spoke to the parent is deplorable and in accurate. In fact as an elected official, he has a tremendous level of accountability to the people of New Jersey. Moreover, he never really answered the question. The parent’s question was a valid one. Granted he and his wife have made a conscious choice to send their children to private school, but they also have the financial resources to do so comfortably, but for parents who do not, why should the only option they can afford be substandard. Christie is combative and belligerent. He is a bully

  22. ray says:

    honesty hurts. a politician speaking truthfully and the people can’t take it.
    so he’s not politically correct. get over it. more people politicians should speak like this.

    1. james says:

      No it was not the truth. The truth is the schools in his state are bad and he would not send his children to a public school. That is the truth. He cuts funding for schools, but his children are in private school. That is the truth.

      1. LG says:

        Except that the schools in his state are among the finest in the country, Too bad he keeps lying. Maybe he should resign like Weiner for all the untruths he puts out there.

  23. mark says:

    The manatee in a suit once again shows his arrogance. It seems “Gail” wasn’t commenting on where or how the gov educates his children, but rather the fairness of cuts to a public system he doesn’t have to use. His response was rude, arrogant, and obnoxious. He is a bully and hypocrite, and a one term governor. He is pathetic.

  24. Jo says:

    djds – Do you ever make a valid point? Really, you’re comments are so incredibly stupid, all the time!!

  25. TSnotELLIOT says:

    He DID answer the question.
    The question was antagonistic and rude to begin with.
    It IS NOT anyone’s business where his ids go to school…..this is still a free country.
    People need to get over themselves and make noise about things that actually matter!

    1. DCS says:

      The question was far from rude,and he certainly did not answer it. He can send his kids anywhere he wants, but the question is how can he justify such drastic cuts tom the education budget

  26. Al Damato says:

    It is sad that people think the fat clogging this Bully Governor’s arteries
    that makes him so belligerent gets confused with being tough and outspoken.
    He sends his kids to private school as most wealthy people do it’s ” Like likes like”
    They get groomed to be amongst their own kind ,away from the riff raff and yes
    to have a big Daddy that arrives for a game in a helicopter with State police is
    really cool. Poor governor he has a lot of Karma to go threw maybe a heart
    attack might make him realize all other’s people’s suffering? if he survives
    and stop errrrr,throwing his weight around.
    Anger is a bad companion.

  27. MJ says:


  28. DJDS says:

    People don’t want ‘religion’ mentioned anymore. Well, he does want it for his kids. He’s paying for it. Obama and Biden use filfthy language and no one seems to care and they hold hire office. Politicians have no respect for one another and it is a lovely role model for our kids and grandkids – NOT.

  29. DAngelo136 says:

    To all those apologists for the Syndney Greenstreet of Trenton, you forget how this relationship goes: he works FOR the electorate, not the other way around. As a politician, it is in his interest to appeal to voters even while in office because he has to run again in 3 years and every vote counts-except in Florida and Ohio. The caller was asking a legitimate question regarding policy and was entitled to a courteous, dignified answer, which he had given on other occasions. If he is unwilling or unable to answer such questions that are directed to him as a public servant, then perhaps he is unfit for such a responsiblity and should be removed as such.

  30. Ted says:

    Perhaps he just doesn’t want any of these fine public school teachers sleeping with his kids

  31. charlotte says:

    The point is: the question was stupid and twisted. i don’t blame him one bit about how he answered it. One thing had NOTHING to do with another. He’s doing an incredible job to first: tell the residents of NJ EXACTLY what the state of the union is instead of glossing it over for his own political agenda like McG and Whitman who were complete snakes. I’m in NYS we’ll take him in a heart beat. You’re darn lucky you have him.

    1. LG says:

      You are out of touch with reality. Please stop voting.

  32. Billy NY says:

    This article doesn’t mention the huge taxes that Christie pays into the public system when he doesn’t even have a kid in the system. Christie is trying to break the teachers union that made the US public school system a disaster. US Dept of Education became a bureaucracy that benefits teachers, not children.

    TO be fair to teachers, they should be allowed to kick out bad kids that disrupt classrooms and do not try. This idea that bad kids with bad parents deserve a seat in a public school is insane. This stuff doesnt happen in Japan.. Create an atmosphere of accountability and good behavior in the classroom. Works iin parochial schools.

    1. LG says:

      The union protects teachers’ rights for a fair schedule, fair pay and fair treatment. Benefits are part of the compensation since taxpayers cannot afford to pay teachers for what the job is worth. Teachers make much, much less than they should given their credentials. Now he wants to take away even that little bit making it entirely impossible to make a living as a teacher in this state.

      Where are the shared sacrifices from the heads of health insurance firms? Or from utilities? Why aren’t THEY being asked to do with less? Oh, right. They’re protected because they are businesses, many of whom do not contribute to the tax base fairly. What Christie and those like him have set up is a situation where people can profit off of society but they do not have to make equitable contributions TO society. And you are encouraging these creeps while allowing him to attack the middle class?

      EVERYONE pays into the tax system because an educated society drives democracy. This isn’t a “what’s in it for me” kind of issue. Christie is attacking the unions because he wants to privatize education–he wants to turn the art into a business. You cannot choose your raw materials like you are suggesting. That is against the concept of democracy. Perhaps you should study civics before you vote next time.

  33. DJD233 says:

    Sorrypeople,but the bottom line is that his response was caustic and rude. He is a politician and as such will be answering the same question thousands of times in different venues. If he doesn’t like it, he should not have run for PUBLIC office!

    1. djds says:

      At least he responded honestly and it wasn’t caught ‘off mike’ like some hirer up people (POTUS).

      1. Esoterica says:

        djds… Please go back to school (public or private- doesn’t matter) and pay better attention next time. There is no such word as “hirer”. Oh, and quit slandering our President. VP Joe Biden used an off-color word, in his excitement, unaware that the mike was on, and, as such, it was meant as a private remark. Therein lies the difference. I’m quite that you cannot cite one example of the president using “filthy language”, so stop the slander! I guess you rely on others, like yourself, to blindly, and eagerly, believe the worst…

  34. tom says:

    Hes a PIG.

  35. Caroline says:

    I hope that everyone that is commenting saw the entire question and answer. Yes, he could have been “politically correct”, however that is not who he is. Gov. Christie has answered this question over and over again. I don’t think it is “anybody business” where he sends his children to school, that is a personal choice. In addition, he did answer the question.

  36. sla says:

    How dare he! At this time that the unemployment rate is so high most people that used to send their children to private school can no longer afford it. Remember Mr. Christie you work for us and will not be re-elected.

    1. BigBadJohn says:

      He may work for us, but he isn’t obliged to tell you what brand of toilet paper he uses, let alone why he sends his kids to a private school. Some things are off limits to the taxpayer. And as far as him being re-elected, my “yes” vote will cancel your “no” vote. Your arrogance is worse than your ignorance.

      1. LG says:

        Your arrogance is in this sense of entitlement that you apparently carry around on your shoulder. Christie doesn’t care about you–he cares about money. If you have lots of it, you probably would be his friend. And you probably wouldn’t be spending time posting messages about him. You’d be at the country club sipping mimosas. My “no” vote will cancel the one you will make out of your own stupidity.

    2. djds says:

      Yes he works for the people of NJ; well so does Obama and now he taking another vacation to Africa with the whole family and camera crews and Michele tells the people of the US to watch it on their site. People don’t have jobs, etc. yet he works for US but does what he wants and chalks it up to work. He doesn’t know how to work – at least Christie is doing something.

  37. Mous says:

    im sick and tired and disgusted and mad and angry and name it of how Mr big mouth Christy answered that poor woman!!!!!…its unacceptable, you are Mr Governor and u were elected to politly and professionally answer any type of question …..shame of people who still asking him to runb for prresident….

  38. PhotoOp says:

    Most parents with kids in private school aren’t leading the charge to slash public education. He wanted to be governor and he wanted to lead that charge so he is obliged to have an answer ready for this obvious question. he’s right to not run for president. If this question elicits an insulting response, he’s a bit too immature for the office he already has.,

  39. JJ Star says:

    No I don’t care to rethink that sentiment, What is Right Winger David Vitters of La., if not a hipocrite. He is still in the Senate and was listed numerous time in the DC Madams little black book. DA!

  40. teresa says:

    One gets respect when one demonstrates respect. The children and voters are watching disrespect among adults. I am very sorry i voted for Christie, He uses such an awful tone!

    1. LG says:

      I’m sorry you voted for him, too. I made it a point not to–but the majority who even cared to vote in the great state of NJ was led astray by rhetoric. What else is new in politics?

  41. Robert Senn says:

    good answer gov it is none of her busness she should worry more about how many more people will have to be laid off when obama cuts state money out half of all teachers fire pollice dpw health if gail is a lawyer she should hide her head in shame

  42. dave says:

    He should answer the question on why he doesn’t have faith in the public school system. simple; he’s going to bring it down.

  43. LG says:

    I’m not surprised at his comment. What surprises me, however, is the fact that it took this long for people to see that he’s quick with the rude behavior and put-downs. I suppose people don’t notice problems until they show up at their own doors.

    The man is more than just a menace in public relations–he’s going to kill education and in turn, heavily, if not fatally wound democracy. Only the elite will be able to afford the privatization of public services that he is always touting. How much longer do we have to endure this man? I’m tired of him siding with the “haves” while pretending he cares about the “have-nots.” He cares about lining the pockets of his business friends on the premise that education should be a business. How much more out-of-touch can he be?

  44. lawrence kany says:

    christie can afford a private school good for him– you whineing lefties should try working a little more and crying less maybe you would be able to afford it yourself–this guy is the best govenor around because all you want is a handout

    1. Kevin Anderson says:

      we would work more… but all our jobs are in China…
      and when the Dems wanted to introduce a bill that would punish companies that send work overseas, all the Republithugs voted against it.

      A$$ HOLE!

      1. LG says:

        Of course they did. The companies that send jobs overseas make a killing for 1. Not having to pay fair wages and benefits to American workers and 2. Exploiting their workers in other countries. Some of that insane profit goes to electing the idiots who made the law that allows the rich to take advantage of people. And round and round we go. Except there’s a price over time. You want to talk about trickle-down economics? The trickling is now coming back home from abroad and people are suffering in the US. Congratulations–Reaganomics has finally come back to haunt the Republican constituency. Hope you all vote more wisely in the future.

      2. carol says:

        I agree we have lost too many companies to people makeing 2 dollars a day and what they make we have to buy for big money..TV, etc. We need to provide incentives for companies to stay. We will never get them back. I do agree too much greed, but it has been for thousands of years.

        We need to hope by voting for the right person…… where are they….. things may not get worse.

        but, I will not come on this line anymore because I have not learned very much.

        I have learned the works fat, rude thug, those who do not agree her are idots…hulking pid..pross slice of flesh.. gas bag..bloated fat like all fat and bloated that think they will loose some weight…… …aooooooooohhhh
        small town crook lasrdass toad repug thug and we do do not believe are his baby swine.

        wellcome to free America……they should go to the middle east and see how long it takes fore them to cut off their heads or stone them for these comments.

        we still have the freedom to say anything, and I have the freedom to say that their decision will cause more pain…and the next time I see or hear from them they will be water cannoned all over the street.

        this is good buy……….do these people ever have a good day????

  45. iggy says:

    idi amin dada christiie, emperor of new jersey, you voted for him

  46. sosonj says:

    Christie wants to privatize all schools. The public school system is for all children, not just for the wealthy. Public schools should not be designed for profits af big business.

  47. Kathleen says:

    Of course it’s her buisness, Gail isn’t a politician, HE is, if you were to pose this question to an everage joe, then that response is acceptable, but he is a Govenor, so YES it is the publics buisness you tool! I HATE POLITICIANS!

    MAKE ME SICK! If you dont want your buisness to be public, then dont go public! It’s that simple.

  48. monmouth says:

    What an arrogant jerk. Hope he’s a one-temer

    1. James Billington says:

      No doubt. I certainly didn’t vote for him. I can’t believe he got elected.

    2. AC says:

      It doesn’t matter. He will do enough damage in one term to last a lifetime.

  49. ChristieSucks says:

    The true colors of a Right Wing hypocrite. So I guess we can assume he is imposing those same PERSONAL values on our state? Funny but he sure is a rude, arrogant, devious, dishonest, cruel pig for someone so concerned with “religion”.

    1. Anthony Weiner & Eliot Spitzer says:

      Ah, so only Right Wingers are hypocrites? Care to rethink that sentiment?

      1. Charlie Rangel says:

        The point, dear Katie, is that the genius hiding behind the handle “ChristieSucks” asserts that only Right Wingers are hypocrites. Surely we can agree that the Left Wing is equally littered with duplicitous crooks.

    2. Mike says:

      Obama’s kids go to Private School. Any Comment on that?

      1. Katie says:

        Well if someone asked him, im sure he would not have said “it’s none of your buisness” AND also, correct me if im wrong, but didn’t most if not all past presidents children go to private schools?

      2. Tom says:

        Obama’s kids went to Chicago Public schools when he was senator. He wanted to send his kids to DC public school but secret service was against it due to security reasons.

  50. JRP says:

    “HEY” Gail! What arrogance in that answer. When your done messing with the Pension Reform I suggest you go after crooked politicians and then Lawyer reform in this state. Oh I’m sorry…..you are a lawyer…right?

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