NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A tidy neighborhood on Manhattan’s East Side is seeing the dirty side of union negotiations. With doormen on strike, the streets of Turtle Bay are stuck in a stinky situation.

Trash bags are stacked more than 6 feet high and 20 feet long, festering on the normally pristine stretch of the neighborhood.

Doormen working at the luxury building located at 350 East 52nd St., are on strike and city sanitation workers won’t cross their picket line to pick up the trash. Many tenants are also supporting their fight and the expanding sign of solidarity.

“This is testament. This is a mountain of our landlord’s selfishness and greed,” tenant Kirk Swanson told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

“I think unions are important. They walk all over you, these owners, if you don’t have union,” tenant Anna Caruso said.

Despite mattresses, furniture, and piles upon piles of smelly, leaking garbage, a spokesperson for the Department of Sanitation confirmed there is an active strike and its workers will continue to let the garbage pile grow until the doormen get a contract or the Department of Health orders the agency to clean up the mess.

“I’m hoping it will continue to grow because it’s a sign of what they’re facing. They’re facing a stinking, rotten situation. That’s not going away,” another tenant said.

The building’s owner, William Koeppel, said he has called the Health Department about the garbage, too. Koeppel said he is negotiating with the doormen’s union and hopes to reach an agreement soon so everyone can get back to work.

The Health Department is looking to see if the garbage piles must be removed immediately.  In the meantime, residents are left holding their breath.

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Hazel Sanchez

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  1. zencity says:

    For a more detailed explanation of the situation, see

  2. concerned says:

    people of 350, the doormen were no great shakes, neither is the LL. the doormen told sanitiation not to cross. also, the doormen have not behaved appropriately, music playing, cursing in fornt of kids while on strike. when they were working, they were always on phone and barely opened the door. this building is certainly not luxury.

    1. zencity says:

      concerned – are you the niece of koepell who lives in the building?

  3. 350tenant says:

    This garbage pileup is starting to make me feel claustrophobic. I don’t know the details of the disagreement between the doormen and the landlord, but it seems like a messy situation that will take time to figure out and until it does I suspect my good taxpaying dollars should allow me to not have to jump over nasty garbage on my way to work every morning. Let’s go sanitation and health department.

  4. lydia says:

    The Health Department is looking to see if the garbage piles must be removed immediately. In the meantime, residents are left holding their breath.
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  5. Goblin says:

    Wow, so the city sanitation department is bascially holding everyone hostage to force the landlord into a deal. Talk about extortion.

  6. Derek Monteverdi says:

    Hazel, it’s your story that was garbage because you didn’t even attempt to inform viewers about the details of the dispute between the doormen and the building owner. Were you just being lazy or was the actual content of your story heavily edited and beyond your control?

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