NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — The controversy surrounding same-sex marriage found its way into the prayer service at St. Patrick’s cathedral in New York City.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan is continuing his campaign against New York same-sex marriage legislation, this time using special prayer in his opposition.

“Any presumption to redefine that sacred vocabulary, I’m afraid is at our common peril,” Dolan said during his prayer service.

WCBS 880’S Mike Xirinachs reports: Several Parishioners Say They Were Offended By Dolan’s Prayer

The Archbishop calling his message pro-marriage and not anti-gay and said his service wasn’t political. “This was Sunday Mass, so this wasn’t about politics, it was more about prayer and principal and preaching and the Bible and calling back to what’s best,” he said.

But several parishioners walked away from his service, offended by his use of prayer to oppose the controversial legislation.

“We’re used to that. People have been walking away from God’s law,” said Dolan “They even walked away from Jesus so we’re kind fo used to that.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been personally lobbying for the same-sex marriage bill this week in a quest to secure what appears to be one more vote needed to legalize gay marriage and deliver a major win for the national effort.

After a closed door meeting with Cuomo Friday, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos emerged to say that there would be no vote at least until Monday.

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  1. DM says:

    Civil marriage licenses and certificates should state: married as man and woman, …as man and man, …as woman and woman.

  2. KPMc says:

    Love the people holding the sign that says “Don’t Pervert Marriage”

    In the recent and not so recent past..

    Dinosaur Hugh Hefner was set to marry a playboy bunny 60 years his junior.

    A married politician was revealed to be exposing himself using social media behind his wife’s back.

    Britney Spears married someone in Vegas for 24 hours.

    Ted Kennedy (Catholic) womanized and drank his gluttonous bloated self throughout his marriage and was responsible for the death of his mistress.

    J. Lo, Elizabeth Taylor and Christie Brinkley have gone through marriages like I change socks.

    Our married president got a hummer in the oval office.

    Finally… the divorce rate of heterosexual couples is about 50%… kind of high considering most of them take a VOW before GOD of ’til death do us part”

    My question is… where were you all fighting for the defense of marriage throughout these incidents. Don’t these things pervert your sense of what marriage should be?

    What is the rate of heterosexual marriages that have one or more parent abuse another? or their children? physically and sexually!

    You hypocrites carrying your bibles will have a lot to answer for some day. The actions of two consenting adults that have nothing to do with you won’t be among them.

    1. Marcus says:


      1. Patrick O’Malley says:

        It is a sin to rape children, like tens of thousands of your priests did.
        It is a sin to lie about that and cover it up.
        It is a sin to ignore the victims.

        Speak as loudly about that.

  3. Dale Auburn says:

    I’m still waiting for somebody, anybody, to present a specific GOVERNMENTAL reason for not allowing gay marriage. Not a “religious” reason, but a GOVERNMENTAL reason.

    Please cite SPECIFIC governmental costs, revenues, or administrative functions that would be impacted. Alternately, identify a SPECIFIC heterosexual couple whose marriage has suffered SPECIFIC damage caused by a SPECIFIC gay couple being married.

    The floor remains open….

    1. Louis E. says:

      As a NON-religious opponent of same-sex “marriage”,my objections relate to the harm caused to the general welfare by failure to uphold the exclusively normative status of opposite-sex relationships.To treat same-sex sexual relationships as if they were unobjectionable is like subsidizing drinks for alcoholics.That the species has two sexes means that the government has a responsibility to guarantee opposite-sex couples preferential treatment,and marriage exists solely as a means of implementing that responsibility.Anyone who insists on the selfish indulgence of a same-sex sexual attraction needs to be effectively penalized.Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right…just as with alcoholics,and drinking,and situations (driving,public order,etc) where drinking (whether or not the person is an alcoholic) is made relevant by the person’s actions.

  4. Joseph Didonato says:

    Not even Catholic priests can live by the Catholic Church’s rules about sexual morality. So why does anyone take them seriously when they pontificate about sexual morality? Shouldn’t they take the beam out of their own eye before they attempt to remove the splinter from ours?

    We have the constitutional right NOT to be Catholics. How does the bishop have any standing in this issue?

    Paul says he has no right to judge people outside the church. What the bishop says about gay marriage is completely irrelevant to society at large.

    No priest would marry two atheists, but it does not object to them getting married at city hall. No priest would marry two gay people, but it does object to them getting married at city hall. Why does the Catholic bishop want to apply Catholic rules to some non-Catholics but not to others? How is this not outrageous?

    Banning gay marriage infringes on our freedom of religion. Some religious groups gladly perform gay marriages. Banning gay marriage regulates those churches by banning one of their religious practices. The government isn’t supposed to do that. The very act of making gay marriage illegal is illegal in itself.

    The bishop is completely out of line. Someone needs to tell him to shut up and sit down.

    1. Louis E. says:

      Marriage exists to unite males to females.No relationship that does not do this has any business being regarded or treated as a marriage.This is not a religious issue at all.
      There is no public interest in there being any same-sex sexual relationships,there is a vital interest in there being opposite-sex relationships.

      1. KPMc says:

        Since when do personal freedoms have to be in the public’s interest. I don’t like tattoos and I see no public benefit from them yet I know it would infringe on other’s rights for me to call for a ban on them for legal adults.

        It’s amazing how quickly people are willing to sacrifice liberty at the behest of a bunch of hypocrites that systematically promoted and protected pedophiles.

        It’s convenient that they can (mis)quote Scripture as it suits their needs yet totally gloss over the parts that tell you not to judge others as that is God’s domain and no one else’s.

        250 years of religious freedom and you morons still don’t realize that your relationship with god and religion is yours and yours alone and no individual or government can compromise that.

        Take care of your own spiritual needs and let others do the same. In the end none of us make the final judgement.

  5. Chuck Murphy says:

    This is a legal relationship, not unlike a business partnership. I dare the Archbishop to withdraw from the current situation where priests and deacons officiate at BOTH a religious sacrament and a legal marriage. He should rant and rave about adultery and divorce as the true “enemies” of heterosexual marriage.

    1. Carlos Guzman says:

      Well then, if it’s only “LEGAL” then call it the legal term “Partnership”. Do not call it marriage and do not try to force religious institutions to comply with marrying such a couple, but leave it to the legal system.

      1. Marriage for All! says:

        No one is trying to “force” religiious institutiions to do anything – this is a civil rights issue that has NOTHING to do with religiion or God or morality. The proposed law protects religious organizations, so it’s a moot point anyway.

        And “marriage” IS a legal term. If a straight couple gets married in a courthouse you’re saying they’re not married because it didn’t happen in a place of worship? They have a “partnership” not a “marriage”? Please. I’m tired of all these stupid, ridiculous arguments that have nothing to do with the real issue.

  6. Daniel P says:

    The Roman catholic Church IS Evil. I’m a Protestant and attend services at my Lutheran church each Sunday. I’m also a member of the United Church Of Christ. My church allows gay and lesbian people to be married in the church. How DARE Dolan try t enforce ROMAN CATHOLIC rules, thru civil law, on people who CHOOSE to be NON-CATHOLICS ! This IS Evil and UN-AMERICAN !

    1. Ellen says:

      Sorry there fella, but it’s the teaching of the church, and though you may not like it, hey I don’t like anti Catholic rhetoric like you just spit out, so guess your just as bad if not worse.

      1. matt says:

        The teaching of the Church DOES NOT deserve to be heard in the political arena while they still get tax exempt status for being a church.

        If they’re going to lobby, TAX THEM.

    2. Carlos Guzman says:

      Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

  7. Carlos Guzman says:

    Keep strong Archbishop Dolan. Many are with you in this crusade to save the definition of marriage. Personally I’m not against granting gay couples the same legal and health benefits. We are all human beings. I truly hope that ALLreligions that believe marriage is between a man and a woman ONLY stand up for what they believe in. I certainly won’t vote for these republican snakes that turned our back on us.

  8. JOSEPH says:

    May God bless you Archbishop Dolan for keeping right. Those who want to walk away from truth have the God given free will to do so. But the truth will always remain. Keep preaching. Those who want to hear are hearing.

  9. Nikos says:

    marriage and bible oh my… jesus sun of God and Mar; Mary given to Joseph as Wife; make your own conclusion! needles to say anything else… stoning? for udultery?…Oh my

  10. Dale Auburn says:

    All of us have heard, over and over, the RELIGIOUS objections to gay marriage.
    However, NOBODY has been willing to specify a GOVERNMENTAL reason to oppose gay marriage. In particular, nobody has been willing to identify…

    – the SPECIFIC way(s) in which will gay marriage increase government’s cost, decrease government’s revenues, or impede governmental administration.

    – a SPECIFIC heterosexual couple whose marriage has suffered SPECIFIC damage due to a SPECIFIC gay couple being married.

    Until somebody is willing to offer SPECIFIC governmental reasons, there is nothing to talk about.

  11. A Concerned Roman Catholic Priest says:

    Some of these posts are just plain crude. However….I must say that I do not agree at all with the Archbishop. His statements are even infuriating many devout Catholics!!! I happen to be a Catholic Priest from the New York in very good standing…. and honesty, most Priests that I know are in support of this legislation. And most Priests that know other Priests are in support of this legislation. The ones against it are the many company men , the “YES” men…..and those who are fearful of stating what they truly want to say in support of the legislation. Bottom line: many Catholic clergy sadly seek to keep their mouths shut out of fear of potential harsh discipline by church authorities if they voice the slightest agreement in support of gay marriage. The fact is: countless gay men and women can add a great richness of creativity, imagination, unique diversity and generosity to both the Church and society at large with the powerful witness in their loving relationships. Furthermore, they have every right to the all the rights privileges that we all share when it comes to the gift of sincere and loving relationships. Sadly, many church authorities are becoming the catalysts in alienating more and more of its members every day. The Roman Catholic experience is sadly becoming less of what Christ intented and more about control, control and more control. Bottom line: nobody is listening to the men with the pointed hats anymore..not even the majority of the Catholic clergy (unless they seek some sort of career advancement perhaps)……Likewise, nobody is even listening to the Vatican anymore. They are totally out of touch with contemprary society…..still living in the Middle Ages and imposing archaic Roman thinking on the rest of the world. But the people seek to listen to the voice of Christ!!! There is so much generous love to be found in the gay community. And Jesus knows that… Gay men and women deserve to share that love in a deep and abiding way with all the protection of the law…..and likewise with the blessing of the Lord Himself!!!!

    1. JOSEPH says:

      You are a liar. You are not a CATHOLIC PRIEST. Even if you are’ (which is impossible) you don’t need to bother about any “potential harsh discipline by the church”.Try to find the honor of walking away from a group (catholic priests) you do not identify with. Stop being such a shameless snaky villain.

      1. TheMajority says:

        Shameless sneaky villain? You mean like the leaders of YOUR church who allowed known pedophiles to continue holding Mass and working with small children? Gimme a break. You tell this Priest to walk away? You mean like about 50% of the Catholic population has walked away from the Church because of its archaic beliefs… lol i’m on a roll here, we can go all day.

  12. littlestar says:

    Hello ?

  13. Wolf says:

    There are so many religions. The catholic religion is just one of many. Stop telling people they cannot love each other if thats what is in their heart. If two men or two women love each other…. let them love. Its better for the world to have an open and accepted society rather than an underground one.

  14. Babsbunny77 says:

    I’m with Wayne… pedophilia would have been a much more relevant topic.
    As a practicing Catholic and someone who lived with a gay roommate for a long time, I would have had zero issue marching down that aisle and out of that church sans contribution to the collection plate. I expect this sort of behavior from the Westboro Baptist Church… not St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

  15. wayne says:

    …..if only the catholic church had devoted this much effort to protecting our kids from pedophile priests!!!!

    1. harelm going ham says:

      That’s right. leave the children alone. death to the pedophiles.

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