NEW YORK (WFAN) — David Tyree hauled in one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl — if not NFL — history.

In 2008, The Giants shocked the world by beating the 18-0 Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, thanks to Tyree’s tremendous late-game helmet-catch. But he’d take it all back to put the kibosh on same-sex marriage.

“The catch was a gift, it’s not like I’d try to do it,” he told the New York Daily News on Monday. “There’s nothing worth more than [one man-one woman marriage] right here for me.”

When asked directly if he’d trade the Giants’ title to stop gay marriage, Tyree replied: “Honestly, I probably would.”

Last week, Tyree, a Montclair High School and Syracuse University alum, spoke out against same-sex marriage and warned of “anarchy” if the measure is approved.

“What I know will happen if this does come forth is this will be the beginning of our country sliding toward, it is a strong word, but anarchy,” Tyree said in a video produced by the National Organization for Marriage. “The moment we have, if you trace back even to other cultures, other countries, that will be the moment where our society in itself loses its grip with what’s right.”

Tyree stood by his stance on the hot-button issue on Monday. New York lawmakers are currently scrambling to decide the fate of the Marriage Equality Act in Albany.

“Being the fact that I firmly believe that God created and ordained marriage between a man and a woman, I believe that that’s something that should be fought for at all costs,” he told the paper. “So I’ll lay down everything I am to preserve the honor and integrity of the God that I serve.”

Rangers agitator Sean Avery was the first NYC sports celebrity to voice his support for same-sex marriage in a video released in May by the Human Rights Campaign. Giants chairman Steve Tisch and former Big Blue pass rusher Michael Strahan have since filmed spots for the HRC.

“I have no care of my image,” Tyree said. “I’m not necessarily here to be politically correct. All of my convictions come from my faith. I speak strong for that.”

Giants fans: what do you think of Tyree’s latest comments? Sound off in the comments below…

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  1. claate says:

    Eff Tyree! “The Catch” was Montana to Clark in the ’82 playoffs against Dallas. I’ve never even heard of this insecure joker.

    1. KPMc says:

      Well… then you were asleep in the winter and spring of 2009 because you couldn’t be in NYC or USA without seeing it. But that still doesn’t make his argument any more or less valid.

  2. michael says:

    And we should care about what he says why?

  3. becky says:

    And David, you think god was watching a football game and led you to catch that ball, but is too busy to worry about babies who die of SIDS?

  4. PMM says:

    Whether you agree with him or not (and I do) you have to give him a lot of credit. He has his priorities straight. Morality takes precedence over fame.

    1. KPMc says:

      He smoked crack and had a child out of wedlock. Which house of worship does that morality represent?

      And he lives in NJ… this is an issue of New York State.

      No, I don’t have to give credit to a sanctimonious, hypocritical hate-mongerer and I certainly do not.

  5. The anxious public says:

    I eagerly await Mr. Tyree’s thoughts on job creation in this tough economy. If anyone can fix this situation, it’s gotta be a football player.

  6. KPMc says:

    Love the people that keep saying “Don’t Pervert Marriage”

    In the recent and not so recent past..

    Dinosaur Hugh Hefner was set to marry a playboy bunny 60 years his junior.

    A married politician was revealed to be exposing himself using social media behind his wife’s back.

    Britney Spears married someone in Vegas for 24 hours.

    Ted Kennedy (Catholic) womanized and drank his gluttonous bloated self throughout his marriage and was responsible for the death of his mistress.

    J. Lo, Elizabeth Taylor and Christie Brinkley have gone through marriages like I change socks.

    Our married president got a hummer in the oval office.

    Finally… the divorce rate of heterosexual couples is about 50%… kind of high considering most of them take a VOW before GOD of ’til death do us part”

    My question is… where were you all fighting for the defense of marriage throughout these incidents. Don’t these things pervert your sense of what marriage should be?

    What is the rate of heterosexual marriages that have one or more parent abuse another? or their children? physically and sexually!

    You hypocrites carrying your bibles will have a lot to answer for some day. The actions of two consenting adults that have nothing to do with you won’t be among them.

    1. beard says:

      awesome! i love it…someone with sense

    2. badman says:

      great post!! and don’t forget Paul McCartney’s little gold digger… a real paragon of the sanctity of the marriage institution.

  7. beard says:

    I hope they legalize it soon so we can stop talking about it.

  8. KPMc says:

    David Tyree is a resident of New Jersey who is a self-admitted recovering crackhead. Why the heck is he allowed to weigh in on an issue of New York State? I don’t go to Trenton to influence his bloated governor or representatives.

    Get off your sanctimonious soapbox you overrated crackhead.

    1. KPMc says:

      David Tyree had his first child out of wedlock while he was still addicted to drugs and alcohol. How does that fit in with your sanctimonious defense of marriage and family you hypocrite?

    2. KPMc says:

      Nothing leads to anarchy like crackheads having kids out of wedlock.

    3. Harold Hartman says:

      You have hit the nail on the head. While as a US Citizen Tyree is entitled to his opinion, nobody (including the media) should be giving his opinion any credit whatsoever since he is not a resident of NY State. If he feels so strongly on the subject he should be focusing his attention on his own state’s politics where Civil Unions are already permitted.

  9. Go Blue says:

    Tyree made his comments respectfully, why can’t others. He did not denigrate anyone and doesn’t deserve the angry response unless no one can disagree without hostile rehtoric.. The man believes marriage should be between a man and a woman is that really so offensive? Is that wht we have become… He was there in the clutch for the Giants and he’s there for those who believe marriage is a union between a man and a woman… Glad he was on my side in the Super Bowl, glad he’s there again now.

    1. littlestar says:

      YOU GOT THAT RIGHT BRO ! These people claim persecution, however they are just as a arrogant as anyone else. Hate crimes legislation, anti discrimination laws, civil unions, OK. but not marriage.Crazy.

    2. Scott says:

      Great comment.

    3. Jacob says:

      hey you twisted moron, Denying another citizen equal, LEGAL rights that other citizens enjoy, Shoving your own religions beliefs onto others, forcing them to live YOUR way, according to YOUR hateful, arrow views, and cramming them into law is NOT RESPECTFUL. The current restrictions on marriage violate the US Constitution of full and equal protection under the law, Separation of Church & State, that “all men are created equal,” they promote hate an divisiveness, and create violence, not to mention they violate the religious beliefs of people who do not believe that marriage is defined by God, or defined in the same way that YOU see it.

      That only proves how twisted you religious nuts are. If you want to live in a restrictive theocracy, go to Iran.

      As reported on the news Monday night, until 1967 blacks and Whites could not marry, so how does “respectful” David Tyree feel about that discrimination? I know plenty of Bible thumpers who believe interracial marriage is a violation of the Bible, that God prohibits it. So there, you religious idiots don’t even agree, except to try to raise yourselves up to be more important than others who don’t see the world through your tainted eyes.

      And what about the backward states that permit 13 year-olds to marry, and first cousins to marry? Those marriages are all recognized by other states which will not permit those marriages to be performed. So there is an inconsistency in states being allowed to not acknowledge the legal marriage performed by another state.

      Also stated in that report is that the US divorce rate is 54%. And you think YOU & heterosexuals are “protecting” marriage, that you give it integrity, that you respect the union of marriage.

      And to the bigot who said “why don’t you settle for Civil Unions?” Well, WHY DON’T YOU SETTLE FOR THAT? Because it violates your rights, you two-faced, arrogant, hate-filled, perverted, brainless BIGOT! And NO, I won’t respect you because you don’t deserve respect, because you don’t respect others.

      JESUS said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “the 2nd Greatest commandment is… “Love they neighbor as thyself”

      LIVE by the Bible you claim to believe, and maybe you’ll see some light, come to know God, and earn some respect of those around you.

    4. badman says:

      if you love Tyree so much, why don’t you marry him?

  10. Paul D says:

    Does it have to come to this. Do we have to muzzle, I mean physically gag, these athletes? Is this really about tolerance or about posturing, making some hollow stand over an issue that shouldn’t touch any secure heterosexual man or woman. One has to ask: why do they go out of their way? It’s nonsensical. To diminish a pure act of triumph by espousing it with some inane sense of sanctimony is a disservice to himself, his teamates, his opponents, and every fan that witnessed that glorious catch.

  11. David says:

    Like David,i am a Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ,I like him are NOT against gay people as NOBODY should be,…but he is right,Marriage was made to be between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN and nothing outside of that,that is How God wants it,anything outside of that brings destruction,call us religious if you want…BUT THIS IS THE TRUTH,as far as the Title goes,let me just say,to say that takes guts and i am proud of david for stepping out,God bless you brother and i keep praying for you,..

    1. John Gulbunni says:

      And you know what god wants, yeah? Some people believe in a god that considers you an infidel who should be put to death. Are they wrong? Yes they are…and so are you. Live YOUR life by whatever rules your god places on you, but don’t try imposing them on others. Not in THIS country!

    2. Russell Schechtman says:

      Thank you for your insight of what God wants. I will make sure to call on you when I need higher truth.

  12. Randy Latonis says:

    Next decade it’ll be legal to marry your dog. Congratulations to David for speaking up for normacy, against the verbally violent and threatening opposing side. To speak decency takes so much guts whether you’re famous for anything or not.

    1. Mike Oxsmaul says:

      Hateful bigots like you keep the KKK relevant and blacks like Tyree subjugate to white men. Something tells me you just love it that way.

  13. Mitch Eisenman says:

    He’s entitled to his opinion, albeit an enormously ignorant one.

  14. Keeper of the Inn says:

    Give me your ring, and I will promise not to marry a dude

  15. MasterShake says:

    Imagine that. A football player saying something stupid. Wow. There’s a first. What the hell is the big deal about same-sex marriages. If you are opposed to it, than don’t it. If you’re gay, then go for it. Why should anyone care either way.

  16. JL says:

    My God is better than your God!

  17. Brett says:

    Another athlete in lala land, the economy has been in shamblesfor several years, the fact that people cant find work that are willing too wont cause anarchy but somehow gay marriage will?

  18. James says:

    hmm I cant wait for God to come and show you guys what hell will look like……David Tyree said exactly what us, Christians would say and do. Homesexuals are going to hell.

    1. Franks says:

      Where exactly does it say that in the bible?

  19. MK Reid says:

    David Tyree a sports celebrity? He made one great catch and two years later couldnt keep his spot on the Giants. Clearly a slow day in sports when a loser like this crawls out from under his rock and grabs some ink for himself. His opinion means nothing…

  20. nathan says:

    You were a nice special teams player and a lesser WR who made one great, albeit lucky catch. Just shut up already.

  21. No you wouldn’t, David. If not for The Catch, nobody would notice nor care about what you think…

    Piggish way to sully the greatest play in sports history. Jerk


    I loved the catch but, Tyree is an A$$ HOLE And probably Gay him self but is to afraid to come out of the closet. what right does any one have to tell any one that they cant get married regardless what there sexual preference is. The truth is there is no God it is all just a fairy tale written by very primitive people not far removed from cave men. The original intent by the bibles original writers was not for the scriptures to be taken literally but to be taken as a metaphor to be a better people. that is a fact, the sooner humans realize this the better we will be as a people here on earth or in the cosmos were our future should be headed.

    1. PMM says:

      Your OWN COMMENT proves what a fool you are.
      First you say the Bible is “just a fairy tale written by very primitive people not far removed from cave men.”
      THEN, in the very NEXT sentence you say “The original intent by the bibles original writers was… to be taken as a metaphor to be a better people.”
      Well, which is it???
      Even IF you think the Bible was written by men who wrote metaphorically so humans would become “better people”, that’s very wise, that’s the exact opposite of them being close to “cave men”.
      It really does not matter much if YOU think “there is no God”. But it will matter A LOT when G-d decides that there is no BENDER RODRIGUEZ.

      1. Becky says:

        Is Tyree (and his supporters here) saying that god wants to interfere with US civil rights, but was too busy to worry about the Holocaust or the Haitian earthquake? Tyree has the right to speak. We all have the right to call him out for his ignorance, his bigotry, and his own misconduct. Glass houses, David, glass houses.

      2. BENDER RODRIGUEZ says:

        How is that the opposite? All Im saying is the people who wrote the bible were primitive people from a long time ago that does not mean they did not no right from wrong. To your last comment, in the new Testament it says only god will judge you on judgment day no one else and Jesus made it seem like god is a very caring and compassionate but also forgiving “Being” if you are truly sorry for what you have done in life. I might not believe in organized religion or God but that doesn’t mean I haven’t read the bible and studied it. My beliefs are reincarnation and ancient aliens. you ever hear of : Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Daniken , that is what I believe also BENDER RODRIGUEZ does exist he is on my favorite TV show FUTURAMA every Thursday at 10:00 PM on comedy central starting this Thursday 6-23-11 with a two part premiere 1 hour! futurama was picked up for another 2 seasons so we will have futurama through 2013 yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! just wanted to clear that up….

      3. BENDER RODRIGUEZ says:

        MY two dogs know right from wrong I would assume cave men did also…. also if you haven’t noticed I am being facetious, cave men did not actually write the bible Men did; Men that thought the earth was flat and treated women like slaves…

  23. Anthony Lewis says:

    – I would tell David Tyree that until man and woman can get it right first, he shouldn’t think about trading “The Catch” and the title.

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