If Passed, Empire State Would Become Largest State To Have LegislationBy Marcia Kramer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — There was marriage drama in Albany on Monday.

A high-powered meeting between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and top lawmakers, ended with same-sex marriage in New York still stuck at the altar, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Demonstrators by the hundreds — both those in favor of same-sex marriage and those opposed — jammed the halls of the capital Monday as lawmakers continued to haggle over language that will protect religious institutions and garner enough support in the Republican-controlled Senate for the bill to pass.

State troopers were called to the Senate chamber floor as the two groups started to merge and talk with each other, but there was no escalation in the jammed marble hallways that turned stifling hot from the people and TV cameras. Most were respectful of each other and kept to their own groups.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones With More On The Dueling Protests In Albany.

Groups led by clergy opposed to same-sex marriage sang hymns such as “Victory is Mine” and prayed in small circles while pro-same-sex marriage advocates countered with “God Bless America” and lined the halls and parlor outside the Senate chamber.

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos spoke to reporters on Monday afternoon, just moments after a powwow with Gov. Cuomo and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

“We have staff people and members discussing with the governor religious protections. They’re still working on it. Once they’re prepared we’ll let you know what they are,” Skelos told Kramer.

“We’re working to protect the religious protections to make sure that they’re solid and that they will stand. You could have a judge come in and knock out all the religious protections.”

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond has the latest on the debate.

Still, the demonstrations continued to force the Senate’s hand. The Assembly has already passed the measure and is standing by to pass of the religious protections sought by the Senate as a way of making New York the sixth and largest state to make same-sex marriages legal.

A few senators — including Greg Ball of Putnam County — have said they’re still deciding how they would vote. Some of Ball’s constituents have taken to his Facebook page to pressure him to vote “yes.” Others are asking him not to rush his decision.

The outcome is of huge importance to John Mace and Richard Dorr, an elderly New York couple that wants to marry after being together for 61 years.

“Why not? Why not why complete this relationship?” Mace said. “I come from an Italian family. They’re the marrying kind.”

“The only sanctifying element in a marriage is what the two people bring to it,” Dorr added.

Former New York Giants Super Bowl hero David Tyree was in Albany to oppose gay marriage.

“I want to tell the New York senators it’s not about right and left, it’s about right and wrong. Marriage is an honorable estate not created by government but founded in nature and in God’s nature,” Tyree said.

Sources told Kramer a Senate vote is expected some time this week. Maybe Tuesday; maybe Wednesday; maybe even as late as Thursday.

Reaction on the streets of New York City has been mixed.

“I’m a Christian and I don’t really believe in that. I mean I don’t have a problem with gay people, I do have a lot of gay friends, I wouldn’t support the marriage part,” Millecher Semple, of Jaimaca, Queens, told CBS 2.

“I think they should have the same rights as every other tax paying American,” added Colin Mitchell of the Upper West Side.

Legalizing same-sex marriage has been stalled since last week, when it passed the State Assembly in 80-63 vote. Hundreds of gay rights activists rallied throughout Manhattan Sunday to push for progress on the bill.

“Injustice everywhere is injustice anywhere we need to deconstruct these laws that are unjust and create one that gives everyone the right to marry,” said Jackie Lewis, a gay rights activist.

“God made people gay, so them being allowed to marry is not only a moral right, but it’s a civil right,” Lewis added.

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan addressed the same-sex marriage issue at Father’s Day mass Sunday.

“I know we’re sort of the David here, up against a Goliath, but we’re not going to give up. That’s what this request for prayers was all about,” Dolan said.

Dolan again stated the belief of the Catholic Church that marriage is defined by a union between a man and a woman.

“Any presumption to redefine that sacred vocabulary, I’m afraid, is at our common peril,” Dolan said.

Do you support the Marriage Equality Act? Sound off in our comments section below…

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Marcia Kramer

Comments (213)
  1. Barre Flynn says:

    Marriage is an institution of God not Man. Marriage is defined as a union between Man and Woman. The state took it over for financial and regulatory reasons which it has no cause to do. Now it comes with benefits when state sanctions it. The state needs a set of rules that does not pretend they know more than God. These rules would give anyone who wants to live together the benefits of that union. God protects the married so they can manage their relationships that is why state marriages net a 60% divorce rate.

  2. Rodin says:

    Who will protect us FROM religion???

    17 June 2011

    A Jewish rabbinical court condemned to death by stoning a stray dog it feared was the reincarnation of a lawyer who insulted its judges, reports say.


    Good without gods!

    1. Bored_By_Bias says:

      That was a spoof report, as just verified. If you were not anti-semitic, you’d have known it was false: Jews don’t believe in reincarnation.

      1. Rodin says:

        Is Exodus 21:28: “If a bull gores a man or a woman to death, the bull must be stoned to death” a ‘spoof’ as well?

        That I may not be familiar with the intricacies of Judaism makes me a non-Jew not antisemitic. For you to jump to that conclusion makes you paranoid, a bigoted Zionist or both.

        What I AM is an Atheist and treat ALL religions the same, with disgust.

        I will, however, check the story out. I don’t make assumptions and certainly would never take the religiously biased. who live in ignorance and fear, at their word.

        Good without gods. (This you seem to have missed)

        Back to you later.

      2. Rodin says:

        You are right. The BBC has published a retraction.

        But Exodus 21:28 IS there on the HOLY Babble and religious atrocities permeate every conflict on earth, including the one at hand denying human beings equal rights in the name of some fairy in the sky.

        And, BTW, I happen to be passionate about both human and animal rights and religion is nothing is nothing but faith based bigotry as demonstrated daily in Albany by clerics of all stripes and their minions.

  3. KPMc says:

    Love the people holding the sign that says “Don’t Pervert Marriage”

    In the recent and not so recent past..

    Dinosaur Hugh Hefner was set to marry a playboy bunny 60 years his junior.

    A married politician was revealed to be exposing himself using social media behind his wife’s back.

    Britney Spears married someone in Vegas for 24 hours.

    Ted Kennedy (Catholic) womanized and drank his gluttonous bloated self throughout his marriage and was responsible for the death of his mistress.

    J. Lo, Elizabeth Taylor and Christie Brinkley have gone through marriages like I change socks.

    Our married president got a hummer in the oval office.

    Finally… the divorce rate of heterosexual couples is about 50%… kind of high considering most of them take a VOW before GOD of ’til death do us part”

    My question is… where were you all fighting for the defense of marriage throughout these incidents. Don’t these things pervert your sense of what marriage should be?

    What is the rate of heterosexual marriages that have one or more parent abuse another? or their children? physically and sexually!

    You hypocrites carrying your bibles will have a lot to answer for some day. The actions of two consenting adults that have nothing to do with you won’t be among them.

  4. KPMc says:

    David Tyree is a resident of New Jersey who self admittedly is a recovering crackhead. Why the heck is he allowed to weigh in on an issue of New York State? I don’t go to Trenton to influence his bloated governor or representatives.

    Get off your sanctimonious soapbox you overrated crackhead.

    1. KPMc says:

      David Tyree had his first child out of wedlock while he was still addicted to drugs and alcohol. How does that fit in with your sanctimonious defense of marriage and family you hypocrite?

    2. KPMc says:

      Nothing leads to anarchy like crackheads having kids out of wedlock.

  5. tomNj says:

    Do we really have time for all this? I mean, between the economy and wars and all the other huge issues we as a people face, is it really the time to worry about all this? Geez. Seems like a political distraction from some real issues to me. I turn on the news and all I hear is Weiner-gate and gay marriage, all the while we are bombing cities and have millions out of work and prices in the grocery store going thru the roof!

    1. Bob Fowler says:

      third attempt to post…I guess I will post an opinion directly opposite of that which I wanted to post, to see if it gets posted.

      You’re wrong Tom!!! People are given all of the news that they need by our government. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, we do not need to rely on anyone for our information, as it is all public knowledge. Stop disparaging our system, you hack.

  6. NYgeorge says:

    “In God we trust”. It’s everywhere. On your currency, all over Washington DC buildings, on the wall at the supreme couts, and most courts in our country. To bad it has eroded away from the hearts of men and women who enjoy the freedoms of this country. It is meant to be NONDENOMINATIONAL for all to respect. The government should NOT GET INVOLVED WITH ANY OF THE MARRIAGE DEFINITIONS. The government has repeatably accepted that Marriage is obviously between a man and a woman, under God (the pledge)… Anything else is nuts. Keep you personal life private and no one will care what you do. Don’t ask, don’t tell worked… another Obamination of our laws. Maybe we should change everything previously stated to “In God we distrust??????

    If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. It’s fine the way it is.

    1. toyotabedzrock says:

      In God we trust was only added to paper money in 1957 and coins in 1864.

      1. Karen says:

        So let me try to understand you here. What you’re saying is “In God we Trust” was added AFTER the constitution was written in which separate church and state laws were written? That’s what I thought. Apparently founding principles being overwritten by religious politicians is a common trend in America.

        Also, to all of you who say “God believes marriage is between a man and a woman” are viewing it from a religious standpoint, not a political one. My personal belief is that marriage should be between two people who love each other, no matter their race, religion, sex, ethnicity, whatever; but you don’t see me enforcing laws upon people who have different beliefs than I do.

        How about those who believe marriage should be between a man and a woman keep up their own traditions, rather than trying to force their beliefs on others who just want to be treated as equals, as the constitution says.

        When it comes to a religious debate, there is no right or wrong answer; a belief is a belief, and that’s something no government law should be able to take away from you. But as for the marriage debate, the same thing goes – no government body should be able to take that right away from you.

    2. KPMc says:

      “In God we Trust”… “under God”… our abominations of our Constitution. They were added in the 20th century by fear mongering bible thumpers. It’s a travesty those phrases were added in the first place. I think the original pledge sounds much better anyway.

      Does anyone know what religious freedom even means?

      1. danny says:

        And, “One nation under god” was added in the ’50’s as an answer to communism and McCarthy. Our forefathers wanted nothing to do with religion.

  7. Marcus says:


    1. Rodin says:

      “If god has made us in his image, we have returned him the favor.” – VOLTAIRE

    2. Rodin says:

      You seem fascinated by excrement, very fecal, totally scatological. Suffering from coprophagia?

  8. I_Love_Weiner says:

    Gay Cera Cera
    I think lesbians should be able to do all those things I see them do in those internet videos, but no marriage.

  9. Steve says:

    It’s time for gay marriage in New York. Religious zealots that think being gay is a problem need to understand this is nature and not nurture. First off, I am straight and have believed that gay men and women in a lot of situations are much more stable in their relationships and can be great parents. In America, we need to take a collective enema and get religion beliefs out of our politics.

    1. Marcus says:

      Tell the Truth, U are sooooooooooo gay, the bible says by their fruits we shall know them . . . by your fruit we’ve known u, May God have mercy on your soul though . . .

  10. Pride is Still A Movement says:


    1. NYgeorge says:

      wrong. You have the right to do as you please, but you do not have the right to redefine marriage. Goverment has no right to re-define it either. YOU OBVIOUSLY HAD A MOTHER AND A FATHER, OR YOU, OR FOR THAT MATTER, NOBODY WOULD BE HERE.
      If NY goes gay with this, then the shi%%% will fly. YOU HAVE FREE AGENCY OVER WHAT YOU DO AND SAY, BUT YOU REALLY ARE BETTER OFF STRAIGHT. The government should not get involved with this at all.

  11. Dave R. says:

    I think it’s crazy when tenets from a belief system that has people being swallowed by whales, only to be vomited up three days later and live; somebody stepping in water and it turning into wine; some that Jesus was schlepping around South America about 200-300 years ago; that the world is only a little over 6,000 years old can trump common sense. Cowtowing to those of like mind and allowing them to control our laws is more threatening to the continuance of what out fore fathers (sp) had in mind than does gay marriage.
    God has 350 billion galaxies to take care That is about 50 galaxies per person alive today on Earth. I doubt if that God is concerned about gay sex in a back room at the Stonewall in on a Tuesday night; whether Notre Dame beats Boston College in football (OK, basketball maybe) or what color the carpet is on Boise First Baptist Church.

  12. Bob Fowler says:

    Maybe the real problem isn’t with gays, religious, blacks, illegals… Maybe the problem lies in the fact that we all try to separate ourselves from the group by creating factions? Maybe if we didn’t waste our time trying to make ourselves better than everyone else, we wouldn’t be so focused on our differences?

    Take a step back, and let the other guy win one. You won’t die, and everyone will be a little less stressed out.

  13. Dale Auburn says:

    I’m still waiting for somebody, anybody, to present a specific GOVERNMENTAL reason for not allowing gay marriage. Not a “religious” reason, but a GOVERNMENTAL reason.

    Please cite SPECIFIC governmental costs, revenues, or administrative functions that would be impacted. Alternately, identify a SPECIFIC heterosexual couple whose marriage has suffered SPECIFIC damage caused by a SPECIFIC gay couple being married.

    The floor remains open….

    1. Leonora says:

      A very good point, Dale. I’d like to hear a reason, if there is one, as well.

    2. Bob Fowler says:

      I guess the facts that I posted previously were not true? Married filing joint pays less than 2 people filing single. Social Security benefits get paid to spouses, not partners.

      Does this meet your criteria? Or must it be a catastrophic effect before you acknowledge it?

      1. NYSmike says:

        They may be facts, but what is your point. Perhaps if it’s a money thing to you, then you probably are all for disolving marriage and letting everyone, including heteros have civil unions?

      2. Bob Fowler says:

        just answering Dale’s question again. He keeps asking it, so I assume that he hasn’t seen the answer. I just want him to move on to the next question.

      3. Cori says:

        But 2 people filing single, if they have a child, can actually save money on federal taxes because one can claim a dependent deduction and the other can claim head of household. So not allowing gays with children federal marriage status costs the federal govt money actually. The thing about S.S. benefits is true. But I don’t care because the deficit is so high, there isn’t going to be S.S. by the time I retire.

      4. Dale Auburn says:

        Of course, you’re choosing to ignore the “marriage penalty.”

        Remember that the “married filing jointly” status explicitly assumes that one partner (the husband) has most or all of the income, while the other (the wife) has little or none, so it was intended to penalize dual-high-income households. If both partners work and their incomes are roughly equal, the tax for filing jointly is HIGHER than the combined tax for filing singly. The “penalty” increases with higher incomes. so all those affluent gays will be paying MORE rather than less.

  14. littlestar says:

    Why are you blocking my comments again. That’ not fair mr. censor. Luv ya.

    1. nathan says:

      They block your insights ls but don’t block the person who uses my name and posts hate 20 times a day. Ive written to them 3 times but they don’t seem to care. I suppose I will have to resort to other means that I really would rather not pursue…

      1. littlestar says:

        I haven’t posted anything hateful today so I don’t know what you are talking about. I’ve had responses from other people who have threatened to rip my throat out, and they let that through. I would tell you now what they blocked, but then this would not get to you…

    2. Leonora says:

      In reply to your comment below. I did not call you sad. I said it was sad that you don’t believe we are born equal. I know the world is not perfect and the world does not treat us all equally. I would like it if everyone received the same treatment when they went to a hospital, for instance, regardless of wealth. But the Constitution only states that we are born equal which is true. It’s up to us to strive to make this world as equal and fair as possible. That’s my view.

      1. littlestar says:

        Lenora, ” it’s sad ” is the same thing as saying little star is a sad person, inferior. You are no better than those who judge you because you are gay, or choose to be gay. You let your arrogance show, my love. It is this that will damn you in the next world. I don’t wan tthat to happen to you.Look I’m no better than you are. Pray for me. Pray for you.

    3. Bob Fowler says:

      Welcome to the world of selective information. We are only fed that which the media wants us to hear. I bet if they really were doing their jobs, we would be inundated with Wikileak facts, instead of hearing how Wikileaks is a security risk.

  15. Howard Bodouin says:


    1. Dale Auburn says:

      That’s not a GOVERNMENTAL argument.

      The Legislature is part of Government, so please indicate a GOVERNMENTAL reason for not allowing gay marriage.

  16. littlestar says:

    Can we please scratch out, ” all men are created equal “, from the declaration of Indipendence because it just isn’t true. Anyone who believes this lives a lie. Luv ya.

    1. Leonora says:

      In response to your comment from below, I don’t believe we’re all sinners. I was pointing out the damage that criminals do to other people. Gay people, just by being gay and having gay sex, do not do any damage to others.

      To use the word “sin” is to denote religion. While religion has its place, it does not and should not rule our government.

      All people ARE created equal in the sense that no one’s life is worth more than anyone else’s. It’s sad that you don’t see that.

      1. littlestar says:

        Ya see somethig honey, there was no reason to call me sad. Right from the start you think that you are better than I am. The literal interpitation of that small phrase is a lie. The truth is that other peoples lives’ ARE worth more than others. Is Mr. Obama and his family’s life worth more than my own ? Of course it is ! ! ! And thats just the way that it is. Got no problem. If my small plane dissapered off of Mass.. do you think they would send the freaking Navy to look for me ? We are not created equal in the physical world. It is alie.

  17. Barb says:

    I am sorry but God did not make people gay!!! Anymore than He made people murders, pediphilas etc. God is sad that this is happening that is the reality of it all.

    1. Jim says:

      How funny to see someone combining God and reality in one sentence.

      The REALITY is that ours is a nation of many faiths, and of no faith. No faith, no matter how big a majority they make, has a right to force its version of “reality” onto others who don’t share that faith.

    2. Bob Fowler says:

      If God made gays, why don’t men fit neatly into men or women neatly into women? When you try to build a jigsaw puzzle by cutting and bending the pieces, the picture that you make isn’t the one on the cover of the box.

  18. otaybanky says:

    “Injustice everywhere is injustice anywhere we need to deconstruct these laws that are unjust and create one that gives everyone the right to marry,” said Jackie Lewis, a gay rights activist.

    “God made people gay, so them being allowed to marry is not only a moral right, but it’s a civil right,” Lewis added.

    It can be argued that God made people murderers, alcoholics, pedophiles, con artists, thieves, adulterers (need I continue). Shouldn’t they be allowed to continue in that lifestyle if, indeed, God made them that way?

    1. MeAgain says:

      so being gay is like being a murderer, pedophile, etc.

      thats just dumb

    2. Leonora says:

      Murderers deprive people of life. Alcoholics are not necessarily harming anyone else. That’s why it’s not illegal to drink. Pedophiles deprive children of their innocence, con artists deprive people of money as do thieves. Adultery is no longer illegal.

      Sex between two consenting adults who are not cheating is not like any of the things you mentioned. There is no deprivation, no harm to anyone else.

      Also, we’re not legislating sex. The Supreme Court finally made gay sex completely legal in every state (Texas, 2003).

      We’re talking about marriage, the right to commit to someone legally for life, to be the person’s other equally under the law, to make end of life decisions, to inherit property without extra taxes, to pay less taxes in many cases, and a host of other rights and protections that come with being married.

      1. littlestar says:

        Arrogance preceeds entitelment, Leonora. You must recognise sin as an inclusion of the victimless crime. One does not need to have blood on his hands to be a sinner. I know my spelling sucks.

  19. Coco says:

    We are not talking about “sacred marriage”, or the sacrament of holy matrimony or anything of the sort. We are talking about “civil marriage.” In this country, you do not need to believe in God or profess a belief in God or have a religious ceremony in order to be civilly married. A consenting man and woman can simply get a marriage license, go to the justice of the peace and get a civil marriage. Then they are entitled to all the rights and benefits that our nation bestows upon married people. It seems to me that all gays are asking for is the same right to “civil marriage.” They are not asking anyone to like it or bless it or whatever. Just give these taxpaying citizens the same rights that others get. And civil unions wouldn’t be the same thing unless we abolished civil marriage and demanded that every couple get something called a civil union from the state and a marriage from the clergy. Separate is not equal in this country. History has taught us that.

    1. Leonora says:

      Thank you, Coco! Beautifully stated.

  20. edwardo says:

    Unless the clergy were going to be obliged to perform a marriage ceremony, by law, these religious leaders and their prostelisizing against gay marriage really should have no voice in this matter.These clerics may be well within their rights to profess what they believe to their respective congregations but outside of the mosques, churches or synagogues they should stop campaigning against what is clearly a civil issue.

  21. Frank says:

    I get the consensus from reading comments here and in other places that most gays don’t believe in ‘God’. Do they think that by spewing this so vehemently, that it is going to make folks, on the fence on this marriage thing, back them up in their cause? This is just as bad as the right wing religious coo-coo birds that insist that ‘God’ hates gays. ‘God’ neither hate gays nor approve of statements made by coo-coo birds, because hate is NOT a character of ‘God’. ‘God’ is love that accepts whatever you choose to be in life unconditionally and without judgment. We are all ‘sinners’ and the wages of ‘sin’ is death. After that, it’s between you and ‘God’.

    1. MyLife says:


      Though I disagree with your statement that many gays don’t believe in God, I do respect the last few sentences of your post. You are right when you say that God loves all of us unconditionally. If you believe God can forgive a murderer, why not a gay person?

    2. littestar says:

      Tornados seem pretty hateful to me. I think it best to fear the creator.

  22. nyc says:

    Why is there sooo much to do about gays ? I don’t understand all of the hype. I grew up most of my life in New York’s village around many gays and just never heard so much conversation about it. One of my good male friends was gay and I asked him why he was gay ? He told me when he was in high school ,he couldn’t get girls ,but there was no problem getting guys ! Just saying.

    1. danny says:

      When I was in HS, I couldn’t get a girl to even look at me, forget getting a date.I never thought of dudes as a way to get some. Your friend went out with dudes, well, because he is gay. Not that there’s a problem with it, but if he believes what he told you, then he’s still lying to himself. Just saying.

  23. Cate says:

    I’m pretty sure our nation was having this discussion not too long ago when deciding to give certain Americans of color their civil rights. I have faith that everyone will open their eyes. No one should be discriminated against for how they are born, period.
    I look forward to the day when this is no longer on the table for debate.

  24. Chris says:

    I’m all for people having equal rights under the law. Just don’t call it marriage. Marriage is the union of a man to a woman. There is no discrimination here. Every gay person has the right and ability to get married. The problem arises when they want to get married to a member of the same sex.

    1. Cate says:

      To be honest with you chris, I don’t care if it is called marriage or not. You are correct, we all just want equal rights. You can keep the name of marriage. Thanks for the positive post!

    2. Werner says:

      Very good post,,, I don’t think anyone would deny EQUAL rights under the law as long as it’s not marriage. I feel only God has the right to judge, and gays are the ones that will have to stand before their Maker and explain their lifestyle. How about calling it a “Civil Union” and not marriage? What Chris posted is correct…

      1. Carlos Guzman says:

        I think if they did this and didn’t force clergy to perform the ceremony I would change my vote to yes. I want gay people to get all the benefits, it’s unfair to them to be treated different as humans. It’s just our religious beliefs don’t allow some of us to accept it as marriage

      2. Pat says:

        I totally agree with Werner; marriage should, as it always has been, be legalized civilly, and morally, only for men and women. That’s the way God created us; it’s unnatural to allow gays to marry, although calling it a “civil union” is acceptable. Marriage between a man and a woman is a union that, hopefully, will produce future generations. This is how God created us.

    3. Leonora says:

      Nope. I want to marry my girlfriend.

      Why not call it marriage? Marriage didn’t used to be between one man and one woman, it was between one man and many women. Polygamy was practiced around the world for thousands of years. It’s sanctioned by the Bible. But we don’t practice polygamy (for the most part) in this country anymore. Marriage has already changed.

    4. patty says:

      Bravo, Chris, – yes, all people should have equal rights, under the law; just do not pass a law calling it “marriage”. However, the law should be passed calling it a “legalized civil union”. Marriage has, and always will be, a union between a man and a woman, in the hopes of producing future generations. Marriage between two men or two women is very unnatural and should not be made legal.

    5. Rich says:

      Chris, I would agree with you if it wasn’t for the fact that it is the STATE that issues a marriage license and not the church. If you want to change the name, then the state should issue Civil Union certificates to all couples — straight or gay– and if individuals want to solemnize their vows religiously, then the church or synagogue or mosque can call it a marriage. Do you understand the difference between state and church nomenclature? As long as it is the state that is issuing the license, the state should offer the same license equally to either straight or gay couples. Call it marriage license or civil union license, as long as it is the same for both.

  25. Rosemary says:

    Marriage: One man. One Woman. Period, paragraph, end of discussion.
    If it’s good enough for the Bible and the Roman Catholic Church (PLEASE – do not get into it with me about the sexual abuse scandals here), it’s good enough for me. Besides, are those who are willing tho shove this immorality down our throats willing to shove 5,000-plus years of tradition out the window because they think we should treat them like everyone else? NO WAY.

    1. Leonora says:

      Marriage in the Bible: One Man. Many Women.

      Exodus 21:10: If he marries another woman, he must not deprive the first one of her food, clothing and marital rights.

      1 Kings 11:3: He had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray. (About King Solomon)

      There are many more verses mentioning polygamy (and not in a negative light) in the Old Testament which Christians claim to follow. Jesus never said a word about gay people but he did say this:

      Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning. I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”
      Matthew 19:8-9

      Jesus spoke out against divorce and yet divorce is legal in every state of the union.

  26. Eli says:

    Marriage is between a Man & Woman. If people want Gay marriage because because they love another person who has the same gender maybe if someone loves his/her house maybe we should legalize that marriage also if someone can find someone to officiate such a marriage. A marriage is between a Man & a woman & a marriage between anything is stupid or gets out of hand.

    1. Flynn says:

      Actually Eli, it’s your comment that’s stupid and out of hand.

      1. Vik says:

        No, iIf you had a half a brain Flynn you’d get itl. Husband and Wife’ ‘Nuf said.

    2. MeAgain says:

      How about this: the marriage/civil union/whatever-you-want-to-call-it of consenting adults, gay or straight, is really none of your business. In other words, keep your nose out of the matters of others that do not affect you.

  27. Lisa C says:

    Why can’t this issue be voted on by all voters in NY? Oh, I know why, because in every single state that it has been left to the people, including CA the people have voted that marriage is between one man and one woman!

    1. Mathanial says:

      The rights of a minority should not be decided upon by the majority. If that were the case then blacks would still be slaves Lisa C

    2. True Story says:

      Please half the people are closet cases anyway. If they vote for it then they will feel people this they are gay. To many down low people in the world. Just come out.

    3. littlestar says:

      Why are you being a coward mr censor ?

  28. Barb says:

    First of all I would like to say that a lot of what you quote out of the Bible is out of the old testoment. When Jesus came and died and rose again for us, He took care of the rules and rituals of the old testoment once and for all. Secondly, the Bible was physically written by men who were inspired by God, so He did write it. Finally, God does not hate gays and neither do I but it is the sin. Sin is hated by God for everyone. We are all sinners and Jesus came so that we may have ever lasting life. I don’t hate gays, but I don’t like the immorality of it. The reason Christians are fighting it (and we have the right just as the gays do) is our Pastors will refuse to marry a gay couple and could very well spend time in jail for that. Is that right? I don’t think so.

    1. krj says:

      Inspired by and actually writing something is two different things, I’m inspired to have my child support paid but that doesn’t inspire my ex husband to do it. Being inspired by someone or something doesn’t mean that someone or something actually is the owner of that action. Because the men were inspired by God doesn’t make their words his words. i think that when people get married they will choose those who share in the celebration.

      1. Micha says:

        Thank you krj! There are plenty of nutcases who are “told by God to kill their kids,” doesn’t mean God really told them to do it…

    2. Leonora says:

      You are mistaken. No pastors are going to be put in jail if they don’t want to marry gays.

      We are asking for the right to marry in civil court, under the law. If a church or synagogue chooses to perform a religious ceremony, they will be allowed to. If a church or synagogue chooses NOT to perform gay marriages, they will not be legally obliged to.

  29. Kathleen says:

    God DOES NOT make people gay. If that were true, then God made babies with physical or mental issues or born into an abusive family. God has nothing to do with it.

    1. Andrew says:

      You’re right, god has nothing to do with it because there’s no such thing as god.

      1. Vik says:

        Andrew is a bitter, “somebody messed with him so he’s angry at the world wuss of an atheist” moron. Pay him no mind.

    2. Vik says:

      You got that right, Kathleen.

    3. Wow says:

      are you trying to say that being gay is a birth defect?

    4. Leonora says:

      What do you know about it? Do you know what God is thinking? That’s awfully grandiose.

  30. Phil Attey says:

    Plain and simple, Archbishop Dolan does not speak for Catholics in New York on the issue of civil marriage for same-gender couples.

    According to a recent Sienna poll, 59% of Catholics in New York support civil marriage for gay and lesbian couples. This is higher support, not only than the New York public at large, but higher than mainline Protestant and Jewish New Yorkers. Yes, Catholics in New York lead in support for marriage equality!

    Lawmakers must do the right thing and uphold their commitment to serve the people they represent, not the heavy handed dictates of religious leaders of any faith, especially ones like ours who receive their marching orders from foreign soil.

    Phil Attey, Executive Director
    Catholics for Equality

    1. Kathleen says:

      Phil, if you are negative about your own religion and the Pope, why do you remain Catholic?

      1. Carlos Guzman says:

        Good point Kathleen. I don’t understand why some of these people bother going to church or being Catholic if they don’t agree in something that the church never has and never will condone. Go somewhere else. There are tons of Christian sects that believe in gay marriage. And Phil, don’t let the door hit you on the way out brother.

      2. Leonora says:

        I’m not Catholic but I understand Phil’s position. The Catholic church has changed and grown over the past 2000 years. Only 60 years ago, Catholics still prayed for the conversion of the Jews. Religion can progress along with society.

      3. Adeyinka O McAdewunmi says:

        Read the book of Isaiah chapter 3 vs 9.Also a good man of God is not going to be the popular guy,especially in this age of decadence.

    2. Cate says:

      If you weren’t born Gay, then you wouldn’t understand. It isn’t fair that religious communities have a hold on other HUMAN BEING’S right to EQUALITY. Everyone deserves the protection that marriage gives, gay or straight.
      We don’t care that it’s called marriage… call it the color blue, I don’t care. All we want is the protection that marriage gives straight couples. I want to know that if anything happened to me or my life partner, we would be protected under our marriage certificate. I DESERVE THOSE RIGHTS AS A HUMAN BEING.

      1. adey says:

        If you say that you are born gay,how about those who abuse infants,or those that have sex with animals?aren’t they born that way too?It was hitler who happened to be gay too that said that you tell the same lie over and over after a while you too will start believing in your own lie!

      2. Cate says:

        lol are you comparing me to people who abuse infants and have sex with animals. Nice. Good argument.

    3. Gary Miles says:

      If that law makers are to represent the majority then put this issue in the hands of the people and not the special interest groups that like to treten to pull their support.

      1. Cate says:

        Are you comparing me to people who abuse infants and have sex with animals lol Nice. Good argument. You’re so smart.
        Yes, abusing a child being gay is the same.
        Yes, loving another HUMAN BEING and having sex with ANIMALS is the same.
        Good one.


      2. Leonora says:

        This is one of the reasons the constitution was so brilliant. It protects the minority from the “tyranny of the majority”.

        “decisions made by a majority under [the tyranny of the majority] system would place that majority’s interests so far above a dissenting individual’s interest that the individual would be actively oppressed, just like the oppression by tyrants and despots.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyranny_of_the_majority

        I would say that straight people voting to keep gay people from being legally married would count as a “tyranny of the majority”.

    4. Adeyinka O McAdewunmi says:

      What kind of bible do you read?Please on this sunday,june 26,open the book of Isaiah,chaper 3 vs 9,in the morning.And in the afternoon,go to your gay parade.Just because 59% of newyorker support gay marriage,does that make the act of sodomy right?.The issue of sodomy has nothing to do with equality.If it does,that means anybody’s sexual orientation should be accepatable.This will include those men who have sex with their daughters,those who sleep with animals,those who abuse kids,etc.Phil you have no sense of morals.Your moral compass id damaged.Dont destroy the moral compass of others,especially those who are young.A good priest?archbishop is not suppose to be popular any way.Dont turn the state of new-York into a state of Machiavelli.A state where the people are nothing but RATS,because it is a state wher anything goes,when come to sex.

    5. littlestar says:

      I just don’t believe those poll numbers. Mr. Bloomberg wants this law so bad, it must be pulling alot of strings.

    6. TommyS says:

      Phil Attey – I love how you qoute a poll that supposedly represents New York as a whole, most polls are made up of a few thousand people at most. If you go out side of NYC you would find 59% of the people in favor of gay marriage infact you would find most people overwhemingly are opposed to it. Continue to live in your bubble and all will be fine, in fact let thier be gay marriage in your bubble and keep it out of mine ! I know my senator is defenitley representing me when he votes NO on this idiotic bill for a lost cause. So once again going by stupid polls of a few thousand doesn’t make the case.

  31. Eric in Manhattan says:

    How is it living with so much hate? Must be a very sad life.

    1. Will says:

      It’s not hate it’s a fact

  32. GREG says:


    1. Jennifer Ifebi says:

      same-sex marriage shouldnt be a government issue but too many religious inputs are dragging the issue on! it should be a simple vote of yes and moving on

      1. Carlos Guzman says:

        I think you meant a simple vote of NO. But other than that I agree with you

      2. Adeyinka O McAdewunmi@yahoo.com says:

        United States was founded by puritians.These were europeans who came to this continent to build a nation,base on biblical priciples.So the law of the land was derived from biblical perspectives.You need to read what the bible says about sodomy.If the govt has a part to play in this debate,it should vote No to all of this gay nonsense.The bible was used to change the culture of the native americans when they came here.That was why the issue of human sacrifice was stopped,because the bible prohibited it.The bible is a book of enlightment,a book of moral conducts,a book of vision,and a book of special revelation from the Almighty GOD.

      3. krj says:

        I think that there were multiple groups of people who came to this land to get away from religious prosecution, the Native Americans which is a perfect example of religion pushing its way onto and changing a group of people to conform to their way and when they didn’t they rounded them up and did horrible things to the women and children and killed the men. Do you think any God inspired that to happen? Also there are plenty of straight couples married and not that practice or engage in sodomy so that’s not a gay thing that’s an to each his or her own thing. Not my thing and I’m gay.

    2. B says:

      I was married to my husband in Iowa (and I’m a dude). Turns out your comment that marriage is between a man and a woman isn’t accurate. Move on.

      1. Carlos Guzman says:

        Well you are from Iowa no no explanation needed. move on

    3. krj says:

      Economic ImpactA 2008 UCLA study concluded that allowing non-resident same-sex couples to marry would boost the Massachusetts economy by a total of $111 million over a three year period.[9] In addition, state and local tax revenues will increase by $5.1 million over three years including $4 million in sales and occupancy tax revenues and $1.1 million in marriage license fees.

      1. littlestar says:

        Voteing infavor of this bill on tjhs premis is called selling your soul.

    4. Dennis says:

      Greg , Well if you conservities just give us equality in this country like marriage . Then we will leave you all alone to work on the other problems that face the US. Untill I get every right you get., plan on me and hopefuly every gay person in this country fighting every year, month , day about this.

    5. Leonora says:


      This is one issue our elected officials are concentrating on. Just one issue. And I happen to think it’s very important.

      1. littlestar says:

        Wow !Ttyping in capitial letters annoys you so much ? ! ? ! God D ! That is so freaking strange !

  33. Ellen says:

    There is a separation of state and church, always has been, but that doesn’t mean a church or synagogue can’t express their own views on life’s situations. Seems to me that if it was the other way around and the church agreed many would be pressuring religious leaders to speak up.

  34. Ken says:

    Not even Catholic priests can live by the Catholic Church’s rules about sexual morality. So why does anyone take them seriously when they pontificate about sexual morality? Shouldn’t they take the beam out of their own eye before they attempt to remove the splinter from ours?

    We have the constitutional right NOT to be Catholics. How does the bishop have any standing in this issue?

    Paul says he has no right to judge people outside the church. What the bishop says about gay marriage is completely irrelevant to society at large.

    No priest would marry two atheists, but it does not object to them getting married at city hall. No priest would marry two gay people, but it does object to them getting married at city hall. Why does the Catholic bishop want to apply Catholic rules to some non-Catholics but not to others? How is this not outrageous?

    Banning gay marriage infringes on our freedom of religion. Some religious groups gladly perform gay marriages. Banning gay marriage regulates those churches by banning one of their religious practices. The government isn’t supposed to do that. The very act of making gay marriage illegal is illegal in itself.

    The bishop is completely out of line. Someone needs to tell him to shut up and sit down.

    1. Joseph Didonato says:

      Ken your comment is so true!!!!

    2. Paul says:

      Bravo! Beautifully said.

    3. Carlos Guzman says:

      The answer is simple Ken, because it would be considered discrimination if the a Catholic priest does not perform a wedding for gay people. So he’s not out of line, he’s protecting the church from lawsuits. See? Now to speak up would be completely out of line and not in step with the beliefs of the church and it’s followers.

      1. Leonora says:

        It IS discrimination but churches have the legal right to discriminate. Our government doesn’t.

    4. Cate says:

      Said beautifully, Ken.

      You know, I grew up in a Catholic family. When I told my mother that I felt different, that I no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t date the boys in school, she spit in my face and called me a pig. She continued to call me a sinner and kicked me out of my house at the age of fifteen.
      I understand all of the wonderful things that religion brings, but what good is the divide that it brings as well?
      I wish that our leaders would at least begin to shrink the divide and show the nation that we deserve to be treated equally. It really is our only hope since we know the church won’t. Maybe if equality was protected by our government then, I wouldn’t have had such a difficult time growing up. I deserved the same treatment as a “straight” child.
      The Bishop unfortunately continues to create this divide between society. What will save us in the end, I promise, is the ability to live amongst one another, to coexist no matter what your color, gender, sexual preference, religion, etc. Remember, love is not prejudice.

  35. YM says:

    I was raised Catholic but I do not believe that my God would discriminate against another human being because of their sexual orientation. I am not gay, but religion aside, I believe every individual deserves the full rights under the law afforded to every family. Besides, this is the United States of America, in which, technically, by law, there is supposed to be a separation between church and state. Religion should not dictate the law of the land.

    1. cate says:

      Thank you, YM. Thank you for looking at people as human beings, not a lable.

  36. Gloria Guerriera says:

    There are millions of people out of work. Millions on welfare and food stamps.Thousands more being threatened with layoffs. Libraries, senior citizen centers, meals on wheels, being cut back. Firehouses being shuttered, and the most important thing on Albany’s agenda is promoting gay marriage. I said it before and I’ll say it again, after the four years of Cuomo as governor every thing will be the same. Albany will still be as disfunctional as always. We will still be in a hole financially, still have crooks in office, stealing money. And the spending will go as usual. And we will be broke as usual

    1. Jennifer Ifebi says:

      that’s a big generalized conclusion. definitely not true

      1. Jennifer Ifebi says:

        unfortunately, you’re the only one crying about it. move out of NY…actually, out of the U.S.
        maybe Canada will be better for you!

    2. Dave says:

      Gay marriage will bring over $180M to NY State in one year. It has single-handedly turned Iowa’s economy around — google it.

      1. krj says:

        Economic impactA UCLA study has analyzed the impact of allowing same-sex couples to marry on Iowa’s state budget. The study concluded that allowing same-sex couples to marry will result in a net gain of approximately $5.3 million each year for the State.[16] This net impact will be the result of savings in expenditures on state means-tested public benefit programs and an increase in state income and sales tax revenue.

    3. David Jenkins says:

      Gay marriage will bring over $180M to NY State in one year — it has single-handledly turned Iowa’s economy around — google it.

    4. Leonora says:

      Jennifer’s right. Cuomo said he would try to get gay marriage passed but he didn’t say it was the only thing he was going to do!

  37. Jade says:

    I believe in everyone’s ability to practice their religious beliefs as long as it is not in violation of the law. I do not believe in anyone imposing their religious views upon me as a matter of law. I am NOT Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, nor Budhist…I am spirtual I do not read anyone’s bible nor do I follow the teachings in the Bible. If I am to be judged for that, I will be judged by GOD not by Man. However, I am a citizen of the United States, and my rights should not be modified based on anyone else’s religious beliefs. If marriage is a religious right, then remove the legal protections for married couples and let marriage be based on whatever your religious beliefs are.

    1. Leonora says:

      Beautifully said.

  38. pmh says:

    The Bible is what our forefathers based this country and constitutin on. What a perverted nation we have become. What happen to our moral values?

    1. John Emr says:

      God is not mentioned once in our Constitution here in America. Where are you from?

    2. Lucas says:

      uhm…no. Our forefathers DIDN’T base this country and constitution on the bible. It was based on a free (read FREE) nation. Ever read the first amendment? I bet you haven’t because you don’t even read your bible.

    3. Nate says:

      Yeah take a peak into our history…the majority of the forefathers were against religion, specifically Christianity.

      Jefferson went so far as to re-write the bible removing the supernatural elements from the New Testament.

    4. Jenn says:

      not really. the made sure there was a separation of state and church….good church involvement but not too much. religious values are being too much involved now…move away to another country if you want your religious values to be at the forefront

    5. Mathanial says:

      Our forefathers fled the country they were from because they didn’t want to be told what to believe and who to worship. Christians want a religious dictatorship in this country and they want everyone to believe as they do…..or die. kinda like Hitler. You need to study a bit more about our history MPH before commenting.

  39. Homer says:

    To those quoting religious texts to support your opposition to this bill, my guess is you also oppose use of “Sharia law” to judge US cases because you’re opposed to that religion. Given that religion is made up, it has no place in this debate what so ever – no matter whose religion.

  40. pmh says:

    Jackie Lewis obviously does NOT know Gods heart. Jackie Lewis please read in the Bible Leviticus especially Ch. 18:22 which says,” You shall not lie with a male as with a woman .It is an abomination.” Romans 1:27 says,” Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of a woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.” GODS WORD SAYS IT AND THAT SETTLES IT FOR ME! I quote Ulysses S. Grant our 18th President, “HOLD FAST TO THE BIBLE AS THE SHEET ANCHOR OF YOU LIBERTIES. WRITE ITS PRECEPTS IN YOUR HEARTS, AND PRACTICE THEM IN YOUR LIVES. TO THE INFLUENCE OF THIS BOOK ARE WE INDEBTED FOR ALL THE PROGRESS MADE IN TRUE CIVILIZATION, AND TO THIS WE MUST LOOK AS OUR GUIDE IN THE FUTURE. RIGHTEOUSNESS EXALTETH A NATION, BUT SIN IS A REPROACH TO ANY PEOPLE.” If you are a born again beleiver of Jesus Christ please pray for the Lord to stop this bill. pmh atlanta ga

    1. Jesse says:

      “Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property.” (Leviticus 25:44-45)
      Buying slaves? A-okay, because the bible says so.

      “…do not plant your field with two kinds of seed. Do not wear material woven of two kinds of material.” (Leviticus 19:19)
      Cotton polyester blends? Nope, not allowed.

      “But all in the seas or in the rivers that do not have fins and scales, all that move in the water or any living thing which is in the water, they are an abomination to you.” (Leviticus 11:10)
      No shellfish, either. Shellfish are as “bad and wrong” as gay people.

      “Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.” (Leviticus 19:27)
      You also can’t be clean shaven.

      So, PMH, do you think that all who shave their face or eat lobster are sinners? Or are you selectively quoting and following the bible to justify your own bigotry?

      1. Leonora says:

        Nicely done.

    2. John Emr says:

      Your religion and sharia law are not part of the equation. Eating shellfish is also an abomination in your beliefs but it is legal and allowed in the US. Your personal beliefs have nothing to do with public policy. Please enjoy the freedom to believe whatever you want, and in the same respect, don’t expect anyone else to live their lives by the dictates of your beliefs.

    3. krj says:

      No one honestly knows what is in God’s heart. Until your standing before the one you believe in you won’t honestly know what his or her intentions were, what you know now is how a writings and stories were interpreted. The bible was written in a time when only the wealthy and powerful could read, in a time when opium was a daily experience, when women were compared to live stock. Since lesbians and men lying with men were mentioned in the beginning then we were a community of people from the beginning just like straight people. How come no one is trying to make divorce illegal? If marriage is so sacred and in need of protecting from the gay community why isn’t the church or some group trying to make it illegal to get divorced? Hypocrites.

    4. Micha says:

      NEWSFLASH PMH: God and/or Jesus did NOT write the Bible, I repeat, God and/or Jesus did NOT write the Bible. PLEASE stop quoting religious texts to give you an excuse to be a bigot. If you want to hate people, hate them, but don’t be a coward and use your relgion as an excuse. As a Christian, you shouldn’t be judging anybody and if gays are sinners, THEY will pay for those sins, not YOU!

      1. littlestar says:

        Micha, I don’t think that they hate gay people. There was nothing in their lanauge to conclude that.

    5. Joseph Didonato says:

      Go take your meds and crawl back into the hole you came from and bring that BIBLE with ya!!!

  41. Ed O'Connor says:

    Marriage is between two people of the opposite sex just like my car is not a motorcycle and my motorcycle is not a jet airplane. The problem is not giving gay couples equal legal and civil rights, and the problem is not that one person cannot or should not love another of the same sex. The problem is the term marriage designates a relationship between a man and a woman. One has an outty and the other has an inney, the output goes into the input, pretty simple. Two outputs and two inputs are not the same as one output and one input.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Marriage over the millenia has also been defined as one man and several women, or one woman and several men.

      What makes your definition of marriage the right one?

    2. John Emr says:

      Based on your comment, you have a problem with 2 outputs, and 2 innies, so it is indeed and issue of equal rights and not an issue of the word marriage. Your comment exposes your hypocracy. Very cute analogy, but tragically flawed.

    3. Candace Simmons says:

      Fail! I know many gay couples who are married (were married in other states), so I guess you are wrong. Marriage is between 2 consenting adults. Obviously we are not truly disputing that, since NYS recognizes same sex marriages, we are simply trying to get NYS to grant licenses.

    4. Leonora says:

      Ed, that makes no sense. You say you have no issue with gay people getting full rights but you don’t want us to be able to call it marriage. Why? Marriage at one time was between one man and many women. That changed over time. Marriage was once all about property and heirs. Now it’s about love. As Dan Savage has pointed out, straight people changed marriage.

  42. Michael H. says:

    Woooooo! Bring on the raptors!

    1. nathan says:

      My impersonator can post all the hate he wants – it only points out how pathetic his life is. Plus I get mega LULZ.

    2. Cate says:

      lol OOOOKKK, so pathetic. Good luck to you…
      You’re an idiot, a prime example of our nation’s need to overhaul the education system. Do you understand what that means or should I use easier words?
      I think it’s pretty funny how absolutely sad you are.

  43. Michael H. says:

    Why shouldn’t we allow consenting adults to enter into a legally binding contract?

    that is all marriage is…a contract between people.

    1. otaybanky says:

      If marriage is nothing but a contract, then a father and his adult daughter who are in a consensual incestuous relationship should be allowed to marry without any interference from anyone.

      1. RichieT says:

        You’re sick this has nothing to do with incest

        1. RichieT says:

          I though I was posting a reply. This was supposed to be reply to otaybanky

          1. RichieT says:

            It still didn’t go in the right place

            1. RichieT says:

              I give up. It did it again I”’ve been the reply window every time

  44. Michael H. says:

    Loving another person is immoral?

    I don’t want to live in a moral world if that is the case.

    1. Candace Simmons says:

      I agree Michael.

  45. cjbath says:

    Bull. Slippery slope arguments are nothing but fear mongering. Government can certainly continue to outlaw polygamy and incest. Get a better argument, or admit that you’re a bigot.

  46. Thomas says:

    Definitely the right thing to do… Marriage is a CIVIL right for ALL Americans. I will be so proud of NY State when this happens 🙂

    1. Aimee McMillian says:

      Well good for you, when you die of AIDS will you be proud of New York then?

      1. jason says:

        you stupid, stupid person.

      2. krj says:

        All I can say to you is WOW, if we looked at every group of people the way you appear too America would be empty, well except for the Indians were here first.

      3. Cate says:

        What does aids have to do with anything?
        Are you out of your mind?
        There is such a lack of education amongst certain societies in our nation due to funding or poor healthcare. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?
        are you actually connecting same sex marriage with aids? GO BACK TO SCHOOL!

      4. Leonora says:

        Jesus, what does gay marriage have to do with AIDS?

        If anything, it would probably decrease the AIDS cases in the gay community, and maybe even the straight one. Think about it. If gay people are more and more accepted and can get married, a lot of men in the closet now (some of whom have unprotected sex with other men and then unprotected sex with their wives or girlfriends) would perhaps marry men instead. Marriage has also been shown to decrease risky behavior. Just a possibility.

  47. Vee says:

    I agree. All these religious oppositions are a joke, considering there’s SUPPOSED to be a separation of church and state.
    Part of me feels like the Senate is voting on that, today. Not marriage equality.

  48. claudia says:

    Common Sense law. Give all their civil rights back.

  49. A Concerned Catholic Priest says:

    ….I must say that I do not agree at all with Archbishop Dolan. His statements are even infuriating many devout Catholics!!! I happen to be a Catholic Priest from the New York in very good standing…. and honesty, most Priests that I know are in support of this legislation. And most Priests that know other Priests are in support of this legislation. The ones against it are the many so-called “company men” , the “YES” men…..and those who are fearful of stating what they truly want to say in support of the legislation. Bottom line: many Catholic clergy sadly seek to keep their mouths shut out of fear of potential harsh discipline by church authorities if they voice the slightest agreement in support of gay marriage. The fact is: countless gay men and women can add a great richness of creativity, imagination, unique diversity and generosity to both the Church and society at large with the powerful witness in their loving relationships. Furthermore, they have every right to the all the rights privileges that we all share when it comes to the gift of sincere and loving relationships. Sadly, many church authorities are becoming the catalysts in alienating more and more of its members every day. The Roman Catholic experience is sadly becoming less of what Christ intented and more about control, control and more control. Bottom line: nobody is listening to the men with the pointed hats anymore..not even the majority of the Catholic clergy (unless they seek some sort of career advancement perhaps)……Likewise, nobody is even listening to the Vatican anymore. They are totally out of touch with contemprary society…..still living in the Middle Ages and imposing archaic Roman thinking on the rest of the world. But the people seek to listen to the voice of Christ!!! There is so much generous love to be found in the gay community. And Jesus knows that… Gay men and women deserve to share that love in a deep and abiding way with all the protection of the law…..and likewise with the blessing of the Lord Himself!!!!


    1. claudia says:

      I wish more priest and lay people would speak out on this matter. Gays are humans that are entotled to the same laws as straight people. I am a Catholic that was chased turned away from the church because of the veiws on Birth control and gays. I am a person that respects and loves all and feel that what the Church should stand for. Please speak out. By the way I am a straight Republican woman from Staten Island.

    2. Maisy says:

      since the Catholic church is full of gay priests, how can one be surprised that many are not following the teachings of the church. And you my friend, and all the others that support your position, need to leave the church, your thoughts are not You are corrupting the teachings of your church.

    3. AJA says:

      Please provide your name Mr. Catholic Priest in good standing so that we can remove you from the good standing list.

    4. Canon Richard T. Nolan says:

      A retired Episcopal priest/canon, age 74,I was married legally to my partner in CT during our 1959 college class’s 50th reunion. We have been a couple since our freshman year in 1955. Needless to say, I agree wholeheartedly with “A Concerned Catholic Priest!” We’re at http://www.nolan-pingpank.com

    5. pmh says:

      Have you even read your Bible??? It doesn not matter what I say or you say…. the Bible is very clear on this matter….read it because you are not representing what te Word of God says.

      1. John Emr says:

        Do you really think men didn’t write the bible?

      2. Jade says:

        The Bible is NOT the word of God but the word of MEN. Which is why there are different versions of the Bible. The Bible is also clear that adulturers should be put to death, as well as chilldren who do not obey their parents…I certainly don’t see any religious leaders rushing to put this as a matter of law in the United States.

    6. HARLEM GOING HAM says:


      1. John Emr says:

        Priests molest little girls alos, and at a higher rate than little boys. There’s your AMEN.

      2. Candace Simmons says:

        You are disgusting, Harlem.

      3. Cate says:

        You can take that hate with you to the grave. No one cares,

    7. Candace Simmons says:

      Thank you Father. I am not Catholic, but hearing you say that, and hearing the comments of some other local Catholics I have spoken to, makes me respect the Catholic church more.

    8. Micha says:

      Thank you Father. I feel that there are more Priests like you, but many are afraid to speak out against the Vatican. I think it takes a true man or woman of God to love ALL of Gods children and see all of them EQUALLY. If they are wrong for their actions, they will have to answer to Him, not us. Bless you Father- if more Catholic Priests were like you, the Church probably wouldn’t be losing so many parishners.

    9. Cate says:

      If you are real, I wish you were around when I was growing up.
      I have so much hope after reading your comment.
      Thank you for that. I’ve been struggling so much with the church and my religion as a raised catholic. I’ve been viewed as a sinner and as someone who doesn’t belong. If I had a choice in the matter, my life would be perfect, but I didn’t. I’ve had to just sit back and deal with discrimination, even though I know that I was born this way, that none of this was my fault.
      I just want to thank you again. I wish that more priests would pass on equality and love the way you just did. The world would be a much better place.
      Thank you.

    10. don says:

      your not a catholic priest, your disgusting! My friends are catholic priests and they dont believe in same sex marriage. You call yourself a catholic priest look at all your posts littlestar!. This is the problem phonies and liars just to try and get their way. If you cant be honest dont post on this site!

    11. NYgeorge says:

      Your obviously a fake! No man of the cloth would say such a thing. If you are a man of the cloth, you should leave (maybe pray about it!) Try confessing that to your superiors and hear what they say.

      Only in new york……….

  50. Dale Auburn says:

    All of us have heard, over and over, the RELIGIOUS objections to gay marriage. However, NOBODY has been willing to specify a GOVERNMENTAL reason to oppose gay marriage. In particular, nobody has been willing to identify…

    – the SPECIFIC way(s) in which will gay marriage increase government’s cost, decrease government’s revenues, or impede governmental administration.

    – a SPECIFIC heterosexual couple whose marriage has suffered SPECIFIC damage due to a SPECIFIC gay couple being married.

    Until somebody is willing to offer SPECIFIC governmental reasons, there is nothing to talk about.

    1. Ohanes Kalayjian says:

      hear hear

    2. Jennifer Ifebi says:


    3. Leonora says:

      Awesome. So true.

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