With Wimbledon underway in London, during his 8:30 update Jerry “Rello” Recco provided some audio from a match between female opponents that… how shall I say… provoked some thoughts about things other than the sport of tennis.  To Al “Hughes” Dukes, the audio sounded as if someone was being spanked, for which Al said he would use his hand.

Then Jerry included John Franco, who was filling in for Boomer all day, to play a little game of “Ova/Unda” (Maria Sharapova – perhaps the most famous “ova” of all-time – outside of Anna Kournikova – pictured, looking strong. Helloooo!!!) which culminated with John Sterling & Suzyn Waldman doing their thing in the radio booth…

LISTEN: Al Uses His Hand – Ova/Unda – John & Suzyn Break It Down (6/21)

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(Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)