NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Amped-up rhetoric aside and with seemingly little regard for the national microscope being trained on them, lawmakers in New York returned to office Tuesday with the galvanizing issue of gay marriage still unresolved after more than a week of shrieking headlines and backdoor negotiations.

In the true essence of Albany, politicians in this nearly 400-year-old city bargained and bickered over a host of seemingly unconnected issues as gay couples and other states watched closely for indications about which way the national debate is evolving over using the word “marriage” to describe the union between people of the same sex.

Follow the latest developments from Albany here.

Now that the “framework” for an agreement on rent control for New York City apartments and a statewide property tax cap have been reached it is likely the gay marriage debate will reach a critical showdown on Wednesday.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell In St. Sen. Andrew Lanza’s District In Castleton Corners, Staten Island

Republican leader Dean Skelos said he didn’t discuss gay marriage in two private meetings Tuesday with Gov. Andrew Cuomo or other meetings with the Democratic leader of the state Assembly. Tuesday was the last scheduled day of the legislative session, but it appears that legislators will stay one more day and could still take up gay marriage.

Skelos, a Long Island Republican, holds great sway over which bills make it to the full Senate for a vote.

There was little progress Monday, even as hundreds of chanting protesters from each side of the highly charged debate in New York tried to make their case. The key sticking point appears to be how much freedom to grant religious groups who protest gay marriage and refuse to perform services or provide related functions like wedding receptions.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond: Senators Could Take Up The Issue As Early As Today

Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Iowa and the District of Columbia all allow gay marriage. Of them, all but Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., allow at least limited religious exemptions.

On Monday, after a three-hour meeting behind those closed doors, the 32 Republican senators emerged without comment.

New York’s vote is pivotal in the national question over same-sex marriage, an effort that largely stalled in the same room two years ago when the Senate voted it down. Since then, efforts have failed in New Jersey, Rhode Island and Maryland. Advocates hope a “yes” vote will jump-start the effort.

Skelos worries a federal judge could strike down flimsy religious protections in the current proposal if a religious group, such as the Knights of Columbus, is sued for discrimination for refusing to provide its hall for a gay wedding. He wants protections that will allow a religious group to observe its principles without conflicting with a gay marriage law.

“I think that’s critically important,” Skelos said.

Monday’s inaction was a disappointment for both sides of the gay marriage issue, some of whom had expected a decision a week ago.

“We’re working to protect the religious protections so that they’re solid and they will stand. You could have a judge come in and knock out all the religious protections,” Skelos said on Monday.

The day’s uncommon, but peaceful demonstrations included a group saying the Rosary in the nearby Capitol park. Inside the building’s marble halls, opponents chanted “God says no!” while supporters countered with “God is love!” They sang hymns such as “Victory is Mine” and songs like “God Bless America” and “This Little Light of Mine.”

State troopers were called to the Senate chamber floor as the two groups started to merge and talk with each other, but there was no escalation in the jammed hallways that turned stifling hot from the number of people and TV cameras. Most were respectful and kept to their own groups.

“We certainly have no hatred for anyone who follows this lifestyle,” said Pastor William Mayhew of Faith Bible Chapel in Millerton. “The difference is we will be forced in our churches, in our businesses, all of our life practices, to acknowledge something which we strongly, morally disagree.”

Among the opposition has been the man who made a Super Bowl-winning catch who believes marriage is between a man and a woman.

“I always knew that God had a hand in enabling me to make that catch with one hand on the side of my head,” former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree said. “That was something I couldn’t do with my own ability. Perhaps God orchestrated that play to give me a platform for what I’m doing here today.”

The Assembly has already passed the measure.

Should same-sex marriage be legalized? Sound off in our comments section below…

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Comments (99)
  1. Bruce Goldensteinberg says:

    Why does CBS ask for comments then block anti-gay marriage comments? Does CBS favor man and man marriage?

    1. littlestar says:

      They’ve been doing that to me for two days now.

      1. Bruce Goldensteinberg says:

        I guess CBS is on the pro-sodomy, anti-family, anti-GOD side.

  2. nathan says:

    If you have a problem with gay people marrying, you have a problem with your own “heterosexuality”. I Don’t. Get over it.

  3. Cooper says:

    If they do put gay marriage into law then they should also make a law that says gays must put pictures of gays that have died of aids and other stds in the window of there home,Just like they put a a picture of a dead body on a pack of cigarettes. Vote no on gay marriage!!!

  4. Mr. Romel Viel says:


    I would like to know how long it takes for a comment (made by me last night on this very issue) to be published. Thank you.


    Elder romel Viel

  5. fifthstory says:

    Marriage has been a pillar of society throughout humanity. I think changing the definition of marriage to something other then 1 man, 1 woman, would be opening a floodgate of issues. Why not just keep it simple??? I am in total support of legal partnerships, I just think it gets messy when you start toying with a 4000+ year old entity, that for the most part has worked well.

    1. Cori says:

      4000+ years? Read some history. Read the Bible! The Old Testament condones polygamy and the taking of concubines, and yet our society has evolved such that polygamous marriages are no longer legal in this country. “Traditional” marriages of thousands of years ago were business transactions and bore little resemblance to our weddings of today.
      Genesis 29:18-30: Jacob works 7 years for Laban and his payment is Laban’s daughter, Rachel (business transaction). He is deceived and given Leah instead, so he works 7 more years before receiving his second wife Rachel.
      Exodus 21:10: If a man takes a second wife, he must continue to to give his first wife the same food and clothing and the same rights that she had before.
      2 Samuel 5:13: King David took numerous wives and concubines and had many children with them.
      You could argue that Jesus set the record straight on polygamy in Matthew 19:1-12, in which he wrote, “a man will leave his father and mother and unite with his wife, and the two will become one. No human being must separate, then, what God had joined together.” he then goes on to say that if a man divorces a wife for anything other than infidelity and takes another wife, he commits adultery.
      From that you could argue that Jesus is arguing that marriage is between a man and a woman. So the govt should not allow same-sex marriage. However, what Jesus really says there is that divorce (except for infidelity) is against G-d. So are you also in favor of outlawing divorce in this country for any reason other than adultery? That’s what the Bible says! If all the anti-same-sex-marriage folks would sign a petition asking the govt to make divorce illegal in this country b/c Jesus said so, I’d buy that this is your faith. Incidentally? Know what state has the lowest divorce rate in this country? Massachusetts! Where same-sex marriage is legal.

      1. marcus says:


      2. fifthstory says:


        what’s your position on the issue???

      3. Cori says:

        Marcus, I’m a mathematician. I want to see the proof for your equation. Note all the actual citations in my article. If you doubt me, you can easily open up a Bible and fact-check me. There is no way to fact check you because you provide no facts.

        Fifthstory, my personal position is I am pro-gay marriage. However, I respect the rights of others to disagree with me. However, if others are going to spout religious dogma to me, they had better be able to back it up. I am tired of people saying they are “pro-marriage” and saying that same-sex marriage is a threat to their marriage. The only real legal threat to a legal marriage in this country is the fact that divorce is legal. But I see no one arguing that the NY state senate should abolish divorce because Jesus said so. But people get up and say couples of the same sex should not be allowed to legally marry because it’s against G-d. I respect people’s faith. I do not respect hypocrisy or ignorance of one’s own faith position.

      4. Cori says:

        I guess my other point is that I hear a lot of people talking as if there is such a thing as traditional marriage and it has been around forever so why should it change? That isn’t true. History has shown us that marriage has evolved over time. Women used to be property, marriages used to be polygamous, etc. I don’t mind if some argue that they don’t think it should evolve to include same-sex marriage. That’s a reasonable opinion. But when people argue that on the basis that marriage is this age-old institution that has served us well for thousands of years , unchanged, well, that’s not a true statement, so it undercuts the argument.

      5. marcus says:


  6. marcus says:




    1. fifthstory says:


      You’re totally entitled to your views, but God made gay people too. After having lengthy talks with some gay friends of mine, I truly believe that people are born gay. They can’t help it, and we have to support our fellow human. Whether or not we should change the definition of marriage to include same-sex relationships is another story.

      1. marcus says:


        God made everyone, but He never proclaim Gayism on anyone, people will tell all kind of stories to justify Evil, but fact is Evil has no goodness, so your gay friends can tell you all their stories, all you need to ask them is when did God change the use of THE ANUS to something other day waste removal? pls post their explanation for all to read. . .

      2. PMM says:

        Yes, G-d made EVERYone, and everyone has flaws. Some people like to cheat on their spouse, some have a compulsion to steal, some have compulsions to drink, to gamble, etc. etc. That is precisely why G-d tells us in His Bible what behaviors are forbidden. It would be quite ridiculous to forbid things that no one had an inclination to do anyway. So, – the Bible acknowledges that there ARE people who have desires to do wrong things, and the Bible is teaching us DON’T do those things. So, Marcus, were your friends born with an inclination to be “gay”? Perhaps they were. But that no more gives them the right to ACT on that desire, than the person with an “in-born” inclination to steal has to act on THAT inclination.

    2. Eric in Manhattan says:

      Marcus: You seem to know exactly what God did and didn’t create. Since you are such good friends, could you ask him why he created so many ignorant, bigoted and ungrateful followers? On the other hand, here’s a partial list of gay people whom you think are “evil”:

      Alexander the Great
      *Macedonian Ruler, 300 B.C.
      *Greek Philosopher, 400 B.C.
      *Greek Woman Poet, 600 B.C.
      *Roman Emperor, 1st-2nd c.
      Richard the Lionhearted
      *English King, 12th c.
      *Sultan of Egypt and Syria
      Desiderius Erasmus
      *Dutch Monk, Philosopher
      Francis Bacon
      *English statesman, author
      Frederick the Great
      *King of Prussia
      Lord Byron
      *English poet, 18th c.
      Walt Whitman
      *U.S. poet, author, 19th c.
      Oscar Wilde
      *Irish author, 19th c.
      Marcel Proust
      *French author, 20th c.
      *French author, 20th c.
      Gertrude Stein
      *U.S. poet, author, 20th c.
      Alice B. Toklas
      *U.S. author, 20th c.
      Federico Garcia Lorca
      *Spanish author, 20th c.
      Cole Porter
      *U.S. composer, 20th c.
      Virginia Woolf
      *English author, 20th c.
      Leonard Bernstein
      *U.S. composer, 20th c.
      Pope Julius III
      T.E. Lawrence
      *English soldier, author, 20th c.
      Jean Cocteau
      *French writer, director, 20th c.
      Charles Laughton
      *English actor, 20th c.
      Marguerite Yourcenar
      *Belgian author, 20th c.
      Tennessee Williams
      *U.S. Playwright, 20th c.
      James Baldwin
      *U.S. author, 20th c.
      Andy Warhol
      *U.S. artist, 20th c.
      *Italian artist, 15th c.
      Leonardo Da Vinci
      *Ital. Artist, scientist, 15th c.
      Christopher Marlowe
      *Eng. Playwright, 16th c.
      Herman Melville
      *U.S. author, 19th c.
      Horatio Alger, Jr.
      *U.S. author, 19th c.
      *Russian composer, 19th c.
      Willa Cather
      *U.S. author, 19th c.
      Amy Lowell
      *U.S. author, 19th & 20th c.
      E.M. Forster
      *English author, 20th c.
      John M. Keynes
      *English economist, 20th c.
      Ludwig Wittgenstein
      *Australian mathematician, 20th c.
      Bessie Smith
      *U.S. singer, 20th c.
      Noel Coward
      *English playwright, 20th c.
      Christopher Isherwood
      *English author, 20th c.
      Pier Paolo Pasolini
      *Italian film director, 20th c.
      Yukio Mishima
      *Japanese author, 20th c.
      Eleanor Roosevelt
      *U.S. stateswoman, 20th c.
      Julius Caesar
      *Roman Emperor, 100-44 B.C.
      Augustus Caesar
      *Roman Emperor
      Harvey Milk
      *U.S. politician, 20th c.
      Bayard Rustin
      *U.S. Civil Rights activist, 20th c.
      James I
      *English King, 16th-17th c.
      Queen Anne
      *English Queen, 18th c.
      Marie Antoinette
      *French Empress, 18th c.
      Melissa Etheridge
      *U.S. Rock Star, 20th c.
      Pope Benedict IX
      May Sarton
      *U.S. author, (1912 – 1995)
      Edna Ferber
      *U.S. author, 20th c.
      Elton John
      *English Rock Star, 20th c.
      Margaret Fuller
      *U.S. writer, educator, 20th c.
      Montezuma II
      *Aztec ruler, 16th c.
      Peter the Great
      *Russian Czar, 17th-18th c.
      Langston Hughes
      *U.S. author, 20th c.
      Pope John XII
      Madame de Stael
      *French writer, 17th-18th c.
      Martina Navratilova
      *U.S. tennis star, 20th c.
      Greg Louganis
      *U.S. Olympic swimmer, 20th c.
      Billie Jean King
      *U.S. tennis star, 20th c.
      Roberta Achtenburg
      *U.S. politician, 20th c.
      Barney Frank
      *U.S. Congressman, 20th c.
      Gerry Studds
      *U.S. Congressman, 20th c.
      Hans Christian Andersen
      *Danish author, 19th c.
      Tom Dooley
      *U.S. M.D. missionary, 20th c.
      J. Edgar Hoover
      *U.S. director of the FBI., 20th c.
      Frida Kahlo
      *Mexican artist, 20th c.
      Suleiman the Magnificent
      *Ottoman ruler, 15th c.
      Rock Hudson
      *U.S. actor, 20th c.
      Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz
      *Mexican author, 16th c.
      Ralph Waldo Emerson
      *U.S. author, 19th c.
      Candace Gingrich
      *Gay Rights activist, 20th c.
      Margarethe Cammermeyer
      *U.S. Army Colonel, 20th c.
      Zoe Dunning
      *U.S. Military Reservist, 20th c.
      Tom Waddel
      *U.S. M.D., Olympic star, 20th c.
      Kate Millet
      *U.S. author, 20th c.
      Janis Joplin
      *U.S. singer, 20th c.
      Rudolf Nuryev
      *Russian dancer, 20th c.
      Waslaw Nijinsky
      *Russian dancer, 20th c.
      Ernst Röhm
      *German Nazi leader, 20th c.
      Dag Hammerskjold
      *Swedish UN Secretary, 209th c.
      *Greek philosopher, 384-322 B.C.
      Paula Gunn Allen
      *Native American author, 20th c.
      Angela Davis
      *U.S. political activist, 20th c.
      June Jordan
      *U.S. author, activist, 20th c.
      Rainer Maria Rilke
      *German poet, 20th c.
      James Dean
      *U.S. actor, 20th c.
      Montgomery Clift
      *U.S. actor, 20th c.
      Baron VonSteuben
      *German General, Valley Forge
      Edward II
      *English King, 14th c.

      1. marcus says:

        Eric, what a list you’ve got there, and thanks cause I’m a friend of God. It dosen’t matter how long your list is, and how famous the people on your list are as long as they perverted God’s creation, they are Evil, You seemed to have confused FAME with RIGHTEOUSNESS, what God calls wrong is W R O N G, remember – one day u and I will answer to God, and the Question is what will our stories be? what will you tell HIM? YES YOU! that you spent your days defending perversion? YOU NEED TO ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS, Food for thought . . .

    3. Maryann says:

      Marcus, God and your un-Christian hateful “religious” views have nothing to do with this issue. The U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment guarantees that religious views not dictate our laws, and the Fourth Amendment guarantees equal protection under the law. Your ignorant, hateful nonsense is un-American because it is un-Constitutional. Your Jesus weeps at your faiilure to love Gay people as he commanded and for blaspheming God with false statements about his Gay creations.

      1. marcus says:


  7. Juan says:

    The way I see it, gay marriage doesn’t result in the reproduction of children, who are the future of this world. So to do something that deprives this world future life is a crime.

    1. Nancy says:

      So my heterosexual union that has resulted in no children is a crime?? That is the most moronic and ridiculous argument yet, and that is really saying something considering that not one of these comments opposing what should be a simple, legal matter of equality, make sense.

      1. Juan says:

        NO! a heterosexual union does not DELIBERATELY deprive this world children. Comprende? Marriage is fundamentally based on the love between a man and a woman who come together to have children; society benefits from this union by receiving the workers of tomorrow. So to do something that is in deliberate defiance of those fundamentals is wrong.

      2. Flynn says:

        You know what Nancy…I was going to write a rebuttal of my own about Juan’s ignorant statement, but then I realized it’s no good. People like him are so ensconced in the delusions that his religion has propagated over the centuries.

        He’s right on one thing though…the children are the future of this world. Hopefully the ones born now will be smart enough to ignore the moronic belief systems of their parents.

      3. Flynn says:


        So YES…you ARE saying that if a hetero couple deliberately chooses not to have kids, they are doing something wrong. Listen to your own words.

        Which, as Nancy said, is one of the stupidest things I’ve read here yet. Are you happy with the overpopulation of this world? Has your God seen the starving mouths of men women and children and dropped Mana from the heavens lately?

        This world is collapsing on itself under the weight of all the people in it. But since some yutz wrote “Be fruitful and multiply’ on a parchment during a time in this world’s history when people could barely survive, you’ve got it in your head that’s what we’re supposed to be doing to this very day.

      4. Nancy says:

        Sorry you are dead wrong, MANY heterosexual unions DELIBERATELY dont result in offspring (and they have a much lower divorce rate also)!! People come together to sanctify their LOVE in marraige, children can be an added blessing if so desired OR NOT. So according to both your statements and in your small mind, that is a crime, Comprende?? This is a legal matter of equality for all adults, neither religion or ability to procreate should have any bearing in the matter.

      5. Flynn says:

        Can’t believe I’m getting into this, but here it goes.

        Whether you think you’re religious or not, Juan — if you’re saying that the sole reason for a man and woman to get married is to have kids then YES, you are basing your decision upon a theological ideal. Because its a simple fact that the human race does not have any reason at all in this day and age to reproduce in vast quantities like they would have needed to in Old Testament times.

        The fact of the matter is, if we continue to be fruitful and multiply, we will end up depleting this planet of every single resource. We can’t grow enough food as it is to sustain all the people in the world. OR haven’t you seen pictures of starving children and families in this country or in others.

        Some people enter marriage for lots of stupid reasons, Juan. Some also get married for the right one: because they love the person they are with.

        And if a person realizes that they dont have the patience or love to be a parent, then I’m bloody well grateful that they don’t have a kid they don’t want — or are you content with seeing abandoned babies in dumpsters or hearing about children killed because they didnt’ stop crying.

        What ignorance? Yours Juan. Yours.

      6. Juan says:

        Do you even know what sanctify means? Ironically, it’s a religious term, a Christian one. What’s even more ironic is that religion founded marriage. Children are a blessing, yes, you are right. ‘Blessing’: another religious term. I’m sorry, you were saying something along the lines of marriage being a state thing while incorporating religious terms to describe marriage..?

      7. Nasha says:

        Yes Juan, I deliberately used the word “sanctify” and I certainly know what it means, just like you dont know what “equality” means. Many gay couples would like to have the same ability to “sanctify” their love in marraige just like I was able to, with a state license and a loving priest and a loving god.

      8. Juan says:

        Flynn, you’re a coward. It’s people like you who support the idea of abortion and gay marriage just to ‘save this world from overpopulation.’ Of course we can grow enough resources! How may cases of food do you have in your cabinet now? It’s either a matter of getting people jobs that we create, or using charity to disperse food among the starving people. And going back to what I said: if you’re not ready to get married, DON’T. DO. IT. No good general ever charges into battle without being prepared; no good football player ever entered the NFL without being prepared. If you’re not prepared, WAIT until you are.

      9. Juan says:

        Ah you’re Catholic! I thought the Church was against gay marriage…define ‘sanctity’ and tell me again how it doesn’t pertain to religion. Oh and I’m still waiting for you to explain how you can define marriage as a state thing and not a religious one while using the latter to define it…

      10. Nancy says:

        Wrong Again! Try Episcopalian. Sanctify and Marraige might be terms that have their roots in religion, but language, like everything on this planet except for you, evolves. This evolution needs to be inclusive and accepting, I am so sorry for those that cannot be loving, just judgemental.

    2. Juan says:

      Yeah, children born from heterosexual marriages. What ignorance, Flynn? And who told you I’m religious?

      1. Juan says:

        And yeah, if she’s not ready to have kids, she shouldn’t have entered a marriage at all. THAT right there is the biggest problem; people enter into marriage just because their partner is the most flattering person they’ve ever met. Sooo let’s not reproduce and turn to gay marriage to prevent overpopulation?

      2. Juan says:

        And the funny thing is that that ‘yutz’ knew how to get children into this world…

      3. Nancy says:

        Unbelievable, so someone who has a disease or condition that prohibits procreation should not be allowed to marry because it is criminal to not have children in marriage. You are right Flynn, I shouldnt even bother, I would have more luck explaining this issue of equality to my dogs, and that is kind of an insult to my dogs!

    3. Juan says:

      Ay! I forgot about mentioning diseases being an impediment to having children: well if you’re a good Catholic, you would know that the Church does bless marriages in which the couple decide not to pass on the disease to their children, so no, that is a gray zone.

    4. Flynn says:


      The only thing I can say at this point, is I’m sorry…so terribly sorry for the children you have, or will someday have. May they have more clarity and be more open minded than their Father clearly is.

      1. Juan says:

        I’m sorry you think that I’m so closed minded…you display such an impressive open-mindedness example to all others…

    5. Juan says:

      Why don’t you answer me? How does sanctity layout in a matter that is, according to you, of the state? You talk to me like an inferior, ‘ignorant’ fool..keep talking about equality!

      1. Nancy says:

        Because many priests and ministers would love to be able to legally “sanctify” (to give religious, moral or social sanction to, def of sanctify) a loving couple that just happens to be the same sex. IT IS a matter of equality, so sorry your ignorance impedes their bliss.

      2. Juan says:

        Sanctity refers to ‘make saintly,’ which is a direct reference to God (the closer you are to God, the more saintly one is). Now, since you’re Christian, I think you should make reference to Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible (which, according to Christian teachings is the written Word of God). As for equality, I don’t like to consider myself equal to a hypocrite like yourself. aDIOS!

      3. Nancy says:

        The word you were questioning was sanctiFY. I never used sanctiTY you did, glad you were able to look it up though.
        I am just going to give up trying to explain things to a wall, shows a lack of intelligence.

    6. Maryann says:

      Juan, why would you deny U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and his wife a marriage license? They have not reproduced, but like many gay couples, have adopted children. No couples are asked when applying for a marriage license whether they can or want to reproduce. Infertile and post-menopausal people are not denied a license based on your hateful nonsense.

      There are 7 billion of us already outstripping the planet’s capability to support us, with 9 billion predicted in just a couple more decades. Reproduction means widespread suffering and death to millions through starvation and pollution-related disease, as well as the destruction of our planet.

  8. edwardo says:

    If “legal Partnerships” would guarantee the same rights/privlidges as “married couples such as inheritance of social security, property and hospital visitation rights then perhaps the objections fro the religious zealots out there might be silenced.It is a civil union not sanctified by any religious ceremony. What is the difference between a straight couple-man and woman- married by a judge and what the gay rights advocates are asking for?????

  9. Ned_Flaherty says:

    Former New York Giant David Tyree is ignorant of biblical history, world history, and his own African-American history (

    He doesn’t know that his bible describes slavery, approves it, and recommends it. He doesn’t know that Christians started the Southern Baptist religion specifically so they could use religion to defend and preserve slavery, and then waved bibles and threatened “anarchy” if slavery got halted, or “redefined” or “tampered with.” Tyree’s arguments against marriage equality today are the same as the Christians’ arguments used to justify enslaving his very own ancestors:

    • “My deity exists (yours doesn’t).”
    • “My religion is supreme (yours doesn’t count).”
    • “My bible says so (your bible doesn’t matter).”
    • “The nation’s laws must follow my religious sect (because I said so).”

    The bible that David Tyree waves when opposing marriage equality for other people is the very same bible that led to the slavery of his own people.

    Since he’s happy passing laws that deny other people’s human rights, presumably he won’t mind if others write laws that shrink his rights. Since he’s using a bible as his excuse to oppress others, presumably he won’t mind if others use that same bible to re-enslave him. Since he’s killing human relationships by declaring other people outlaws and by declaring their marriages illegal, presumably he won’t mind if an angry mob declares him guilty and lynches him.

    Or maybe he would mind.

    But if he does mind other people legislating against his family, using religion to oppress him, and labeling him as a criminal, then he’ll understand why his own effort to deny human rights to others is hypocritical and inhumane.

    Do unto others, Mr. Tyree, what you would have done to you.

  10. littlestar says:

    Hey Joe, Kpmc …. You know that you have convinced me that ya’ll are equal to staights. You are contemtptuious, viscious, and have a fair capacity for hate ( Catholics). Don’t worry this bill will pass today. Bad spelling.

  11. fifthstory says:

    And whether you support gay people trying to marry or not, you have to cool it with the “freak” “pervert” “immoral” talk. This issue has never been about discrimination, and there is no reason to start disrespecting anyone now. The root of this issue has always been about the societal preservation of marriage as a simple, one man, one woman entity.

    1. joe says:

      no it is about EQUALITY.

      Women wanted it

      Blacks wanted it

      Gays DEMAND it

      1. fifthstory says:

        Joe, isn’t there a way that the gay community can have equality via a legal civil union/domestic partnership that doesn’t have to change the definition of marriage??? It sounds like you don’t really even like marriage or what it stands for, then why fight for gay marriage? I mean it’s like buying $300 U2 tickets when you hate U2. You see what I mean?

    2. littlestar says:

      Where were you acouple of days ago?. I expressed that I was opposed to this bill a pro bill person threatended to rip my throat out

  12. John says:

    What abot the preist who molest the boys in the church? That should not be allowed. Every priest that does that should se sent to hell. God does not allow that here. Gay marriage is far better issue then that.

    1. joe says:

      Nah the Priest who molest kids are just sent to another parish

      why stop the treasure trove of talent??

  13. fifthstory says:

    Why can’t we just pass legal domestic partnerships??? The proponents of marriage get what they want and the gay community gets what it wants. Compromise.

    1. Joe says:

      that is NOT whay GAY PEOPLE WANT…that is what str8 people want…you know that sanctity of marriage..with the 50%+ divorce rate…with another 30-35% cheating on their spouse with 10% of that being with GAYS

      Great job

      Lets see

      Love ya Liz but you lead the list
      Larry King
      Your boy Newt
      oh and the sanctity of marriage poster boys
      Weiner and Edwards

      Yup let’s not let gays break up the sanctity of marriage

      oh and the priests and ministers who seduce married women who they counsel

      1. fifthstory says:

        So you dislike marriage and what stands for and think it’s a right wing sham….. why are you supporting gay marriage then????

  14. jte777 says:

    Unfortunately, emotions get tied up with an issue that really is up to each individual. Whom I love or marry, is between me and that person. There was a time when I was not able to marry a black person. Today, it would be unthinkable for anyone to prohibit that. What I do in my private life is my business between only my partner and me. The legislators who work for us have the responsibility to protect my rights and those of everyone else. If I marry a man or a woman, neither impinges on anyone else’s rights.

  15. Dave says:

    To those that don’t believe I should have the right to marry my partner I ask… If we have freedom of religion in the U.S., why do you continually try to force me to live by your religion by legislating those beliefs? I’m not forcing you to accept my beliefs, so stop forcing yours on me. You’re free to practice your religion in your home, in your churches and in your own lives. You are NOT free to practice that religion in my life!

    My marriage would not impact you, let alone in any negative way. My tax money is the same as yours, why shouldn’t I benefit the same way you do?

    Married couples are entitled to 1,138 legal benefits and protections according to the Government Accountability Office. However, because the federal government does not recognize gay marriages performed legally in several states, I am not eligible for any of those benefits. My partner should have automatic inheritance rights. My children should never fear being ripped from their family if something should happen to one of us.

    As an American, I deserve every single freedom that you expect and enjoy. If you disagree with that statement, I can think of no other reason than ignorance, fear and bigotry.

    1. PaPa Joe says:

      I am an old, white Christian straight man and I totally agree weith you. I find it difficult to accept the fact that people are willing to judge what they knoiw nothing about and get upset when others do not agree with them. Worse, they seem to want their views imposed on others. There seems to be an inability to allow others to be, live or act in a way that is comfortable for them. I hope things work out for everyone who wants to get married regardless of life style. Best of luck to you Dave.

      1. littlestar says:

        You ain’t equal Micheal H. You can’t procreate.

    2. fifthstory says:


      What about a legal domestic partnership that entitled you and your partner to all the legal benefits of marriage??? Would you be happy with that???

      1. Michael H. says:

        Separate but equal didn’t work in the past, and it’s not going to work this time.

  16. Carol J Merletti says:

    Let’s put it this way, if you don’t vote for same-sex marriage in NY, that means that more couples will come to me in Massachusetts to exchange their vows. Almost all of the same-sex couples that I have married have come to Boston from other states. While I would lose clients should you vote for this, I am more happy for them that they would be able to marry in their own state. What does this mean for Massachusetts? Loss of the tons of revenue that they have been making since 2004 that other states foolishly sent our way ~ hotels, meals, car rentals, taxi fares, train fares, shopping! Remember folks ~ the sky did not fall down on Massachusetts when same-sex became law in 2004! What does it mean for me? I will miss out on making new friends! Vote YES!

    1. Edwards Ave. Harry says:

      Dean Skelos should have the guts to stand up to Cuomo and just say no to gay marriage.

      Skelos, you are a Republican and you don’t have to take orders from Cuomo like Shelly Silver.

      Skelos, you took the conservative party nomination which fights to protect traditional family values so live up to your commitment.

      Dean, you need to have the courage not to hold this vote, which will cause the Republicans to lose control of the State Senate in next year’s election just because Cuomo is demanding this vote.

      I live in your district and will vote against you if you permit this to be voted on as I feel that even allowing a vote on gay marriage – even if it is defeated – shows that there is no difference between New York State Republicans and Democrats.

    2. joe says:

      no worse the red sox won the world series

      that was gods way of punishing the rest of us for allowing it

  17. Pete says:

    Hopefully, the voters will remember all the corrupt politicians who are voting for this sick and disgusting marriage bill. They should put it up on the next elections, and they would be out of their office fast!! Have they nothing else to do than voting for this sicko bill?? Shame on them and shame on us to vote them into their office!!

    1. Joseph Didonato says:


    2. joe says:


      relax sicko your clam bleeds every 30 days…and you enjoy it…that’s sick bro

      1. jake says:

        “Sicko bill” – what are you lost in the ’70s? Does anyone even use the word “sicko ” anymore?

        Marriage is a legal (not religious) recognition that confers with it certain rights, recognition, and privileges that civil unions cannot match. “Separate but equal is inherently unequal.”

        Jesus Christ the hatred that is spilled across these message boards in the name of religion.

  18. Ralph says:

    Let’s see in NYS: the economy is falling apart; unemployment and underemployment is at least 25%, people can’t afford to pay their bills and are losing their homes, property taxes are high and getting higher, education is lousy, crime is increasing, tolls of roads and bridges keep increasing, gas is still about $4/gallon; banks are paying less than 1% interest, SUNY & CUNY tuition keeps going up, health costs keep rising, most people under 30 want to leave NYS and instead of helping 99% of the population the most important issue on the Cuomo agenda as well as on Bloomberg’s mind is GAY MARRIAGE. How will gay marriage help 99% of the state better their life? Will gay marriage keep us from losing our homes? This is nothing more than a distraction pushed by Cuomo to keep 99% of the residents of NYS from realizing that Cuomo is no better than David Patterson. If gays want to marry they can simply drive across the state line to Amherst or Bennington or Greenwich – no one is stopping them. Until Cuomo revitalizes our state economy, he should stay focus on helping the majority of the people of this state, not a small vocal group who desire to push their agenda onto the majority of the residents – what will be next: the legalization of sleeping with horses?
    The best option for Skelos is to vote in a bill calling for a state referendum on this issue and recess until next year.

    1. TommyS says:

      AMEN to this. This is all a distraction from reality and the gays, lesbians, transgenders, and bisexuals are trying to take advantage of this distraction as usual as they themselves are a distraction to reality. Why is this even an issue, we should all just ignore them and they will go away or go to another state with whom has a perverted law to allow this nonsense to carry on.

      1. jn says:

        You sound like a person who has no sence. You will some day understand what this is all about. And again maybe not.

      2. joe says:


        stay out of the video store…your neighbor is going to catch you at the gloryhole

    2. Timmy says:

      Your comment is outstanding.

    3. joe says:


      we didn’t vote to let your minority into this state.

      it’s called EQUALITY…ya know equal

      like your no better then any one else….and your opinions are no better

      we don’t vote of this….btw you did see where a MAJORITY of people now favor gay marriage in recent polls

  19. grandestgrandma says:

    I do not speak as a religious point of view but as a health issue and its nature. Someone that breaks his foot hand back or whatever seeks help so why do those who break their ability to live with natures gift of living normal lives as man or women – why do they not seek help, these are sick and unhealthy individuals and should desperately seek help and there is nothing wrong. What the shame is, is that it’s come to a point that we need protection from those individual. If someone does not agree they try to force it onto us. We are the natural people we do not have to be ashamed of ourselves they are the weird and sick ones leave us be, if someone has a contagious diseases I will keep away so I do not get contaminated

    1. Be Happy Not Judgemental says:

      Sorry not so grand Grandma, but nobody is trying to make you marry another woman. I am a woman happily married to a man (as you prefer) who would like to inform you that your obviously uneducated and delusional post is utterly unbelievable! Of course your POV is based on religion, but what god gives you the right to define non-normal as something that is sick and unnatural? Autistic and mentally challenged people are not seen as “normal” in our sad society’s eyes, so would you also label them as “sick and unhealthy”? Probably 🙁 As to your uninformed view on natures role in the equation, same-sex copulation IS found in nature in many more species than just our own, so nature really doesnt seem to care, just you. It is sad to think that you have spent so much time on our planet without bothering to learn about, or embrace, ALL of gods’s loving miracles.

    2. joe says:

      so granny

      riddle me this

      if aids was in the gay community…and now it is do you think it got there???

      Oh and by the way…we don’t want you near us…we just want EQUALITY..the same equality that allows you to vote. That allows your grandchildren to live in this country.

      Who knows maybe soon one of tyour grandkids will be able to come out..ain’t that going to be the best revenge.

      Don’t think it can happen …neither did Rev Ruben Diaz

  20. nyc says:

    Say No to Gay Marriage and say No to Rent Control !

    1. joe says:

      better idea….say no to you

      1. straight and proud says:

        Joe must be a hershey highway lover !

  21. Ellen says:

    I remember when being gay was in reference to being happy, not pointing out one’s sexuality. Marriage is between a man and a woman, not between two men or two women. Why not settle for a legal union instead of forcing a perverted lifestyle on society.

    1. Juan says:

      That’s when they argue that religion enforces itself on other people…

      1. Flynn says:

        You make it sound like it doesn’t, Juan. How many cultures have been forced to adopt a stronger, more persuasive religion over the centuries? Probably more than you can count…or would like to admit.

        Religion is the hidden backbone of almost every war this world has ever seen, from the Crusades to the issues in the Middle East. Instead of people realizing that there could be multiple paths to spirituality, we’ve been nothing more than a race of “My God can beat up your God(s)”

        Perverted lifestyle Ellen? Let me tell you something — my wife and I know several gay people. They are upstanding citizens. They pay their taxes. They are faithful to their partners. Meanwhile, everywhere else I see ‘Normal’ people as I guess you would refer to us, having affairs, divorces left and right…we’ve got people in Utah claiming God gives them permission to have multiple spouses. All that’s okay? But two people wanting to be honest and true to one another for the rest of their lives is not because they have the same plumbing?

        Ellen, with all due respect, it’s your view that has been perverted.

      2. joe says:

        marriage isn’t a religious issue…

        you do realize that your religion MAKES you go to the STATE and get a MARRIAGE license

        then your minister says….By the power vested in me by the state of ny

    2. JPOH says:

      What on earth is your real concern with this? That gay people marrying will deface a religious institution. Marriage is not religious…it is a civil contract that is often affirmed publicly in a church, synagogue, etc. You get your marriage license from the government BEFORE you go to the ceremony…

      As for defacing marriage…how many cases of spousal abuse, child abuse or promiscuity by married heterosexual politicians do you need to see before you realize that society as a whole has a lot more to worry about than who marries who. Open your eyes a little wider, please…you’ll see the problem may be in your own home, within your own family or in your community..focus on REAL problems…

    3. joe says:

      marriage is no longer between a man and a woman

      Just like you want equal pay for equal work

      the right to control the life of your unborn child

      And Ellen…you can refuse to go to all the gay weddings you get invited to
      see no one is forcing anything on you. You won’t know….it won’t impact your narrow little mind one iota.. you can stay the fat dumpy happy housewife you are destined to become

      And maybe with any luck your child will be gay…WINNING

  22. nathan says:

    Ahh CAPSBOY is up I see. Get ready for a day of his ignorant vitriol on every story because he has no job and no one else to talk to. He has a lot of different names here because he’s schizophrenic. Hey CAPSBOY try learning to spell before you preach your daily dose of hate.

    1. MIKE says:


    2. nathan says:

      howard apparently an expert at “taking it like a man”. He’s been “taking it” for yrs now…

    3. nathan says:

      CAPSBOY If you want to play with me you’re going to have to step up your game. I prefer real comp – not teenage trolls.

  23. jimmy says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close their bad cases.In the San Francisco Bay area corrupt DEA agents are creating suspects to steal from.

    The Corrupt DoJ employee would give illegally obtained keys of their suspect’s home to a “booster” and provide the “booster” with information as to when the suspect would be away.

    The “booster” would steal jewelry and other items and pass them to a fence. The fence would kick back a portion of the gains to the corrupt DoJ employee.

    If the suspect complained about the stealing, they would fabricate evidence and the suspect could eventually be arrested and tried on bogus charges. If it looked like the arrest would not work, the suspect could be killed in a auto accident, killed by a gang member or shot by a corrupt DEA and a “throwdown” would be planted.

    I know this because it is happening to me.

    About 6 years ago I called the San Francisco U.S. District Attorney’s office to complain about the DoJ employees fabricating evidence and stealing from me. They had been harrassing me and stealing from me for almost 20 years. More recently I called the Santa Clara County D.A.’s office to complain about the same since the stealing continued after my called to the Federal D.A..

  24. KPMc says:

    Love the people that keep sayings “Don’t Pervert Marriage”

    In the recent and not so recent past..

    Dinosaur Hugh Hefner was set to marry a playboy bunny 60 years his junior.

    A married politician was revealed to be exposing himself using social media behind his wife’s back.

    Britney Spears married someone in Vegas for 24 hours.

    Ted Kennedy (Catholic) womanized and drank his gluttonous bloated self throughout his marriage and was responsible for the death of his mistress.

    J. Lo, Elizabeth Taylor and Christie Brinkley have gone through marriages like I change socks.

    Our married president got a hummer in the oval office.

    Finally… the divorce rate of heterosexual couples is about 50%… kind of high considering most of them take a VOW before GOD of ’til death do us part”

    My question is… where were you all fighting for the defense of marriage throughout these incidents. Don’t these things pervert your sense of what marriage should be?

    What is the rate of heterosexual marriages that have one or more parent abuse another? or their children? physically and sexually!

    You hypocrites carrying your bibles will have a lot to answer for some day. The actions of two consenting adults that have nothing to do with you won’t be among them.

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      To quote the Talking Heads, “Stop making sense!”

    2. Sean says:

      I really liked your comment. And the bible carrier’s are some of the biggest hyprocrites in the world (at least the catholic’s are for sure). I think what you are saying is that marriage should be a truely genderless issue. And if we could all just strive to be less self-involved and more outwardly tuned, we would be the humans we all have the potetial to be. Most improtanlty, the world would be a far better place for our children and everyone else. I am not for gay marriage, but niether am I opposed. The persuit of happiness is a difficult persuit, and I do believe in that. So live and let live.

      1. Juan says:

        Do you guys believe that Christians have the right to impose their views on other people?

  25. KPMc says:

    Is the Catholic Church (or any other) forced to ordain women? Is the church forced to marry people who were divorced? Is the church forced to take back individual’s it has excommunicated?

    No… because of that wonderful separation of church and state. This is just another attempt by the churches to scare their followers and instill fear, misunderstanding and animosity. The modus operendi of religion for thousands of years.

    This legislation has no intention of forcing any church to go against it’s beliefs. It is intended to let the state do all it can do when two people decide to co-habitate… issue, enforce and then later break a contract (divorce). Nothing more and nothing less. The sooner both sides get that through their thick, stubborn skulls the sooner we can move on from this.

    1. HelloNY says:

      Def. no to your first question, but they will marry a divorcee if the price is right. Maybe the gay community should just offer the Catholic Church some money- they like that…

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