Councilman Vacca Says City Is Simply Unwilling To Give Up Cash Cow

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — When it comes to parking tickets, make them fair, and make them less aggravating. That’s what the City Council is asking the Bloomberg administration to do with the thousands of tickets issued each day.

New York City rakes in an estimated $600 million a year in ticket revenue. Members of the Council Transportation Committee say it’s gotten out of control.

“If you ask me this entire issue of traffic summonses in this city has become a cash cow that the city wants to continue to perpetuate,” Councilman James Vacca said.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports: Vacca Says Other Cities Are Updating Their Ticket Devices

And, in fact, the Bloomberg administration has approved of only one of the seven bills the Council has proposed, which members said would make the ticketing process easier to digest.

“I, too, was stunned by the number of objections that was raised to all these bills,” Queens Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer said.

One of the proposals would have ticketing officers take a photo of the car to prove a violation occurred. The NYPD’s response: cops already carry too much equipment so adding a camera is too much to ask.

“It sets up an expectation that unless there is a photo documenting a violation it cannot be proven based on the sworn statement of the public employee. And that’s something that we, that’s a hurdle that I don’t think we can get over,” NYPD Assistant Commissioner Susan Petito said.

Councilman Vacca said he’s not buying that rationale.

“We get $600 million a year from traffic enforcement tickets but the city is judge and jury,” Vacca said. “Those pictures would go a long way, many tickets would not be issued if the enforcement agents had to take a picture of the offense. Many people would be able to prove their innocence.”

Other suggestions include: alternate side parking be suspended when a film crew is tying up parking spots during a movie shoot and, in order to prevent fraud, bar codes be added to the 118,000 parking placards used by police, government officials, and clergy that allow them to park almost anywhere. Last year the city issued 30,000 summonses for invalid placards.

The NYPD said it won’t work.

“There are pretty much no limits to what somebody with a good copy machine or printing capacity can fake,” Petito said.

The committee also got shot down over requiring judges to dismiss tickets if a motorist can produce a valid Muni-meter receipt, allowing electronic signatures online when contesting tickets instead of having to mail it in, and creating one-day parking permits for residents who are moving.

In fact, the only bill the administration supports is prohibiting any late fees on parking tickets until 30 days after a final judgment.

Negotiations between the Council and the Bloomberg administration on these issues are expected to continue into the summer.

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  1. Dale Auburn says:

    Here’s a completely NEW and ORIGINAL idea… just PARK LEGALLY for once in your lives and you’ll avoid paying any fines.

    1. Ben Collar says:

      I do park legally you moron. My car was illegally towed due to having an out of town plate. They knew I would not be here to fight the ticket and were right.

  2. Alma says:

    Ever since his congested parking idea was not implemented, Bloomberg has waged a war on drivers in the city. Enough is enough already. The city is becomiing a rich man’s playground and everyone else is being squeezed out.

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      The “war” isn’t on all drivers – just the ones who like to park illegally. Maybe some folks should PARK LEGALLY for once in their lives instead of expecting everybody else to accommodate them.

  3. lydia says:

    Bloomberg is my greatest disappointment. And to think I got suckered into voting for a Republican billionaire masquerading as an independent, who rigged his own reappointment!
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  4. Jimmy says:

    It seems to me restricted parking is just reserved spots for drivers with special parking permits.

  5. midi-man says:

    I will be so glad when he is out of office and let’s make sure he can get his lame butt back in. He is killing all of the working people in the city. We all do not have a private driver to drive us around like him.

    It’s a shame that he thinks he is doing a great job. If he spent this much time fixing the MTA everyone would take the train instead of driving. I swear to god I think he was sleeping in class during his school years or he just has no common sence.

  6. Richiano says:

    If you ask me, I will tell you the truth first hand. The entire system should be revamped, parkiing violations bureau and moving violations bureau should have a civilian review board for each summons on Appeal. The Albany Appeals process is corrupt. I showed them a summons for a No Left Turn where the sign was removed and still had to pay the ticket.

  7. MSavage says:

    Seriously love all the anti-Bloomberg comments that come up when his name appears in a headline. Even when his mother died a few days ago. Thank you everyone for the entertainment. Music to my eyes.

  8. RevolutionWontbeTelevised says:


  9. Frank says:

    Time to move out of NY!

  10. Constance says:

    I find it despicable that the revenue from parking violations is well over 600 million dollars annually. The Bloomberg administration is raping the citizens of NYC and we should all be outraged and mad as hell. To think that a judge cannot dismiss a violation if a valid muni meter receipt is submitted seems inhumane and Gestapo-like, and serves as further proof that this administration will do anything to make this city uninhabitable by ordinary working class citizens. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Michael. I won’t be sorry to see you leave…..

    1. Really? says:

      I once got a ticket that after reading the rules & regulations on the Parking violations site was sure to be dismissed the traffic agent put in the wrong color wrong registration date and left the type of car as N/A. I went to fight it and once there I got called up to see if I wanted to pay the fine to avoid the judge. I said no thanks I’ll wait. The rep clearly saw the ticket was no good but pressed for my money. 5 minutes with the Judge I only repeated my name and she dismissed it. I wonder How many people paid out on bad tickets.

    2. Dale Auburn says:

      If you find the parking violations revenue “despicable,” then avoid paying by PARKING LEGALLY.

      1. Constance says:

        The point here is that there isn’t even an allowance for errorsmade on the part of THE BUREAU Itself!!!!!!!!!

  11. Champy says:

    Make the hero firefighters write summons….they are for some reason called peace officers

    1. RON says:


  12. kendra says:

    its about time he thought about some1 else other then himself cause i am pretty sure that people are paying some1 else,s ticket instead of there own do to stolen identity.

    1. ejones says:

      Here’s a suggestion — be very careful where you park, save up all the money you’re NOT using to pay parking violations, and buy yourself some English lessons.

  13. DC says:

    Our illegal Mayor loves to shakedown NYC motorists anytime and anyway. He does it after snow storms with “steet cleaning” rules even though there’s no street cleaning going on. He tried to do it with “congestion pricing” which was thankfully rejected. This guy thinks he is a real prince.

  14. Dale Auburn says:

    Here’s a completely new and unheard-of concept… JUST PARK LEGALLY.

    1. Bloomy killed his momma says:

      HOW DARE you bring LEGAILITY into this topic?

    2. KPMc says:

      And take away everyone’s BS reason to rail against the city and Bloomberg?

      Next you’ll expect people to not litter the subways and clean up after themselves on the street instead of expecting others to do it for them.

      What’s next? Personal responsibility?


  15. Eileen Tracey says:

    All New Yorkers have to do is, go to Vermont to register your auto. You do not have to be a resident there..Come back to N.Y. & park anywhere, any time you like..New York will be your private parking lot.. Vermont could care less about how much you owe N.Y. in fines.. They say, it is N.Y.s problem..
    I know a guy who has had 8 Vermont plates since Labor Day of last year.. He is paying someone off in the Vermont DMV.. This guy owes over $8,000.00 in fines.. I have called the DMV (here) 311, notified NYC Finance, went to the DA, wrote a letter to the Attorney General of Vermont, called the City Marshall, the Sheriffs Office, pointed out the car to a Traffic Agent, the only response I got was, “we can’t do anything about it”!!!!!
    So New Yorkers, head to Vermont & save yourself a bundle & park where ever the hell you like, without any worries…

    1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

      rats end up dead in the sewer did you know that..

  16. caleb goldfarb says:

    This mayor has disgraced every Jew in the city. Please exit stage left u moronic politician.

    1. Fred says:

      Let’s not insult the Jews over this creep.

      1. Honestly Realistic View says:

        Unfortunately I have been feeling anti-semitic lately because of bloomberg =/

  17. Richie says:

    All the mayor & DOT, I mean Bicycle Commissioner J. Sadik Kahn like about cars is all the revenue they bring in from summons’, fees & taxes the drivers pay for the right to drive on NYC’s pristine & well maintained highways & streets. This is their revenge for their congestion tax being defeated 2 years ago.

    1. BK Bro says:

      What is there to like about cars in NYC? Killing people on the streets at about 1 a day, polluting our air, filling our ears with incessant honking – all so you can live on some 2 acre lot on Staten Island rather than live in a small apartment like the rest of us?

      Whatever. Have your car. Don’t complain unless you’re willing to trade with the folks who “have it better”

  18. J.BORIA says:

    What is so hard about putting bar codes on Placards !! Also not having alternate side when filming is taking place are obviouse and MAKE SENSE… Bloomberg should address each one of these and give his explanation to Why not, WHY DOES HE WANT TO ROB THE PUBLIC…. He should be obligated to directly answer these two questions. NOW

  19. Alfredo Villanueva says:

    Bloomberg is my greatest disappointment. And to think I got suckered into voting for a Republican billionaire masquerading as an independent, who rigged his own reappointment!

  20. MaCro says:

    Bloomberg hates cars. I’m beginning to think he hates the people of New York as well. The most outrageous think I have heard to date is that agents can ticket cars while the driver is walking to the muni-meter. It’s a lose/lose for we, the people.

  21. Amanda James says:

    All Bloomberg cares about is money. Any proposals that might make stealing money from the little people more difficult will be slammed down by his money-grubbing hands. Truth!

  22. YUIO says:



    1. teetotaler says:

      How about making it easier for drivers over 80 years old by issuing permits that will allow them to park in handcap spots. It can’t be abused because you can tell an 80 year old from a 28 year old.

      1. John says:

        The 80 years old should not be driving, they are menace on the road, no offence.

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