By John Montone

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Performers in The Spoon River Project aren’t planning on dancing on anyone’s grave—only acting.

More specifically, they will be acting in the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, which will serve as the stage for The Spoon River Project from June 22 to June 26.

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Diamondos Stratakos, who stars in the play as one of Spoon River’s permanent occupants who aspired to be a writer, explained that the play tells the story of the fictional town of Spoon River by the secrets shared by the now-dead residents.

“All this time, all these people were holding these things in, they’re hiding the truth,” she said. “And they get one day to come back and really speak everything they’ve ever wanted to say and let everything out.”

Strakatos will let it all out in the limited performance run of The Spoon River Project in the cemetery, which she called “an amazing place.” Tickets to the performances cost $20 in advanced, $25 at the door and admission is limited to guests age 15 and older. For more information, visit the Green-Wood website.

While a cemetery may not be a typical stage, Strakatos is still ready to knock ’em dead.

“It’s not Broadway,” she said. “But it’s the closest I’ve been so far and I’m excited about that.”


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