By Ed Coleman
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Don’t read too much into what you heard from Mets camp on Tuesday. What you heard from Jose Reyes and his agent was consistent with what they’ve been saying all along and certainly came as no surprise — and what Mets GM Sandy Alderson heard and said was not unexpected either.

Here is Alderson’s statement in response to being told by Reyes’ agent Peter Greenberg that they will not negotiate a new deal during the course of the season.

Moving forward, there is an element of uncertainty with Reyes, but Alderson stated that the Mets are obviously very interested in retaining him.

One thing that this does do is eliminate the daily updates that Alderson and the organization would have to give, and also the countless questions that Reyes would have to answer, virtually on an everyday basis.

So now knowing this, how does Alderson navigate the trade deadline of July 31?

And whether the Mets are in or out of the wild card race, how does he deal with the Reyes’ situation knowing what he has long suspected?

When Alderson spoke previously about no-trade or partial no-trade clauses, he was referring to Carlos Beltran and Frankie Rodriguez, two other Mets in the likely-to-go category. Alderson made it clear that Reyes is in a different position — in his eyes — than either of those two.

Toward the end of his media gathering on Tuesday, Alderson came to the real crux of his message.

Ultimately, it will come down to how Jose Reyes and his agents view the landscape, if he continues to have the type of season that he’s having and remains healthy.

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