By Rich Coutinho
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The word filtered out late yesterday, “breaking news” that Jose Reyes would not talk contract until after the season. The fact this was labeled as “breaking news” is downright comical.

Jose Reyes has insisted all year that he will not negotiate until after the season. This was not exactly a revelation, though the Mets did the right thing reaching out to Reyes. It cemented the notion that they want him back. Now the question becomes for how long and how much?

Reyes is entitled to waiting this out as he has earned that right, and at the same time, the Mets have the right to exclusively negotiate with him after the season (which they intend on utilizing). That rule was recently changed to limit the incumbent team period, meaning the Mets will have the right to negotiate from the end of their season to five days after the World Series ends.

In reality, if the Mets don’t make the playoffs, that could be nearly a month. Ironically, should they make the playoffs, that time will be shorter.

A lot has been theorized about this situation, so I will give you the info I know from both parties. The Mets will not trade Reyes. They intend on using that window to negotiate with him and even if that time evaporates without an agreement, they will continue the process — which could become more difficult once other teams can start their bidding. The Reyes camp very much wants to hear what the Mets have to offer and will keep an open line of communication active once the season ends. Jose likes living here and playing here, but he also wants fair value for his services.

I think it is fair to say that the Reyes’ value has risen in the past two months in the eyes of the organization and, more specifically, in the eyes of Sandy Alderson.  The Mets’ fan base has not been shy about expressing their love for Jose, and do not think for a moment team ownership is not well aware of that fact. It must also be pointed out that waiting until season’s end could be good for the Mets too, since the K-Rod situation will have more clarity at that point (which could affect the team’s cash flow).

All these factors point me in the direction of Reyes staying with the Mets. Now, in order to do that, the franchise is going to have to “show him the money.” And I think they are prepared to do that. And no, Mets fans — it will not be at the expense of David Wright. I firmly believe the organization would love to field an infield of Ike Davis, Ruben Tejada, Jose Reyes and David Wright. The “all-homegrown infield.”

I do think it will involve making due with less at other positions, like right field and the closer spot, which will have to be manned by players that honestly will not be as good as Beltran or K-Rod, at least in the short-term. That is, unless those players are willing to take short-term, low risk contracts, which is highly doubtful even if K-Rod’s clause is not met.

Here’s the bottom line. The events of Tuesday neither enhance nor decrease the chances of Reyes staying with the Mets. It just changed the time frame, with both parties still in a great position to strike a deal once the season ends.

Do you think the Mets have a chance at retaining Reyes? Let Coutinho know in the comments below…

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  1. Titan says:

    “The Mets have not won with him in the 9 yrs he’s played for them, so they’re really not losing anything great.”

    What an immensely inane statement. The Padres didn’t win anything with Adrian Gonzalez in all the years he played for them. Does that mean they didn’t really lose anything great? Hell no! Gonzalez is the best player in the AL this year. And Reyes is the best player in the NL so far this year. Both will be paid well with their new contracts. And the Mets have a very good chance to retain Reyes.

    1. Maverick says:

      yeah, half a season is what makes a player. Where has Reyes been the last 9 yrs?

      You want the Mets to pay Reyes for what he has done for the first half of 2011. You’re a moron to think it works that way.

      Mets fans are morons. Have the Mets won a WS title with Reyes? It’s not a trick question, even idiots like you can answer the question.

      Winning titles is what matters, that’s what players & teams play for & playing in order the stay out of last place like the Mets are doing right now.

      I guess is just the thought of losing Reyes is making Mets fans angry, bitter & upset on hearing the truth in that Reyes has never been a great player & Wilpon will not pay him Crawford money.

      As for Gonzalez you idiot, Boston got him on a traded & signed deal, why, because Gonzalez was going to be a free agent after the season, the Padres knew they were going to lose him because they could not afford to pay him.

      Also, Reyes is not the player Gonzalez is. Not even close.

      The truth hurts, live with it

      1. Titan says:

        You’re the friggin’ moron. In your obvious blindness, you failed to acknowledge that Reyes has been an all-star in the past and has been injured just once since 2004.

        And, I’ll repeat — using a TEAM title to judge an individual player is the sign of a truly inane person. Plenty of great players have NEVER won a title. Geez. You must have been born yesterday.

        As for Gonzalez, your response that he was traded to the Red Sox has NOTHING to do with my point. The point being, he won squat for the Padres but is the best player in the AL this year and has been a great player almost his entire career. IOW, your equating a team achievement with individual performance is just too stupid. A title is a team thing, duh!

        Current WAR:
        Gonzalez — 4.1
        Reyes — 4.1

        Yeah, sure, Reyes is not even close to the player Gonzalez is, LOL! Keep dreaming, Yankees fan.

        It’s obvious you’re just upset that Reyes is so much better than Jeter right now. Jeter is one of the most overrated and overpaid players in baseball. There’s not much I can do about your obvious jealousy, pettiness, and sour grapes. Get over it. In the meantime, you sound like a total idiot.

      2. Maverick says:

        Anybody can make the all-star game d**khe*d, fans vote players in.

        Your giving current stats jacka$$, look at Reyes stats for the last 9 yrs.

        Damn son you’re stupid. You must wear a special helmet.

        Jeter has 5 rings, one was over your loser Mets in the 2000 WS, where he won the MVP, Leiter hung a fastball over the middle and Jeter cranked it over the wall at Shea.

        Jeter is going to the Cooperstown with over 3000 hits, with 3000 coming at Chiti Field next week. I know, it will be a dark day for you *ssh*les.

        Jeter is a career .316 hitter. The only shortstop in baseball history to ever have hit 200 hits or more in a season seven (7) times.

        What has “Overrated” Reyes won with the Mets in 9 yrs. Reyes is a choker.

        Reyes would be lucky if he has half a career of what Jeter has done.

        Say good-bye to your loser, he’s gone and you’re crying knowing your overrated player is history as a loser Met.

      3. Titan says:

        Haha, I love it. Maverick revealing himself to be the real bitter and angry fan and resorting to juvenile profanity. Too funny! Well, I’m not going to stoop to your level, junior. Just get over yourself and try to act like an adult.

        Reyes is so much better than Jeter now it’s not funny. And those rings that Jeter has? He’d have at best one or none if not for Mariano Rivera and all those juiced up Yankees of the last decade. You root for the most tainted team in ML history with the cheapest titles.

        As for the all-star game, at least Reyes got in the honest way – by being voted in by fans and other players and coaches. Most of the time Jeter appeared he had to be hand picked by his manager, given a free pass That’s how overrated he is!

        Again, you can keep bringing up “team” accomplishments to try to bash Reyes and prop up the grossly overrated Jeter, but every one can see through your folly.

        I just love pushing your buttons, little Yankee boy! Now go do your homework!

      4. Maverick says:

        my job is done, I p*ssed you off with facts & now you’re crying like the little girl you are. Stay down girly boy. I will keep knocking down, don’t get up.

        Reyes career is no way near the career Jeter has had, the stats & facts are there. Your problem is you can only hope Reyes can be as great as Jeter has been & know it never will be

        9 yrs with the Mets & all Reyes is known for is choking. Reyes will leave a Met as a loser.

        Take care boy, don’t go hurting yourself once Overrated Reyes is traded, it’s not worth it, another loser will come along to take his place very easily.

      5. Titan says:

        If that’s your job you’ve totally failed, LOL, little Yankee boy. You’re fired! Now go into your little loser corner and try to think up something intelligent to say.

        Jeter has always been one of the most overrated players in baseball and is grossly overpaid. He rode Mariano’s coattails and the syringes of his juiced up cheating teammates to fame. Without them, Jeter would just be a good little player, nothing special.

        For someone special you have to look at Reyes who is without doubt right now an immensely better player than that washed up Captain Princess Groundout on the Yankees. Cling to your fading memories of an overrated Jerter, if it makes you feel better. That’s all you have left. You’ll provably cry like a little baby when he retires while any Yankee fan with any intelligence wishes he had hung up his spikes long ago.

        Hey, thanks for giving me the opportunity to get you all angry and see you totally lose it. It was a pleasure and too funny!

  2. Maverick says:

    Let’s see, Wilpon stated Reyes will not get Crawford money because Reyes is not a superstar. Reyes has stated he wants to get Crawford money.

    Reyes agent has stated he will not negotiate for a new contract during the season. Alderson danced around the question of the possibility of trading Reyes.

    He’s word were “his future with us is not going to be dictated by how we play, good or bad”

    In other words, if Reyes wants the moon & the stars then the Mets cannot afford to pay him, period, then the Mets have no chance in keeping him.

    So where does is say that Reyes is still in the Mets plans. Praying will not help. Wishful thinking will not help. Ignoring the true facts will not help.

    In other words, get back to reality & prepare yourselves without Reyes.

    Reyes will test the waters and get the money he’s looking for or close to it from another team. He’s done as a Met.

    The Mets have not won with him in the 9 yrs he’s played for them, so they’re really not losing anything great.

    1. Huh? says:


    2. Anthony says:

      I love the comment about not winning with Reyes! Get a clue! That is such a moronic comment it’s unbelievable!

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