NEW YORK (WFAN) – Former Giants running back Tiki Barber and his agent Mark Lepselter joined Mike Francesa for a contentious interview on Wednesday.

The New York Giants’ career leading rusher has spent the past four months working out in an attempt to make a comeback, although his chances rest on a new collective bargaining agreement.

Listen: Tiki Barber with Mike Francesa

The interview became heated at times, especially when the topic turned to Barber’s broadcasting career.

Barber: “I think you’re throwing a little bit of hyperbole out there, Mike, because I didn’t have a ‘big failure’ in broadcasting. I think if you laid the stage as you and Chris at the time tried to, that I was (to) be the next Matt Lauer, yeah, you could say it was a failure. But I had a lot of fulfillment at NBC. I did a lot of great stories that I think had impact over the three years that I was there.”

Barber: “You’re putting it in simple terms. And if that’s how you need to do it, Michael, fine, you put it in simple terms. But I don’t consider my time at NBC a failure.”

Francesa: “The guys at NBC, and I know all of them, they felt that you did a bad job and they said that they thought you were entitled. I mean, they were not complimentary about your work. Let’s not run away from that, this is part of the story.”

Barber: “If you tell me who it was and you get that person on air, I will have a debate with them. I think that’s cowardly of someone to talk behind someone’s back and not tell them, because the truth of the matter is, I don’t know what I could have done better at NBC.”

“I respect you because I think you have a great knowledge about sports and about the game of football. Do you always do it the correct way? I’m not sure. Do you interview people the correct way, because we’re talking about my life here. I’m not so sure.”

“Mike, I understand what you’re saying. You’re not wrong but you’re also not right. Because to characterize the three years that I had at NBC as abject failure is just wrong. It’s just not correct.”

Extra: Sneaky-Tiki-Tawdry

Barber talked about his popularity in New York:

“You know, I grew up in Virginia, where people are cordial about everything that they do. I came and lived in New York for ten years, played in New York for ten years and realized that every single person here has an opinion. I can’t chance people’s opinions about me based on, honestly I don’t even know what.

“And so, does it hurt me? Yeah, it does, because I think in some ways people are not appreciating who I was as a player. But does it hurt me that they have an opinion that’s negative against me? Not necessarily, because they’re all entitled to it, just like I’m entitled to my own opinions about you or Joe Schmo down the street.”

And why some Giants fans dislike him:

“I’m sure it probably has to do with the fact that I criticized Tom Coughlin and he goes and wins a Super Bowl. Or the conversations that I had about Eli Manning (that) got blown out of proportion. Things like that (where) people felt like I, as someone with knowledge, was attacking somebody that I just left, when it really wasn’t. It was just giving my opinion about things, and I’ve always been opinionated. You’ve known that, Mike.”

Download the inteview

What did you think of the interview? Did Barber’s ‘failure’ as a broadcaster spur him to unretire? Leave a comment below.

Comments (94)
  1. Mike says:

    Francesa has one of the most successful sports talk shows in the nation. That is a fact. If you do not like him that does not alter that fact. If Barber wanted a “feel good” fawning interview he should have gone on the Michael Kay show, but he wanted to have his say with a bigger audience. Francesa doesnt suffer fools whether they are call in listeners or sports figures being interviewed.

  2. Kenny says:

    Can WFAN just give the damn timeslot to Sid Rosenberg already?

    1. David says:

      The person who posted that Sid “The Jerk” Rosenberg should be given the timeslot is problably Sid himself!!!

  3. Geri says:

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Francesa’s lack of grey matter – that’s brains Francesa – shows every time you try to put two consecutive sentences together – Francesa – you are a moron!

    1. C says:


  4. Scott says:

    I hate Tiki. He cheated on his pregnant wife and is the worst teammate in history. The Judas in Giants history. Nobody should take him seriously. He is a loser in life and has long outlived his self life.

  5. Matt Fontain says:

    Go Mike!

  6. Mark P says:

    I have to tell you I used to love Francesa but he has become the single most arrogant announcer on sports radio. He should thank his lucky stars that Imus gave him the chance to flourish the way he did. With Russo, he was the voice of reason. Now he’s gotten worse than Russo with his rants. Tiki handled himself well. I wasn’t fond of the way he handled himself, but that is his life.He desrves the chance to succeed at what he does best and I wish him well. I enjoyed watching him as a player and I thought he was integral to the success of the Giants. He gave his all as a player and left it on the field.

    1. Chewing says:

      AGREED. I can’t stand the sound of his voice.

    2. will kim says:

      yes, francesa can get pretty arrogant but the guy knows what he’s talking about. u also make tiki sound like he is so humble himself. the guy is so smug. just look at how he acted on his wife and teammates. he was insulted by the cbs guys talkn trash about him? the guy talked more trash about his own people/team?! did u ever see him on tv? the guy stunk and his use of vocabulary was comical. it was like he purposely would use SAT words to tell his stories, situations, etc to show off his expanded vocabulary hahah whatta joke. the funniest moment was when he had to interview his own teammates (one yr removed) in the tunnel right after the GMEN won the superbowl hahaha lol. lets face it the guy is nothing close to a man and he deserved every bit of misfortune/criticism he got. he’s a flake, nuff said.

  7. Bill G in Virginia Beach says:

    Tiki as a person, I have no opinion. I was disappointed when he took the route of bashing his former team (coach and QB) when he left. I’m sure his Mom told him “if you have nothing nice to say about someone, then don’t say it at all” As far as a player, and after he learned to hang onto the ball (thanks to Coach Coughlin) I REALLY enjoyed his on the field play…which is really whats important.

  8. Alan says:

    I never, liked or disliked Tiki. He should have kept his mouth shut about Tom and his teammates, Especially since it seems he doesn’t take criticism to well. As for Francesca, I think he’s a bully, blowhard and overrated

  9. Kurt says:

    It completely baffles me how Francesa has this lofty status because he’s always been such a “big failure” at treating callers, listeners, viewers, etc. with the proper respect they deserve. You can’t tell me that the majority of New York sports fans are entertained by this belligerent bully. And why would anyone waste a chunk of their day calling the station to speak to this jerk, only to wait on hold (for who knows how long), then be ridiculed, interrupted, shouted down, and lastly hung up on? Seriously, don’t you people have anything better to do?

    By the way, Mikey, the new stadium at the Meadowlands is NOT called “Giants Stadium”. Anyone with the Jets will tell you that, but of course you can’t speak to any of them! And the head coach of the Colts is Jim CALDWELL, not Cardwell. Get it straight already.

    1. joe says:

      Van Pelt & Russillo – best afternoon talk radio – don’t hate them for being on ESPN –

    2. Eve Dorovan says:

      Excellent post. I’ll never understand why a host who has 5 hours to talk and run a show doesn’t have the common decency to give callers a chance to talk for 2 minutes after they wait for an hour just to get on the air. It’s called talk radio for a reason. But by now, anyone who calls Francesa’s show should know what to expect.

  10. Michael says:

    The way I see it, both sides of the argument have some merit.

    Tiki was not very good (IMHO) at broadcasting.

    Conversely, I’ve listened to Mike for years and his interview style is aggravating. Not only does he tend to get contentious, at times but he has a tendency to cut off answers from interview subjects even when the discussion isn’t adversarial.

  11. BleacherCreature26 says:

    Mike’s career in broadcasting can be defined by 2 simple words: MAD DOG.

    1. flea says:

      Yeah, right….and the mad dog’s career is really soaring. Talk about falling off the map. Saturday night live once had a sketch called “what was i thinking”. mad dog should top that list.

      1. kenneth says:

        they were a team that worked off of one another.

  12. clayson says:

    He needs to come out of the closet…He gets the best Male Escorts…

  13. dabooch says:

    Mike’s ratings must of been slipping, he wanted to make a big splash with Tiki and from what I can recall they weren’t on the best terms. Mike is usually not that confrontational with his guests, Tiki isn’t stupid, he suspected what was coming, that is why the agent was on. I only remember seeing Tiki on a few times on tv. Francesa, I could write a book on. Amazing how a real sport star could give way to a sportscaster, and the latter is the bigger subject.

  14. Eve Dorovan says:

    Why did Francesa feel the need to focus SOLELY on the NBC fiasco? Barber came to discuss his return to football and Francesa decided that he wanted to dictate the interview in another direction. Totally classless.

    1. scott says:

      Very well said. Couldn’t agree more.

    2. Bob Fowler says:

      Do you think it had anything to do with his Sunday night show on NBC? Nah, it was just a coincidence. I have stopped listening to WFAN based upon Francesa alone. Bundle in the morning show clowns, and I am forever grateful for Pandora.

      1. regpac says:

        i agree wfan is pointless Evan and Joe are good but Francesa will be done soon as for the other host all they get paid to do is act stupid and then laugh at each others jokes to make them feel good

  15. Eve Dorovan says:

    Francesa was antagonizing Barber, case closed. Yes, Barber’s career at NBC ended badly. He didn’t need an arrogant, belligerent “broadcaster” to tell him this. Such condescension. He had the audacity to brand a caller as “racist” for challenging the hype surrounding Rory McIlroy, yet assumed that a caller who was a Tiger fan was rooting for him “because he’s black”. But he’s the big Kahuna and he knows it, so until listeners make a statement……

    1. Kevin says:

      Very true. So many people complain about Francesa’s behavior, but if you really want to make him eat a huge plate of crow and send a clear message to WFAN/CBS Radio management that you want a change in the afternoon, it’s really very simple: Tune him out! Don’t listen to, call, or watch him, thus putting a big dent in his ratings. You’d be surprised how easy and effective it would be to make a statement like this. I personally know dozens of local sports fans who are so disgusted and turned off by Francesa’s arrogance, but unfortunately not enough people are holding him accountable and making him pay for it. So ultimately, I have to blame the listening audience. You can’t tell me that the fair majority of New York sports fans are actually entertained by this insufferable egomaniac, who is so full of himself that it’s nauseating. TUNE HIM OUT!!

    2. tony t says:

      you are absolutely right,i remember thinking the same thing when that incident happened.

  16. dabooch says:

    Other then the weathermen, Francesa can captivates his audience for 5 1/2 hours a day, times God only knows how many years. The longer you tuned, and lots of people do, the more his sponsors can try to sell you products you don’t need. Tiki Barber will never be what he was, the moron thought he was bigger then life, poking his big head where it didn’t belong. Francesa used his expertise to belittle the giant, when your trying to argue with Mike Francesa your either going to be a dropped call, talked over, or gone while Mike continues the rant long after you are gone. Mike is the King, that’s is the way it is. Soon Mike will pack it in, don’t feel sorry for him because he’s made multi-millions over the years, thank you New York.

    1. Eve Dorovan says:

      Well said.

  17. Jose Wright says:

    How could Francesa, or his engineer, not notice and correct the echo? Tiki obviously had a radio on in the background. It was practically unlistenable. I only hung in there because I wanted to hear this since I know Mike doesn’t like Tiki.

    Howard Stern is so right when he says radio is full of incompetent people. Would the Today show or David Letterman run an interview with an annoying echo in the background? No way.

    1. SparkyDR99 says:

      100% dead on. That’s why the least rated TV show gets more respect in the business than a #1 radio show. For 30 min, nobody thought to tell Tiki or his agent to turn his radio down. The audio is now making the rounds nationally, and it makes WFAN look like fools.

  18. Glenn says:

    Mike F is pompous, that is true. When he makes a point, he repeats himself 3-4-5-6-7-8 times. I can listen to him for brief periods of time and always turn him off at some point. Tiki looks bad, no matter how you slice it. This is not about how well he played the game of football. It is abut his arrogance, his failures and his inability to tell the truth. He is disingenuous. He is not being honest in so much of what he says. It is very obvious to even the casual listener. These guys actually were made to talk at each other. Great entertainment, like seeing the aftermath of a car crash.

    1. Mike O'Connor says:

      WELL SAID. I thought I was the only one who ever noticed how many times he repeats his deep insights. Which, by the way, are usually the most obvious points. I used to play a little game with myself when I listened to him – how many times will he repeat this next point? I find the usual over/under to be 4 times.

  19. Karen M. says:

    I listen to WFAN at work all day. I am not super knowledgable in sports, but I enjoy listening to the shows and have learned alot. I enjoy Boomer and Carton (although Carton can get on my nerves at times) and I like Joe and Evan. I am not an expert in radio etiquette, but even I get my back up at the way Mike treats his callers. Please sir, let the caller finish imaking his/her point, before you respond. Please let them have their opinion; it is THEIR opinion and they are entitled to it, as you are yours. No need to be rude because it maybe different. Makes me nuts! Thank you.
    Karen M.

    1. Glenn says:

      Well said, I agree on each of your points.

    2. METJONNY says:

      This Topic about Mike comes up all the time, If you have a problem with Mike Francesa’s Personality and the way he acts to his listeners, then Shut it off. You obviously still listen to him, So cut this criticism on Francesa cause he’s obviously doing something right, he’s been doing this for over a quarter of a century and his ratings still hasn’t dropped. MIKE FRANCESA keep up the Great work, Don’t pay attention to these Unsucessful Haters.

      1. Karen M. says:

        I guess I should have said that I do shut it off, right after Evan and Joe, as I have learned my lesson, but I guess we are not allowed to have opinions where you are concerned either.

  20. Eric Peselow says:

    Francesa is a bad person as noted by all the comments above. He will however stay on the air as long as people listen to him. There are no good sport talk alternative-Indeed Lupy on ESPN for 1 hr is another pompous blowhard and Kay is just not that entertaining. I personally listen to the 60’s on 6 during that time period

  21. lydia says:

    Mike was typical Mike in this interview: a pompous blowhard! We’re used to him murdering the English language and sucking up to sports celebrities, but it still doesn’t make him any easier to take.
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    1. METJONNY says:


      Go write on a dating personal… This is a Sports blog U shallow of a person. Mike did and has done a great job getting to the point of Tiki’s Sudden return to football… If you think he’s a Pompous Blowhard, then Turn the Dial.

  22. Lou says:

    I can understand why people don’t like Mike. He is full of himself, and certainly not for everyone.

    But I can’t understand how anyone can listen to this interview and defend Tiki. Tiki’s a bum. He was a failure at NBC. Maybe Mike didn’t have to be so rough with him and use that word, but he failed at broadcasting. When you get a big job that you didn’t earn, and then are fired 3 years later, that failure.

  23. Joe says:

    While Mike may be a bully and pretentious at times….Tiki, with his little agent protector comes off looking very SMALL, That said, I am a firm believer that EVERYTHING Tiki does and says is pre-meditated for his own benefit. I think he purposely picked a bully to be interviewed by in an attempt to garner SYMPATHY from fans. Tiki is a self-promoting egoist and always has been…If a majority of his former teammates had guns held to their heads, they would say the same things.

  24. jim pohlman says:

    I concur with many of the comments about Mike. He is knowledgable but he is very arrogant and very rude to his callers. He makes many “can’t fail” predictions that don’t come true but never admits to having made a mistake. I listen to him often but wind up shutting him off when the arrogance reaches an intolerable level. I prefer Joe and Evan in the morning. They may not be the smartest guys but they are fun to listen to and they relate well to the callers and each other. As for Tiki, I think it is sad he gets booed at Giants Stadium. He was a great player and was very popular during his career. However, I think the boos are deserved. I think he tried to hype his media career by making controversial statements about Coughlin and Manning. He say he was just being honest; I think he was trying to draw attention to himself and become a big TV personality.

  25. dhl says:

    Interesting how Fran-say-so will never ask tough questions to guests who are people he’s buddy-buddy with off the air. He consistently tosses lollipops to the likes of Jim Nantz, Phil Simms, Jim Calhoun, John Calipari, etc.

    1. Lou says:

      I’ve never heard him interview Calipari, but I have heard him interview Calhoun. He asked him plenty tough questions.

      Beyond that, what tough questions do you want him to ask Nantz or Simms?

  26. dan says:

    Francesa is an expert on inside information all right, data and opinions that he plagiarizes from the inside of newspapers!!! Odd, only when he’s proven to be wrong does he credit his sources; otherwise, it’s his info all the way. And he thinks we’re too stupid to figure that out. News flash, we’re on to you!! I’d rather listen to my dentist drilling cavities in my mouth.

  27. Bob Fowler says:

    Francesa is a blow hole who for years has claimed superior ‘inside’ knowledge of many subjects, only to be proven totally wrong. I would rather listen to a busy signal on the phone.

    Tiki though has an arrogance about him that seems to really turn people off. I know that superior athletes need superior egos in order to achieve their goals, but Tiki seems to have missed the humble pie at dinner. He appears disingenuous.

    Once again though, I ask the question…why is this news worthy? More shiny things to keep us in the dark about the real issues of our day?

    1. heidi says:

      If you’re interested in the real issues of the day then why are you wasting your time on this site and listening/reading about sports?

  28. macthorough says:

    Tiki is a pathetic analyst, football player, team mate, son and brother. He belittled Eli Manning, the Coach, the GIANTS team, and GIANTS fans. Then the GIANTS won arguably the best superbowl ever. The only thing he is known for in football is FUMBLING. Tiki’s whole career is a how-to of what NOT to do. As an analyst I never listened to him, he was always wrong or reported on stories or topics no one cared about. I always laughed and changed the channel when he was on. Tiki defines what you do NOT want in a team mate, and I can’t imagine how embarrassing Ronde Barber must feel having him a twin brother; always having to respond to questions about how Tiki is a quitter. I wonder how his mother feels knowing that she gave birth to a quitter. As an analyst Tiki is a poor mans Dhani Jones (very poor).

  29. Jerry Lomis says:

    Tiki showed class on this interview, Mike was trying to trap him in to insulting fans.

  30. Jim Hellman says:

    whats wrong with a guy changing course? life goes on. you are going to badger tiki about being a failure, compared to what? your listeners sitting on the couch watching the world go by?

  31. GL says:

    hey tiki women are football fans and u got boo’d because you left ur wife that was pregnant with twins @ 8 months. SOUND FAMILIAR? YOU ARE SLIME THAT SLIME DOESNT WANT TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH!!!

  32. flea says:

    Great Listen…..That is why Francesa is the best.

    1. scott says:

      You have to be on some kind of medication if you really think that.

      1. flea says:

        Who would you like…one of the ESPN CLONES who never ask a tough question? You know, one of the ESPN marionettes from the ESPN comedy store.

      2. Metsux says:

        Spoken like a true Mutts fan who has thin skin. You sound like you would have preferred that jerkoff Carton who would have turned the interview into a circus like the Stern wanna be he is. But since Cartoon is a mut fan, you would have liked that.

  33. Ace says:

    The biggest mystery of all time is how this blowhard has top-rated shows and comfortably stays on the air when he’s such a “big failure” at treating callers and listeners with the respect they deserve, especially when they disagree with the King. Oh, and he knows all the people at NBC because he’s a big shot and you’re not!! Look who he knows and you’ll have zero chance to ever know, you peons!! Too bad that Russo wasn’t the one who stayed at FAN. At least he had a personality.

  34. Rick says:

    Funny that his show is called “Mike’d Up” because all he does is “talk down”.

  35. steve says:

    Mike, seems like the type that we all pick on ,when we were young. Now he thinks he hit the big times! I just turn the channel when he is on.

  36. OfficerJoe Bolton says:

    Two worthless egomaniacs who should shut up

  37. scott says:

    I can’t wait to see Mikey when the Jets are again the hottest team in town, the talk of the town, and he again is not permitted have anyone associated with the team on his overrated program. That’ll be priceless. And to think that he calls Rex Ryan “classless”!!

  38. Z Brimstead says:

    Francesca is the worst. I cannot listen to him. Tiki was not fired because he was a bad broadcaster–he was pushed out because NBC did not want to have a public face, an employee who cheated on his wife when she was pregnant with twins. To say anything else is to ignore the elephant in the room.

  39. tmw says:

    Well, I seriously doubt you’ll be hearing Mikey talking to any ex-Jet anytime soon, if you know what I mean. Every time you think this man can’t come across any more egocentric, he breaks new ground. It’s a gift, I guess. People need to start boycotting him and tuning him out. Then maybe FAN management will start to get the message that we’re tired of his act, and he’ll be humbled.

  40. gary mcnaughton says:

    tiki is an ego-tripping clown that is too ignorant and full of himself to realize that the only credibility he had came from carrying a football for the new york giants. as far as the criticism if mike goes, he has essentially been ruling the roost in the toughest media market in the world for well over 20 years. and the fact that people perceive him to be “talking down” to some listeners, if you ever heard some of the brain dead bozos that call in it is a wonder that he even engages them at all.

    1. scott says:

      You must be one of those brain-dead bozo sycophants who keep calling in to suck up and tell his ego-tripping Highness, “Hey Mike, love the show, great show!” You have it completely backwards regarding who involved in that “interview” is the one “full of himself”.

      1. Lou says:

        You’re both right and you’re both wrong. There’s no question Francessa’s full of himself. But Tiki is just as ridiculously arrogant. Make no mistake, Tiki has no doubt he’s the smartest guy in the room at all times as well.

        That’s why this interview had to be over the phone. Their egos couldn’t fit in the same room.

      2. gary mcnaughton says:

        evidently you are a listener as well

  41. Parker says:

    Clearly badgering. Tacky to pummel a person who considers himself in a depressed state. “Quarter century”? Wo.

  42. scott says:

    Phil Mushnick is 1000% on the money every time he rightfully exposes Fran-say-so for the blowhard and fraud that he is. The only reason his ratings are where they are is because of FAN’s stronger local signal and brand compared to ESPN-1050. It has absolutely nothing to do with the content and quality of Fran-say-so’s show, which is unbearable post-Mad Dog and STILL without a partner/sidekick. You could put anyone in that time period on FAN and he/she would get decent ratings. It’s long past the time for this rude, smug windbag to be taken down about ten notches and eat some humble pie.

    1. flea says:

      All of these negative comments about Francesa, just proves my point….he’s a great listen.

      1. scott says:

        You need your head examined if you think that Fran-say-so is a “great listen”. I’d much rather listen to fingernails on a chalkboard. I guess if you like a boorish, bombastic blowhard with self-absorbed knowledge who thinks he’s superior to the serfs and peons in the real world, then you’ll be entertained in the afternoon.

  43. David Izzo says:

    MIke told Tiki he was a bad broadcaster. Wow, this from a guy who stumbles over his words, repeats phrases over and over, especially “you know.” and would never, ever have a regular gig on national TV. Tiki may not have lasted on NBC but Mike wouldn’t even be considered. I am also Italian and originally from NYC and Long Island. I am an English professor (but born very poor in Corona Queens so ivory tower cannot be applied) who has published 21 books and to hear Mike speak is like hearing repetitive thuds from a dull branch on hard ground. I don’t mean the NYC accent but the monotone boring speech that would fail a high school speech class. Without FAN he would not have a job; he is a habit, not a talent. He has none. I am not defending Tiki but to hear Mike talk about his fabulously successful broadcast career on local radio–albeit NYC metro–is absurd. There are countless people that would do better once they learn which buttons to push. Mike is just a jealous petty fat man because he could never be on network TV and Tiki was. As somebody once said: I’d rather be a has been than a never was. As far as Network TV Mike is the never was.
    David Garrett Izzo

    1. Randy Spears says:

      Mike works for NBC, and has for years. This simple point just ruins your entire rant.

      1. Albert says:

        Francesa works locally for WNBC-Ch. 4, not the national NBC network.

      2. Dtri says:

        Yes, he works for NBC–but only seen/heard in NYC–non even upstate, really… His Sunday NFL Show used to run down here in DC, but hasn’t for years… He is knowledgeable, and talented, obviously, cannot deny that, but there’s clearly a reason he’s not on a wider range–ratings, as most of you have pointed out…

    2. IgnoranteElephante says:

      “There are countless people that would do better once they learn which buttons to push.”

      You would think such an accomplished English professor like yourself would have a better grasp of the language. In the sentence above, people being human people take the pronoun “who” instead of “that” which is reserved for inanimate objects. Thus it should read as follows:

      “There are countless people WHO would do better once they learn which buttons to push.”

      Your punctuation is also deplorable. You should grab a grammar book off of your library’s shelf and study comma usage, so that your sentence structure does not seem so rambling.

      Let me know the college at which you teach, so I know where not to send my kid.

      1. David Izzo says:

        You’re funny!
        21 books and 60 essays later which one iof us is the expert? Look it up at Let me know when your book comes out.
        You are wrong about who vs. that and what punctuation are you talking about?
        What I have written is technically correct’;perhaps (note the semicolon–do you know what that is) complex sentences are beyond you. I wouldn’t want to teach your kid if he is as stupid as his father. And as was noted in another comment, you are incorrect about Mike’s TV work which is not network, but local.

      2. David Izzo says:

        Oops– I made a typo–that is what I get for typing too fast– I bet you’re in hog heaven now, thinking you are right.

        The best response to criticism is accomplishment. Like I said 21 books, 60 essays.

    3. JS says:

      Good statement by Izzo
      I barely know F’s work, but it was chicken-s#it to say those things to Barber.

    4. Tom says:

      YES! Absolutely right! I go crazy listening to Mike’s inability to pronounce words that begin with “h” properly. “Huge”, “Houston” – the “h” is constantly dropped. And if he says “Wait a second!” one more time, I’m gonna slit my throat. Get this moron off the air!

  44. Ace says:

    Right on, Tiki! I can’t believe that people still listen to this overbearing blowhard, who’s nothing without Mad Dog. Yes, no one denies that Fran-say-so has a wide knowledge of sports. But the fact that he constantly comes across like an all-knowing, self-serving, name-dropping braggart who is rude to callers and interrupts/shouts over them when they disagree with his Majesty is downright shameful and nauseating. His pompous attitude has turned off many, many people. And during “interviews”, it would be nice to near the other person speak once in a while, instead of merely bowing to the King.

  45. howard gage says:

    A good part of the excellence of Mike Franseca’s show went out the window when Chris Russo left it. The two of them had a wonderful chemistry together as when they argued, bounced various ideas and opinions off each other, etc. As a one man act, Mike leaves a lot to be desired,. He is very opinionated, i.e., thinks he knows everything and is very unappreciative of other people’s views, especially when they don’t agree with his. He makes predictions which often turn out to be wrong and rather than than admitting his mistakes, he finds all kinds of excuses as to why these predictions did not come true. In these situations, a little bit of humble pie would go a long way for him.

    1. Steve says:

      The last thing Francesa needs is Pie sir.

  46. Art Thompson says:

    Barber wasn’t smart enough to keep his hands off an NBC intern which is enough to get fired in any business. He bit the hand that fed him by running his mouth about Manning and Coughlin. An article in “Variety” dated today reports that NBC dumped him because he could not get along with coworkers and his life had become a circus. Barber is a clown who can play football. Francesa called him on it.

  47. scorp980 says:

    Tiki should have told Mike you are a failure Mike because you haven’t made as much money as I have.

  48. Rick says:

    Fran-say-so is such a pompous, egocentric jerk. So, his Highness believes that someone like Tiki who didn’t have as long a run as him in broadcasting and was let go by his employer should be flat-out labeled a “failure”? Gee, I’m sorry that everyone can’t (inexplicably) last as long as Mr. Insider/Big Shot, the all-knowing Fran-say-so.

    1. Lou says:

      How can you possibly not consider Tiki’s career at NBC a failure?

      You don’t have to like Francessa (he’s not for everyone), but give him credit when he’s right. Tiki sucked. That’s why he was fired.

  49. Tom Holehan says:

    Mike was typical Mike in this interview: a pompous blowhard! We’re used to him murdering the English language and sucking up to sports celebrities, but it still doesn’t make him any easier to take.

  50. Mitch Eisenman says:

    I have to agree with Tiki. Mike thinks he’s infallible. And does indeed talk down to the very callers that listen to him. Mike is by no means the luminary he thinks he is.
    And when he tries to discuss subjects outside the sports spectrum, frankly he’s sounds amateurish.

    1. Earl says:

      I think this may be what Tiki needs to understand that loyalty has it’s place. He got a dose of his own medicine. I hope he has learned from it and is the better for it.

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