NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A group of cab drivers is planning a protest outside the Taxi and Limousine Commission to demand the city void tickets issued during a recent crackdown on livery cabs.

It’s illegal for livery cabs to accept street hails, but many do so anyway. Drivers say the law was rarely enforced until this year.

New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers head Fernando Mateo organized the Wednesday protest. He says it’s an unfair pressure tactic to get drivers to negotiate on a bill being considered in Albany.

The law would allow livery cabs to pick up passengers from the street in the outer boroughs and northern Manhattan. That has outraged yellow taxi drivers who say the value of their expensive medallions could plummet because of new competition.

Should livery cab drivers be allowed to pick up passengers in the outer boroughs? Sound off in our comments section below…

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  1. Alex says:

    I received two summons this week with this scam, I’m an honest person and work my 14 hours a day to survive, people are tired of being rejected by the yellow cabs and prey me to please took them with despair to the airport, that it breaks my heart and I still penalized with heavy fines for pick up and make a common good,
    Do not let the Reptilian rob us the honest money, we must stay united in this humanity battle.

  2. Hugo Portella says:

    Most reporters working on the yellow and livery cab issue are not familiar with it and are misinformed.
    Their articles are a disservice to the community.

    The yellow cabs service only their well-known Manhattan area, they would much rather accept a $500 fine for refusal than allow a passenger “force” them outside their route.
    So the livery service in the outer boroughs does not affect them at all, their medallion value is untouched by it.

    Another case is the NY Federation of Taxi drivers, it existed years ago, if you are reporter reading this, go and find out how many members it has now, of the more than 40,000 drivers.
    Not even one member, except for its Spokesman Fernando Mateo and President Viloria.
    After interviewing them, reporters walk away convinced that they heard the voice representing taxi drivers.
    Probably, because ther were well paid by the powerful Yellow Cab Medallion industry, they have been against the legalization of livery street-hails outside of Manhattan.
    After facing their failure against the livery drivers, now, they are back to the antics of “fighting’ for the ones they tried to hurt for money, and offered them “Federation Lawyers ” in their quest of summonses they get for picking up passengers on the street.

  3. pugphan says:

    Ma bell was a monopoly it was broken up for the good of public. Tis time to do the
    same with Yellow Cabs. The only legal monopoly in America should be the game.
    Enough of this tyranny already…smokersodytseycom

  4. David Rivas says:

    The city should allow these livery cabs to pick up people wherever they may.

  5. nyc says:

    I am sooo sick of New York York yellow taxi drivers ! I truely am uptight everyday that I take a taxi, either they are going the wrong way in the city or they won’t answer you when you ask them a question ! Many would not pass a elementary school english exam. Does anyone remember the taxi’s of twenty five years ago ? It was a pleasure and enjoyable to take a taxi in New York. I just have to repeat what a bad experience it is today ! Why don’t we take London and Tokyo as examples on how a taxi driver should be !!!

  6. Rick Borutta says:

    There are only about 13,000 yellow cab “medallions” in NYC. This number has changed very little in close to a century. Drivers should not be penalized for a broken system. Especially when yellow cab drivers break rules such as refusing to go do destinations in the five boroughs or refusing street hails when they are on duty.

  7. Gregg says:

    I take a taxi every day in Manhattan and I am offered rides every day from black town cars. They charge the same amount and generaly speak better english then the yellow cab drivers and the cars are much more comfotable ! I say, until the TLC that handles yellow cabs, gets their act together by making these drivers speak english and know where they are going, take black cars !

  8. abaraham says:

    i drove a yellow taxi in the 70s Gypsy cabs were picking up ppl all over the place and they still do there was a line called the mason dixon line it was on 96th stereet .east to west to repect the gypsy cabs to make a living most cabs honored them yellow cabs never turned down a fare yet passed some up because out of fear i see that ppl hail a cab in outer bourghs jump into anything that stops for them .all the car services here in manhattan are dong a better bussiness then nyc taxi .you call them they pick you up .no matter what law they make it not change a thing .the things that they should change they dont

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