Melinda Brady Appears To Implicate Husband In Heinous Long Island Killings

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A disheveled looking David Laffer pleaded not guilty Thursday on first-degree murder charges in the shooting deaths of four people at a Medford pharmacy on Sunday.

PHOTOS: Haven Drugs Pharmacy Massacre

Assistant District Attorney John Collins called the shootings “the most cold-blooded robbery-homicide in Suffolk County history.” Laffer said nothing at his arraignment. His lawyer pleaded not guilty for him. A judge ordered Laffer be held without bail.

Assistant District Attorney James Chalifoux said that “in combination with trying to rob the store of various narcotics, he kept an eye on the front door. As the customers came into the store they were each executed, shot at close range — both from behind when they walked inside.”

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reports: Courtroom Packed For Laffer’s Arraignment

Laffer’s wife, 29-year-old Melinda Brady, is set to be arraigned separately. She faces third-degree robbery and obstruction.

“He did it. He did all of this,” Brady said as she was being led into a police car at Suffolk police headquarters early Thursday morning. “He was doing it because he lost his job and I was sick. I’m sorry he did all of this.”

As her husband was being taken by police to his arraignment later in the day, he almost ignored reporters’ questions until asked if he knew that his wife had apparently implicated him in the murders.

“What did she say?” Laffer asked before being placed into a police car.

WCBS 880′s Mike Xirinachs reports: Laffer Looked Stressed And Confused Leaving For His Arraignment

“You guys are cowards and junkies and sorry doesn’t mean nothing,” David Taccetta, the brother of victim Jamie Taccetta, said.

Taccetta’s family followed Laffer to his arraignment and after the accused Medford murderer pleaded not guility, there was an outburst.

“I think he should rot in prison for the rest of his life,” David Taccetta said.

At Thursday’s news conference, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said Brady drove Laffer to the pharmacy.

“Inside the pharmacy, Laffer shot two employees point-blank and two customers, executing the two as they walked into the store, shot them in cold blood, and then stole a large quantity of pain killers,” Dormer said.

Dormer said that the motive for the shootings was unknown and incomprehensible.

“This is very unusual. We found out that there was no criminal background with this individual and to suddenly engage in this type of violent behavior is beyond understanding. It doesn’t make sense,” Dormer said.

“Obviously, this was a brutal, execution-type slaying and who knows what could have occurred in future days,” Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy said at a news conference on Thursday.

Brady and Laffer were arrested Wednesday by authorities looking into the brutal murders of four people at the Haven Pharmacy in Medford.  They lived with Laffer’s schoolteacher mother, who has not been charged.

David Laffer and wife Melinda Brady (credit: Suffolk County Police Department)

Killed Sunday were store clerk Jennifer Mejia, 17, pharmacist Raymond Ferguson, 45, and customers Jamie Taccetta, 33, and Bryon Sheffield, 71.

Sunday’s killings stunned the Tri-State Area and prompted a massive manhunt for the suspect, who was caught on tape. The suspect was seen in surveillance photos wearing a hat and a black beard. Officials said Laffer was wearing a fake beard at the time of the massacre.

Levy said there was a number of pieces of evidence that led authorities to Laffer as their suspect. He said Laffer was a registered owner of a .45-caliber handgun, the same type of gun that was used in the murders.

Police said they went through a prescription list at the pharmacy which showed Laffer was a customer. Prosecutors said investigators also found Laffer’s fingerprints at the scene of the shootings on a piece of paper.

“Despite the defendant’s best efforts to wipe prints from the scene, that piece of paper was found on the ground near one of the victim’s bodies,” Collins said at Laffer’s arraignment.

Laffer was clean-shaven when he was arrested by authorities. He had a black eye and bruises, which police said were sustained when he resisted arrest.

“Laffer violently resisted police and his wife physically interfered with officers attempting to place him under arrest,” said Dormer.

Dormer said Laffer has not been cooperating with authorities.  The felony complaint outlined a combative Laffer, who lunged at officers and grabbed onto one of their guns while resisting arrest, the complaint said.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports: Dormer Says Laffer Has ‘Shown No Remorse’

Laffer was briefly hospitalized after his arrest. Dormer said Laffer and Brady were “obviously under the influence” of narcotics when cops arrested them on Wednesday.

Dormer said additional charges against Laffer and Brady may be forthcoming.

Police said Laffer, an Army veteran, went to the pharmacy to steal prescription drugs. The pharmacy was about a half-mile away from where Laffer and Brady shared a basement apartment in Laffer’s mother’s home at 30 Pitchpine Place.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports: Prosecutors Say Laffer Stole Numerous Containers Of Hydrocodone

“It was important to bring an individual into custody not only because we want justice done for those who were brutally slain that day, but also to provide a sense of peace of mind to the community,” said Levy.

Pharmacies in the area have been on high-alert since Sunday and Levy had a message for any would-be copycats.

“You’re going to get caught,” he said. “The videos are there. People are going to come forward to identify you. You are not going to be able to hide.”

Dormer said he hopes the arrests will bring some sort of closure for the victims’ families.

If convicted of the crime, what is the appropriate punishment in this case? Sound off in our comments section.

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  1. nickki says:

    i hope this couple ruts in hell, no family should go thru what they are going thru. PURE Idiots

  2. Dannnyboy says:

    Why does everyone think he is in for hell in prison, he isnt a child molester, hes a stone cold murderer. In prison he is likely to be respected.

  3. taylor says:

    Every man deserves his rights, but once you take away another’s right to live you lose your own. this man killed four innocent people and for him to be defended in court is absurd. there is no excuse for a crime like this. i dont care if he had a psychotic break, i dont care that he served in the military. This man should rot in hell.

  4. nathan says:

    So the new trick on this site is to comment on the topic briefly and then spam for a website. There’s a few who have been doing this and think they are getting away with it. They’re wrong. You have been reported.

    1. DeeSkyzz says:

      Yeah dis is da website we using ta spam our website- we piddy smaat huh?

  5. Mr. Lee says:

    I think that people like them who have problems with drugs and tried every possible avenue and still cannot cure themselves, they should do themselves a favor and kill themselves before they kill innocent people. As somebody said before, they won’t last long. God would have mercy on him because the inmates won’t.

    1. ShiMonEE says:

      This guy obviously had more issues than just drugs. I’ve known plenty of full-blown heroin addicts who would never have hurt anyone like that, no matter how bad they were fiending. These two idiots hadn’t even graduated to REAL drugs yet! Vicodin (Hydrocodone) is like step ONE on the road to opiate dependency. This is the saddest most pathetic thing I have ever heard. He killed four people for freakin’ VICODIN…….Get a grip!!!

  6. J says:

    Quick trial, Minimum appeal and then off to the exceution chamber. (No lethal injection. Something nice like hanging)
    Not:: Nice idea but in this sick twisted country the defendants will cry victim, Poor pitiful me boo hoo. The liberal defence attorney will spin a yarn of abuse, bad parents, aliens from space whatever it takes to fool idiotic jurors to be lenient..

  7. DeeSkyzz says:

    Well, Obviously it’s too late for these idiots, but if anyone reading this has – or knows someone who has an opiate problem, There are medications available to help you get clean, and they work very well. Many doctors participate in the (Sub0x0ne) program, and would be more than happy to help you. Only problem is it’s not covered by insurance, so usually it takes about $300 or so to get started. It gets cheaper after the first visit. A small price to pay! Seriously, you have nothing to fear. You will feel much better within an hour, and in a few days you are right as rain.(Some counseling is a good idea in addition.) Then go mow your lawn and start looking for a new job…Geez…..

  8. J says:

    The lawyer who takes this case to defend these evil people will burn for a long time in hell.

    1. Kat says:

      why do they even have someone to defend these animals when the evidence is already there?? He is guilty, its caught on tape, who in their right mind would want to try to prove otherwise.

      1. J says:

        😉 Couldn’t agree more

    2. Schmellma Arss says:

      Hell!? Surely you jest. Hell exists purely between birth and death you silly ass.

  9. JRP says:

    Send them both to the FRYING PAN!!

  10. He should be strapped helpless,& the sickest deviants available should be given a 1000 tools of torture & a free hand with him ,for as long as they can keep him alive. Doing all medical science can 2 keep him fully aware 2 appreciate the pain!

  11. BUCKWHEAT says:


    1. margie says:

      Who the F*** CARES!!! he is going to get worse than that when he is in prison from other inmates. he is going to be somebody’s permanent sex machine.

    2. spanky says:

      Huh? You’re kiddin, rite? He shoulda been killed as soon as they caught him.

    3. Bklyn in the know says:

      Its Buckwheat huh?? Nice name, enough said!!!!! It’s stupid people like you with stupid comments that really need beating too!!!

    4. JRP says:

      Hey Buckwheat you can’t read?? He did resist the P.D. Get you brain fixed mongo!!!!

    5. KAT says:


    6. ShiMonEE says:

      OhhhhTayyy Butt-weet! The cops beat the hell out of him so as not to disappoint us! I for one think they did a great job!

    7. Mike says:


    8. JoeC says:

      Are you serious? I don’t think they beat him enough… and what’s with the Bullet proof vest? if someone wants to shoot him, let them. The cops should have those on not him.

  12. Angryman1 says:

    Hey NYC,

    Did you just fall off the turnip truck? What fantasy book to read in your bed last night, with the covers over your head. Off course it could have been prevented, but this piece of garbage chose to shoot four innocent victims in a pharmacy because he was angry at the world. Did this guy partake in any real fire fights when in the Army, or this going to be the defenses excuse because he put on the uniform, and served his country? We can assume he’s got post traumatic stress syndrome? This animal and his hideous wife should be killed on PPV demand, and you can watch. You are part of the problem in this sometimes sick world. Stop feeling sorry for the accused and start feeling sorry for the victims and their families.

    1. m says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.



    1. MORONCARE RULES says:


      1. mfenimore says:

        It’s called a Caps lock key on the left side of your keyboard.

    2. margie says:

      you have to be kidding right??

    3. m says:

      sure. Maybe you’ll be happy to have them as your neighbors?


    4. Rayne says:

      Are you kidding me? I went to school with this nut and his sister I didn’t want to be near them than I sure as hell don’t want him released back into MY community after a shrink messes with his head for a few minutes. That was my pharmacy I’d been using it since birth. My family could have been in there. I hope they put this little cowardly shcmuck in a cell with a HUGE weightlifter that needs a new girlfriend cause he wore out the old one. Burn in hell David glad I never have to see again.

  14. nyc says:

    What’s David’s parents have to say ? He’s a nice boy and has never been the same after getting out of the military ! There must have been signs that this guy was going to explode. Somehow ,I believe this could have been prevented !

    1. Rayne says:

      His Father “fell” down the stairs I think 10 years ago and died. His Mother was never around she was working 2 jobs last I heard.

  15. JOEYVEE says:


  16. Steve says:

    Those two fools should be put to death – they are nothing but “useless trash!”

    On another level, also maybe a bad side effect, of “Dumb Dubya,” the “traitor NEO-CONS” and other elements of the extreme right (some now calling for more action in Libya) for getting the United States into “PERMANENT WAR!”

    They’re either too stupid to realize this, or (like the NEO-CONS), they HATE the US government – which is why they’ve been attempting to bankrupt it.

    On top of this, some of our brave men and women get permanently over-deployed (and maybe, some of them “snap”).

    1. Ted says:

      Steve – you’re obviously a bit mentally challenged. While I don;t disagree with your proposed outcome for these murderers, your liberal rant needs to be toned down. Obama is the one who piled on the debt, Obama care is set to explode the deficit and if I’m not mistaken (and I’m not), Obama sent our troops into Libya without Congressional authorization.

      Liberal viewpoints are one thing, but your kind of rhetoric hurts your position and makes you look foolish.

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Steve, you obviously are brain dead. This murderer enlisted in 1995 and never saw any action on foriegn soil. When he enlisted in 1995, it was the stupendous Clinton years where everything was euphoric and there existed not a problem on Earth. Thus, I doubt the “NEO-CONS” are responsible.

        Can I refer to you as a NEO-COMMIE?

    2. Rayne says:

      Almost half of our National debt has been accrued since Obamination came into office. As for “snaping’ David had to have known he had a problem and should have sought mental health treatment in the last 6 years BEFORE he lost his medical insurance and decided to kill 4 people.Has no medical insurance promises not to kill anyone cause I’m not a wack job.

  17. Joseph Didonato says:

    He looks like he was beaten up. he didnt have those bruises when he was taken in. They say he resisted arrest, i dont believe it-look at early pictures.
    Now i know what drugs like Oxy can do to the average person, its very scary.

    1. DeeSkyzz says:

      Seriously? Yes the drugs were a factor, but this guy makes even drug addicts look bad! (Not to mention all the “Legally registered handgun” NRA member types…..who I’m sure are about in tears right now!)


    The woman Brady might be innocent. How do we know perhaps she drove him to get an item at the store? How many of us have driven our spouses to the store and back home. She might very well be telling the truth that she knew nothing about what he had done perhaps until the cops busted through their door. just saying. She may or may not know, that something she will have to confess to authority in truth at least for the sake of all those who lost their life. If she knew anything about what plans he had then I say give them both the death penalty or life in jail.

    1. Lisa Czyzniejewski says:

      Really? So, there just happens to be a robbery at the local pharmacy at the EXACT time your loving husband is a patron. Every one else in the pharmacy is murdered, except your husband and the suspect looks EXACTLY like your husband.
      She knew… and she is throwing him under the bus in order to get a better chance at a plea bargain of some sort.

      1. BRADY MAY BE INNOCENT! says:

        We can not know her heart or anyones else’s heart. I am not saying that she is innocent or guilty, we should reserve our judgement of her only until we all find out the real truth about what she knew and when? Like I said, if she knew that he was armed, then that’s enough for me to want her to go to jail or death penalty.even though I believe the DP is not an option in NY. Concerning David lets not waste tax payers money and put him to death now like the Chinese government does in China! Him we don’t need nothing from, we know all we need to know to carry out justice already. With the woman is a bit of different story because she may or may not have known that he had a weapon with him and that he was gonna kill those people..We have to give her the benefit of doubt and let the course of justice be carried out in a court of law. Our law still is innocent until proven guilty, right?

      2. IgnoranteElephante says:

        “We can not know her heart or anyones else’s heart.” Really BRADY MAY BE INNOCENT? I’d say brady is heartless. Wake up!

    2. Another Option says:

      When most of us drive our spouses to the store, they are not usually wearing a disguise. She had to have known he was at least going to rob the place.

      1. BRADY MAY BE INNOCENT! says:

        Who was wearing a disguise? The man had not been wearing a disguise, that he went home and shaved his beard is another. Besides she may not have known he was armed, and even if she knew that her husband was armed there is no way she would have agreed for him to kill or hurt anyone,,although he had already had his mind set up about killing before he entered the store.

        She will have to be water boarded or tortured into confession to know the whole truth….

        Again if she knew he was armed and willing to kill or hurt anyone then KILL HER!

      2. jojo says:

        BMBI, He was facinated with guns and had them in the home. She knew exactly what he did, maybe she did not know he was going to kill everyone, but he did and that makes her just as guilty as if she shot them herself. I hope the up the charges on this fool and she gets life without parole.

    3. FloridaBob says:

      She knew it when she was talking to cameras at the arrest. She never turned him in. She (at the least) witheld knowledge which makes her an accessory after the fact. No innocence in this picture folks.

  19. ckJanei6 says:

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  20. I_Love_Weiner says:

    Ain’t he pretty???

    1. I, The Jury says:

      That chinless loser and his fat wife should both be forced to eat all 8000 pills at once.

  21. jtorres says:

    People always complain about “taxpayers supporting him in jail for the rest of his life” They don’t live all that long in jail because the other prisoners or conditions finish them off. We just don’t hear about it. And even if they do live for a long time, it’s still cheaper than the death penalty. They get appeal after appeal, for a good 8-11 years after they are sentenced, at the very least. The attorney and court costs run into the millions. Life in The Hole is so much crueler. And much more appropriate. For both them

  22. David C says:

    these 2 are losers/garbage , i’m glad he got a little beat-down, man he does not deserve to be breathing right now,
    god bless the victims families……. i cant understand how anyone would think they would get away with this……..
    too bad he didnt get taken out when they arrested him.

  23. PMM says:

    I would be inclined to say to fry him, BUT, on second thought, when I think of what his “friends” in prison might have in store for him, that might be an even more suitably horrific punishment.

  24. frank says:

    So happy to hear that these SOBs got caught. I’m not a fan of the Police Dept anywhere, but in this case got give props where they’re due. Great job NYPD (or whatever dept was responsible) for catching these insane individuals. Death may be cruel but in this case necessary. I would not accept anything less.

  25. GREG says:


  26. Mack says:

    What is an “appropriate punishment”?


    A .45 Caliber, his own perhaps, would do just fine.

    She’s every bit as guilty as he is.

    Kill them both!

  27. slim says:

    Society would be better off without these individuals. If convicted of murder they should be tied to a post and killed by a Firing Squad.
    Obviously that is not going to happen in this liberal country.
    They will probably get off on the ” temporary insaanity induced by drugs” defense.
    Shame on our legal system

  28. Rick says:

    If ever there was a candidate for the death penalty he’s it.

  29. Gregg says:

    Why, Why, Why did he have to kill these unarmed innocent people ? He could have taken whatever he wanted, no one was armed unfortunatly ! Makes no sense. I just pray he dosen’t get off on some mental case reason.

    1. KAT says:

      exactly why I think the justice system is ironically an INJUSTICE system
      even having someone to defend them is mind boggling, and how they will weasel out of it with some lame blanket excuse that he wasn’t in his right mind.

  30. Sunshine says:

    They both look like two disgusting devils, they should both get equal punishment. Both are equally disgusting and evil.

    1. margie says:

      My thoughts exactly!!

  31. Dutch Oven says:

    That is one seriously messed up couple. It looks like they fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  32. brooklyn4ever says:

    You SOB! For taking the life of my friends father, I hope that you rot in prison and suffer every single day of your pathetic loser life. I hope that you are made to suffer the way that you are making the Sheffield family suffer. There are so many things I want to say, but I can’t here. I am so mad, but I am so happy that all 4 of these innocent souls will have justice and can rest in peace knowing that your sorry a$$ is off the street.

    1. ROBERT DEWITT says:


    2. margie says:

      Don’t you worry..this monster is only 33 years old and unless he somehow commits suicide he will suffer the rest of his miserable life.

      1. Kat says:

        yes I hope they let him suffer through the painful withdrawal from drugs, where he is screaming and no one is paying attention on purpose. Only the beginning of his pain believe me…

  33. Sergeant Friday says:

    Cookie, if you want to throw “proper grammer” comments around, learn how to spell grammar.
    This is what the world is full of, illiterates.
    Bet Cookie voted for Obama.

    1. Cookie says:

      @Sergeant Friday, So I am not the best typist on a blackberry. Her comment was inappropriate. Serious article and this person is looking for a date. No fool, I did not vote for Obama.

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Cookie, be honest, you mispelled the word. It had nothing to do with typing. THose who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I like you and your comments, but when you start acting like this you start sounding like nathan.

  34. danny says:

    I think the death penalty is way too easy for him. I posted earlier that life in solitary 24/7 is the way to go. No visitors. No lawyers. No light. Nada. Just some “food” under the door. He’ll lose any bit of sanity he had left. Cruel & unusual, yes. Proper punishment? Oh he** yeah!!

  35. CT says:

    He did it for his wife and she is giving him up before they even get to the station.

  36. Babygirl51 says:

    I bet he did it for his wife , I’ve talked to so many drug abusers in the prison system and most of them say THEY had to get it for there girlfriend or wife GREED

  37. Cookie says:

    Lydia: What on earth does your comment have to do with this article? Stay in school and learn proper grammer as your post is full of errors. How does a person with your mentality graduate from med school? You are not very mature if you post this kind of stupid comment for a serious article. Idiot.

    1. Jack Myoff says:

      Well said, Cookie!

      Seems like we have some “Peter King” votes, among some of these responses.

      However, I agree with many things said above – heaven help the victims’ families. A shame that Laffer and his wife were ever born (hey PRO-LIFE EXTREMISTS – this is what you get, when you allow “trash” like rapists to propagate – wake up)!!!

    2. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Oh boy, Cookie, looks like the pot is calling the kettle black. It’s “Grammar” not “grammer.” I hope you heed your own advice and stay in school.

  38. nathan says:

    Bring it tuff guys. Bring it. LMAO

  39. Vik says:

    And basil, that comment was meant for Nathan. But you’re being too kind calling him Pu$$y! LOL

  40. Vik says:

    Spoken like a true bleeding heart, wussy liberal. Go cry a river somewhere else, you chicken shEET.

  41. Richard says:

    Why isn’t his wife being charged with felony murder?

    1. Babygirl51 says:

      because she’s white and to pretty to go to PRISON isen that one of the excuses you people use mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

      1. HelloNY says:

        pretty? are you kidding me? are you looking at the same picture i am? she looks like a strung out crack head. She should be charged with murder right along with her pos husband, she’s not innocent. She knew what he did, but didn’t care so long as she got her fix. disgusting.,..

      2. jtorres says:

        She’s just as strung-out and gruesome-looking as he is. She drove him there and home and she didn’t know what he did? Give me a break. She actively participated and at the very least “aided and abetted”. She should be as severly punished as he. But I’m sure she will sell him out to save her sorry ass. She may be a junkie but she’s not stupid

  42. Vik says:

    Appropriate punishment? Death — at the hands of the grieving families of those killed.

    1. nathan says:

      Appropriate punishment? Oh wait – Ive seen your wife. You’re already living it BAHAHA

      1. nathan says:

        Hey! Now your getting personal. Quit it!

  43. richard levchuck says:

    it’s a shame we do not have the death penalty in ny,in lieu of that mr laffler should
    spend the rest of his life in solitary confinement w/o tv,exercise, reading
    material or social contact with any one but the guards.

    1. Aaron Coleman says:

      the issue here is that he should be sentenced to life in prison and nothing less but the cost of keeping him locked up and feeding him via tax payer money only makes matters worse. This would lead to the death penatly although a judicial system that kills ppl is just wrong. The only option left would be force him to do a miserable job with little food and physical punishment if he resist, no entertainment or benefits. this would make him suffer and feel the pain that the families of these four victims will feel.

      1. danny says:

        Life in solitary is worse than the death penalty. After about 6 months, he’ll be eating his feces. After about 1 year, he’ll be talking to his new imaginary friend. Psychologically, this is the worst (or best for him) forms of punishment available. Now that’s a mind f***!!

      2. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Spoken like a true Aaron Coleman!

  44. HARLEM GOING HAM says:


  45. basil says:

    Awww, liddle nathan doesn’t wike the death penalty. Too bad, ya pu$$y!

  46. TheWatchr says:

    from what i understand, she drove the getaway car, she was involved…and its not like this story hasn’t been in the news…she must have known he murdered 4 innocent people & did nothing about it until AFTER she got caught & suddenly HE DID IT…she’s no innocent, she should be charged as an accessory to murder as well

  47. Kevin says:

    And he’s going to live on taxpayers money for the rest of his life?

    Where is the Death Penalty?

    1. Scott says:

      No he won’t Kevin, don’t worry. He will be killed in jail or when he is sentenced to prison. This will be done at his own hands or a prisoner. Even prisoner’s will be appalled at what this guy did in this senseless, cruel and unnecessary act of violence. Forget him and pray for the families of the victims who need all the love and support possible. I know you will.

    2. Moon Them says:

      The Death Penalty is inhumane. I’d prefer to ship them off to the Moon to do time. They can terraform the Moon and Mars for the next 20 years. SpaceX gonna give it to ya.

      Write to Charles F,. Bolden, Jr.—he the man.

  48. Sam says:

    3rd degree robbery and obstruction for the wife. Why is she not being charged with 4 counts of murder. Of course she is going say he did it. She should be charged the with 4 counts of murder and spend the rest of her life in jail.

    1. Bell Toller says:

      its possible she was coerced by her husband

      1. Sam says:

        Sorry I am not buying her being coerced. She was the addict. Bottom line she was there as his getaway driver. They probably made a deal with her.

  49. Mussud Fo' says:

    Sharia law for both of them ,”off with their heads” ASAP.
    Actually life in prison seems to be a worse punishment then death.

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