MEDFORD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The last two victims of the Medford pharmacy massacre have been laid to rest. Funerals for pharmacist Raymond Ferguson and Jamie Taccetta were held Saturday morning.

Ferguson and Taccetta were two of four people shot and killed last Sunday in what’s being called the Medford pharmacy massacre.

Ferguson was working Father’s Day, his day off, as a favor to his boss when police say suspect David Laffer killed him and three others at Haven Pharmacy in Medford before stealing prescription drugs.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports: Mourners Pack Church To Say Goodbye To Raymond Ferguson

Ferguson’s wife stood by as the man she was to celebrate her 10-year wedding anniversary with this summer was carried into Our Lady Of Martyrs Church.

“This is a terrible situation,” said a relative. “At the moment, everyone is sad. The family is all here right now.”

Friends described the 45-year-old pharmacist from Centerreach as kind, always smiling and an overall nice guy.

Police said Ferguson was behind the counter when the suspect David Laffer came in firing.

PHOTOS: Haven Drugs Pharmacy Massacre

Jaime Taccetta, 33, was a customer at the store. Prosecutors said Laffer allegedly waited by the front door for Taccetta and another customer, 71-year-old Bryon Sheffield, to enter and then shot them at close range as they walked inside.

Taccetta, a single mother of two daughters who was engaged to be married, was buried in her wedding dress. Her funeral mass was in Ronkonoma.

“The world is a sad place without her. There wasn’t a bad thing about Jaimie Taccetta,” said cousin John Brown.

Family and friends buried the youngest and the oldest victims Friday – 17-year-old high school senior Jennifer Mejia and 71-year-old grandfather Bryon Sheffield.

Laffer remained behind bars on suicide watch Saturday. His wife, Melinda Brady, was also in police custody after admitting she helped him plan to rob the pharmacy so they could their hands on thousands of painkillers.

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  1. tina says:

    This guy gets a fair day in court, does not make sense, he will never change, cannot be rehabilitated EVER!!

  2. Lisa says:

    To all the victims, RIP. I pray for their families. This is certainly a death penalty case! This nut case should be prosecuted immediately, without any defense. Why waste tax payer dollars? Many people are expressing anger over the passage of same sex marriage here in NY. Not for nothing, but how often do you see gay people create such heinous crimes? Let’s direct our anger in the right places…

  3. WAKE UP AMERICA! says:

    Our nation is in total mess when the guilty is protected and cared for and the innocent or victim is shoved aside!

    And the worst thing is that it just gets worse and worse by the day!!!!!!!!

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God bless those affected by this tragedy!!

  4. Andrew Joseph says:

    dude you need help

  5. Barry Levine says:

    I wish their families well and here is where victims should have some sort of government compensation or aid. There are mortages and college tuition which will need to be paid and people in this position should be first on the list.

    The crumb who killed them will be well taken care of in prison with clean clothes, Supreme Court ordered medical attention, proper nourishment instead of bread and water, and who knows what else they are “entitled” to. The crumb might even get Ron Kuby to defend him with a temporary insanity plea at taxpayer expense.

  6. Saddened says:

    What a disgusting remark! Four victims, all inncocent, valuable members of society, are NOT “trash” of ANY kind. Rest in peace.

  7. karen s says:

    please, in future separate stories about the funerals of innocent victims of criminals separate from the names of their murderers. the quality lives of mr. ferguson and ms. taccetta, and their memories should not be in the same space as lowlifes who have robbed the families/friends of decent people of time and memory. journalists everywhere need to show more sensitivity/respect to the victims.may the souls/spirits of the vctims and those who loved them find peace. justice will be served on a separate day, in a separate place from a day of mourning for mr. ferguson & ms. taccetta

  8. d says:

    sympathies to the families

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