NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Police said they nabbed a man who wrote the word “Moustache” in black permanent market on hundreds of posters throughout the New York City subway system.

Joseph Waldo was arrested on charges including felony criminal mischief and possession of a graffiti instrument.

There was no phone listing for the 26-year-old man at a Manhattan address provided by police.

Waldo is accused of drawing the word “Moustache” in flamboyant cursive on the upper-lips of people depicted on movie and television posters in the subway system.

Police said officers spent two months documenting posters vandalized by the so-called “Moustache Man.”

Graffiti websites also have been tracking the work.

Responding to news of the arrest, Subway Art Blog criticized police for spending time and money tracking down “street artists.”

Have you seen any of the moustache man’s work? Sound off in our comments section below…

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  1. HUGO says:

    Nothing will happen to him. He will be considered a hero and Bloomberg will praise him for expressing himself.

  2. nathan says:

    TAKI 183 started it all. Anyone remember?

  3. thirthton thithtertinton says:

    That subwayoutlawz was a bad link.. If you google subway outlawz it will come up. you have to go to interviews to see the different writers work. i love subway graffiti from the 80s. free moustacheman!!

    1. Brucie says:

      Throw the book at him.

  4. joe says:

    I guess you bleeding hearts do not realize that most police departments have a vandals squad that deals with this stuff. The cops that grabbed this guy didn’t get pulled off a murder investigation they do this everyday. That being said I am supporter of graffiti that has some talent behind it like what Mike said. But as lame as they are those subway advertisements were paid by someone. Would be the same if he tagged your grandmothers house in Queens, its illegal. Laws must be obeyed if they are reasonable such as this. No one is above the law. That is why we elect officials that share our same ideals so we can change things we do not like.

    1. Brucie says:

      Very well said. Art should not destroy or deface someone’s property. Art should be something original that adds something to the world without taking something away.

    2. MSavage says:

      No one is above the law…..except for someone named Mike Bloomberg that YOU voted for in the most recent mayoral election.

  5. Andrew Safkow says:

    Hopefully the judge will “shave” time off his sentence.

  6. Joey Potsnpans says:

    I agree 1000%.. Graffiti in NYC is dead. Graff was born here in 69′ and died in 89′ with the last of the trains taken out of service. Who remembers the shadowman? He had shadow paintings on cornera and alleys throughout the city..It was amazing stuff..Today, Bloomberg that schmuck would look to give him the death penalty…The trains 79 thru 85 had the best stuff.. ZEPHYR & REVOLT my heroes..

  7. o says:

    This was one of the best graffiti campaigns I’ve seen in ages. His cursive was superb, and he bombed sooo many terrible posters. F#$% the pigs, and long live street art!!

  8. Cooki says:

    I love Moustache Man! His work is drawn so beautifully and it is funny as heck! A two-month investigation, wasting my tax dollars to find the Moustache Man? NYPD are full of idiots.

  9. Mike Finoccio says:

    Gimme a break…. As a 48 yr old attorney ( and former graffiti writer on the subways in the early 80s) The NYPD really need to focus on other things.

    Just my 2 cents; I think Graffiti today in NYC is digusting for 1 reason; Kids today have no style whatsover to their tags its just pure scribblescrabble.

    When I was in my teens, guys( and girls) took pride in how their tags looked.

    Bring back Oldschool graffiti. Visit:

    1. Tommy says:

      If I ever need an attorney I will make sure to remember NOT to hire you.

  10. wldo says:

    Where’s Waldo?

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