FARMINGVILLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Just a few miles away from the Long Island pharmacy massacre in Medford, another pharmacy heist had customers on edge Monday.

Suffolk County police said a man brazenly robbed a Farmingville CVS of drugs and about $200 in cash Sunday. A photo of the suspect was released after detectives combed through surveillance tapes from the pharmacy on Horseblock Road, reports CBS 2’s John Metaxas.

“It’s concerning that only a week ago four people died,” Suffolk Country Police Det. Sgt. James Madden said.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports: Farmingville CVS Robbed

The theft in Farmingville took place less than four miles from Haven Drugs, where Jennifer Mejia, Raymond Ferguson, Jaime Taccetta, and Bryon Sheffield were killed.

“I just wish they’d catch the people doing this because it’s pretty scary,” Holtsville resident Linda Bunten said.

Customers at the CVS on Monday were grateful that the robbery ended with no one hurt.

“I think they did the right thing,” Joe Tomeo, of Medford, said. “They got him out of the store without any kind of incident, thank God.”

The robbery happened just after noon on Sunday.

Police said the suspect first entered the store and asked an employee if they had certain prescription drugs. He left the store, and returned later.

“He walked up to the pharmacist and handed a note requesting pain medication, oxycodone, and cash,” Madden said.

The suspect never showed a gun, but the pharmacist complied and the suspect fled on foot.

Police released this photo of a suspect wanted in the robbery (credit: Suffolk County Police)

PHOTO GALLERY: Medford Massacre

“He probably did it knowing that’s what they would probably do, because, you know, everybody’s scared now,” Lake Ronkonkoma resident Corinne Morici said.

In a statement, CVS said the safety of its customers is its top priority and it regularly reviews its security procedures.

Police said they know the surveillance photo shows the man who committed the crime. Now, they said, it’s just a question of finding him.

Law enforcement agencies said there have been nearly 2,800 drug store robberies nationwide since 2006.

Police said the abuse of painkillers is up 400 percent in the last decade.

David Laffer and his wife Melinda Brady have been arrested in the deadly Father’s Day massacre in Medford.

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  1. chatty cathy says:

    Maybe it is time for pharmacy’s to start hiring off duty police or some form of armed security instead of just handing over drugs it is just going to start being the easy way for these people to get drugs if not stopped.

  2. ChemicalComposition says:


  3. Pharmacy Student says:

    Pharmacists should really start considering CONCEALED CARRY PERMITS as an everyday tool in the workplace. Not every pharmacist will walk away as we saw last week, but being armed puts the odds in your favor.

    1. intelligentwoman says:

      shut up you stupid dummy!

    2. That is an awful idea. Why have more idiots with guns who don’t know how to use them? Then you will have a shootout with even more deaths. You need to disarm the suspect, not frighten him and make him more likely to shoot.

      Plus there are complete idiots in pharmacies who don’t even know where the candy is, even less likely they would know how to fire a weapon. Leave that to the cops.

      1. KPMc says:

        I doubt he is a pharmacy student. More likely he is a tea-bagging yahoo moron from TX or AZ that thinks their wild west solutions work in NY.

        Give it a rest and concern yourself with your own state’s needs.

    3. SCPharmD says:

      I am a pharmacist and I have a concealed carry permit. However, it is against company policy to have any sort of weapon on your person in the pharmacy. If I carry in the pharmacy and anyone finds out I risk losing my job. There was an overnight pharmacist in Michigan that fired a shot at a robber at 4:30 AM. The guy jumped over the counter and his gun was drawn. The pharmacist was fired by Walgreens for defending himself. This pharmacist had a concealed weapons permit. We need to get new laws on the books that protect pharmacists from losing their jobs that are trained and can legally carry concealed firearms. We also need to redesign pharmacies. They need to be set up like a bank, or the gas stations with bullet proof glass and you give clients their prescriptions through a drawer. It may not seem customer friendly, but we need more protection. The world has gone crazy.

      1. That is the idiot’s fault for getting fired. If he didn’t carry the gun, he wouldn’t have broken the rules and have gotten fired.

        I liked the idea of having security guards with either lethal or non-lethal weapons. Michigan is very different from NY. NY has much more strict gun laws, especially CC.

        Even if they are trained with the weapon, I don’t think people with a CC should be doing anything in closed doors. Do that in a building and it leads to a standoff with police.

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