At Least 40 People In Suffolk, Mostly Children, Diagnosed With PertussisBy Hazel Sanchez

SMITHTOWN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A cluster of whooping cough is growing on Long Island, with dozens of people infected by the virus.

As CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez reports, a warning was sent out as children begin to head to summer camp – a certain breeding ground for the illness.

Parents in Smithtown are on high alert, as the highly contagious whooping cough is spreading through their community.

“It’s one of those diseases you don’t think you’ll ever hear about again,” parent Rick Vollkommer said.

Donna Wilson said she’s not taking any chances with her daughter, Kayla.

“She has been coughing a little bit here and there, so I’m contemplating maybe taking her to the doctor tomorrow, just to do a quick test,” she said.

At least 40 people in Suffolk County, mostly children, have been diagnosed with Pertussis, the virus more commonly known as whooping cough.

“Of course you get this characteristic whooping cough, where you whoop – which is to say you might have a staccato-like cough, and then in an attempt to catch your breath you do sort of like ‘uhhh’ to get your breath, and like a ‘ach ach ach’ – so you cough a lot,” pediatrician Dr. Barney Softness said.

Now that kids are entering camp season, and will be surrounded by other children for weeks, the Suffolk County Department of Health has sent letters to camp directors with information to give to parents and staff on how to protect the children and themselves.

“As a parent, you just have to watch the environment,” parent Martin McDonnell said. “You look around, you see if anybody doesn’t look too well, you get an obvious concern.”

Doctors say making sure your child’s immunizations are up to date is the best prevention for whooping cough.

“It has the potential to have some serious consequences, and so if it serves to remind people to get vaccinated, then that’s the good part that comes out of it,” Dr. Softness said.

Camp counselor Kelly Vollkommer said she’ll do the basics to stay healthy this summer.

“Just wash my hands a lot, be careful what I touch,” she said.

The vaccine is 100 percent effective in preventing the virus preemptively, but if you do get whooping cough, the vaccine also helps to alleviate the symptoms.

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Hazel Sanchez

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  1. Mexcrement says:

    as mexcrement filth continues to flow across our border, expect more of this.

    1. Patrick Thomas says:

      The simple fact is, kids can’t stay healthy by living on Cokes and Count Chocula. With bad diets come bad results with health. Furthermore, the vaccine is a complete farce. There was a news story out of Smithtown the other day that admitted the 13 cases were ALL vaccinated. That story and many others are contained in the following thread I created: “A collection of mainstream news reports and studies exploding the whooping cough vaccine myth” –


    2. Jen says:

      This article should be retracted. The DTap vaccine is no where near 100% effective at preventing whooping cough.

      “Effectiveness of the VaccineTop

      The DTaP vaccine is 95% effective in preventing all three diseases that it immunizes against—diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. It is 59-89% effective in preventing pertussis, while the protection rates for diphtheria and tetanus are higher. Pertussis occasionally occurs in children who have received the pertussis immunization, but it is less severe and has fewer complications.”

    3. Factchecker says:

      To the bigots in this thread: Look up vaccination rates in Mexico. They are much higher than in the U.S.

      To CBS: You owe the public a correction and apology for reporting false medical information. It bears repeating:

      1. Pertussis is a bacteria, not a virus.
      2. The vaccine is NOT 100% effective. No vaccine is. It is 59-89% effective normally.
      3. 100% of the Long Island cases were in vaccinated individuals. The public deserves to know this fact.

    4. FRS says:

      This article is full of so much fail that the CBS should be ashamed. As everyone else said, pertussis is caused by bacteria, it is NOT viral. Also, no drug or vaccine is 100% percent effective. My fully vaccinated 8 month old caught pertussis from two fully vaccinated children. He’s fine, but it was a really awful 4 months, never knowing when the next coughing fit would hit. So yeah, get your facts straight before you start posting nonsense.

  2. Rick O'Shea says:

    Let’s see, I’ve had whooping cough. measles, mumps,scarlet fever, chicken pox, and polio, all before 1950 plus all the common maladies. Come to think about it, how did I make it?

    1. HennyPenny says:

      You made it because the govt and Big Pharma weren’t in your business and ruining your health

  3. Col. Knife says:

    Well just keep letting all the Mexican nationals that never get any shots for anything and you too can have 90 percent exposure to TB and pertussis like my high school did. Cowards it comes from Mexicans and their behavior is approved of by your government.

  4. Mark Santeramo says:

    And people wonder why our healthcare system is going bankrupt…overbearing parents that think their child is dying at the first sign of a cough taking their kid to the hospital or doctor or wherever so they can get checked out rather than live as we have for thousands of years.

    I think the trend of hypocondriac parents is getting worse and worse, too; as a teacher I see it all the time whether it is from the ridiciulous amount of kids who to to the nurse day in and day out (many to just get out of class) or from the parents that freak out and lose control at the first sign their child has a sniffle.

    It’s sad that many families are raising their children to be soft and fragile victims rather than strong leaders of the future. Instead of bumps and bruises being a badge of honor during the rugged years of your youth, these days parents tend to take their child to the hospital at the first site of blood even if its a papercut. Ugh, it’s just a sad joke how American toughness is slowly becoming a myth lost with the “greatest generation”

  5. Jarrett Killpack says:

    This article is embarrassing! Bordatella pertussis is a bacterial infection, NOT a virus.

  6. Chuck says:

    Please note that Whooping Cough is not a virus as reported here, but caused by a toxin produced by the Bordetella pertussis bacteria! The vaccine is an antitoxin to assist the body with immunity to the disease!

    1. Joe says:

      According to the PDR, ALL vaccines are toxins and therefore toxic to the human body.

  7. HennyPenny says:

    I and my siblings and my friends and cousins ALL had whooping cough back in the Fifties. No one died.
    If your kid gets it do this: PLY HIM/HER WITH TONS OF VITAMIN C, VITAMIN D-3, VITAMIN E. Plus a GOOD multiple…Vitamin Shoppe has some….not that junk you get at the grocery store or even the drug store. Go to a health food store where they know what they’re doing.
    There are other things you can give them to if you can get the to take it: Aged Garlic and Turmeric put in some juice. If it’s a sick baby, put it in their bottle.

    1. Jay says:

      Very good advice.
      Also, the last paragraph in this article is 100% false.

  8. G Joubert says:

    Bacteria, not viral. Get it right.

  9. Janet Kay says:

    When whooping cough hit Jefferson County in the fall of 2010, the first case was reported in a kindergarten class and spread like wildfire. We treated hundreds of vaccinated children who had been well vaccinated (2, 4, 6, and 15 months, plus another booster at 4 – 5 years and another booster at age 11 is the schedule). Perhaps there is a new strain of pertussis or perhaps the multi antigen vaccines are not as effective as single dose vaccines? I don’t know, but the vaccine sure wasn’t working up here in Northern New York. No one died, though, we jumped on it fast with azithromycin, clarithromycin or Bactrim and the cases resolved fairly quickly. How ’bout them apples vaccine lovers?

  10. Bob Oneil says:

    Any possibility at all that 3rd world immigration could be relevant?

    1. Kathleen says:

      Bingo! Read the research of the late Dr. Madeleine Cosman and you will discover just had bad it really is and just how much our gov’t conceals from us.

  11. T-OZZY says:

    I say look up COLLOIDAL SILVER… I make & use it… you DON’T use salt, do NOT warm water in a microwave and you CAN NOT use Sterling Silver, only .999 silver, Distilled water… 4 9VOLT batteries… LOOK it up….

    1. Craig says:

      By all means look up colloidal silver. You’ll learn that it’s a waste of money unless you really want to look like the Tin Man.

      As for not warming water in a microwave oven, I can only imagine what sort of magic you think is going on there. The only thing a microwave oven does to water is — are you ready? — make it hotter. Period.

      1. joe says:

        I’ve used it for 20 years and guess what: I haven’t turned blue. 🙂

  12. David says:

    It appears that there are many people who blame everything on vaccines and ” Big Pharma ” while many others don’t. Maybe it’s time to separate the two groups by creating communities who require residents to vaccinate and those who don’t. This way all of those who oppose vaccines can all live amongst themselves and can then blame each other for any diseases or viruses they spread to one another. Oh, and of course those ” non-vaccine ” communities wouldn’t permit pharmacies that dispense drugs that are created by ” evil ” Big Pharma either. How many of these opinionated loud mouths who don’t trust vaccines, don’t trust pharmaceuticals, and don’t trust doctors do you think would choose to live in such a place?

    Yeah, not many.

    1. k says:

      Or a simpler and much better approach is to just not mandate vaccines. Make it optional as 1 or 2 remaining states still do. Whats wrong with that? If you want the shots and believe in them, get them. You and your family will be protected and you shouldn’t care what anyone around you does or doesn’t do because you are protected. If others fall ill, so be it. If they choose not to take the risk of adverse events, so be it.

      1. ejs says:

        The problem is for those that cannot be protected by the vaccines either if they are too young or immune compromised. If too many opt out of vaccination, so-called “herd immunity” is lost and these vulnerable groups will be at risk even if their family is protected. As a new mother I rely upon the widespread vaccination of others to help protect my child until he is old enough to be vaccinated – and he will be vaccinated.

      2. exbronxite says:

        Yes, make it “optional,” and then in five years parachute about 5,000 illegal Mexicans into the area, working in your food establishments and going to kindergarten with your children, and get back to me. But don’t try to tell me that it was the use of microwave ovens which caused an unbelievable increase in dormant diseases.

    2. k says:

      A deregulation regarding mandated vaccines will IMMEDIATELY put an end to ALL discussion.

    3. T-OZZY says:

      Colloidal SILVER! LOOK IT UP!

    4. sg says:

      I would live there. Do some research on how vaccines go through the process to be made. How they get on a recommended schedule. Find out who the people are making these decisions- the same people who are major stock holders. The sad thing is it is all on the FDA website…not many people do the research.. You couldn’t pay me to vaccinate my children. And I am a normal college educated suburbanite….just researched my choices for a few years.

  13. Debbies21 says:

    The only thing they are not telling us is the ethnic group/community they belong to. Could they per chance be of the illegal persuasion?

    1. Doc_Pittsburgh says:

      Irrelevant. I’m a pediatrician. Teens and older adults of ALL races are the reservoir for B. Pertussis. While “most” people make it through unscathed aside fom a nasty lingering cough, many do not. Colloidal minerals do not help. DTaP and the Pertussis booster are the only prevention. Sucks when wee babies catch it from thei white/black/brown older household contacts who weren’t immunized, and then die.

      1. bnaturalmom08 says:

        The vast majority of babies who die from catching the illness from an adult would have caught it anyways whether they were vaccinated or not. My goodness…the vaccine DOES NOT prevent transmission or infection. It just, hopefully, prevents severity.

        Want a good way to prevent infection? How about staying home when you’re sick. If you have a cold or other “illness” don’t visit the new baby on the block.

        Why do more vaccinated people get this than unvaccinated? Could it have anything to do with the fact that the vaccine contains immunosuppressants? Gee…

      2. Joe says:

        You can thank your lucky stars for vaccines, Doc. Without them you’d be out of a job.

  14. Kirt says:

    So, vaccines make one healthy? I’m willing to bet my britches that people in third-world countries have more disease because of nutritional deficiencies and water contamination. Of course, I’m no scientist.

    If you’re so sure about it, I’m going to drink toilet water from now on. I’ve been vaccinated…what do I have to worry about?


    1. bnatural2mom08 says:

      People have confused “healthy” with “not outwardly sick”. I do not know of many fully vaxed children who are “healthy”…but a whole bunch of them who are “not outwardly sick.”

      Myself…I prefer healthy and in order to be healthy, it means putting clean things into my body (as clean as I can get them). Vaccines, with all of their heavy metals, polysorbate, MSG, aborted fetal tissues and dead animal parts just do not fit into that for me. 🙂

  15. Centex says:

    CJA is a fool. Smallpox vacine was eliminated because smallpox was eliminated. CJA could tell the truth if his/her life depended on it. No point in anyone responding to this ding dong anymore.

    1. Kirt says:

      Then don’t listen to CJA. Instead, research Neil Z. Miller. Visit Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website. Read up on Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn. There are plenty of authoritative sources to help you escape this fear trap of Big Pharma. Knowledge is power.

      Doctors are the third leading cause of death in America according to the Journal of the American Medical Association! And this model is what your benevolent government wants to force upon every American through Obamacare.

      If you see the writing on the wall then you get what you deserve.

      1. Kirt says:

        That’s…If you DON”T see the writing on the wall…. My bad. I just want more people to start thinking outside the box, or at least just start thinking.

  16. SAM says:

    Whooping cough is making a comeback because people aren’t immunizing their children. Babies and incoming kindergartners get the vaccine and then it’s required to enter high school. Around 11, the vaccine begins to wear off. In the past the group protection of everyone having been vaccinated protected the elderly, the very young and those whose vaccination was wearing off. Because illegals and anti-vaccine zealots aren’t vaccinating their children, they’re causing the illness to be out there for others to catch.

    If it’s caught early azithromax can be used to ward off the disease. However, it has to be caught early or the disease can last up to 6 weeks.

    1. sufferingwithpertussis says:

      It can last longer than 6 weeks…that is why it is called the 100 day cough. A z-pack helps keep you from spreading it, but doesn’t cure you of it.

    2. Honestly says:

      If the vaccines wear off then they are really not effective are they? They are supposed to provide lifetime immunity. And further more if you and your family are vaccinated then you have nothing to worry about, right? What does it matter if someone else is not vaccinated unless you do not have faith in the vaccines you have had injected. And considering the quackery that is the vaccine industry you had better have faith that they work. Try this…cite ONE scientifically conducted randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study where the result was that a vaccine was shown to be effective in preventing a disease published in a major medical journal. Best of luck to you!

      1. Michael Kennedy says:

        Good grief you are an idiot ! All bacterial and viral illnesses can be treated with vaccine with the possible exception of scarlet fever. Scarlet fever is caused by a toxin produced by Beta Streptococcus and the best treatment is penicillin. There are several other bacterial diseases in which the disease is caused by a toxin. Examples are diphtheria and tetanus. In both cases the vaccine is directed to the toxin, not the organism.

        Nobody does randomized trials with vaccines because it would be unethical to have a control group. Only a few fools doubt the efficacy of vaccines anymore.

      2. Michael Kennedy says:

        By the way, whooping cough is caused by the Pertussis bacterium, not a virus. One would hope CBS knows the difference.

      3. Charlie Harper says:

        Idiot is the only thing that comes to mind here. All of this has been shown many times.

      4. Maureen says:

        Wow, so much stupid in one post. I hope you live far away from the rest of us. It’s people like you that are causing outbreaks like this because you are destroying the herd immunity.

      5. Gary H says:

        Yeah, and water boils, and food spoils, so those must not be effective either.

      6. Joe says:

        I have 6 grand children that have never had a vaccine. As a group they may have been to the doctor 5 times collectively, not individually. Years ago, when I was ignorant about vaccines, my 2 children got the MMR. They both came down with the illnesses anyways. Doc said;”must have been a bad batch of vaccine”. That satisfied me then. Now I know that vaccines cause all kinds of neurological disorders, including Autism!.

    3. Joe says:

      Colloidal silver will cure it in about 3 days.

  17. Bostrsboy says:

    Good grief! What does it take to be a journalist these days? Do a little research. Whooping Cough is caused by a bacterium not a virus. Big difference when you’re talking control or treatment.

    1. John Patrick Ryan says:

      Exactly so! … the bacterium is Bordetella Pertussis, by my recollection from work done in a “previous life” as a clinical laboratory microbiologist.

    2. John Patrick Ryan says:

      Second thought: The scientific illiteracy that permeates the commentariat — be it climate-related issues, public heath issues, ad infinitum — is astounding! Bearing in mind the inferior academic and intelligent caliber of most J-school students vis a vis that of those students who embark on other academic disciplines, we should not be surprised!

    3. sufferingwithpertussis says:

      There are two causes…one a bacterium, the other a virus (might want to put that arrogance in check).

      1. Michael Kennedy says:

        No, there is no virus that causes whooping cough. (MIght want to put that ignorance in check).

      2. Jacob Sieving says:

        Could only find two bacterias as the cause, Bordatella Pertussis and Bordatella Parapertussis

      3. Doc_Pittsburgh says:

        wrong. Whooping cought develops via infection from the Bordetella spp. What virus are you referring to???

  18. David says:

    If the vaccine is 100% effective, then those 40 people that got it were NOT vaccinated? I don’t believe that. Sorry, too many people blindly vaccinate for 40 in one county to be without a vaccine. So, someone is lying. It is NOT 100% effective. How about some common sense here. What is the truth? Media can’t say……

    1. Andrew says:

      Yes. They were all unvaccinated. You idiot.

      1. Jay says:

        So the vaccine wasn’t 100% effective in preventing the virus.

    2. sufferingwithpertussis says:

      It is NOT 100% effective!! I am currently suffering, as is my son…he is fully vaccinated, my booster was out of date. The vaccine reduces the length of suffering and results in a more minor case.

  19. Jeff says:

    If you’re old, over 50, get vaccinated again. A guy at work had whooping cough and it frightened me into getting the vaccination again.

    1. Charlie Martin says:

      What’s more, if you get vaccinated, you add that much more to the herd immunity; you’ll be protecting not only yourself — whooping cough is tremendously unpleasant, even for a healthy adult — but infants, old people, and people with other health problems around you.

    2. sufferingwithpertussis says:

      Anyone who hasn’t had a TDAP booster needs one! Every 10 years at a minimum!

  20. Carrot says:

    How many on the 20+ million illegals who entered this country were Vaccinated= ZERO

    What kind of third world diseases are illegals bringing into America=
    Chagas, Dengue, Hepatitis, Leprosy, Malaria, Measles, Meningitis, Pertussis, Polio, Tuberculosis, Typhoid …

    who picks many of the fruits and vegetables you eat = disease carrying illegals

    Where can you find these disease carrying illegals = EVERYWHERE

    Who will pay for treatment once the illegal is too ill to pick lettuce = Taxpayers

    What will an American do once they contract a disease from an illegal = Suffer and possibly die

    How much effort is the obama regime putting into stopping the disease spreading illegals = NONE

    How many employers of disease carrying illegals will be throw in jail = NONE

    Who does the media blame = un-vaccinated Americans

    1. Frank says:

      I’m amazed nobody has called you a racist or conspiracy theorist yet. But, there’s still time for some politically correct, brainwashed tool to do so.

      1. Calamity Jane says:

        Same here. Anyone migrating into our country used to be medically checked through Ellis Island. We did that to protect Americans. Today that’s considered heartless and discriminatory, as well as bigoted and racist.

    2. cubanbob says:

      Everyone should get a hepatitis A vacine since it is food borne as well as water borne. If you eat salads and greens consider the vaccine since you don’t know who picked the vegetables (ilegal alien?) or imported from Mexico or elswhere.

      As for the childhood diseases evey adult should consider getting a booster shot evey ten or fifteen years. Immunity wears off over time. The others like denque, malaria and chagas have no vaccines. TB vaccine is not given in the US as it only works in children and gives false positive results on blood tests. Typhoid is available at travelers clinics along with cholera but those vaccines are not long duration immunity. .

      No go to your room for punishment as a racist or politicaly incorrect individual before the PC police get you.

  21. robertrosales says:

    The vaccine is not 100% effective. My daughter caught this from the neighbor girl, who had been vaccinated. Even the doctors/nurses admitted the vaccine can be ineffective, and this strain that hit California last year was exceptionally worse. Why would the article suggest the vaccine is good, especially considering what is in it?

  22. dez says:

    Whooping cough concerns in NY? I read that there were 80,000 people infected last year with it in Georgia. But it didn’t seem like any of the major news corps. picked up on it.

  23. Red State Republican says:

    You ladies and gentlemen of the press could do a service for parents on the fence about getting their kids vaccinated: post some of the 1940’s vintage video of a child with pertussis (whooping cough). If you’re a parent, I suspect it would help you make up your mind promptly.

    1. John says:

      What a silly comment. Why 1940’s? Should we post videos of kids in iron lungs from polio? No parent wants their children to get a nasty disease. I think there are more effective ways of reducing disease than vaccines…i.e., the stuff that was working before mass vaccination schedules. All childhood diseases were in great decline way before vaccines became in vogue. The stuff I am talking about is improved nutrition, flush toilets, regular garbage pick up and refridgeration. If you want your vaccines fine, but stop romanticizing them. They aren’t nearly as effective as you think and they have a big downside. Why would I risk my daughters perfect health by injecting dozens of vaccines into her body that could possibly cause her death, brain damage or some autoimmune problem for the remote chance she would contract one of these diseases and have a bad time with it. Healthy kids handle these childhood diseases very well and afterward are blessed with permanent immunity. Vaccines are about as scientific as man made global warming…a big fraud that generates billions of dollars.

      1. Andrew says:

        You don’t care about your daughter. Not having your kids vaccinated is tantamount to child abuse. If she is ever harmed by a disease preventable by vaccination, you are the cause. Don’t try to fool yourself into believing otherwise.

      2. Will says:

        I am embarrassed for you and your ignorance.

      3. Kirt says:

        Vaccinating your children without questioning what is sensible is child abuse. I’m not saying don’t allow any vaccine, but follow me for just a minute:

        I had a series of 6 vaccines as a child. I’m healthy. Today’s regimen is 18 vaccines or more. Did we develop 12 new diseases in my lifetime? Sounds like more of a business plan than a health proposal.

        The vaccines are certainly not 100% effective, arguably much less. But, the likelihood of damage caused by aluminum, thimersol (flu vax), formaldehyde, adjuvants (like untested squalene in H1N1), ethylene glycol, monkey kidney tissue, aspartame, etc. injected into your blood stream is definitely greater than zero especially in a developing infant.

        Why would you vaccinate your child for something that is rarely life threatening (like chickenpox, mumps, measles) and take the risk of the vaccine with potentially life-long side effects?

        One last point: The last U.S. case of paralytic polio caught through endemic transmission of a wild virus was in 1979 (Wikipedia). There have been cases of paralytic polio since then but all have been VACCINE INDUCED.

      4. sufferingwithpertussis says:

        WOW! You are why people laugh at anti-vaccine zealots. Exposure to pertussis does NOT provide permanent immunity. There is also much greater than a “remote” chance of your daughter contracting it. There are plenty of ways to safely vaccinate children without injecting them with multiple vaccines at a time. People like YOU are why my vaccinated child and I are on our 6th week of suffering with pertussis. You and your child should have to wear a scarlet letter warning the rest of us that you are a threat to our health so that we can make an educated decision to avoid you.

      5. Jacob Sieving says:

        I think sufferingwithpertussis works for GlaxoSmithKline.

      6. bnaturalmom08 says:

        @sufferingwithpertussis…I cannot stop laughing at your comment. The unvaccinated are the cause of your catching a “VPD”? Most likely you caught that from another vaccinated individual who should have stayed home but decided to go out and spread their illness around by coughing and sneezing on everyone thinking that they “just had a bad cold”.

        I’ll wear a scarlet letter, if you will. How many times did you have your child vaccinated and then quarantined him/her for 21 days afterwards? I’ll be a big fat ZERO. Why would you need to quarantine?

        Vaccines are not the “saving grace” for the diseases they want you to vax for. Pull the wool off your eyes and start researching for yourself…don’t take my word for it…don’t take your doctor’s word for it…do all the research yourself. If you still feel vaxes are the best choice for your family, then do it. But, then you should be “safe” from VPD from an unvaxed person…unless, of course, the vaxes do not work (as is the case) and you are just allowing yourself up to guinea pig status to the pharma. Your choice.

  24. Kirt says:

    Vaccines are the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people! The strain of whooping cough spreading is likely B. Parapertussis. The vaccine only “protects” against Pertussis. The more agressive strain is likely caused by high vaccination rates, similar to our modern medical practices of overusing antibiotics, which creates a/b resistant strains of bacteria. The non-vaccinated are not getting whooping caugh at a higher rate than the vaccinated.

    DOCTORS are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). When are we going to wise up and take control of our own health? It’s time to get a second opinion.

    1. Dr. D. says:

      It’s also just as possible that plenty of illegal aliens who are not vaccinated in their own countries bring this to the U.S., Kirt. Ever thought of that? Adults who have not be boostered with TDaP are not protected. This has nothing to do with resistance rates in relation to Bordetella bacteria, as it is easily susceptible when using macrolide antibiotics, just need the correct diagnosis to begin with.

    2. Joanne McGurk says:

      Exactly Kirt! The next time I break a bone, or need cancer treatment, it’s DIY time!

      1. john says:

        You didn’t address Kirt’s point…i.e., that medicine is one of the leading causes of death in the USA…not sure if it is the 3rd, but it is in the top 10. Medicine is perfect for trauma, that is where it shines, but I would do my homework if I had cancer or other serious disease.

        Vaccines are a fraud…where do they get that the vaccine is 100% effective? I call BS on that stat.

      2. Kirt says:

        If I break a bone, I admit, I’ll be in the Dr. office. I shouldn’t have painted ALL medicine with a broad brush. But, as for cancer treatment, I stand corrected; that’s an even bigger lie than vaccines! Let me see if I have this straight: I should take on repeated doses of carcinogenic radiation to kill my cancer?

        Isaiah 5:20 comes to mind.

        Historically, many alternative doctors who have high remission rates with cancer patients are blacklisted, fined, run out of the country or worse.

        The FDA is wholly in the hands of the pharmaceutical companies. Makes me sick!

    3. Esther Thaler says:

      Excellent synopsis, Kirt. There is another elephant in the room…as a nurse I see babies sick with the “whoop” entering the US illegally with their families from Mexico, some of whom have other contagious diseases such as hepatitis. If you wish to further connect the dots…who is working in the back of restaurants preparing your foods? When it comes to the health of our people we cannot be in denial. It would be ideal if we still had the process of Ellis Island, where physicians examined people for illnesses before they entered our country as citizens.

    4. Terrence says:

      Vaccines are a fraud?
      Gee “Dr” Kirt, what’s a fraud is your logic.
      Why don’t you tell us how “fraudulent” vaccines for smallpox didn’t really wipe out the disease after all? Or how about just about eradicating polio?
      Doctors cause death but so do un-vaccinated idiots. You going to pin those idiots on doctors, genius?

    5. bnaturalmom08 says:

      First of all…Kirt…I *heart* you.

      Second of all…if you want to be healthy, why in *your diety/God/Higher Power here* would you willingly inject neurotoxins, carcinogens, aborted fetal tissue, monkey parts, and immunosuppressants into your body?

      The Modern Medical establishment has tarnished “health”. Now when people talk about health, we all think of Medical Doctors who give shots of toxins and pills to people. We now have to say “Wellness” so that people don’t think we’re shooting ourselves up with toxins and calling it “getting better”.

      Aside from all of this…I am hesitant to give myself or my child anything that can cause seizures, anal leakage, brain screams, fevers, regression, etc, etc, etc. Yikes.

  25. TAC says:

    Forgot to mention, 11.03 am, in view of the need even for an adult to have basic vitality and alertness to breath control in order to ration the little breath that is sometimes available, it’s incredible to me as an adult that had pertussis that a child would be able to navigate it at all. Ditto for an elderly or frail person. I’m surprised any of them get through it.

    1. bry says:

      Wonder why all this is happening? Nothing like a combination of vaccine paranoid parnets and unvaccinated illegal aliens. The perfect storm.

      1. robert says:

        couldn’t have said it better myself

      2. C says:

        What these anti vaccination dolts fail to realize is that all persons are at risk once vaccination rates drop too low. An unvaccinated person is in better shape in a vaccinated population than a vaccinated person in an area without sufficient herd immunity. It is time to stop getting medical advice from playboy bunnies and do what is right for your kids. Get them the shots and STFU.

      3. John says:

        If you pro-vaccine folks would just read a tiny bit you would realize that us “paranoid” parents have reason to be paranoid. Facts: vaccines can kill (SIDS is an example), casue permanent brain damage, autoimmune diseases, pain, seizures, to name a few “side effects”. Fact: vaccine companies are excempt from liability if their products damage a person. Fact: vaccine companies (billions in revenue annually) are allowed to do their own safety testing. Fact: vaccines made in China are “inspected” every 10 years. Fact: there have been no long term studies done here to see if vaccines really improve health or not, but with billions on the line and pediatricians needing their primary revenue stream, I won’t count on that. The immune system is unbelievably complex, and to assume we have this all figured out is flat wrong. If you want to vaccinate, go ahead, I will opt out.

  26. Richard_Iowa says:

    Whooping cough is caused by Bordetella pertussis, which is a bacterium. A small, Gram-negative aerobic rod if you are interested in a bit more information.

  27. Snow White says:

    If there are 40 kids with whooping cough, there are even more adults who aren’t aware that they have it. Having suffered through whooping cough last summer, I advise every adult to get a DPT booster shot every ten years. Whooping cough is not fun, even as an adult, and it’s chronically under-reported in adults.

  28. TAC says:

    I live and picked up pertussis in Manhattan in summer 2009. 57 years old at the time and in excellent respiratory strength/health after 40 years of regular running and sports. Also had done some martial arts so had a good sense of breath control. Didn’t make a bit of difference. Incredibly sick with unbelievably violent coughing attacks about 20 times a day/night and suffocation/panic spells and vomiting because of the force of the coughing. Thought I was going to check out through suffocation several times per day over a three month period. After coughing it’s like an electrical switch is turned off and you can’t breath in. Or a car stuck in forward when you need to go in reverse. You just can’t inhale. A nasty disease — not a cute/archaic childhood ailment. Get vaccinated.

    1. sufferingwithpertussis says:

      Couldn’t have said it better! I am on week 6, and wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. People who act as though it is no big deal if their child gets this are sick and cruel.

      1. jbspeech says:

        Are you in Smithtown? I am so nervous about this outbreak. I have a 6 month old and I live in Setauket. Hope you all feel better soon.

  29. Whooping cough? How retro. After polio, we should bring the Nets back to Nassau County

  30. glenp says:

    you don’t use the vaccine to alleviate symptoms – YOU TAKE ANTIBIOTICS FOR THE B. PERTUSSIS “BACTERIA” it is NOT a virus

    1. Will says:

      Very good catch. It’s amazing that the author made such a gaffe. However, after the incubation phase antibiotics are not of great help. At that point it is all supportive. The whole purpose of the vaccine is to prevent getting sick in the first place, thus avoiding getting to the point where antibiotics won’t work.

    2. Brian says:

      Yes, it is a bacteria, Bordetella pertussis. But it is only susceptible to erythromycin early on, and can decrease respiratory spread through the community. But, the bacteria produces at least two toxins that cause the symptoms.
      I wonder if this is related to a mishap on Plum Island?

      1. Jack says:

        Actually other macrolides work in addition to erythromycin.

    3. sufferingwithpertussis says:

      Interesting that you call journalists stupid, but fail to recognize that pertussis has two causes…one a bacterium, for which the antibiotic is given and the other for a virus. You might want to do a little fact checking before you get arrogant.

      1. Jacob Sieving says:

        i can’t seem to find the name of the viral form of it. Both forms are caused by the bacterias Bordatella Pertussis and Bordatella Parapertussis. Please give the name of the virus

  31. glenp says:

    Journalism can’t require more SCIENCE EDUCATION. Journalists are journalists because they are too stupid to do anyting else. Reading is the proof of whatI say

  32. Orchardgal says:

    Since illegals are free to roam this country, we have whooping cough and measles on the rise. But our $&@ liberals and Corrupt administration in this country do not give a rats a– about the American citizens. The Press use to be the watchdog but they have been taught well by Markist professors in our crumbling universities. The MSM are like dumb sheep spreading the lies.

    1. Rex says:

      Exactly. Don’t forget bedbugs.

  33. medbob says:

    A GP cannot do Brain Surgery. Why put a reporter on a story that doesn’t know diddely-squat about medicine? (Or science for that matter) (Or proper research…. Hint:

    1. Medbob says:

      You would have gotten a 404. that’s

  34. Asthmatic says:

    There was an outbreak of whooping cough in the university town where my brother went to graduate school. He had been immunized as a child, but immunity probably wore off over time. He had severe asthma as a child and appeared to have grown out of it, until he got whooping cough and was extremely ill. He blamed the people that are not immunizing their children for spreading the disease and almost killing him.

    1. CJA says:

      Nice. Maybe he got the disease from someone else who’s immunity had also worn off. My 2-year-old was fully immunized and caught whooping cough and coughed until capillaries burst in his eyes. Who should I be nasty to and blame?

      Sometimes it just is what it is. There aren’t THAT many people who don’t immunize.

      1. SD Surfer says:

        Well educated, prosperous parents who ought to know better are not immunizing their children, out of a discredited fear that the shots cause autism.

        This is leading to an increase of former dormant diseases, including measles and in this case whooping cough.

    2. Asthmatic says:

      The outbreak in that town included many people that were never immunized. The disease can only spread as fast as it can find people that are not immune. This will also include some people that were immunized and didn’t become immune. If herd immunity drops below a certain percentage, it starts to spread to both groups.

      1. CJA says:

        There are also people who are not immunized and do not get the disease. It is never 100 percent either way unless we are talking about the ebola virus (even then, it is only in the high 90s).

        Additionally, we have no good longitudinal research to show how long vaccines are effective. We have good guesses and that’s all.

        My point is, you’re brother’s immunity may have dipped to the point that for someone else, they still would not have caught the disease, but for him, because of having weakened lung function from his asthma, he caught it. And then while a person with normal lung function may have only been mildly ill, your brother became deathly ill.

        It isn’t as easy as just pointing a finger at a particular group of people.

      2. Jon says:

        CJA, what are you talking about? There’s no evidence that vaccines prevent illness? Thousands of clinical trials. Stop spreading misinformation. Asthmatic is right. Research herd immunity and you will understand why this stuff is coming back. Research what has happened in the UK after the infamous now debunked autism link. 15 years later vaccination rates in some areas had dropped as low as 30%. Guess what happened? Bugs that were once nearly eradicated came back. Infected children of people who refuse to vaccinate do infect other youger kids with developing immune systems. It’s cool if you guys want to let your kids get sick and boost their immunity the natural way. Just keep them away from mine. Kids die from these things. Vaccines don’t stop everyone from getting everything. They stop rapid rates of mass infection that lead to epidemics.

      3. CJA says:

        For whatever reason, there is not a “reply” button for Jon’s comment below. So, I’m writing it here.

        Jon – where do you see that I’ve written “There’s no evidence that vaccines prevent illness?”

        Answer: no where.

        What I did write was that there are no LONGITUDINAL studies to show how LONG the vaccines are effective.

        That is not misinformation.

        About these diseases being deadly. How about YOU do some research into the morbidity and mortality rates of the diseases in question.

        The true nasties:
        tetanus (can be immunized post-exposure)
        pertussis (esp. <1 yr.)
        rotavirus (esp. <1 yr., but can be treated. Also, it is fecal-oral, like polio, so wash your hands if you really want to participate in not spreading disease!)

        Chicken pox (varicella), Hep A, Hep B, even the MMR, Hib and PCV – you have a better chance of dying in a car crash than of any of those. You probably have a better chance of KILLING someone in a car crash. So, is the solution, just don't drive?

        You are correct, there is a lot of misinformation and fear-mongering out there. But it is not coming from me. And again, if your kids are immunized, then you should have nothing to worry about.

        — CJA, who has been immunized, along with her kids, for Hep B, DTaP, OPV/IPV, Hib, MMR, HepA, pre-exposure rabies, yellow fever, typhoid. I'm not anti-vaccine. I am anti-idiocy.

    3. Janna says:

      Maybe he should have been immunized himself instead of blaming others for not immunizing their children? Just a thought.

      1. Asthmatic says:

        At the time there wasn’t a safe booster available for adults. That came later. By the way, he was getting an advanced physics degree at the time and it made him feel he was living in a dangerous, ignorant society.

      2. SD Surfer says:

        Parents who do not immunize their children are putting their own and other children at risk.

        They are also threatening the lives of adults whose immunity has worn off and who otherwise would not have contracted these diseases, were it not for the larger pool of sick people

      3. CJA says:

        For SD surfer:

        I would say, for all those folks whose immunity might have worn off, stop putting the burden of keeping you healthy on everyone else. Go get your darn booster.

        By you being on the road, you are threatening my safety, given the incidence of car crashes. But I’m not telling you not to drive, am I? No, I’m driving a car with air bags, wearing my seat belt and driving defensively.

        I’m taking responsibility for ME. How about all of the rest of you do the same and quite whining.

        – CJA, who has been immunized, along with her kids, for Hep B, DTaP, OPV/IPV, Hib, MMR, HepA, pre-exposure rabies, yellow fever, typhoid. I’m not anti-vaccine. I am anti-idiocy.

  35. CJA says:

    “The vaccine is 100 percent effective in preventing the virus preemptively, but if you do get whooping cough, the vaccine also helps to alleviate the symptoms.”

    Moronic. If the vaccine is 100 percent effective, then people who have been vaccinated will not get the disease, ergo, folks who get the disease will not have their symptoms alleviated.

    Besides — it is inaccurate to claim that any vaccine is 100 percent effective. Ask ANY doctor and they’ll tell you a flat “no.”

    1. Will says:

      You are correct. No vaccine is 100% effective, and blood titers can prove that. Studies do show that if you are properly vaccinated against a disease your body still has an advantage in fighting it off even if the blood titers show no immunity.

      Don’t underestimate how many people choose not to vaccinate their children. Last year California had deaths to Whooping Cough due to lack of vaccination. Nonetheless you can only do what you can do, and you did your part in vaccinating your child. Even if he was in a room of unvaccinated individuals, you still did your part in trying to protect him and that is all that matters.

      1. John says:

        There is no way you can say because kids died from whooping cough it was because of a lack of vaccination. Vaccinations aren’t 100%…in fact (just read CDC reports) in some of the latest measles outbreaks, most of those contracting the disease were immunized previously. The fact that these vaccines “wear off” creates a host of unintended consequences, like older people and babies getting the disease. All you people blaming unvaccinated children aren’t thinking things through logically – just like the physics student in the above posts blaming everyone but himself. If you believe in vaccines, then you know you can never stop injecting them, you will need boosters every 2-3 years. If vaccines work so well, you have nothing to worry about…except for the contamination by foriegn DNA, viruses, bacteria, adjuvants (read poison, i.e., aluminum, mercury, etc) in vaccines, ineffective vaccines, or vaccines made for a disease they never get right (re flu vaccines). You get the contamination and the poison but no benefit. The build of a aluminum in the brain is a very bad thing. There is so much to say about this it could fill volumes…oh wait, there are volumes out there but sadly the provaccine side can’t be bothered with it. I challenge anyone to read a Neil Miller book and disprove or falisify his work. I started out on the pro side until I couldn’t anymore. Educated families aren’t vaccinating their kids because they have educated themselves….and it isn’t just about autism….vaccines kill people every year all over the world. We don’t have a whooping cough epidemic, we have a Vaccine Epidemic (a great book!).

      2. Asthmatic says:

        John (below) Please, in all your wisdom, do tell me how my brother is responsible for contracting whooping cough that some infected person was spreading around. There were no booster shots for adults available back then. And one more thing, it’s complete BS that educated families are not vaccinating. My kids are at a school that has programs for kids with high IQs. I can’t think of one that wasn’t immunized. My son got his immunizations during the time when some of the new vaccines weren’t being combined yet. He had more shots than any other group. He doesn’t even have asthma.

  36. Art says:

    Yep. it is a bacteria, specifically Bordetella pertussis. Cases are on the rise despite the vaccine that has been around so long. Antigenic divergence is a major problem for vaccination. The antigenic divergence between vaccine strains and circulating strains is the cause of the resurgence of pertussis incidences despite heavy vaccination. Too bad journalism schools do not require more science training!

    1. Mike says:

      Vaccinate your kids! Doctors make minimal money of vaccines, stop this propaganda. So many liberal idiot hippies in the US clearly haven’t heard of Andrew Wakefield and what went on in the UK! We are so ignorant in the US. Vaccines are the best things you can do for your kids and the community at large. Look at what vaccines have accomplished! Smallpox is eradicated!

      1. CJA says:

        Yes – small pox is eradicated and then they pulled the vaccine. Why? Because the vaccine also caused injury and death.

        Who are you people who think that YOU can force a parent to do something that may injure or kill their child and then blithely say, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

        Stop acting like the decision to vaccinate should be nothing more weighty than the decision to put on clothes before heading out of the house. YOU are not the one who will help care for an injured child.

        Besides all of this. even if Wakefield is a crackpot, there is no denying that autism rates are now 1 in 110. WHAT THE HECK? This is not because we are doing a better job of identifying autistic children. There is something going on here.

      2. Jimmy jack says:

        CJA, Man up and admit you did not vaccinate your kids. Your posts clearly show you are in the anti-vaccine crowd.

      3. CJA says:

        Jimmy Jack:

        I have been immunized, along with my kids, for Hep B, DTaP, OPV/IPV, Hib, MMR, HepA, pre-exposure rabies, yellow fever and typhoid because I lived outside of the country for 6 years. I’m not anti-vaccine. I am anti-idiocy.

    2. Sal says:

      Most who go into journalism are not well-rounded. they are primarily propagandists today.

      1. CJA says:

        And most of the people who go into medicine just figure all the questions have already been answered, so why keep asking?

      2. SickofNY says:

        CJA.. autism rates are on the rise because its over diagnosed.. its easier to diasgnose a child and give them meds then parents actually having to discilpine their own child for their behavior. I know this because ive seen it first hand many times, kids act one way with their parents and another when they are not.

      3. Will says:

        Fortunately most people who go into medicine want to find the answer themselves. “Why?” is the single most common question I have ever heard from any student in a clinical science.

      4. CJA says:

        SickofNY and Will:
        I was just responding to Sal’s broad-brush painting of journalism with a broad-brush painting of my own.

        But SoNY – there is no way in hell that the rates are from overDxing of the condition. That was once presented as a theory of the rise in rates when it hit about 1 in 200. Somehow it stuck and people just keep repeating it.

        – CJA, who has been immunized, along with her kids, for Hep B, DTaP, OPV/IPV, Hib, MMR, HepA, pre-exposure rabies, yellow fever, typhoid. I’m not anti-vaccine. I am anti-idiocy.

  37. Rajeve says:

    Some doctor here stated that, “Eventually the government stepped in and set up a fund and immunized the manufacturers from such lawsuits.” – so you think this means the vaccine companies make no profit? There are 4 million babies born each year in the USA. Let us do the math: 4 million multiplied by about 95 shots by the time they are 5 yrs old, multiplied by about 2 average antigens per vaccine, multiplied by $10 profit margin = nearly 4 Billion per year! (That is profit, NOT revenue). I got a “10 year tettanus” shot recently, I just checked my insurance web site, it cost $80! You and I pay taxes, vaccine makers make huge profits (which is okay, they provide a product), most of this is not effective, and worse: We OVERVACCINATE our children! Waste of money, and definitely the cause of elevated pulmonary conditions (confused immune system) and elevated behaviour disorder spectra (1 in 134 boys now become autistic) – oh but don’t worry – the all powerful government will step in and save the day…again…maybe Obamacare…

    1. doc says:

      The vaccines go for $6. $1-2 goes to the fund, about $1 in profit….the rest to the costs of manufacturing. Of course this is an average. What happened was that there were lawsuits claiming autism, Guillan-Barre etc. When the judgements were being paid for by the drug companies, there was no profit from making vaccines. We ended up with shortages….and sometimes no companies willing to make the vaccines…..because they lost money. So a vaccine required by law was unavailable.

      One or two verdicts would wipe out the profit for an entire year. Costs of the vaccines were written into law or simply dictated by insurance. There was no ability to increase price to cover for increase litigation costs.

      Slowly fewer and fewer companies made these vaccines. The world got down to 3 or 4 manufacturers and when those began to stop production congress held hearings. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund was the result.

      Now we have vaccines available except when there is a production issue. Vaccines contribute little to drug company profits, but with not much legal risk the supply is stable.

    2. Sal says:

      Explain to me why virtually every pediatrician and drug company executive. vaccinates his or her children (including my wife). It is because they are rational, informed people unlike you.

      1. CJA says:

        Great. And maybe they also think eggs have too much cholesterol why I choose the research that says the opposite.

        What is your point? Rational, informed, educated people can and do come to opposite conclusions all the time. That is a part of science. Seriously.

  38. Sandra says:

    If it’s a vaccine, watch out. Better to treat cough/illness with Vitamin C (real and natural V-C), Sunshine for Vit. D, protein and get some alkaline water and/or coloidal silver. Stay away from the vaccines.

    1. harriet says:

      This is the sort of BS which is causing the problem. if eveyone was vaccinated, then no one would be sick.

      1. CJA says:

        Vaccines are not 100 percent effective. And no drug is 100 percent safe. Children *are* injured every year by vaccines just as there are folks who are deathly allergic to antibiotics, aspirin, ibuprofen and the like.

        No one forces 100 percent of the population to take ibuprofen or any other medication. Yet, we feel completely comfortable in trying to force parents to give vaccinations 100 percent. Trouble is, are you or anyone else going to be around to care for an injured child? Or pay burial costs? If the answer is no, then let parents determine for themselves. If you have your vaccines in order and believe them to be 100 percent effective, then you are covered. Quit worrying about what every one else is or isn’t doing.

        I eat well, don’t smoke, don’t use drugs, exercise and don’t drive without my seat belt. I keep my guns locked and they always have their safeties on. I don’t speed and don’t cheat on my taxes. I personally think everyone ought to do the same — we certainly would have a healthier, happier society. But I don’t go around poking my nose in everyone else’s private life to make sure they are always doing what is “right.” Even though their decisions can have a significant impact on my bottom line through higher health costs or taxes for more police, etc.

        Same with vaccines. If Sandra wants to treat herself or her kids naturally, then you and your family have nothing to worry about. Especially if you already have your vaccinations.

      2. Jon says:

        Research herd immunity. If the majority of people think like you vaccinations stop working for a majority of people.

  39. Joseph says:

    I believe those who wish to vaccinate should have that right. I also believe those who think it’s their right to insist my family must be vaccinated can kiss my ass. Push is going to come to shove in this country sooner than a lot of meddling Democrats think.

    1. Rajeve says:

      Amen to that – well said.

    2. harriet says:

      no, you don’t have to vaccinate your kids, may they suffer through chicken pox, the mumps, whooping cough with little pain or long term consequences. Vaccinations are required to attend public school, which is why there is a whooping cough outbreack on Long Island, please people choose not to vaccinate their kids. But really, is it so much to ask that people avoid getting continious diseases so that the babies (who are too young for vaccinations) and other folks don’t get sick? If you wish to live like a hermit in a cave, do us a favor and leave, otherwise, we need rules to live by,

      1. Uncledave says:

        “Vaccinations are required to attend public school”

        Not really. It’s very easy to sign a waiver form – check off “religious exemption,” etc,

    3. SD Surfer says:

      Personally, I don’t believe you have the right to threaten the rest of us with polio, measles, and other catastrophic diseases, any more than you have a “right” to drive a car without brakes.

      1. Kirt says:

        Your fear of the unvaccinated proves you know they don’t work.

  40. GetTheFactsStraight says:

    A KPBS investigation has found that nearly two out of three people diagnosed with whooping cough in San Diego County this year were fully immunized. California is in the midst of the worst whooping cough epidemic in 50 years.

    The numbers raise questions about how well the vaccine works.

    AMAZING: Reporters are so lazy now they don’t even use google…

    1. harriet says:

      not so amazing, reporters are pushing issues, not facts. As for the immunizations, it still helps to get them, you still get some protection, but I bet developing a new whooping cough shot is probably not as profitable as meds for e.d.

  41. KPMc says:

    It’s sad that you can’t get basic facts that are found at wikipedia straight. Remember the days when reporters and media had to do actual research? Now they don’t even bother when the info is at their fingertips.

  42. notalwaysduped. says:

    NY one of the most vaccinated population is getting the whooping cough. be careful of those shots. It is a virus besides. Getting the shot doesn’t help allievate symptoms..that is bogus propaganda. Probably getting it from the dog vaccine then? ever thought about it?

  43. David says:

    Its a bacteria, not a virus.
    2010 was the worst year for whooping cough since 1954.

    1. JLin says:

      Correct. And a nsaty bacteria it is.

      “Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is a highly contagious bacterial disease caused by Bordetella pertussis.”

      Same bacteria family that causes kennel cough in dogs. I had it 5 years ago. I cannot imagine a child going through that, much less diptheria.

  44. doc says:

    What little research…….Pertussis is a bacteria, not a virus. Idiots!

    1. Doug Bias (medical student) says:

      A simple wikipedia search would have pointed that out. Oh, the media these days…

  45. Leah says:

    NO vaccine is 100% effective. As evidenced by the fact that kids keep getting this disease. When you study who exactly tends to get pertussis, there is absolutely no difference at all between vaccinated children and unvaccinated children. Doctors should at least be honest and admit they’re pushing vaccines because they’re paid to do so.

    1. doc says:

      No, doctors are not paid to push vaccines. In fact a vaccine shortage developed because there was not profit and lawsuits with astronomical verdicts based on junk science became the rule. Eventually the government stepped in and set up a fund and immunized the manufacturers from such lawsuits. Immunizations do not last forever…..Boosters are needed. Many people who believe the junk science law suit claims stopped immunizing their own children, instead depending on the “herd effect” that everyone else was immunized. This has led to areas of the country where there is not a high enough percentage vaccinated to provide this “herd effect”, so we are getting outbreaks.

      1. Rajeve says:

        “Eventually the government stepped in and set up a fund and immunized the manufacturers from such lawsuits.” – so you think this means the vaccine companies make no profit? There are 4 million babies born each year in the USA. Let us do the math: 4 million multiplied by about 95 shots by the time they are 5 yrs old, multiplied by about 2 average antigens per vaccine, multiplied by $10 profit margin = nearly 4 Billion per year! (That is profit, NOT revenue). You you and I pay taxes, vaccine makers make huge profits, most of this is not effective, and worst: We OVERVACCINATE our children! Waste of money, and definitely the cause of elevated pulmonary conditions (confused immune system) and elevated behaviour disorder spectra (1 in 134 boys now become autistic) – oh but don’t worry – the all powerful government will step in and save the day…again…

    2. JP, MD says:

      If you’ve done the research, then please share it. I agree that it’s unlikely the vaccine is truly 100% effective, but it’s completely false that there is no difference in infection rates between vaccinated and unvaccinated children. And please, give only scholarly articles; anything by Andrew Wakefield doesn’t count. When antivaccination groups spread lies like these it only results in innocent children being harmed by preventable infections.

      1. Dagny says:

        Without doing any research at all, I can prove vaccines are lifesavers. How many children in a family born in the USA live to grow up? How many epidemics wipe out entire communities? That there is even any argument about this is idiotic.

        Of course, by having most people vaccinated, others that aren’t vaccinated benefit as well. Too obvious to even discuss.

      2. John says:

        When pro vaccine people spread their hype and lies, it results in innocent children being harmed by misguided treatments. Get this straight, vaccines harm and kill innocent healthy children all the time, perhaps more so than the diseases these vaccines were designed to prevent. But we likely won’t know for years to go because no one is making these long term studies. Vaccine safety is based on what happens up to two weeks post vaccination.

        Another thing, Andrew Wakefield doesn’t define the debate, anymore than Paol Thorsen, eminent Danish autism scientist, being charged with fraudulently billing the CDC for faked autism studies as well as money laundering, does.

    3. doc says:

      I agree that no vaccine is 100% effective…but highly effective? You bet. That is why childhood vaccines are required, by law, unless a parent “opts out” due to religious reasons. The fact that junk science has made its way into the popular culture through lawsuits and scaremongering means that preventable diseases are no longer always prevented. The 1 in a million risk of a bad outcome is taken as riskier than the 30% chance of encountering the disease.

      Unfortunately pertussis is harmful mostly to those about 1 year old…..which is why boosters later in life do not include pertussis (Td…diptheria and tetanus vaccine later in life as opposed to dpt….diptheria,pertussis and tetanus, early in life).

      1. Interested says:

        Tdap is the recommended adolescent/adult booster for the last 5+ years, as opposed to Td. All adults should get one, not only to protect yourself, but more importantly to prevent transmission to infants. The main reason adults are recommended to receive Tdap is to reduce transmission to unimmunized or insufficiently immunized infants.

        The current acellular vaccines are about 80% effective in clinical trials and a little bit less so in community effectiveness trials. Multiply that (call it) 75% by the coverage rate of around 80% and you get a protection level of only 60%, which leaves 40% still vulnerable to the disease. Add to that the waning immunity of acellular vaccines and the protection quickly falls even more.

        We have seen an antigenic drift in the bacteria, but 1) we cannot say this is due to the acellular vaccines since the drift was noticed before their implementation, and 2) we have not observed evidence that the current vaccines protect less against the new strands than the older. The acellular vaccine does not contain a whole bacteria but rather pieces of it (antigens). These antigens are still present in the newer strands.

        There is a great difference in the disease rates (we really know nothing about infection rates, because infection means the bacterium is in you but not necessarily that it is causing disease) between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. The quote of the KPBS study is followed by a statement from the same poster that says that reporters are lazy and don’t use google. I’m assuming KPBS is a news station and not a science institution.

        In California there was a bump in children with pertussis among the 7-10 year-olds, which was fairly new. The leading hypothesis is that the ones who were fully vaccinated had been vaccinated more than 4 years ago and so their immunity had waned.

  46. Doug Bias (medical student) says:


  47. Mark says:

    This is what happens when rich white people don’t get their children vaccinated.

    1. notalwaysduped. says:

      DID you know that a child who picks thier nose and eats it..(all kids do that!!) just vaccinated themselves? Cool huh? I admit not all children can handle is more about a poor immune system and diet than anything else! Formula fed babies should be vaccinated..breastfed babies stayway!

      1. Tina Bergamot says:

        What about snot-fed?

    2. harriet says:

      wow i had no idea that Smithtown as a restricted town.

      1. Brian says:

        Blame the victims. Maybe the brown poor wretched of the world need not migrate to LI?

  48. B.H.O. says:

    Can we tell the hispanics to leave?

    1. Ed Anger says:

      Good luck, they’re the “virus that wouldn’t leave.”

  49. Kelly M. Bray says:

    It is a bacteria not a virus. Please get the basic facts correct.

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