Nigerian National Allegedly Used Univ. Of Michigan ID & Expired Boarding PassBy Hazel Sanchez

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — How could it happen?

The FBI is investigating a major security breach at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Someone boarded a plane with a college ID and a bogus boarding pass her found on a subway train, reports CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

What authorities say Nigerian national Olajide Noibi pulled off was thought by many travelers to be impossible.

WCBS 880’s Pat Farnack With Former NTSB Chairman Mark Rosenker
(Download the full interview HERE)

“For what we’ve been going through since 9/11, it’s intolerable,” Astoria resident Nicholas Christopher said.

“It’s very scary, especially when there’s thousands of people who travel every day,” added Long Island resident Elana Kaminsky.

Law enforcement officials say big mistakes were made on Friday. Noibi passed Transportation Security Administration screening at JFK and boarded Virgin American Flight 415 bound for Los Angeles, with a University of Michigan ID and with an expired boarding pass that belonged to someone else.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reports: Passengers Say Security Agents Fell Down On The Job

“That’s not great at all because then anybody can go through it,” traveler Julian Zapata said.

New York Congressman Peter King, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, is calling for an internal investigation. He said we’re lucky this doesn’t appear to be a terror plot.

“I have never seen a case with so many unanswered questions. Nothing here adds up. All this can do is hurt morale. All this can do is hurt public confidence. And the public should be mad. There’s no excuse for this,” Rep. King said.

“We’re talking about life and death here. This guy could have been a terrorist, could have been, God knows what he could’ve been, so if he’s testing the system, he certainly found out a lot here.”

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The security breach wasn’t noticed until the Virgin American flight was off the ground.

Flight attendants realized Noibi was sitting in a seat that should have been vacant and after checking the name on his boarding pass they found it didn’t match his ID. Investigators said the boarding pass belonged to a man who said it went missing from his pocket on his way to the airport on June 23.

In a statement the airline said it “…at no time felt there was any threat to the security of the flight.  The airline self-reported this incident to the authorities as soon as the issue was identified onboard.”

“It’s really bad. It’s really dangerous for everybody,” traveler Andrea Benavides said.

The FBI said Noibi stayed in L.A. for four days and then tried to pull the same stunt on a Delta flight to Atlanta, again, with no valid ID or boarding pass. But security officers caught him with 10 expired boarding passes in his possession and he was taken into custody. He was charged with being a stowaway, but not under any terror or security laws. He faces a federal court hearing Saturday.

“Let’s find out where the mistake came from and let’s fix it,” Scarsdale resident Chris Peckett.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell: They Used To Check IDs At The Gate

The TSA confirmed Noibi was screened by its agents, but would not comment further on the ongoing investigation.

“Every passenger that passes through security checkpoints is subject to many layers of security including thorough physical screening at the checkpoint,” TSA spokesman Greg Soule said. “TSA’s review of this matter indicates that the passenger went through screening.”

What do you think of this security breach? Is enough being done to keep the skies safe? Sound off in our comments section.

Hazel Sanchez

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  1. theworldisgoingnuts says:

    Worse yet, the flight attendent also checked his credentials, found them wrong, and still let him go free and deboard the plane so he was free to try this again.

  2. Jack says:

    Another thing I might add. I was singled out for a wipe when I traveled out of Palm Springs last year and was the only one picked out of line. I am disabled and had no idea what was going on? Several middle eastern men in turban’s and such just walked in ahead of me but I had 5 TSA agents waiting for me and was accosted in line and my wife when she stopped to see what was going on was rudely told to board the plane of she was going to be held for interfering. She tried to explain she had my medications but they said go on-board anyways. Jerks

    1. Andrew David Baron says:

      Arabs don’t wear turbins, Sikhs do. Some Arabs wear keffiyehs on their head or around their necks. HUGE difference.

      1. FRB says:

        Huge? Really? Or is it all just arbitrary nonsense and all humans are basically the same?

    2. Mannie says:

      You were singled out BECAUSE you are disabled,

  3. JustAGuy says:

    Only if that Nigerian man had an 8 year old little girl with him. The TSA would have made sure the little girl had no contraban in her panties.

    1. Mychal Wingy Mann says:

      lol, indeed. my 6 year old girl got tagged “randomly” at HSV June 23. i recorded the search, though it wasn’t intrusive imho, it was completely unnecessary. then i hear of this case & i have to just shake my head.

  4. Jack says:

    No one has commented that after he was caught…he was still allowed to get off at L.A. the first time and only after he tried to do this trip a second time…was he arrested. He had no valid passport but because the Justice Department refuses to enforce illegal immigration lays…he was allowed to go his merry way the first time.

    1. Mo Hermit says:

      got it in one!!

  5. Paul says:

    Bet he wouldn’t have gotten by if he was 95 and wearing an adult diaper.

    1. Cogito ergo sum says:

      She was also dying from leukemia and taking her last trip to visit her family. She needed a blood transfusion just to fly. When will enough be enough? Americans have lost their dignity and freedom all in the name of “safety” from the “evil terrorists” and al CIAda and don’t even care.

      1. artemis133 says:

        The terrorists have won. This is part of what they wanted.

  6. Mad Max says:

    Muse: Uprising

    Listen to it.

    1. Toecutter says:

      Well that song sucked.

  7. Shellybean says:

    I travel to Tampa, FL from Louisville, KY and back several times a year. I am disabled and in a wheelchair. I ALWAYS get singled out for a complete pat-down and also wiped for gunpowder and drug residue. I find is so aggravating. This foreigner guy gets through and I get stopped every step of the way. What do they expect me to do, take the plane by rolling over people in my wheelchair???

  8. Mad Max says:

    But they sure in heck made sure granny didn’t have an IED in her Depends last week.

    Aren’t we tired of this already. Everyone in government should be arrested and tried for dereliction of duty.

    I’ve never said this before, but I’m sick of the way America is today.

    1. Alvis says:

      You are so right Mad Max!!

    2. artemis133 says:

      I agree 100%, Mad Max.

    3. raul says:

      but you voted for change? to stupidity

  9. Missourimule says:

    TSA was too busy feeling up some 90 year-old woman in a wheelchair – besides . . . a nigerian? That would look like profiling.

    1. Walt Campbell says:

      That would look like profiling.

      That’s the bottom line. They were afraid of being accused of racism and/or profiling.

      1. Retired SOF guy says:

        Profiling is common sense. While not infallible and should not be used in isolation, profiling is a valid tool. Talk to any cop who teaches personal safety to women and ask if they don’t teach women to profile to some level. The cold war didn’t end under Reagan, as much as I wish it had, and the socialists continue to destroy us from within as we tolerate so many assaults on liberty.

  10. Sallysue Simpleton says:

    Screening involves matching the boarding pass to the person’s picture ID and verifying the boarding pass is for the current day’s travel. Once those details are completed you are allowed into the molestation chamber!! Well done TSA!! Your tax dollars at work America!! Makes me proud of my country for the first time in my adult life!!!

    1. Richard says:

      TSA is a joke. These TSO are rejects that couldnt get jobs at McDonalds and cant think for themselves. If they had any brains they would realize they are violating the 4th amendment.
      They are a bunch of pedafiles and thieves.

  11. kinley35 says:

    If it was an American he would not have made it passed the pat down area! But let it be a Non American they are able to walk on by…. blows my mind!!

  12. Keir says:

    This is crazy; here I am refusing to visit the US whilst its security makes travelling as pleasant, inviting and stress-free as one would expect from the Gestapo and yet it appears only American citizens are threatened with having their nappies confiscated, their genitalia groped and their flights cancelled.

  13. violet says:

    Well, imagine that. It seems that the TSA provides only a sense of false security – what else is new. You hyper-sensitive idiots are more offended by the perceived offense you find in the report, but have no problem with the fact that this schmuck was allowed to board a plane with an invalid boarding pass. Apparently the TSA doesn’t require that you be literate to work for them. So to all you liberal sheep – yes, you volunteers who willingly get molested by the sickos in the blue (brown) shirts, you conspirators in child and elder abuse, you morons – enjoy your next flight, knowing that the people you have allowed to win in this war are probably on your flight – because of you.

    1. bubba says:

      Every part of this screams NOBODY did their job – certainly not TSA – but what do you expect form those clowns…definitely not the Airline…On every flight I have taken in the last several years (well over 2 dozen) , after my touchie feely love-in with TSA, I always have my boadring pass scanned or otherwise looked at by airline gate personel – wouldnt the system have beeped buzzed or honked that the paper was for a different DAY?????

  14. dalemu says:

    Any sane person would quickly realize that the TSA doesn’t have time to check the credentials AND tickets of people flying from foreign countries when they have all these dangerous little old ladies in wheelchairs and children under 5 from our own country to pat down and strip search….

  15. Lol says:

    That Nigerian is not a threat; he’s not below 10 or over 60; he’s not wearing diapers (baby or adult) or in a wheelchair. TSA’s standard operating procedure is to grope YOUNG AMERICAN CHILDREN and ELDERLY AMERICANS.

  16. Hersh says:

    We can be assured that, although failing to check ID or boarding pass, some fat, hairy TSA agent at least gave his nuts a tender squeeze. Surely that counts for something.

    1. Peregrin Took says:

      LOL. Thanks for that. That was the best laugh I had all week.

    2. RobertoBarreto says:

      Bunch of sickos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Trebor says:

    If was a 90 year old white female american never would have happened due to full security check of person and belongings.

  18. Lblanks says:

    Yeah, but no 95 year olds got thru without getting their diapers checked.

    1. Josh says:

      Doesn’t this seem a little fishy? Does anyone else think this could have been
      on purpose so that they can come out and say we need EVEN MORE TSA
      security proctections/violations against us????? This scares me a bit, but I
      guess I am one of the conspiracy constitutional extremist patriotic theorist.
      Shame on me for not wanting to be radiated or physically violated if I “opt out”
      of getting cancer. I hope it wasn’t done on purpose but either way I’m sure
      they will try to tighten the reigns.

      1. Chris says:

        This was my exact first thought. Even if this was legitimate, you can bet that more freedom robbing, demoralizing, so called security measures are on the way.

      2. artemia133 says:

        Josh, don’t apologize for the way you feel. It’s absolutely valid, and more Americans like you should be screaming “foul” from the rooftops about the farce that is the TSA.

      3. nick says:

        Seems hard to believe they scanned his boarding pass and nothing happened. Or that he just HAPPENED to get an empty seat. He was put on that plane .

  19. T.J.G. says:

    The incompetent Janet Napolitano will now, again, claim that the system worked perfectly.

  20. Cindy Bauter says:

    This really makes the TSA look like they are ass backwards, oh wait they are!!!

  21. david says:

    Airline security is about determining if one can be allowed on the aircraft, not about who he is or where she’s going. Knowing who is on the aircraft is barking up the wrong tree. .

    1. goredon says:

      “Airline security is about determining if one can be allowed on the aircraft, not about who he is”

      Really? What happened to the NO FLY list? Isn’t that dependent on who you are?

    2. Pilot.Dave says:

      Must be satire – or you are a TSA blogger with less than normal literacy.

    3. John says:

      You must be a TSA agent.

  22. phillysmart says:

    They are too busy fondling little white boys and girls and their disabled granparents for the fun of it to be concerned with an african or middle estern person!

    1. Sal says:

      Does that seem…unfair…to you?

  23. potvin says:

    Too bad he wasn’t in a wheelchair and wearing an adult diaper.

  24. Dave says:

    Since the TSA are government employees, no one involved with be fired or reprimanded. At worst, they’ll be runner-ups to employee of the year.

    1. charlie says:

      But they will accept full responsibility as long as there are no consequences to doing so.

  25. William Stone III says:

    “Airport security” is flatly impossible. As a security professional, I make the case in my blog at

    The TSA is nothing more than a terrorist organization whose sole purpose is to inure Americans to constant and unceasing terrorist attacks by the Federal Government.

    1. dagny says:

      Exactly. Since this was not an American, why bother to subjugate him?

    2. Pilot.Dave says:

      Excellent Blog Mr Stone. As a pilot and fellow security expert, you are right on !

  26. chris Brown says:

    They were too busy molesing innocent white people.

  27. ben says:

    Luckily for him ID is not required when flying, just got busted for the expired boarding pass.

  28. Dave says:

    You WOULD say “brown”….and I suppose you never heard of the “underwear bomber.” He IS black (not brown, there’s now race called brown) and he IS Nigerian. My point is, do not say ‘brown’ people “are not the terrorist” when many African countries have Muslim extremists. Of course, you don’t have to be Muslim to be a terrorist, and not necessarily of an specific color…but TSA is too concerned with the political correctness and profile sensitivity of the very own profile that fits the majority of terrorists. I mean, to target an old lady and search her diapers is not only absurd, but asinine.

    If we have to read more of your ignorance and your foul spelling, we’re doomed. If you want to sound smart, at least spell check and use appropriate punctuation.

    1. jimmyd says:

      Did you even proof read what you typed?

  29. Anon says:

    Obama’s liberal fascist TSA racists in their finest hour!

    1. Michael H. says:

      You can thank a Republican President and Congress for the TSA. Obama just inherited it.

      1. Mikey says:

        B.HO just inherited it? So he and his appointee, Janet Incompitano, have nothing to do with how it is run? He has no authority over it at all? Really?

      2. Retired SOF guy says:

        You’re right, but it’s his now. Now the current financial mess (devalued dollar, debt crisis, uncontrolled gov spending at record levels), that is squarely on BHO. Don’t blather about the housing crisis, created by CRA and dems wanting poor minorities who couldn’t afford a house to have one on the backs of the working, as being Bush’s. Then you’d just look like an idiot. Bush wasn’t perfect, but he did love this country. BHO doesn’t (try Roots of Obama’s Rage for some timely holiday reading).

      3. Zentura says:

        So you’re basically acknowledging we have a do-nothing President that cannot handle things that are under his watch now. I strongly agree!

    2. jimmyd says:

      You mean Bush’s

      1. Zentura says:

        Bush isn’t president any more. Obama has show ZERO LEADERSHIP on this issue. His silence is disgusting!

  30. Dave says:

    You WOULD say “brown”….and I suppose you never heard of the “underwear bomber.” He IS black (not brown, there’s now race called brown) and he IS Nigerian. My point is, do not say ‘brown’ people “are not the terrorist” when many African countries have Muslim extremists. Of course, you don’t have to be Muslim to be a terrorist, and not necessarily of an specific color…but TSA is too concerned with the political correctness and profile sensitivity of the very own profile that fits the majority of terrorists. I mean, to target an old lady and search her diapers is not only absurd, but asinine.

    If we have to read more of your ignorance and your foul spelling, we’re doomed. If you want to sound smart, at least spell check and use appropriate punctuation.

    1. Keir says:

      It doesn’t appear that people responding to this article remember the last time a Nigerian was arrested for trying to cause an explosion on a Northwestern Airlines plane back in 2009. Nigeria itself is divided between Muslims and Christians and one of my students came from a town, Jos, where the inhabitants had been massacred with machetes. But you have a problem with this article mentioning the country of origin, and would confuse this country with a European state? Hate to break it to you guys, but Europe thinks the United States is backward and reactionary…

  31. Big T Machine says:

    95 year old American terminal cancer patient gets her adult diaper checked for C4 ,but a foreign national without ID or a valid ticket gets to fly the fieindly skies? They say the TSA does not profile ,but it sounds like they do to me. The government wants to make travel so onerous that we change our behavior patterns.

  32. TJ says:

    Hard to believe he outsmarted the perverted, dimwitted TSA zombies lead by the very picture of professional incompetence Janet Napolitano.

  33. jabusse says:

    Bet they got his snow globe!

  34. nyc says:

    PRIVATIZE airport security ! I have experienced TSA employees that are way overweight and just not qualified or trained well enough for security ! Too many special interests groups and unions not doing the right thing !

  35. Ragnar says:

    he was never screened well because that would have been racist and the TSA doesn’t want that to deal with. if he was an old white man, for sure he would have been screened enough to catch his scam. even better if he had a colostomy bag or was in a wheelchair….or was even a small child……the T&A agents love to get their hands on those folks!

  36. Dependz says:

    To bad he wasn’t wearing a diaper, the TSA would have caught him for sure if he had.

  37. Jimmy Jones says:

    And how many Europeans have done this? Take your meds asshat.

    1. Anon says:

      None have that I know if. And when the media comments on Europeans, it almost always mentions their specific nationality.

  38. America still rules says:

    Too busy sticking there paws down the underwear of 6 year old golden haired children and cavity searching little old ladies apparently.

  39. jerrykregle says:

    I think this bum is testing the waters so people BE VIGILANT

    1. scy says:

      er… Okey-dokey! Derpa-derp.

    2. OH says:

      I think you’re right

  40. Mike says:

    Make sure and check grandmas’ diaper though!

    1. Mikey says:

      Search granny’s diaper, but let the foreign nationals pass…and don’t hold them at arrival, either.

      PROFILING IS GOOD! It shows you’ve learned from past experience. Feeling up granny, the 2 year old, and the nun is criminal.

    2. phays says:

      It seems we can add kids under8 yrs old to your grandma list .These two age groups are responsible for how many terrorist attacks?

    3. tom h says:

      EXACTLY – and by the way let us NEVER profile! It would make way too much sense!

    4. Marcel says:

      This is not TSA stupidity or incompetence but their agenda of targeting law abiding non Muslim white American citizens. The Gestapo in training always give the real terrorists a pass as we saw with the last Christmas day Nigerian Muslim over Detroit who was stopped by a dutchman and not TSA !

    5. yan says:

      If your IQ is below 100, the TSA wants you………

    6. Sherry L. Pitts says:

      The low life TSA agents are too busy pulling adult diapers off of 95 year old women and diapers off of babies, removing prothesis from amputees, harassing women who have had breast cancer, causing urine bags to leak and embarrass men who have them, scaring toddlers to death and sending pretty women through the nude screening machines to notice a non-citizen with no ID, no legal boarding pass and no ticket. URRGGG As an ex airline employees for over 20 years who has worked every aspect of the airport I keep telling people that the intrusive searches are so totally out of line not to mention illegal and they are just used to keep people under Obama’s dictator thumb. When will they wake up? BTW Take time to check out TSA’s hiring ‘standards’.

    7. Nico says:

      Meanwhile, grandma’s diaper gets examined.

    8. Dieter says:

      Goes to show you, no matter how tight security is, if there is a will, there is a way being detected. These check points should be outside the airport, and at a different location. Once screened, then board transportation to the airport. This would eliminate any chance of creating an incident….

    9. Jim says:

      Whenever this nation comes to its senses, perhaps we’ll see the end of Napolitano’s Gestapo…
      My 5 year old niece, visiting from Norway, was bodily groped and sent screaming in protest through a rotating scanner…she will now never forget this…
      We are being abused, while children and the aged are being violated.

    10. Ron says:

      Yes, if he was a 7 year old or a 95 yeas old then he would have gotten through. The TSA is a band of buffoons ran by a criminally insane he she.

    11. Bill Galluccio says:

      Let’s fire every TSA agent and replace them with trained behavioral profilers. Let them use their training to decide who needs to be given extra screening.

    12. nairts says:

      TSA missed checking the Boarding Pass? Are you kidding me! Oh Yea! I forgot. They were busy checking the innocent grandma’s cavity, because some terrorist stuck a dynamite stick up his alley from Amsterdam two years ago in December, now all americans have to open their cavitiies so they can do a TSA (Teasing Sexual Areas) on us. Where are we heading as a Nation. God Save the USA>

    13. burlysoldier says:

      Mall rent a cops are better security than these ghetto hood rats.

    14. Brenda Acosta says:

      It’s so outrageous! I have been stopped “randomly” at least 5 times in the last few months. I had to wait for a female TSA for a while and they let me go after wiping my hands. This man gets in with out any problems. Something is really WRONG here.

    15. Fred Wings says:

      Congressman Peter King spent too much time worrying about radical Islam, maybe he should check the problems that are easily fixable!

    16. Brian says:

      When I took my kids to the Houston International Airport last Tuesday, 28 June, I saw the very same incident happen. A TSA agent walked a black man up to the Continental ticket counter, and asked the airline lady if he could issue another boarding pass to the gentlemen for LAX, because he lost his – along with his passport. The lady asked if he had any ID, and he said he did not. Guess what! She issued him a boarding pass with the TSA Agent right there!!!! I could not believe it.

  41. glenp says:

    these will be the same a holes in charge of RATIONING out your BRAIN SURGERY

  42. John says:

    Nice!!! Lets keep searching young girls and the diapers of 95 year old women!!! Nice job TSA

  43. glenp says:


  44. Lawrence says:

    Obama administration is setting USA up for a big disaster folks. When it happens take your anger out on liberals democrats and idiots that voted him in.

    1. Liberalssuck says:

      Careful what you wish for. Sometimes they come true and not exactly the way you envisioned.

    2. Sick of Libs says:

      Give me your address and we will see who does the crying. Like all liberals you do nothing but talk trash and try to intimidate people. You people make me sick. You hate this country so much then get out. Tired of you and your kind trying to turn this country into Europe. You idiots need to look and see how well thats working over there. Morons.

      1. Keir says:

        Morons are people who have never left their small town except to get vaccinated in the big city, let alone set foot in another country, and then propound on lecturing the rest about his views of others. What part of ‘Europe’ do you hate so much? England? Greece? Czech Republic? Germany? Austria? I can’t think of any that have higher crime rates, lower education standards and incompetent politicians as the US.

        1. yzhenry says:

          You are right, had that guy been wearing DEPENDS, he would have been caught for sure.

    3. pauly says:

      Just like Bush did ?

      1. Wayne says:

        9-11 was a result of failed Clinton action. It is like dealing with any bully. A lack of action creates a larger reaction. If Clinton had been hard on terrorists, gone after Bin Laden when he had a chance or even pursued the original Trade Center bombers, 9-11 would have never happened.

        I do like your attempted liberal quote, “It was BUSH!!”

      2. Michael H. says:

        Wayne, the original WTC bombers from ’93 were tried and convicted.

        Clinton would have gladly gone after more terrorists, but he was too busy being impeached.

      3. Zentura says:

        So your defense of Obama is that he’s just like Bush?!?!? In that you are correct! But if you hated it when Bush did it, why don’t you hate it now?? Most of the policies that liberals hated under Bush have been continued by Obama without a peep from the left. I hated the TSA under both administrations (and I wanted a Bush fan) but you liberals make me sick with your hypocrisy!

    4. pauly says:

      I am not a liberal, I am an American that has voted for Repubs and Dems but then realize that I am just middle class and neither of them care about me. So give yourself labels and call what you want but what do you have to show for it. Bottom line if you are not rich the only thing they want from you is your vote.

    5. jimmyd says:

      Poor wayne you’re another failed republirat let me guess you put your hand over your ears when somone told you that your Bush mesiah failed to keep us safe on 9/11 and that it was his fault we were attacked.

  45. Oh, thank GOD we’re patting down six year-olds and taking Depends off of old women.

    TSA has never prevented a single terrorist attack. They never will.

  46. Peter says:

    …well Mike, I ALSO wondered why his National Origin was mentioned, it seems as you pointed out, it was obviously an attempt to slant the readers opinion without any supporting facts.

    Why the reference to a passport? Is a passport now required to travel between JFK / LAX?

    Anyway, how many OTHER frequent flights had he taken prior to being caught? I’m sure the Gate agent won’t just OVERIDE the “BEEP” next time.
    Free travel, not bad, not bad.

    1. Jimmy Jones says:

      Pete, he was a foreign national not a US citizen.

    2. Reader says:

      You both are wrong, its called reporting. Read any news story and if the person is from the US they will tell you which state. It is part of reporting the facts, something that is not done enough. Quit taking factual statements and applying your own slant becasue it is not the intention of the article. And the comment on the passport, really? Use some common sense. Earlier in the article it says he used expired ID, he is from Nigeria, so… the only form of ID that would be accepted is a passport. Get educated and learn to read all the facts in a story before slanting everything yourself.

    3. Bobbyv33 says:

      Yes, as a foreign national a passport IS required to board a plane from JFK to LAX. A nigerian drivers license is not a valid ID. The only international valid picture ID is a passport, unless he has a green card or something else issued by the Federal Government of the USA.
      I need valid ID, you need valid ID and so does he.

  47. keldrick says:

    This wouldn’t have happened if he was white!

  48. That DEPENDZ says:

    Make sure he is in a wheel chair and has a diaper on, that way he always will be checked thoroughl, and against his will.

  49. joe says:

    The TSA is to busy sticking there hands all over peoples bodys that they did not notice him.

  50. What you're all thinking says:

    Good thing this man was stopped by attentative and thorough checks by the TSA before he boarded the plane! Oh wait, he wasn’t…

    Meanwhile the government wonders why we’re $14 trillion in debt and unable to win the war on terror.

    1. Bill says:

      TSA folks were too busy groping 95-year-old women and little children. No reason to thoroughly check a foreign male with no ticket. Now, if he had been a good-looking, well-endowed female…

    2. Kim Baliey says:

      Obama is flooding the country with Africans. He is couunting on them for his re-election.
      The Nigerian wanted to go to Hawaii where ALL Africans get fake US birth Certificates just like Obama.
      Hawaii is a crooked state, a sham!

    3. TheBeatGoesON says:

      C’mon people, let’s be fair. The TSA and other “authorities” had too much on their professional plates yesterday at JFK. Don’t you read the news?! There was an attack on the airport as hundreds of turtles wandered onto the tarmac and they not only had to gather them up but screen each and every one of them to protect the Homeland. Now ask yourself, would you want THAT job? To have to grope a reptile with a protective coating. The answer is NO! As is in evidence by the lack of scrutiny of hajib or burkah wearing “visitors”.

      1. TheBeatGoesON says:

        C’mon people, let’s be fair. The TSA and other “authorities” had too much on their professional plates yesterday at JFK. Don’t you read the news?! There was an attack on the airport as hundreds of turtles wandered onto the tarmac and they not only had to gather them up but screen each and every one of them to protect the Homeland. Now ask yourself, would you want THAT job? To have to grope a reptile with a protective coating. The answer is NO! As is in evidence by the lack of scrutiny of hajib or burkah wearing “visitors”.
        Well, my bad! NOT yesterday, a week ago.I thought I had a good reason for the gaffe. Nope! It’s just one of those “other” reasons the system didn’t work.
        Oh well. Next! Step over here sir. You set off the bells & buzzers. Now roll up your sleeve and bend over. Need gloves over here…supervisor!

    4. Geof Fowler says:

      Last weekend I traveled from Bradley and went through one of the new body scanners. It picked up on my wallet in my right rear pocket, which required the wallet be taken back to the x-ray machine and scanned. Amazingly dangerous thing those leather contraptions containing money and plastic. Afterwards, I felt sooo protected. When I returned through Chicago, TSA there was fine with my wallet in my pocket. Gotta love that consistency.

    5. jimmyd says:

      were not suppose to win the war

    6. kerpow says:

      Why would they want to win the war on terror when its such a profitable enterprise?

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