Report States Six People Arrested, Five Officers Injured

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Five police officers were injured and five people arrested after a brawl erupted outside a Lower East Side club early Wednesday morning, the New York City Police Department confirmed.

The incident broke out after a hip hop CD release party.

Shortly after midnight, police responded to Tammany Hall on Orchard Street after club security called 911 due to overcrowding. Some patrons at the Smif-N-Wessun and Pete Rock “Monumental” album release party reportedly started getting unruly.

WARNING: Graphic Language (Open Video In New Window)

As officers began emptying the location, one clubgoer refused to leave and began to resist arrest, said NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne. A melee ensued and was caught on tape, as other patrons began assaulting officers, Browne said.

In the video, as a man was being handcuffed on the ground, people could be heard yelling, “Film this!”

In the video, as one officer was detaining a man, a woman appears to rush at the police and screams, “Don’t touch my f—–g boyfriend.” A fight ensues and at least four police officers can be seen repeatedly punching the man.

Browne said 25-30 patrons were throwing beer bottles and “anything else that they could get their hands on” at one another.

Five officers were hospitalized. One had a broken nose, the other a broken tooth, one with lacerations and two with contusions to their heads.

Five people were arrested. One of those five had lacerations to the head.

Those arrested face charges of assault, disorderly conduct, obstuction and inciting to riot.

Some patrons accused police of brutality, saying that the event was peaceful until officers showed up and used pepper spray.

“The police came and stormed the place, telling us we had to get out, and then they started beating on people and telling us to move away,” Darrell Yates, aka Steele of Smif-N-Wessun, said. “New Yorkers, like myself, we get frustrated when the police come in and instead of bringing order to the crowd, they create more chaos.”

DJ Jay Diamond accused the officers of being overly aggressive. She said police barricaded the entire street to push the crowd off the block.

Musician Jedi Chevon called for witnesses to file a complaint with the police department’s review board.

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  1. Anti Savage2 says:

    All Of You Racist People Who Choose to Use Desparaging Remarks Regarding people Of Color Have Issues! The Very Thing That You Remark About someone In a Desparaging Way Is Exactly What You Are! You Know These Types of Behavoir Oh So Well from people You Do Not Know, It has To Be a Mirror Image To be Able To Connect So Passionately To Such Behavoir! All Of You Animals & Savages! Why Do All Of You Sound So Angry? Hmmmm! Is It Again You see The Very Thing That You Are? YES IT IS!!! tom<That'sRight! Your Such A Peaceful Person, That You Would Want To Slap Someones Mother For "Raising Such an Animal"! So What Should Be Done And Said About Your No Count Mother, Who Raised Such A Ferocious Beast As Yoursself! Savage!

  2. Here's a good one says:

    Somehow people always have to bring race into the picture. On both sides, both white and black pointing the finger at each other. When will the stupidity end? Bottom line here is that a few people present at the club became rowdy and acted up against the police. The police are on guard because they were most likely outnumbered so what do you expect them to do? If I were in their shoes I would’ve done the same exact thing with no regrets. With everything going on these days, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  3. KennethO says:

    Everyone should be upset with the police for not shooting the s.o.b.s who attacked them!!!

  4. Bell Toller says:

    blacks are always acting up at these shows they need to ban these concerts

    1. Savages says:

      The savages will act as they always do, like savages.

      1. badman says:

        rage in, little man. you couldn’t even blow out a birthday candle.

  5. Anti Savage2 says:

    Hahahaha! Your A Joke & Desparate! Most of the People There Were Enjoying Themselves Without any Libation of any Sort, Desparate 28yr. “doctor” Yeah Right! Speak for yourself! If you were not there You Shouldn’t speak At ALL! You’re The Type that would Hang out with your Girlfriends & Get drunk & leave with the first man you see & two days later come up Missing! Typical Desparate Drunk! You need to Join the!

  6. SMH says:

    i was at the event and outside when the violence began. A young man was asked to leave the entrance to the club by security . Due to the club being at capacity .. Guess the guy didn’t like that and decided to strike one of the security guards. Mistake 1…. Then his other goons came over and decided to pick up a baracade post and threw it at one of the security members . thats when the police were called for a second time during that evening . So it may have been peaceful inside but outside people were living up to stereo types with great ease. When the police arrived and asked for them to leave more of the same ignorance . Same “gentlemen” decided they were going to take on the police.. Mistake 2! I could go on but do you see where this story is going … Police are there to keep the peace . When you have a group of idiots that dont know how to behave it casts a bad light on the whole and not the few.

  7. Riggity Rocket says:

    Both sides should have pulled out guns and shot it out. May the last man standing win!


  8. Bigrottenapple says:

    That’s NYC police brutality at it’s best. Senseless!

  9. ProudMom says:

    Not everyone was drinking, and the show was peaceful. If you were not there stop assuming, that’s when the racism rears it’s ugly head. Let us not forget that there was a mixed crowd of Blacks, Whites, and Latinos. We had no idea of what had happened outside. If the crowd were all white they would have sent in the fire marshal to shut it down instead of pepper spraying NYPD yelling and pushing and shoving, now, doesn’t that sound racist.

    A lot of people need to wake up, we are not all crabs in a barrel, we work, pay taxes, own businesses, are doctors, nurses and lawyers too and no we were not born nor raised in Africa so it is not our place. We do some of the same things you do. AGAIN, I SAY SHAME ON YOU. Pretend it was a Chere concert, do you imagine that would happen? How are minorities to ever get past the labeling of racist idiots. SEEK HELP, try counseling…..

    And for those of you who get the association twisted it’s SMIF N WESSUN not Smith and Wesson! It’s not about promoting gun violence, it’s about life as and much more, what, would you rather more raps about material things??? It is a form of expression, an art, get to know it but get to know the right kind!

    1. MIKE says:


      1. ProudMom says:

        Mike, I will not let you take me out of character because you are an idiot, hummm, sounds like alcohol may be involved!

      2. Mike Ock says:

        You’ve got Wessonality, baby!

    2. Rob says:

      Who was watching your kids while you were rioting on the streets of NYC until the wee hours of the morning, ProudMom?

    3. nextnyc says:

      Doest matter if people were drunk or not.
      VS the Vancouver where -rioters- were treated with kid gloves , the NY crowd was hit with clubs. The difference -Vancouver -rioters- happened to be white,where the Pete Rock show was mostly black & more diverse VS an squad of entirely white cops who hate rap on top of it all.
      Clearly it was racially motivated…

      1. Rob says:

        No, the difference is that Vancouver is in Canada. What does how a municipal police force in a foreign country have to do with how the NYPD handled these rioters? Speaking of racially motivated, you throw the racism charge out there by just assuming white cops are racists, that’s pretty racist of you.

  10. Gweets says:

    It doesn’t matter who started the violence but if you break it down the police is PAID and HIRED to keep the peace, prevent violence and riots. You watch the video, doesn’t matter what the situation is… their actions was proven incorrect by the end result with injured New Yorkers and injured NYPD. There needs to be training for these situations… dispersing of large crowds… and calming down large groups of people. I care about my fellow New Yorkers and how the NYPD, the professionals, which we put our trust into everyday… needed to have used better tactics that night.

    1. ProudMom says:

      Absolutely! Sensitivity training is necessary and maybe an ethics class too. Respect goes a long way, if you give it you get it! There is no need to treat anyone like they are lower than you, we all have respect for authority. We are like anyone else, we have a heartbeat too!

    2. AntiSavage says:

      How about you savages just follow police orders and leave when told? Better tactics? Prevent violence? Stop being a savage and initiating violence and nothing will happen. Bloody animals, the lot of you.

      1. Anti Savage2 says:

        Do you Watch Sporting Events Animal? I’m Quite Sure You Not African American, Thank God! There are Officers who come out to Incite Chaos & Unruly behavoir Animal! It’s individuals Like yourself That Perpetuate Racist Acts & Racist Views! BLOODY ANIMAL!

    3. nextnyc says:

      It was disgusting the way the pigs acted.
      I’m shocked that such a pro force would do this without the intention of “sending a message” to the back community…. Ugly stuff

  11. Fritz Von says:

    Damn poleeces be thowin bottles and actin all ghettoish and whatnot. Oh, dat wasn’t duh poleeces that be actin like filthy dirty savage animals? Never mind.

  12. Twang says:

    Sing it Elvis!!! “In the ghettooooooooooooooooOOOOOO!”

  13. HARELM GOING HAM says:


  14. HARLEM GOING HAM says:


  15. ProudMom says:

    It still amazes me, all of the ignorant people who continue to label the African American race as the ones most likely to have started everything. I was there, it was peaceful inside. We were there to show love and support for the artist and their project. Chaos happened from the outside and as we were exiting the place was pepper sprayed and NYPD were pushing patrons and yelling for everyone to get off the street all in the same motion.
    And to the ignorant jerk (and you know who you are) I am a retired peace officer myself, retired because I was hurt on The Job, I work and went back to college.
    Shame on you ignorant ranting racist who ASSume we started anything!


      “I am a retired peace officer myself.” — This does not lend you any additional credibility. It is obvious you have no clue about police work. Stick to discussing security guard topics that relate to whatever useless position you held as a “peace” officer.

  16. saint says:

    i guest the pharmacy killings done by that white man was a walk in the park compared to the minor violence at that club! you can’t afford to be a racist. we have ignorant people in every race!

    1. nextnyc says:

      The white murder was a vet,what does that say about our country and various wars right now?

  17. ENTAH DA STAGE says:

    Activist from the community, “As a new yorker, I get frustrated when people like MIKE promote the idea that an uprising against the NYPD as opposed to poets like Darrell Yates will bring order to the community.”

  18. SAINT says:

    remember the white race is who buy most of the rap music and purchase most of the rap music, do your research! at the rap concerts the majority of the people are white! what does that say about your race! YOU RACIST!

    1. whiteman says:

      it says we enjoy Minstrel shows just like we did 100 years ago, you animal!

  19. ENTAH DA STAGE says:

    African American NYPD Officer, “New Yorkers, like myself, get frustrated when Darrell Yates STAYS in and averts attention from young men and women from the community who stay in school or even become NYPD. He actually profits from creating chaos in his own community but has managed to brainwash legions of people into thinking otherwise.”

    1. ProudMom says:

      You must be some kind of spook who sat by the door. That statement is absolutely ludicrous. You need to take a trip out of your bubble and visit/get to know your people. You sound like a plant, who read something somewhere. This man was raised by parents who both became peace officers. Don’t believe everything you hear, that’s how rumors get started. Get your story straight first before you report it!

  20. mikeyg says:

    well something was going on inside for the pd to be called this is a one sided video.
    when the cops tell you to move you move don’t stand there and argue and you can clearly see from the video some people trying to fight the cops which is a big no no to many of these clubs turn into big brawls and before it gets out of hand the cops shut it down.I don’t think the chick from England gets it probably
    tea time for her.

    1. AntiSavage says:

      These animals don’t know how to take responsibility for their own actions. Everything is the fault of the police and “racism.”

  21. matty says:


  22. CK says:

    Shut up fool!

  23. G says:

    Can I change my name to Beretta or Glock? I want kids to follow my lead and community to welcome my parties with open arms. I think changing my name to either would be a fantastic start. What do you guys think?

  24. david goldman says:

    ok ok enough…..NYPD was clearly right here and needs to be respected but i’m sure there were some wonderful people in that crowd

  25. ENTAH DA STAGE says:

    Person who’s grandmother was killed by a stray bullet, “Brooklynites, like myself, get frustrated when Darrell Yates comes in and promotes gun violence and instead of bring order to the community bring chaos and then blame the NYPD”

  26. pete says:

    WHO ARE THESE STUPID WHITE GIRLS?????? THEY THINK THEY ARE BLACK!!!! PATHETIC I thought the vanilla ice phase ended in the 90’s.

  27. G says:

    I’m sure bringing order is the NYPD’s first intent but do you really think police will be successful in bring order to this crowd? This is a smif-n-wessun event, not a pillow fight.

  28. Tom< Thats right! says:

    “Darrell Yates, aka Steele of Smif-N-Wessun, said. “New Yorkers, like myself, we get frustrated when the police come in and instead of bringing order to the crowd, they create more chaos.”

    YOU GET FRUSTRATED WHEN POLICE COME IN???? Well that seems to be the beginning of ALL your problems that night. When somebody hosts your event and “they” have to call the police, obviously things are getting out of hand… AND THEN AND THEN!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO GET FRUSTRATED??? I oughta slap your Momma for raising such an animal.

    1. CK says:

      His momma was probably on the corner waiting to turn a trick!

    2. saint says:

      was that your brother who killed those innocent people in the pharmacy!

  29. G says:

    Ok, so NYPD officers randomly picked this event to show up and start beating people? You expect people to believe no one provoked this and everyone there is an innocent participant? I like how the camera man conveniently left out everything that transpired beforehand, and probably left out a few things in between. The only reason it went on is because no left, but decided to stick around and cause more trouble…they couldn’t just leave. It’s nice how the patrons can punch police officers all they want, but if any cop shows resistance then Oh! it’s police brutality. Guys name is Smif and Wessun, enough said (nice spelling by the way).

    1. Officer Murphy says:

      As a police officer, I can confirm that we sometimes go on beat down runs, where we randomly select groups of people or parties and beat everyone in sight. Of course, we shoot for blacks, Hispanics, long haired types, and people from the former Yugoslavia, if at all possible. If we can’t find them, anyone will suffice.

      On a typical night, we will use our night sticks and walkie talkies to smack around anyone who dare question our authority. Anyone stupid enough to further protest is arrested for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and obstructing governmental administration.

      If there is one thing I can say for certain, no one on the street ever does anything wrong. All of our observations and charges are entirely made up to fulfill quotas and our “ethnic cleansing” campaign. The real crime isn’t on any street but Wall Street. All of that guns and drugs that you see in the papers are nonexistent, mere fanciful creations of our imagination. We have no problem risking a prison term, our career, pensions, and good name to randomly harass, beat, jail, and enslave anyone who dare go against our grain. That’s right, I said enslave. Half of the force is working unpaid as slaves. They are chloroformed on the street, kidnapped while still unconscious and brought to one of our clandestine reeducation centers where their memory is wiped clean and they are programmed to protect and serve. Don’t even ask what happens in the city’s homeless shelters or “cooling centers” that it graciously opens up in the summer. Ever wonder why the city has no money for teachers and firehouses but opens these cooling centers with air conditioners blasting all day every day with no problem? Be afraid, be very afraid.

  30. Rob says:

    Rioting after midnight on a weekday? The NYPD must be lying, we all Smif-N-Wessun fans have to be up early for work.

  31. John W says:

    Go back on your meds

  32. entah da stage says:

    grown men who promote gun violence and a hard knock lifestyle can’t even put on a street poetry happy pants rap party without the cops having to be called. This is why 99% of your sales come from teenage white kids from the suburbs!

  33. sk says:

    maybe this is what its all about! rising against the NYPD! i don’t think the partygoers were innocent 911 was called for a reason! you can’t blame the NYPD everytiem there is a brawl! let criminals take respeonsiblity for their actions! the communtity is always blaming the cops whne there are fights! this vidoe did not so0und peaceful and i don’t think thats how it was b/f teh cops came!

  34. KPMc says:

    It was so peaceful that the club security called 911.

    Stopping making excuses for the worst among you and maybe people won’t treat everyone like criminals.

  35. Vik says:

    Drunken clubgoers v. police. Weekday morning. Don’t touch my F_____ boyfriend? ‘Nuf said on this one. Mike is just acting like an a-hole that is until someone he knows gets hurt then all of a sudden the police will be called. Tommy, Christine — Mike is more than likely a bleeding, heart liberal woe is me, “F” the establishment moron with nothing better to say than to yell Revolt to any kind of authority. Write him off.

  36. Sean says:

    The NYPD is a disgusting organization.

  37. christine says:

    officers were do u think they would act?!?!? and i highly doubt it was peaceful especially with alcohol involved

    1. MIKE says:


      1. Tommy says:

        Mike, you are obviously black

      2. Quintin says:

        TOMMY, head home to mommy.

      3. Cookie says:

        No Mike, I think you are the idiot. I was there and I can tell you it was not the cops that were unruly, it was the patrons. The patrons started the melee and punched the cops. I don’t see any racist comments but yours so far. You are a jerk for trying to incite people to rise up against the NYPD.

    2. Sarah says:

      No, I was was there and it was peaceful before they came. The club was overcrowded but that is no excuse to pepper spray people and hit anyone (Especially women!!)

      1. MIKE says:

        COOKIE YOURE A PRICK!!!!!!

      2. CK says:

        If it was so peaceful then why did security call 911? Especially women???? Women are more dangerous than most men out there! Go have another drink and dream on!

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