NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Police have charged a man who they say struck two women, one fatally, while backing his SUV into a parking space on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Edwin Carrasco of Paterson, N.J., was charged Friday with driving with a suspended license, unsafe backing and failure to exercise due care.

Authorities said the 38-year-old was backing up his 2008 Ford Explorer into a spot on Amsterdam Avenue near West 98th Street when the accident occurred around 5 p.m. Thursday.

The impact was enough to dent the back of the driver’s vehicle, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported.

It’s not immediately known if the 38-year-old suspect has a lawyer.

Police say 78-year-old Yolanda Casal, who lived just a few blocks away, was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital where she was pronounced dead. A 41-year-old woman was listed in stable condition.

If convicted, what would the appropriate punishment be in this case? Sound off in our comments section below…

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  1. DL says:

    The Driver should be locked up for life. He was driving without a License and did not even see the two women behind him. What an idiot and careless motherF*$(*)()(. He should have stayed in NJ and never came to Manhattan. Also, for those other bloggers stating “NO FAULT” – What if this woman (RIP) was YOUR MOTHER. What then……????????? The Driver should suffer for the rest of his life!!!

  2. Neil robles says:

    If you can murder someone in the Bronx and cop out to negligent homicide with 5 years probation. What do you think this guy will or should get?

  3. Leo says:

    Death penalty!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. David Goldstein says:

    H!spanics are the worst drivers…..They cause 90% of all auto accidents.

    1. Bob Fowler says:

      Goldstein? Jew right? Jews have big noses because the air is free, right? 90% of all inbreds in America are Jews too, right? Jews cheat from everyone, right?

      Maybe you should grow up before telling the world just how ignorant you are?

      1. badman says:

        Bob wins the 2011 Award for Unntended Irony.

        Hey Bob, switch to decaf. Or maybe kill yourself.

  5. Big C says:

    In my opinion, pedestrian need to pay attention to there surroundings. Some people feel that since the “costumer is always right”, they can do as they please. I think it goes both ways, the driver should have been making sure the rear of his vehicle is clear, and the pedestrian should not be walking behind a SUV/truck/car ever!!!! There are blindspots, and it can be a real danger. I say NO fault…But he should be charged for driving with a suspended license.

    1. Jaro says:

      exactly right, pedestrians ( I am on of them) should realize they stand no chance against 1 ton or more of moving steel …), I am a witness of many times people just crossing pathways of vehicles assuming they will always stop ….. however I am not siding with driver on this one!

    2. MR says:

      A driver backing from 1/2 block away means he’s driving in the wrong direction. Obviously these pedestrians were looking in the right direction as the SUV driver was driving in the wrong direction. Yes there are blindspots on larger vehicles, that does not excuse the driver from illegally driving backwards to park. He must have been driving very fast to kill someone and hurt another. I am a SUV driver, this shouldn’t have happened. Think before you speak

  6. KT says:

    He was backing up across/through the crosswalk – definitely negligence on his part. Homicide should be the charge. Certainly more than “an accident”….

  7. Bruce says:

    An eyewitness said the women had the right-of-way. The driver should be charged with murder.

      1. Bruce says:

        “Two ladies come crossing. They had the right of way. This man just came out of nowhere, just hit them, hit both ladies. The elderly lady took the worst impact because she started bleeding all over the place,” said one witness at the scene. “He couldn’t wait to get his parking. I don’t think he even bothered to look.”

    1. Nick says:

      Crossing at a PARKING SPOT????

      1. MR says:

        It was at the corner, where else are you suppose to cross NICK!

  8. Nec says:

    What crime? It was an accident…

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