STAMFORD, CT (WCBS 880) — The budget approved in Connecticut is making a whole slew of things more expensive beginning Friday.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports: Some Upset About Paying More For Goods And Services 

Overall, the Connecticut sales tax jumps from 6 to 6.35 percent.

Consumers will be paying more for alcohol, tobacco, hotels, rented and leased cars and expensive cars, boats, jewelry and clothing.

The sales tax also now applies to several other goods and services like manicures, pedicures, cosmetic surgery, spas, yoga, airport valet parking, towing, livery cars and pet grooming, boarding and obedience school.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau With Reaction From Danbury’s Mayor

Mayor Mark D. Boughton, of Danbury, is among many city officials greatly relieved that balancing the state budget did not require more cuts to local aid, but, says the mayor who once for governor himself the new and higher taxes that have kicked in are oppressive especially for the middle class Connecticut resident.

“They’re getting hit from a higher income tax if they start paying today, which is retroactive back to January 1. They’ve got higher sales tax. They’ve got products that never were taxed before that now will be taxed,” Bowden tells WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau.

Mayor Bowden insists more efficiencies could have been made in state government, raising taxes, he says, should have been the very last resort.

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  1. kim yannon says:

    Raising taxes is NOT understandable – for every dollar that comes out of my pocket and goes to the government instead of a ct retailer is a loss for our economy. I plan on spending more out of state to axes – my avoid to avoid taxes – my goal to reap back at least 50% of the new income tax they steal out of my check.

  2. Johnny says:

    Raising taxes? understandable, but did they have to raise taxes on hotels & clothing? DAMN! Weren’t we already paying thru the nose already by being the richest state in the nation?????

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