NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Marilyn Dershowitz , the sister-in-law of famed law expert Alan Dershowitz, is dead after being hit by a U.S. postal truck in Manhattan. 
Police say the mail truck hit 68-year-old Marilyn Dershowitz as she rode her bike in Chelsea near West 29th Street and Ninth Avenue Saturday afternoon. 

The retired Manhattan Supreme Court special referee had been out cycling with her husband. She died a short time later at Bellevue Hospital.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reports: Neighborhood Resident Says Area Dangerous For Pedestrians

Steve Adelson who has lived in neighborhood for decades, says he and other neighbors have demanded police to direct and monitor traffic in area to avoid accidents like this.

“It’s crazy. I you don’t pay full attention,you’re likely to be killed,” said Adelson.

Police say the driver left the scene of the accident apparently not realizing he had hit someone. No charges have been filed.

Dershowitz retired in December. She had overseen divorce trials, including the proceedings of Dr. Nicholas Bartha and his wife.

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  1. maria says:

    At buttbisquit, who said it was hit and run?

  2. nathan says:

    Thats the best you could come up with? Mr G, you are really slipping.

  3. chevjuls says:

    Gone too soon, RIP

  4. nathan says:

    Come at me bro ! Bahahaha!

  5. nathan says:

    hmm he’s arguing with himself, doing a “sybil” kinda thing. This is getting fun or scary or both lol

  6. Frank Rizzo says:

    Hmmmm…. 70 year old women riding a bike without a helmet on the streets of MANHATTAN and then gets killed. DARWIN WINS AGAIN!!!!

  7. nathan says:

    I love pulling your strings. Thanks puppet for the lulz.

    1. nathans brother says:

      you mess with him, you mess with me!

  8. Sheila Martin says:

    LEt’s see, she was not wearing a helmet, and was hit by a Postal Service truck. I highly doubt that a helmet would have made any difference. Perhaps you New York Nannies should pass a law requiring roll cages on bikes?

  9. nathan says:

    Everyone on this sensate wishes it had been you on the bike. EVERYONE..

  10. Fairsfair says:

    The Daily News has much better coverage, but CBS is sure to censor this post since they won’t ‘like’ it. There were a number of other posts on this last night, but they too have been censored… by a news organization! How ironic. Imagine how CBS would howl if they were censored in an opinion forum. I’m sure that irony is completely lost on them.

  11. Bob Hobart says:

    Kelly Franett — you forgot without a helmet, and that her husband biked on without her, leaving her in traffic — what was he thinking? That area is not safe around the postal processing facility. It’s sad someone was killed while riding their bike, but these people in their twilight years need to practice better safety or stick to mall walking. We don’t give my 70 year old grandma the remote to the TV, let alone let her ride a bike in Manhattan without a helmet. Hopefully they won’t sue the USPS for their own negligence, but knowing that family, it’s probably assured.

  12. Tre says:

    DESPICABLE! I was so damn mad, I missed a key! I know this woman’s son, he doesn’t know what to do with himself! Go back under your ROCK!

  13. Michael J Davis says:

    I can just imagine the lawsuit that will be filed by her despicable brother in law, one of the shysters who helped get the murderous O.J. Simpson acquitted of a double murder. If she was anything like Alan Dershowitz I can’t say I am sorry she is gone.

    1. Tre says:

      This was a horrific tragedy. A Family is grieving. YOU are espicable!

    2. babette says:

      why dont you have an issue with that murderous Robert Blake getting off from killing his wife…yeah we all know the answer to that he’s white!

      1. bugs says:

        Hey babs,

        No reason to bring up race. I’m sure the reason O.J. was mentioned was because Dershowitz, ya know, defended him. He didn’t defend Robert Blake. Either way, both are ultimately unrelated to this story, which is a tragedy.

  14. Kelly Franett says:

    May she rest in peace. BuT 68ys old and riding a bike around NYC, really?

  15. buttbisquit says:

    When will the hit and runs in nyc stop happening ? its almost every day now.

    1. wanna be sheriff of arizona says:

      did you say ..when will the hits and runs stop in nyc??? hey i live in s.los angles where there is nothing but legal & illegal mexican doing hits & run seem like every hour and what do they do ??? run back to mexico 2/3 hour drive. this is both legal/illegal mexicans they are the cause of 80/90 percent of hit &runs in california. and when the dust settle…both illegal and legal mex come right back to america with open arms from the federal gov.

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