NEW YORK (CBS 2) — One day after the Casey Anthony verdict, local residents lament the lack of closure in the case, Kristin Thorne reports.

“She has to get at least 20-30 years. There’s a God up in Heaven that’s bigger than that judge up there and that stupid jury. She is definitely guilty,” one woman yelled.

The reaction to the verdict reached all the way from Orange County, Florida to across the Tri-State.

“How could they come up with that verdict?” one man asked.

“I’m just surprised that she was innocent. Florida law is like ‘murdering is OK’,” one woman said.

Others were not surprised the jury made the decision it did.

“It didn’t sound like to me, from the limited information I had that they had real forensic evidence that was conclusive enough to really make you think that she had done it,” said Jan Wheeler of Bloomfield, CT.

In the court of public opinion, especially in Casey Anthony’s hometown of Orlando, Florida, many people’s minds appeared to be made up. But whether people agree or disagree with the verdict, there is a common feeling of sadness people share over the fact that we may never know what exactly happened to Caylee.

“No closure. There’s no closure when there’s no answers,” one pedestrian said.

“Obviously any child that something’s happened to, you definitely want to know the answers,” another pedestrian said.

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