SOMERS, NY (WCBS 880) – Do you like a man who orders extra cheese on his burgers and beer in his mug?

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Playing off the idea that no woman really wants to hang out with a guy who only eats egg whites, Alyse Schiffman started the BeerGuts N Beards 2012 calendar featuring average men who have a little extra love around their midsection and a little extra scruff on their face.

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“Instead of your normal fireman’s calendar we need a real man calendar,” says the Somers native. “I don’t like the guy you’ll see on the cover of a fireman’s calendar. I like more of a guy with a beer gut and a beard.”

Schiffman, who suffers from Benign Essential Tremor (a slowly progressive neurological disorder resulting in, most notably, arm tremors), says she came up with the idea as a second career and to raise money for various cancer charities.

“It is the average hot guy calendar I guess you could say. It’s just not your ripped, Rambo wannabe with the 12-pack hot calendar,” she says.

Alyse Schiffman (credit: BeerGuts N Beards)

Alyse Schiffman (credit: BeerGuts N Beards)

So far, she says women, and men, love it.

“We’re representing real men and not what women think men should look like,” she says.

To buy a copy, click HERE.

Next on her list is a real woman calendar.

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