NEW YORK (WFAN) – Mike Francesa breaks down the epic career of Derek Jeter leading up to his 3000th career hit.



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  1. tmw says:

    So, another lecture from high above for the peons and serfs? Funny, his show is called “Mike’d Up” when all he does is “talk down”.

  2. Vini Puentes says:

    Great audio tribute summation of Derek Jeter”s glorious quest to his 3,000 hit milestone by NY Sports Authority Mike Francesa.

    1. Scott says:

      FRAN-SAY-SO is a NY Sports authority all right – on being a rude, pompous, overbearing egomaniac. Even in this audio, he’s so full of himself. Bravo to Phil Mushnick for relentlessly exposing this jerk for the blowhard and fraud that he truly is. 98% of people would not come across this way, even in private. Yes, he has a wide knowledge of sports. But the way he repeatedly conveys that knowledge, with zero class to callers (why they bother wasting their time phoning him is a mystery to me), is downright nauseating and a major turn-off to increasingly many, many listeners here. You can’t tell me that the majority of New York sports fans are actually entertained by this insufferable blowhard. I somehow doubt we’ll hear him looking back at the career of any notable Jets anytime soon, if you know what I mean.

    2. Ace says:

      You must be one of those brain-dead sycophants who keeps calling up his Highness and opening with “Hey Mike, love the show, great show!” It completely baffles me that people continue listening to and calling this disrespectful, self-smitten jerk. He’s less than nothing without Mad Dog. Thankfully, I made the full-time switch to 1050 from 1-6:30 pm. I’d rather listen to static or a dentist’s drill in my mouth than Francesa

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