Cops: Pair Went On Destructive Jaunt Through Neighborhood Filled With KidsBy Kristine Johnson

WATERTOWN, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — Many people post pictures and videos on Facebook to share news with friends. But when that news apparently shows you breaking the law, not only friends might be watching.

A Connecticut teen learned that the hard way recently because of a video police said he put online.

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It was a joyride caught on video, but not from a surveillance camera. Instead, police said the teenagers recorded themselves in an act of vandalism, reports CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson.

Investigators said 19-year-old Dylan Muscio was behind the wheel in a dangerous game of demolition derby in an upscale neighborhood.

Resident Cathie Rinaldi watched the video of the car apparently speeding down her street in Watertown.

“It’s a little disturbing,” Rinaldi said. “These kids driving erratically, knocking down our garbage pails, yelling and swearing. It’s a little scary. It looks like the video is during the day and we have kids here playing all the time, so it was a little scary to see how they were driving on our … on the road.”

Several kids echoed Rinaldi’s sentiments, saying there are usually children playing all over the neighborhood.

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Police said it was the video that eventually led cops to arrest Muscio after it was posted on his Facebook page. Detectives said they constantly monitor Facebook, Twitter and other networking websites. Kids in the neighborhood said even they know the risks of posting online.

“Yeah, they can never take it off, if they get caught,” one little boy said.

We talk about it in school all the time,” another added.

Now it’s no laughing matter for Muscio. He’s under arrest and facing charges.

“He should probably be spoken to about how he’s driving in residential areas,” Rinaldi said.

Muscio was charged with reckless driving, third-degree criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. His passenger wasn’t charged.

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Kristine Johnson