TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Democrats have failed again to restore funding to more than 50 women’s health clinics in New Jersey.

Gov. Chris Christie eliminated $7.5 million in clinic funding last year and kept the money out again this year.
Democrats have identified funding sources to pay for the clinics and attempted a prior override. They accuse Christie of pandering to the right-wing of his party. Republicans deny the charge.
Monday’s vote was 25-14.
Democrats also fell short Monday in an attempt to restore a half-million dollars to a center for sexually and physically abused children in New Jersey.

Christie shaved $1.3 billion in spending, including $900 million the Democrats added in, before signing the $29.7 billion budget last week.

Was Gov. Christie right in his use of the line-item veto? Sound off in our comments section below…

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  1. liberalism=communist slime says:

    hahahahahahahha nothing funnier than a whining communist,errrr i mean liberal
    go get em christie, anybody who drives the communist this nuts must be doing sdomething right

  2. martin katz says:

    why anyone whose income is under $150k per year would vote Republican is beyond me

    1. Gerry says:

      if this statement is indicative of your intelligence and ability to reason, then I surmise that most things in life are “beyond” you…

      Anyone earning an income of any amount and pays taxes is best served by voting Republican. Only those of the ‘entitlement’ class…those who pay zero income tax and still expect the nanny state to take care of their every want and need would want to vote for the leftists…who whip up class hatred against the very people who have the means to start companies and do the hiring in this country.

      The left only survives by perpetually over-promising and then under-delivering to useful idiots.

      1. danny says:

        Ah! You drank the Koo Aid. Neither side gives a hoot about you or me. They only care about the all mighty dollar. You’d be best served by….. NOBODY!!
        BTW, isn’t Obama trying to get the rich, and big corporate to pay taxes? If so, then your comment is wrong. Oh! Right! The tax breaks were given so the big corporate can hire new people. Well, they haven’t.

    2. Heinrich Himmler says:


    3. 2gruesome2b says:

      because they believe in freedom; association, religion, the constitution and loathe communists, which is to say liberal democrats, such as nadler, weiner et al.

  3. Joseph Didonato says:

    Just look at the programs he cut. CHRISTIE IS FOR THE RICH ONLY!!!!

  4. Uncle Sam says:

    What part of BROKE is so hard for you people to understand?

  5. ajapierce says:

    These dems just want to waste more taxpayer money litigation, litigation, etc…

    Why don’t these dem’s wake up to the reality that Christie did what he had to in order to make sure the state didn’t overspend money that it doesn’t have. I mean it’s a problem for everyone everywhere. Wake the hell up your dimwuit dems.

  6. Tyne Daly says:

    This is laughable. Maybe the Dems shouldn’t have sprinkled unions with money and benefits no one can afford. Which they have done for decades….

    1. Gerry says:

      The reason the Dims have sprinkled (actually, more like ‘flooded’) unions with money and benefits is because the unions then take the dues from their membership and give huge campaign contributions to those very same pandering politicians so they can get re-elected again and again and again. And the cycle continues. It’s on of the most corrupt practices in American history and is destroying our country.

  7. p says:

    Mr. Scott B. Garelll has been Chief Executive Officer of GoodSearch, LLC since March 2011

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