NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The Transportation Security Administration is investigating the discovery of a stun gun on board an airliner that landed at Newark Liberty International Airport.

JetBlue confirmed the device was found by a cleaning crew tucked away in a seat pocket aboard one of their planes.

Flight 1179 had flown to Newark from Logan Airport in Boston at 10 p.m. last Friday. Officials were unclear where — or how — the stun gun made it on the plane.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: Latest Airport Security Shocker

“The crew discovered what they deemed to be a suspicious object in a seat back pocket,” JetBlue said in a statement.

The FBI said there’s no indication any plot or attack involving the stun gun was imminent.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell With Reaction From The TSA

“What can you do about it? There are always ways to beat the system through,” one passenger told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan. “You just have to live your life.”

“I would hate to think it’s part of the staff there; you have to trust your people,” Richard Van Eenennaam, of New Jersey, said. “If you don’t trust your people, we have problems.”

Authorities said they want to know how the stun gun made it on board.

The TSA said it has several different levels of security that passengers can’t see, including armed pilots, fortified cockpit doors and on-board federal marshals.

“Maybe some cop dropped it or something,” Rob Reehm, of California, said. “I’m not that concerned.”

Either way, federal authorities in Boston said they have found prohibited items on planes, and their job is to find out how this one got on.

The investigation will include scrutiny of all airport employees, each of whom goes through tight background checks.

Monday’s incident was  just the latest security breach now being investigated by the TSA. Two weeks ago, Nigerian-American Olajide Noibi boarded a Virgin American flight from New York to Los Angeles without a passport and with an expired boarding pass that didn’t belong to him. Authorities said he was found with numerous other discarded boarding passes.

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  1. Meme Meyagi says:

    there are 7 million mooslime terrorists in usa. what is being done about it?

  2. bloombergisafascist says:



    first off, who would believe the lying fail at their jobs FBI??
    second, maybe if the FBI spent more time chasing terrorists instead of raiding poker games on staten island these kind of things wouldnt happen

  4. Gerald Waldman says:

    With all the new rules on flying, the higher cost, the security intrusions and no smoking I won’t fly to anywhere I can get in my own car! I’m retired so I have NO place I have to be that fast.

  5. Aquila729 says:

    Guaranteed, some Air Marshal is missing a you know what tonight.

  6. Very conservative says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  7. Michael H. says:

    TSA has nothing to do with which airline you’re flying. This could happen on JetBlue, Soutwest, Spirit, AA, United, etc etc etc etc. This is all about ineffective security theater.

  8. don says:

    Why do we not profile passengers as Israel does? It’s a simple process and obviously very effective. So a few Arabs become incensed, if they prefer, go back to wherever they came from.

    1. Way cup, folks. says:

      Way too expensive. It’s much easier for the TSA to hire minimum-wage buffoons to “pretend-search”. It would take a series of disasters to affect change: when that happens, air travel will once again be for the well-heeled.

    2. Heinrich Himmler says:

      F U CK JEWS

    3. JMS says:

      I agree. While I don’t support racial/national origin profiling in general, in this instance it seems to be the most effective way to combat this most serious problem. If another domestic airplane were to be hijacked and destroyed it would throw our economy into a devastating tailspin, set us back 10 years as far as national security is concerned and ruin all confidence we have in our government’s ability to keep us safe. If all that’s at stake is the risk of offending people of arab origin, i say its worth the cost.

  9. JMS says:

    Not sure but I imagine a stungun could be made out of heavy duty platstci or some other composite material and get by a metal detector. That said, you can’t expect airport security to pick up on 100% of dangerous items people bring on planes, its just unrealistic. Seeing as its been 10 years since anyone’s been able to hijack a plane i tend to think they’re doing a pretty good job in the overall.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      This is not an accurate measure of success of the TSA at all. Before September 11, 2001, when four planes were hijacked–two from the same airport–on the same day, the last time any commercial, passenger airplane was hijacked was in 1978 in a plane from Louisville to Kansas City by a 17 year old. Thus, for almost 23 years, there was no airline hijackings in the United States even without the TSA, so that the current 10 year lapse cannot be attributed to their presence.

      1. JMS says:

        Not a bad point but i would argue that in this post 9-11/al-queda world we live in hijacking planes have become more of a viable terrorist option than they were before 9-11. with that in mind i think we have to give the TSA and our government’s overall dilifgence some credit for thwarting hijackings and other terrorist agendas. There have been quite a few arrests over the years, some more publicized than others, where elaborate plans for mass destruction were prevented.

    2. Andrew Bellucci says:


      The Shoebomber got through – luckily it didn’t detonate .and he was .tackled by a civilian. and the Underwear bomber was on the NO FLY LIST!!!! But did that stop him from getting on? No – once again, only luck prevented a disaster. The Times Square bomber – again, luckily the guy was an idiot and the bomb didn’t go off.

      So far their idiots are more stupid than our idiots, but how long will that trend hold out???

      1. Andy says:

        Andrew… you need to get your facts straight. They both flew in from Europe. How about you get your facts straight before you make a post. So maybe your the idiot. and regarding the NY bomber, they caught the car, officials had a suspect but not enough evidence till that same day he tried to leave the country, he was put on the no flight list i will give you that, but the airline itself failed to update it and didnt apply the updates in time to do so. Luckily he was caught and prosicuted. So regardless I suggest you get the facts right before you critize local enforcments.

  10. Joseph Didonato says:

    ane they threw my cologne away!!! what a bunch of jerks

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Was it a $200 bottle of cologne? Because, if it was, that’s grounds for a good old fashioned shovel beating, at least, according to one family in the Bronx.

  11. logicalmind says:

    Its hard to say how much has been prevented so TSA always has the negative comments. The question should be what would airports be like if there was no airport security and do we really want to take that chance

  12. john smith says:

    if the authorities were smart they would check to see which passenger reserved that seat on flight #1179 from boston to newark & then question that passenger but of course the fbi is too stupid to even think about looking into that.

    1. badman says:

      that was me. but I never saw that stun gun before in my life. and I think I left my walkman in that pocket too.

    2. Michael H. says:

      How do you know that the FBI has not already interviewed the person sitting in that seat and determined them to not be a threat or that the stun gun did not belong to them? Do you have contacts inside the FBI that told you they are not following up on this?

      1. badman says:

        oh and I think I left my gameboy there too. did anyone find it?

  13. will never fly says:

    TSA is too busy searching old ladies DEPENDS they let anyone else walk thru.

  14. ndgnyc says:

    The work ethics of American employees in every industry is in the toilet.

    1. General says:

      I agree!!!! It seems that Americans have very little respect for themselves let alone have a work ethic.

      1. badman says:

        you speaking from experience, slobbo?

  15. Michael H. says:

    Ah, The TSA. The world’s top security theater, est. 2002.

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